Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Hollywood cuteness.

I swear, one day Hollywood Tuesday will be on Tuesday again, haha. But man have I been feeling like crap and a sicky lately so alas I was not able to blog. Anyhoo it just gave me more time to get some fabulous Hollywood scoop, so here we go:
  • Starting off this week's Hollywoodness we have a new face on the blog making their adorable bebe debut, little Hank Baskett III. I've only caught a couple episodes of Kendra's show and I gotta say it's pretty entertaining and they have one precious little boy.

    so dang cute.

  • Also in some serious cuteness we have the oh so adorable zoo-loving Berry-Aubry fam. Seriously love little Nahla being swung between her parents, it's just so cute.


  • In other bebe news, one of my faves, Mark McGrath, announced that he and his fiancee are expecting twins in May! I hope those bebes come out some not so cute Hollywood news, Nicolette Sheridan is suing Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry alleging that she was wrongfully fired and assaulted on set, um what?...Also getting sued is Sean Penn for alledgely assaulting a papparazzo, oye...In some sad couples news, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have split. I actually really liked them together too, boo...and who just got engaged? Lindsay Lohan's creepo dad! To a 27 year old Kate Major aka John Gosselin's ex. Um ew. No wonder Lilo has issues, her dad's engaged to someone 5 years older than her, eck.

  • And in some favoriteness, Lauren Conrad is rocking Glamour this month with Whitney and Lo and I sort of love it.

    so fun.

  • In Twilight news...
    Rob is looking mighty old fashioned and mighty good on the set of Bel Ami.

    While Kellan Lutz is looking just might fine walking around in LA, swoon.

  • In TV news...
    Glee. Is coming back oh so soon! And I can barely contain my excitement. In the meantime let's admire the cast members actual yearbook photos. I gotta say that Mark Salling (Puck)'s pic is by far the best, haha, love it. Also, did you know that besides the infamous Madonna episode that's coming up there's going to be a Gaga themed episode?! I cannot wait for this!

    Top Model. Seriously I have no idea who is going to make it this season. They keep getting rid of girls I thought would last longer. And Alasia keeps freaking winning! Even though she is so incredibly annoying the judges love her photos and it's lame. Anyhoozits, for the full recap check out Four Four.

    Grey's Anatomy. What the hell was up with all the baby talk!?!? Seriously Shonda why was every story baby centric? It was nuts. Also, Teddy and McSteamy? Super hot. Sloane barging in at the end going into labor? Super lame. Karev's spotted past and mystery brother? Interesting development but not all that exciting. Lady in the coma story? I may have cried a bit. So um moral of the episode? Babies, babies, babies.

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we have two women in the UK who tried to smuggle a corpse onto a plane. A corpse! Seriously people, what the eff? That is just creeptastic.

So anything I missed? Let me know!

happy wednesday!


Lexilooo said...

I totally missed the Lilo news....ewwww!

PS. Did you see that Heidi Montag claimed she was assaulted by a producer on The Hills set the other day?!

thatShortChick said...

is Glamour magazine slowly turning into Seventeen magazine? they keep putting all of these younger women on their covers (miley cyrus, katy perry, lauren conrad, etc)

anyway, baby hank is SO CUTE!! I've never seen a picture of him.

also, the cast of Glee will be on Oprah today!!!

p.s. hope you're feeling better!

Nora said...

so excited for Glee!
And those vampire boys, damn they are always sexy & smile inducing :)

kay* said...

lol! i totally agree with your ANTM comment. I said the same thing myself a few days ago - at the rate things are going i would not be surprised if Alasia won!

& i totally thought jim carrey & jenny mccarthy were great together - that's too bad.

as usual, love your hollywood posts - always get a new piece of info!

Piper said...

I just got my glamour in the mail and am loving it!
And that pic of kendra and hank they are such an adorable family!

Hillary said...

Gleeeee!!!!! that is all.

Andhari said...

Love the picture of Lauren, Lo and Whit. 3 of my favorite girls from the show :)

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

That Rolling Stone article was awful, but Mark's yearbook photo is really hilarious. I am SO excited for Glee to be back. And Kendra's baby is adorable. She is SO good with him

Angela Noelle said...

I had to break up with Grey's. I was teetering on the verge of the break for a while, then they had that episode with all of Owen's war flashbacks and I realized this show is just completely unrelatable now. Everyone annoys the crap out of me, and the plot has gotten completely out of hand!

Buuuut, I love Kendra's show, hahaha!