Monday, October 20, 2008

A birthdayful weekend.

Talk about a birthday weekend, I got to celebrate three this weekend and man was it fun. Tiring, but fun, haha.

Friday: After work I came home for a bit then Matt and I headed over to the Yard House to have dinner and drinks with a friend. Seriously I love that place. I got the mac and cheese and pear cider, the same thing I get every time I go and it definitely did not disappoint. So yeah if you ever go, try it all out. After dinner and drinks Matt and I came home, relaxed a bit and slept off the long week, it was glorious.

Saturday: Matt and I set out early to drop my car off for an oil change (whoopee) and look for pumpkin patches. Unfortunately none of the pumpkin patches were open so we had to nix that idea. Eventually we made it to several thrift shops and costume stores looking for costume ideas. Ultimately we went to Party City, which was like a Halloween war zone, and found costumes we liked. I'm not going to say what we're going to be because apparently Halloween hates me and I didn't realize until Sunday that they gave me the wrong size and when I went back to exchange it they were all out. So now I'm on a mission to find my costume in the right size or make my own, wish me luck. After our Halloween frenzy we went over to Matt's brother's girlfriend's parent's house for the mom's birthdayness. We watched football, had excellent food and had an all around grand time. We ended staying there all night, watching Ironman and SNL (which was hilarious by the way, man are they on a roll these days). Eventually we made it home to relax, read (I finished my 16th book of the year) and hit the hay.

Sunday: Woke up early(ish) and went on a cleaning spree in the apartment. Then we were off to lunch for my grandma's 96th birthday with the fam at Shogun. Twas quite the fun and tasty time.
my dad and the birthday girl :)

my boyfriend makes the funniest faces

the whole fam together

After lunch I sprinted home, changed and grabbed my costume to try and exchange. Sadly no exchange was made and Party City officially landed themselves on my shit list. Then I quickly rushed over to the Rose Bowl to walk another nine miles with my mom and aunts. After walking I sprinted back home yet again for a quick shower and change to get ready and go out for Matt's brother's birthday. We went to this Mexican restaurant, El Cholo, and it was fabulous. I forgot how much I love margaritas but man were they great. All in all in was another great birthday celebration to add to the weekend:

matt and his brothers

what silly boys

Twas a lovely dinner and lots of fun and tastiness. We spent the rest of the night at home, hanging out, catching up on the DVR and resting my tired legs, haha.

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!


brookem said...

my god, your grandmother is seriously SO adorable!!

Jamie said...

You are a busy lady! I'm really craving mac and cheese. I've never had pear cider but it sounds like it would be good, especially if you say so!

My weekend was lazy and I loved every second of it! I bought lots of stuff from etsy though haha

WeezerMonkey said...

96! Impressive! Happy multiple birthdays!

sarah marie p said...

Aww!!! Happy birthday to your grandma! And yummmm -- I love pear cider!

CageQueen said...

Your grandmother is adorable!

Kayleigh said...

Wow, your grandmother looks so fabulous for 96! She's stunning!! Happy birthday to her :)

I've also never tried pear can I get some??

rs27 said...

Got to a vintage shop for your costume. there is a great costume place on the westside and they are ridiculously helpful.

Rick James was happy.

Amanda. said...

Another jam packed weekend
in the world of Katelin!
I can always count on something
entertaining from youuu!

Birthday celebrations are
always a hoot. Love it.

The granny is way cute.
Stupid Party City. But can't
wait to see what you've
decided on being.

Jessica said...

I haaaaate Party City. I went there this weekend and could barely even make my way to the costumes through the throng of people...Also, they are mean and sticklers. I try to either make my costume, or get it anywhere but there!

Good luck with finding a new one!

Dana said...

your a busy woman, lol... i love birthdays - so much fun!! but you're right about celebrating 3... you must be tired from all that birthday fun!!

~ Jolene said...

Thanks for your well wishes! :) You've been quite the busy lady yourself. Your grandmother is adorable! Happy Birthday to her and everyone else whom you celebrated with! Have a great week!

Bayjb said...

Your grandma is too cute!!! That sounds like a great weekend, I love that you take family photos.

Angela said...

What?? No open pumpkin patches?? What's the world coming to! It's two weeks before Halloween!

Andréa said...

YAY for birthdays! And damn! I hope I look that good at 96! Oh yeah!

Auburn Kat said...

Happy bday to everyone! Good for your grandmother, she looks great!

Julie Q said...

please extend my birthday wishes to all! and thanks for reminding me i need to get an oil change on my car :(

Wickedly Scarlett said...

I love that you get mac and cheese! YUM!!! And pear cider would only make it better ;)

Anonymous said...

aww happy belated! to you and grammy! so adorable. i love family get togethers!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Sounds like a full weekend - Happy b-day to all! The pics are adorable and I am glad you had such a blast!

d said...

i LOVE El Cholo. Yumm. And how cute is your g-ma's crown?!

Binary Blonde said...

How sweet is your grandma!? That crown is too adorable! Happy Birthday to the lovely lady!