Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Craves.

Despite the fact that it's supposed to be 90 degrees again (seriously what the eff LA, it's FALL, give me some more FALL weather, but hold the rain please, I know I'm choosy) I have been drooling over some seriously adorable Fall like items lately.

And yeah I did just buy some sweaters and cardigans but I'm talking coats and shoes and cuteness and deliciousness here people. So um, here's what's on my Fall crave list (so far):

I need this coat in my life:

or this one:

clearly I have a thing for yellow.

So I've never owned boots,
like ever, but I WANT THESE:

These shoes just scream party
and fabulous!

I want EVERY ONE of these colors,
O.P.I. I adore you.

I mean yes, this is from a bridal
Etsy store but still, LOVE.

Caramel Apple Cider Blast from Caribou Coffee,
oh how I miss these so much.

So what are craving this Fall? Anything I should know about to add to my crave list?

happy wednesday!


Andhari said...

We don't have caramel apple cider or even Starbucks's pumpkin spice sold in Indonesian chains. I could smack someone! haha

The 2nd coat is cute :)

Julie Q said...

I want what you want! I do have the grey boots and they are like slippers while looking high fashion at the same time. DO IT!

Lacey Bean said...

I can so see you wearing those flats!!! :)

Nora said...

I love the boots! I have similar ones in purple. They are fabulous and totally necessary :)

Mrs Soup said...

A Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen!!

And I <3 those jackets too. I love the first one on the rack but it ends up looking REALLY bulky and chops off on me and my friend, both on the taller side of peeps. The second one is MUCH smoother and hits just right!

Angela Noelle said...

Oh, I'm loving that second coat--the toggles are adorable! And I have a pair of grey slouchy boots and LOVE them. I say you should treat yourself to a pair ;)

d said...

I love yellow, but it only works for brunettes. I look ridiculous in it. However, I would settle for a bright royal blue coat :)

Rachel said...

Love that first coat! Is it from Old Navy? Cause I'm pretty sure I JUST saw it and it was on sale last week (50% off!). Also, I JUST bought those Madden boots. LOVE them. Fall has pretty much been skipped over here in OH. It's almost winter weather :(

Novelista Barista said...

love the yellow jackets

Mandy said...

I love the yellow jackets! And the gray boots. I've been craving vanilla pumpkin chai's this fall.

Micaela said...

I love the second yellow jacket! We had a beautiful fall day here in Ontario, Canada today. It was amazing.

Tia said...

love that necklace!! so cute.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I love the second coat, the toggles are adorable. And, where are those boots and flats from? I must see them in person! I tried that first coat in purple but fit my boobs weird, Figures.

Hillary said...

Oh my word - I NEED the second coat.

anna marie said...

You clearly have fabulous taste! I just received the second yellow coat in the mail, and I am in love!