Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big flags and Jell-o.

So I woke up this morning and was like "what the heck am I going to blog about?" No really, that was first thing I thought about (seriously, it's a little ridiculous). Well that and I thought about how awesome it would be to go to Hogwarts (we watched Harry Potter before bed last night). But that's all besides the point.

The point is that tomorrow is the 4th of July and I think it's so cool the different traditions people have and things they do to celebrate. So I'm going to take this little ole post to share what 4th of July is to me...well sort of....

To me the 4th of July is...
  • hanging out with family, friends and neighbors at my house.
  • red, white and blue jell-o creations.
  • American window decals and large flags.
  • lots and lots of BBQ.
  • little kids running around in bathing suits with water balloons.
  • climbing in firetrucks and spraying the hoses.
  • playing with sparklers after the firefighters leave.
  • a day to wear every color of the American flag.
  • praying for the troops.
  • all around fun.
And what is the 4th of July to you?

Matt and I at last year's party

Hope you all have a great weekend!

happy thursday!


Ben said...

I will toast America from my Canadian back yard, I suppose. Then read all the drunk blog posts from our southern neighbours.

Don't let me down, yanks!

Runaway Gallery said...

fourth of july to me means friends and sunshine. i know that sounds cheesy but those are the first two things i think of

Jenn said...

The 4th of July means a day off from work :)

Julie said...

Growing up the 4th of July meant Block party.

They would close my entire block and we would cook out and open up the fire hydrants... we also put up a volleyball net in the middle of the street and played. It was AWESOME.

Now its just beer, BBQ and fireworks.. which is cool too.

rialeilani said...

your 4th sounds like tons of fun! wish i lived closer ;)

Every year is different, I don't usually make plans and just fall into something. Very spontaneous!

brookem said...

um, you and matt are wicked cute. i always think this.

4th for me used to mean cookouts and family parties. we're switching it up a bit this year, and just laying low. hope you have a good one!

Sarah Marie said...

Aww... the picture of you guys is so cute! Hee to Matt's hat! Hope you have a fun-filled July 4th!!!

mcgee said...

4th of july means avoiding getting burnt by sparklers and eating copious amounts of water ice!

also, you and your man are uber adorable together.

Jamie said...

The fourth of July is me calling the police on my neighbors because they blow of fireworks next to the gas line behind our house.

People are idiots!

Vanessa said...

Fourth is about being really hot, watching fireworks and eating bad food, things I don't normally eat like pizza, hot dogs, etc.

Thanks for the suggestion, btw!

Missy said...

4th of July means a month til my birthday! And some great memories of summer 05 in New York.

Kim Thomas said...

Beach, Beach, Beach. Tomorrow my gorgeous feet will be making footprints in the sand :)

Others on my list:
Fireworks (Sparklers and Snakes)
Loving America and Freedom

Binary Blonde said...

The 4th means:

Sparklers (yay!)
BBQ (yum!)
Loving this country and the freedoms we have (yay!)
Sunshine (hopefully no sunburns!)
Pool party (weeeee!)

Hope you have a safe and happy 4th!!!!

Anonymous said...

adorable picture!

Phil said...

I like fireworks, though I admit that I do have a fear of people setting unnecessary fires. Comes from years of living in New Mexico, where big fires that burned millions of acres would be sparked by illegal fireworks. Since Cali has 1,500 fires blazing at the moment, my fear still stands. I may try to find a good fireworks show to go see anyway, though. :)

Playful Professional said...

I remember doing all of the small fireworks in our cul-de-sac every year with my family. I'm gonna miss that this year. We're just going into DC to do just about nothing but watch some fireworks and be crowded in with thousands of other people.

Susie said...

Right now the 4th of July is sitting on my couch working. But in an hour, I'm headed out to celebrate with my friends with a biggg dinner and then going out on the town. Avoiding the fireworks of Boston at all costs bc of the mob scene. Oh, and it's gross and rainy here too.

Hope you're having fun :)

Maxie said...

My 4th is always so boring. I did get to go to a cookout this year which was nice. And I rocked out all day on rock band.

nicoleantoinette said...

Yes, Hogwarts. Definitely.

Traci Anne said...

Fourth of July to me means: Sparklers, beer, barbecue. This year did not disappoint!