Thursday, April 29, 2010

The best things come in big packages.

A couple weeks ago I was surprised when there a big box with my name on it waiting for me at home.

When I opened it I was surprised to find the new DSi XL from my friends at Nintendo and Brand About Town! Basically it was awesome. And I am in love.

Basically the new DS is a lot bigger than the original and just as cool except it has a dual camera (which I have yet to use but will eventually) and the internet connection seems to work better than my DSi does and it's just pretty and fun and I love it.

I haven't even played the games that were preloaded to the DSi yet because I'm still stuck on Style Savvy, yes, still. So stuck on it that I even played it on my birthday and I was all excited because I got a special outfit from Dominic and I told Julie about it on twitter and ummm I might have issues.

So basically the DSi XL is perfect for the blind person like me and I love it's awesome color and the huge screen and the whole thing overall is just superb and you should probably get one for yourself (and then get Style Savvy and we can have contests against each other and it will be forget I said it, just get a DS, haha).

I was given this DS free-of-charge. The opinions are mine and were not influenced by any source. I was not compensated monetarily to advertise at all, I just love it so much!

happy thursday!


aly said...

Wow, what an awesome package!

What is this Brand About Town? I am tres jealous and super interested ... I'm guessing it's just a US thing?

Perfect in time for your birthday, yay!

Mandy said...

That is so much fun. Getting mail like that is always a welcomed event, isnt it?

Nora said...

ooo! exciting! love the packaging and the colors. I am super in love with my DSi still. I've been playing it each night before bed as a reward/way to unwind. Yes, I'm a dork and I love it!

Mrs Soup said...


And dude, I need to get Style Savvy, me thinks....I love the iPhone app which means I'll love the DS.

KellyGrrl said...

Style Savvy is pretty fantastic... I play it every day during my lunch break! haha

Paul | Couponwebz said...

Ooh i was planning to get a new DS. Mine's a DS lite, but i'm seeing really good games that can only be played on the DSi because of its camera capabilities and stuff.

OceanDreams said...

Ohhh have fun with your new gadget!