Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun times weekend.

Oh what a weekend indeed. I'm trying not to fall asleep as I type this because I'm so exhausted but man was it worth it in every way.

Friday: After I got home from work me, Matt and our neighbor Erica trekked on over to Duarte to have dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory because I had never been! The idea to go came after talking about the night before we went to the Grilled Cheese Truck, so pretty much we love food, haha. Basically we had no wait and got to sit in a cool little area and were served super fast and man was it delicious. I had this crab ravioli and yum just yum. All in all it was a loverly little dinner party and I'll definitely head back to OSF again one day. After dinner we all came home and Matt and I caught up on the DVR and just had a nice night to ourselves and it was loverly.

Saturday: Matt headed out early to the Long Beach Grand Prix and I had the day to myself to be productive and productive I was! I renewed my passport, did some grocery shopping, went to the bank, the library, and even fit in some shopping. A while back someone from TJ Maxx/Marshall's contacted me asking if I'd be interested in doing some shopping there to experience their off-price items and how could I say no? So on Saturday I went to both a Marshall's and a TJ Maxx to spend $50 total and see what sort of damage I could do and I must say I am in looove with my purchases.

I got these two super cute flowering pots (apparently I have to plant
something now, haha), a lovely frame, some artichoke spread and a dress I looove.

okay so not part of the $50 I splurged and got
this second dress because I just loved it's dress up office appeal, haha.

Basically a very successful shopping trip. After TJ Maxx and Marshall's I even made my way to Macy's to finally get myself a bathing suit and a super cute new purse that when I have a bathing suit body again I'll have to show it off, haha.

Anyhoozits, after my day o Katelin it was finally time for some fabulous ladies to come over. I had planned a girl's night just to have it and I am so glad I did. To steal from Ali's recap setup let's just break it down like this:

Who: Tara, Kerri, Ali, Michelle, Andrea, Allison, me and Matt (yes I know it was girl's night but Matt's plans ended way earlier and we didn't want to send him away especially since he made an even number for game playing).

Where: Our apartment.

Why: Because girl's night are totally necessary.

Pretty much the night was full of lots of laughing, brownie and cookie eating, wine drinking, Sniglets playing and jokes about the Backstreet boys, robot walking and Israel. Needless to say it was all sorts of awesome and I cannot wait to do it again.

most of the ladies, cheers!

Ali laughed so hard so fell over, lav it.

Sniglets. You need to play it.

the Sniglet winners.

look at what you started Kerri!robot walk everyone!
robot walk!

Sunday: After some breakfast Matt and I decided to head to Universal Studios to start putting our annual passes to use. I pretty much love that place. I mean it's all about movies and Hollywood so how could I not love it? Sure it doesn't have as many rides as other theme parks but I still enjoy it. I also really loved that while on the Tram tour we got to visit Wisteria Lane (from Desperate Housewives). Seriously the houses are so pretty and it all looks so real and fun I love it.

the Solis house, lurve it.

Basically it was a perfect day for some rides and walking around. We ended the day in City Walk at had a delicious lunch/dinner and also got some doughnuts for the right home which I sort of really loooooved.


Afterwards we came home, relaxed and watched some TV, I napped a bit and just had a loverly Sunday night together.

Whew, so that was my busy yet oh so fun weekend. And how was yours?

happy monday!


Angela Noelle said...

Wow, busy weekend, girlie! That dress looks super adorable on you. Glad you had so much fun!

Lacey Bean said...

I'm so jealous about the TJ Maxx/Marshalls thing!! And that you ate at the Grilled Cheese Truck! I need to do that next time I'm in LA!

michelle woo said...

Girl's + Matt Night was amazing. Hahah loved it. Thanks for being a fabulous host, as always! See ya in Vegas! WOOOOO!

Ali said...

Parts of this post that made me literally LOL:

-I got these two super cute flowering pots (apparently I have to plant
something now, haha)
-...and Matt (yes I know it was girl's night but Matt's plans ended way earlier and we didn't want to send him away especially since he made an even number for game playing)
-the fact that you included Israel (will it ever stop haunting me?! -- answer: no)

I love it all, but those parts keeeeled me.

Nora said...

I have no idea what the "grilled cheese truck," is but I love the way it sounds.

LOVE both dresses you got while shopping and super jealous that you and Kerri get to hang out because, well, I miss you girls!

TaraMetBlog said...

You looked great in the dress and thanks for hosting a fun girls night. I definitely needed it. So glad you all liked Sniglets too!

Hillary said...

There is an Old Spaghetti Factory two blocks from my condo and another one three blocks from my office. I eat a lot of pasta is what I'm saying. It's bad news.

OceanDreams said...

Looks like you had such a nice time! I want to come next time, Ali wanted me to go but I was stubborn and had my date night with my bf! Lol, I will be sure to come soon though, glad you all had fun! :) The Old Spaghetti Factory sounds so good right now and I have never played Sniglets, sounds entertaining!

amanda said...

loveee that purple and black dress, girl. so light, airy and summery!

game nights are so much fun. i've never heard of sniglet...definitely going to look into it.

mmm, gabbie and carlos' house rocks. everything about it. as do donuts.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

grilled cheese cart? doughnut deliciousness?


(great dresses too!)

Hollywood Sucker said...

bleh i missed it!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Um your purple, gray, black dress is amazing. I want it. And your boobs look hot in it. Plus, your night in sounds perfect!

Veronica said...

Wow sounds like you did have a busy weekend. Mine was totally lazy, and quite uneventful. Gotta love it!

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

This makes me wish I lived in LA so I could come play Sniglets. You girls are adorable!

jamie said...

Hi I love your dress. And I want to go to an LA blogger hang. And at the grilled cheese truck because yes, pleeeease!

Morgan said...

the dress looked great!

.jimaie.marie. said...

ok, i'm jealous, this girl's night looks like SO MUCH FUN. You girls made me giggle and I wasn't even there!!! Oh you are all to cute.
I love that dress on you!! You scored such goodies at TJ Maxx/Marshal's! I love those stores so much, it's fun to get cute stuff that not everyone else is wearing! (ahem, Target. I'm SO guilty lol!)