Monday, October 6, 2008


So as you know I spent my weekend jet setting across the country to visit some of my most favorite people and man was it worth it. First of all, thank you Jamie for stepping in on Friday's post, seriously there's no denying the NKOTB awesomeness.

So anyhoo...the But as I said, most definitely worth it. A couple of college friends got together to hang out in good ole Columbus, Ohio to reminisce, be crazy and have a good time. And of course it was an all around whirlwind, so here goes:

Thursday: I was up way to incredibly early to head to LAX. Luckily my dad took me to the airport where I barely made my flight because everyone and their mother flies at 6 in the morning, gah. But luckily I made it okay, got some sleep, did some more reading (The Secret Life of Bees is pretty good so far) and got some more sleep. I got in to the OH in the late afternoon where my friend Liz picked me up and brought me back to her place (which I loooove) to hang out for a bit, relax, talk, all that lovely stuff. Afterwards my friend VA came over and we all headed to dinner at this fab little place on High Street. Seriously, High Street has some great places and it's awesome how we could walk everywhere, I loved it. After a tasty dinner we came back to Liz's place to drink wine and watch bad TV, my kind of girlicious evening.

Friday: Liz took the day off to hang out with me and we started the day making muffins (yummm) and eating them of course, haha. Afterwards we headed over to Ohio State's campus to visit my cousin for lunch. It was so fun to see him but man it just made me miss college, haha. After lunch Liz and I headed to Easton...aka the best shopping around, haha. I absolutely love that place. If you're ever in Columbus I highly recommend checking it out, although be warned it will make a nice dent in wallet, haha. Post Easton we hit up another Midwest favorite of mine, Caribou Coffee for some of their amazing Hot Apple Blast (delish!) Seriously I loved the fact that it was coldish and I could visit some of my fave spots.

For dinner we all went to some cute little cafe place and even got to meet up with the fabulous Michelle. Seriously, I was so nervous to meet her but she was just as awesome in person as I would imagine from reading her blog :)

After dinner, me, Liz and VA headed to the airport to get Jen, woo. We all headed back to Liz's place to pregame a bit have some fun before heading out for the night. Seriously I love girly nights, haha.

Seriously who can say no to wine and Apples to Apples, haha?

After some playing we headed out to a bar in Columbus that had cheap drinks, lots of people and some fun music, basically the recipe for a great time.

me and Jen

who knows what we're laughing about, haha

much better shot of the four of us

AJ just happened to be in town too College kids together again, woo

All in all it was a fun night out...who knew Columbus could be so hoppin? :)

Saturday: None of us set our alarms expecting that we'd wake up earlyish...yeeeeeah we didn't get up until 11...and it was awesome, haha. After a long sleep we all got ready for the day then headed out to visit our alma mater. On the way we saw this driving on the road:

Yeah we couldn't help laughing at that one, a giant root beer being pulled along by the thirst ambulance, haha. Finally we made it to campus and walked around a bit. Seriously I feel like if I threw on some sweats, had a shoulder bag and my hair in a pony tail I could be a student again, haha. But man did I miss it. We even walked around one of our old dorms and got jealous at how clean the bathrooms were and how much the halls didn't smell like popcorn and stale beer, haha.

posing in front of the student center

I can't help but take pictures of pretty trees

After leaving campus we moseyed on back to Columbus to wait for one more friend to show up. Once Lindsay arrived we all hung out, pregamed, moseyed around and finally headed to High Street for dinner. It was so much fun to hang out with the girls and talk about what we've been up to and just laugh over ridiculous things, twas lovely.

And who knew we'd run into our future president on the streets of Ohio?

We felt so honored to be so close to Barack, haha. We even got some schnazzy pins too, woo woo. After our celebrity run in we headed back to Liz's place to hang out some more with good intentions of heading out again to the Columbus gallery hop...however we ended up all staying in, playing Kings and laughing at ridiculous things....such as Lindsay falling asleep, haha:

and Liz dressing as a babushka, haha:

Yeah we're a little ridiculous sometimes but man was it fun. I seriously heart those girls.

Sunday: Sadly I had another freakin early flight and had to come on back to Los Angeles. Luckily though there were no flight problems and I made it back fine. The day was spent lazying around catching up on my DVRed shows and hanging out with Matt. Twas loverly.

But man as much as I caught up on sleep I feel like I can sleep five more days at least, haha. All those early flights and contortionist type moves I had to make to sleep on the plane really did nothing for my sleep schedule, haha.

Anyhoodles, how was all your weekends? Anything big I should know about since I probably won't be able to read all 800 something posts in my reader, haha? Do tell.


pps. Go Dodgers! :)

happy monday!


Deutlich said...

Holy crap!

It's Virginia!! I haven't heard from her in for.ever! She stopped blogging, right?

How on earth is she?!

Sara Jane said...

I love CBus. I grew up there and my family is still there. It wouldn't be a trip home without a trip to Easton! I love that mall.

So glad to see you had such a good time with your friends!

Maxie said...

I echo deutlich's comment! How is virginia... i miss her blog :-(

I"m jealous that you guys found one of those obama cutouts-- i need to find one to pose with!

Michelle and the City said...

see- you can even have celebrity sitings in good ole Ohio ;-) haha

it was so great to finally meet you!


Amanda. said...

on, Miss Katelin! had one heck
of a kick butt weekend!

Dolce said...

Your weekend rocked as always!!! Okay, VA could possibly be the smallest person in the world. Is she blogging again?

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

awe, the weekend sounds wicked. glad you had suuch a good time!

and ps. the dodgers are killing it! i loooove! <3

Grits said...

Looks like y'all had fun! Man, I miss girly weekends!

San said...

Oh, I've read the Secret Life of Bees! I love that book!

And it sounds like you had a fun weekend! Good for you!! :)

surviving myself said...

It was nice of Obama to pose for the pics with you girls.

Anonymous said...

aw, I miss VA!

cdp said...

Definitely a full weekend. Glad you had so much fun and made it home in one piece!

rs27 said...

I'm pretty sure that wasn't Obama.

sarah marie p said...

Sounds like such a great weekend! Yay for girlie fun! And that giant rootbeer! haha. I wanna picture with Obama!!! hee.

kay* said...

what a fab weekend! as usual! a bit of jetsetting never hurts does it? as for me - i did a lot of cleaning, continued my apartment hunt and brought (howard) my dog to his first party. yes - good times indeed.

Blicious said...

sounds fun! Great pics!!

Dana said...

looks like a fun weekend!!

Peter said...

That looks like a fun weekend.

And, yes, Apples to Apples IS strangely irresistible.

Anonymous said...

apples to apples is my favorite game!

Such a good weekend...

Hollywood Sucker said...

it's been far too long since I've seen my old friends!

looks like fun

Bayjb said...

First off, I love Apples to Apples. Great game! Sounds like a great weekend!

Auburn Kat said...

Columbus is a fun town!!!

I absolutely hate morning flights...then again they seem to be on time more than flights later in the day...

Fifi Flowers said...

Looks like a great girly weekend!
Yea Dodgers!

Alexa said...

im glad you had so much fun in my state : )

Emma said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend!

Mandy said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend -- I LOVE Columbus! One can never go wrong with Apples to Apples and wine!