Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pop goes Hollywood.

And we're back to the regular scheduled Tuesday programming of the best of the best in Hollywood...or the best of what I like to talk about... same thing right? And here goes:
  • Apparently the memo went out for all pregnant celebs to pop out babies. Nicole Kidman had a baby girl yesterday named Sunday Rose Kidman Urban (Sunday? Born on a Monday? Hmmm) and Miss Camila Alves aka Matthew McConaughey's baby mama had a lovely little boy last night. No name has been released yet but I can't wait to hear it. Matthew's bro named his kid Miller Lyte so I can only imagine what name Matthew and Camila can come up with...oh the anticipation.
    *update: baby McConaughey's official name is Levi Alves McConaghey. Not as crazy as I envisioned it would be, weird*

  • Speaking of babies and cuteness, my most favorite mommy daughter duo was out and about and of course I have to share a picture. Maybe this is when Nanette saw them (color me jealous):

  • In other favorites news, Dawson Lear...I mean James Van Der Beek was out and about over the weekend canoodling with his wife, and seriously they're adorable. As PopSugar suggests, wouldn't it be amazing if they double dated with Josh Jackson and Diane? Amazing I say. Just do it guys. Okay, thanks.

  • Speaking of favorites, I really cannot get enough of Batman stuff and Christian Bale. I mean really it's almost sick how much I can't wait to see this movie. I mean there's a new whysoserious page almost daily and I'm not sick of it and Christian Bale is just popping up in every magazine and I'm definitely not sick of that either. Today he graces the newest edition of GQ UK and seriously, how could I not share?

  • Other movie news, Get Smart is still premiering around the globe and the stars are coming out. Anne Hathaway looked amazing at the Rome premiere of the movie, seriously want that dress (you know, for the next time I go to a ball or something) and who wouldn't want to be standing between Steve Carell and Dwayne Johnson? Lucky girl :)

  • In WTF Hollywood news...apparently Flavor Flav lost his virginity at age six (shudders), Mischa Barton is a model for Tyrone underwear, and Zachary Ty Bryan (of Home Improvement fame) is suing some hotel for tasering him. Seriously people, WTF?

  • And lastly, Happy Birthday Peter Patrelli! Err Milo Ventimiglia, same thing. And seriously, when is Heroes coming back? I mean really, it's about time already.

and that's the news of the day, man Hollywood is crazy but oh do I love it :)

happy tuesday!


La Petite Belle said...

yay for Matt McConaghew and his gfriend. that's going to be ONE gorgeous baby!

Anonymous said...

I may have thrown up a little over flava flave losing his virginity at age 6. Actually thinking about him EVER having sex makes me throw up a little.

Mmmmm Christian Bale...

Nanette said...

Actually, THIS is when I saw them: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/07/05/jennifer-garner-country-mart/


thatShortChick said...

seriously, flava flav.... seriously?!??

Sarah Marie said...

Oh noes! Do you think that's REALLY mischa barton?! Nooooo Mischa!!!! Oh man, I love that girl.

Lauren said...

Oh man, I love Peter Patrelli! Heroes--come back now!

brookem said...

i love your holywood tidbits. and christian bale. yummy.

rs27 said...

Flavor Flav is still around?

Tipp said...

Oh GOD Christian, Take me!!

It is ridiculous how much I love him. And if Matthew names his kid Bud, it is all over.

Jenn said...

I'm super happy that Christian Bale is everywhere :)

Jamie said...

Sunday? Born on a Monday?

I'm pretty sure I twittered the exact same thing when I heard.

Oh celebrities!

Anonymous said...

Miller Lyte? Why do people do that to their children??

Christian Bale looks old in those photos...still hot, but yeah...old. :(

Alexa said...

viggo i love you. why do you have to date such a young one though?

so many loves on this post. christine and anne? swoon

Laurie said...

I just read that Matthew Mc's baby is named Levi Alves McConaughey.

It's ok I think. It's different, but holy cow it is a ton better than Sunday Rose!

patrick said...

Get Smart looks pretty good over all though it seems like Steve Carell is veering toward an excess of slapstick humor

California Girl said...

Hollywood is quite fabulous. Sunday? What were they thinking? People!

Maxie said...

Miller Lyte? That is high.lair.i.ous

I just hope that Matt Mc's kid has his accent. Adorable :-)

Phil said...

Christian Bale = gorgeous! I can't wait to see Batman either.

Julie said...

I like Christian Bale without the facial hair.

Still HOT HOT HOT though.

Auburn Kat said...

You hit that right on the nose...Hollywood is crazy! That's why we all love it!

Dan Mega said...

I'd go gay for Christian Bale.

Lacey Bean said...

How does one lose their virginity at age 6? Like how is that possible???

And when the F is Heroes coming back? I need some more of that in my life ASAP.

Andrea said...

OMG Christian bale is freaking hot! And did you see Get Smart? I think it looks good, but want to hear some reviews before I head out :)

lara said...

I love th dress Anne Hathaway is wearing on that picture she looks great in it!!

WendyB said...

That Flava Flav story scarred me for life.

Bogart in P Towne said...

Can I call BS on Flav? No way. Not happening. Liar.

That is all I have to say about that.

Amanda. said...

I really like the name
Levi...Matt and Camila
did well with
choosing that name!
I applaud.

I'm also happy for Nicole
and Keith...but not
so much about loving the
name. Sunday? I think
I like Tuesday better...

Jen and Vi...so precious!
As usual.

Dawson and wife look so
cute in that first picture.
Where he's holding her.
Ughh. Even though I was
never his biggest fan.

Christian is SO sexy.
True story. He is in
the major yum-factor!

I'm such an Anne fan!
Even though I didn't love
Get Smart...I still think
she rocked in it!

Flavor Flav...age six?
What in the world! I
am choosing to not believe
such gossip. Eeek.

And Milo...I know him best
as Jess from Gilmore Girls,
Happy Birthday...daysssss late,
clearly! I always found him
so pretttty! Holla Milo...holla.