Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Because I know you want to know.

You really want to know that I really had no idea what to write today because I am too busy getting work done and finishing stuff up for BlogHer tomorrow (ah! tomorrow!?! seriously I'm leaving tomorrow!). So instead I will give you a list of "currently's" because, well I can and you're probably just dying to know, haha. And go!

I am currently....

listening to: O.A.R.'s new CD All Sides! Thank you Itunes giftcards :)

reading: The Nanny Diaries. I've already seen the movie and thought it was okay, but so far the book is definitely much better. And seriously, I laughed out loud at the Halloween scene (Teletubbies??? Classic!).

drinking: Water. I mean really, do I drink anything else these days?

anticipating: The Dark Knight. I mean I know it's ridiculous, how can I be so excited for just a movie? I don't know what I'm going to talk about after it comes out but for now, the anticipation is still there, eeeeeeeeee.

watching: John and Kate Plus 8. Well I'm not watching it now obviously since I'm at work, but man do I love DVR and JK8 marathons. Seriously, in love.

excited for: BlogHer. I mean, do I really need to say anything else? :)

proud of: Matt. First day on the job and he's already getting praised for good work :)
The boy is a smarty pants, what can I say?

wanting: this dress Rihanna is wearing in Milan. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a yellow dress :)

packing: This outfit for BlogHer. Seriously the same thing, I love it and it's partyesque. So don't judge when you see my rockin it this weekend, sweet, thanks.

dancing: at my desk. That's how good I feel today. Woot.

And what are you currently doing?

Anyhoo I hope to blog while at BlogHer so we'll see how that goes, hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week/weekend!

happy wednesday!


Sarah Marie said...

Ooh! That yellow dress is SO cute! I want it toooo! So fun that you're going to Blogher! I would be so excited and antsy too if I was you! Yay for your Matt- good job! yeah, nanny diaries wasn't THAT good- maybe i'll have to check out the book.

Kateastrophe said...

Just in case you can't get enough Christian (like me) . . .

Here's the trailer for the new Terminator movie!

rialeilani said...

have a wonderful time at BlogHer!!!

Deutlich said...

Yellow looks REALLY good on Rihanna.

L Sass said...

Cute outfit!

And J&K+8 Marathons = SO addictive!

Anonymous said...

Aww, look at your boy all dressed up in a suit! What a cutie!

Angela said...

Ooh! Rihanna's dress IS cute! I want it, too! And The Nanny Diaries was such a cute movie, I loved it. But I didn't read the book, so I bet the book is better. Have fun at BlogHer!

Lexiloo said...

I LOVE J&K+8! So much fun. Yes, DVR is a fantastic thing. Huge fan!

How is the new OAR? I'll have to buy it!

Nanny Diaries- the book was funny, but I still have not seen the movie. Perhaps I should add it to my netflix queue?

Jenn said...

Currently I am eating a cup full of m&ms and thinking about ALL the stuff I need to do before BlogHer.


Dana said...

I too am a sucker for anything yellow....

thatShortChick said...

the nanny diaries movie was such a disappointment in comparison to the book...but that's how it always is, right?

yellow dresses = LOVE.

the j&k+8 kids make my heart burst they're so cute.

Missy said...

Seriously, I get to meet you TOMORROW? Sweet.

Julie Q said...

damn katelin, your boy looks good in a suit! ;)

have such an awesome time at BlogHer! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Auburn Kat said...

I have to agree....your man does look cute in a suit!

I'm so jealous that you are going to BlogHer!!!!!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

that red is so pretty on you so it's a fabulous option for your trip!

Anonymous said...

oooh i can't believe you're going to blogher!!! that's going to be so cool. love the dress! and dark knight...i can't tear my eyes of heath as joker. i saw nanny diaries before reading...and now i can't really read it, because i know what happens!!

Bayjb said...

Hey there! I found your site through Jenn, hopefully I'll get to meet you at BlogHer this weekend! I liked the Nanny Diaries but the movie was not good and I'm SUPER excited to see the Dark Knight this weekend in SF in IMAX.

Alexa said...

actually i DO want to know, thank you very much!

legallyheidi said...

yellow dress = adorable! I wish i could pull off an outfit like yours! unfortunately? Not so much *sigh*

and i def. need to check out the new oar album - glad you liked the itunes card ;) Sorry it took so long to get to you :X

have a great time at blogher!! :)

glamour girly said...

I love the Nanny Diaries book, and Rihanna's dress, too!

Dan Mega said...

Have fun. Also, that suit is quite sexy.

rs27 said...

I'm going to go buy a suit now.

And some watermelon

LBIC said...

Ugh, I'm going to a midnight showing tonight. So excited for TDK. Except I've heard Batman/Bruce/CBale isn't that great in it :( Oh well, still, can't wait!

Working Girl Two said...

i cannot waitttt for the dark knight premiere this weekend. i think i'm gonna play the hungover card on sunday and go with my roomies.

and have fun at blogher!

kay* said...

nanny diaries is HILARIOUS! dark knight - can't WAIT! Matt looks so daper! Rihanna - on a role right now...can do no wrong.

Amanda. said...

Awesome for Matt and
his good work ethics.
Scoree. Always nice feeling
on the first day! much fun about
the whole BlogHer ordeal.

I was a HUGE fan of
The Nanny Diaries.
The first time I saw it...
I wasn't completely hooked...
but than I watched it again,
and fell in LOVE. There was
something about it the
second time around that
really swooped me in. Mmm.
Maybe it was the sexiness of
Chris Evans? Or the adorableness
of Grayer? Either wayyy...
I'm not fully obsessed.
And I should probably pick up
the book and read it.

And now that I've written
you a book...I'm finished. more thing...your
outfit for BlogHer is
divine! I'm sure you were
just smashing!
And dancing at your desk...
what's better than that!

Okay...that was two more
things...oh well.