Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's happenin Hollywood?

So it's Tuesday, which means....What's happenin' in Hollywood?!? I know you've all be on the edge of your seats all week so I won't delay any longer, and go!
  • Did you know the Daytime Emmy awards were on Friday? I didn't. Ellen took home top honors again, but the biggest and by far the best winner of the night was the all powerful and mighty Tyra Banks. No I'm not even kidding. Her talk show won for best informative talk show or some shizz like that. And her acceptance speech, oh so classic Ty Ty, the bitch is crazy, but I love her. And you know she'll bring it up next season of Top Model..."Remember that time I won an Emmy? Yeah me too."

  • I swear I will never get old of putting up pictures of Violet. She's just so dang cute I can't help it. And Ben is just such the dad it's adorable. Okay I'm done. They're cute.

  • Another cute baby I can't get enough of...Kingston. The kid is awesome. And his parents are serious music royalty. And together they make one bad ass family. And to think they're adding one to the brood, it'll be so cute

  • In not so cute, but rather sad news two Hollywood greats passed away recently. Sunday the great comedian George Carlin passed away due to heart failure and Dody Goodman, best known as the secretary in Grease, passed away at the age of 93. They will both be greatly missed.

  • In funny news, God was arrested for selling coke over. I'm not even making this up. The guy's name is God Lucky Howard. Who would do that to their kid? And why would he sell coke at a church of all places? This story is just all sorts of messed up, haha.

  • So I have never seen an episode of Gossip Girl (for shame! I know) but I love Blake Lively. She just seems so normal and Mandy Mooresque and she was pretty cool in Accepted and probably just as cool in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And if I was a guy I'd probably have a huge crush on her. Seriously this pic from the set she looks so goddessesque and I love it. And hell who am I kidding, I would totally try and rock this dress too, haha.

  • Heidi and Spencer. I think it's pretty clear that I really can't stand either one of them. So when Heidi releases more so called "songs" I think my ass twitches and my ears start to spasm, gah. Seriously Heidi, stick to crappy television and non-acting and fake photo shoots. And even more so stay away from the internet! Stupid Speidi announced that they're launching their own social network that's going to be "bigger than Myspace and bigger than Facebook." I'm not even making that crap up, oh I wish I was.

  • Joshua Jackson. I heart you. I can't wait for your new show in the Fall. I hope it's awesome, I really do. Ah. Heart.

Well that's all the Hollyweirdness I got going on today. Anything I missed?

happy tuesday!


well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

i LOVE blake lively. she is so gorgeous.

thatShortChick said...

why won't the two-headed speidi monster go away??!! i can barely watch E!news because they insist on reporting on them.

baby Kingston? that little kid melts my heart. they are the cutest family.

Playful Professional said...

I was listening to Pat Sajak (Wheel of Fortune) talking on the radio the other day about the daytime Emmy's. So now I'm going to have to go see who won the game show category. My vote goes for Cash Cab. Definitely the best new Game Show :)

Sarah Marie said...

Yeah, Kingston and Gavin/Gwen and baby #2 are totally the coolest people OF ALL TIME! I totally agree about the Blake Lively thing, for some reason I really like her too! Ooh, and she was cute in sisterhood of the traveling pants. Isn't there a second one coming out? You should go see it!

deutlich said...

Uhm. Heidi needs to disappear.

lspoon said...

You need to get on the Gossip Girl train. That shows is like crack.

Valerie said...

God bless you for posting Gavin. My heart still flutters every time I see a photo of him.

(Did I really just type that out?)

Also, the thing about God selling coke made me giggle. THAT IS SOME EFFED UP SHIZ.

California Girl said...

I think you've covered it woman! Totally feel you on the cuteness of Violet and Kingston. Now that's being born to the right family!

Maxie said...

ewww tyra is so gross. her hair is a horrible, horrible color.

did she thank her mom for sweating? I think she meant perseverance. LOL

surviving myself said...

Jesus. Heidi and Spencer need to be stopped. They are taking over the world!

apricot. said...

You're kidding... they're making an internet social network??!! What the hell is wrong with these two?

I don't like them.

Amanda. said...

Oh Hollywood.
How I adore youuu.
Seriously-I think
I was born to be a
Hollywooder. Or at least
I convince myself of this.

Umm...you listed like
all of my favorite things.

-Award shows.
-Ben and Violet...only thing
missing is Jen-because she's
-Joshua Jackson-he always
hits the spot.
-Blake Lively. I have such
a girl crush on her.
-Gavin and Gwen...ahem, and
Kingston. Could they all
be any more gorgeous?
-And a hate for Heidi and Spencer.
Ew. They are so bad for the media.

Grits said...

Those babies are gorgeous! And I love Blake Lively, too. She falls into the same category as Mandy Moor and Amanda Bynes, who I think would both be charming and down to earth in real life. :-)
BTW...Speidi sucks at life!

Auburn Kat said...

I love Blake Lively too! I hope she doesn't go off the deep end like so many celebs do!

Angie hearts said...

reading ur blog makes me feel everyone in the world is beautiful.. heh..

nerdgirlsspace said...

I just dont see the cuteness in those babies that you do! yikes, how bad is that??? but Angelina and Brad's baby - gorgeous!!

And Blake Lively is just lovely...

Jamie said...

I hope Gwen has a little girl! They are like the perfect adorable family.

L Sass said...

You NEED to watch Gossip Girl. It's great stuff and, you're right, Blake Lively is adorable!

Fashionable Obsessions said...

I'm with you, I love the Gwen and Gavin family, they are so cute, I can't stand Heidi or Spencer, they are both so annoying, and Tyra is a crazy biach. :)