Monday, November 15, 2010

Tales of a sickie.

Usually on Mondays I do my weekend recaps. And usually my weekends are something to talk about. But not this past weekend. This past weekend was spent being sick and that's just lame.

I mean really I stayed home Friday from work and my day went something like this, bed to the couch, watch some movies, do some work, fall asleep, work some more, watch some more movies, have some more soup, sleep.

And Saturday? Oh Saturday was exciting! I slept in super late, made my way to the couch, relaxed, watched some more movies, slept some more, had some more soup (seriously our sink looked ridiculous full of bowls), relaxed some more, Matt brought me some Panera and we hung out and then I called it a night at nine. NINE FREAKING OH CLOCK. I hate you sickness, I hate you.

Sunday? Yeah not much better. I actually got dressed after I showered and watched the SVU marathon before sleeping on the couch some more. Eventually left to be social with some fam and Matt for a bit before calling it another early night.

I mean really, I single handedly kept Kleenex and Campbell's and Ricola and Dayquil in business this past week and I'm just sick of it.

So yeah not a whole lot to share in this post but rather to just whine that I need to not be sick any more because I want to do thing you know? And be social? And not go to bed at nine? And not sneeze a bagillion million times a day?

And to top it off, I'm pretty sure I got Matt sick too. Oh the joys of cohabitation, ricocheting sickness, oy vey.

So let's just pray this goes away soon because I'm just no fun and no good at being sick. Send the healthy vibes people, send away!

And how was your weekend? Do tell because I am so behind on my blog reading I'd really like to know, and I hope it's good and not sick ridden.

happy non-sick monday!


Erin said...

Oh man, sorry you had such a sick weekend. Being sick is lame.

I did nothing exciting this weekend. Just hanging out taking care of babies. Truthfully, I wasn't even sure that it actually was the weekend!

Barbara said...

I was sick all last week too.

heidikins said...

Boo! I hope you get feeling better soon!


Nora said...

Ugh, nothing worse than a sick weekend. I hope you both feel better soon!

Ali said...

Feel better, sickie!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

oh buddy!

get better soon!!

Hillary said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'm just getting over my cold/death. It knocked me on my ass.

Allison M. said...

well, that does not sound like fun. the only part that does is Law and Order SVU

Julie Q said...

hope you are feeling better! yeah i keep hearing sniffles at the office, it freaks me out! STAY AWAY FROM THE PREGNANT LADY I TELL THEM! and then i spray them with water out of my home depot spray bottle. hahaha just kidding about the last part, but it'd be a good idea