Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a questionable Friday.

Clearly I'm too lazy/tired/exhausted/boring/creative for a real post today, so alas I pose some questions:
  • How long untilI eat all of the Cheryl cookies?

  • Has NKOTB's new CD really been in my car player for a month and a half? I just can't stop.

  • Have you ever showed up to work looking like you stepped out of the H&M prepster academy? No? Well I did, today, and I sort of love it. (but don't tell anyone, haha)

  • Seriously who is going with me to see Josh Kelley either October 29th, November 5th or November 11th? I need a concert partner, stat!

  • Is that a bagel I smell? No? Coffee cake? Ah! Stop teasing my nostrils!

  • Where is Ryan Gosling?

  • Why do my Dodgers torment me so?

  • Why does Nyquil induce the weirdest possible dreams?

  • Where is my watch? I feel so naked without it. Anyone else feel like that?

  • Lanolin? Like sheep's wool?

  • Is it just me or was this week incredibly long?

  • Why the heck does John McCain blink so much?

  • Will I get to sleep this weekend?

  • What the heck should Matt and I do tonight?

  • Anyone want to go bowling?

  • And what are you doing this fine weekend?

happy friday!


Kayleigh said...

LOL this was great...and I have to comment about the Nyquil thing. I am forever against the stuff after getting the freakiest, most disturbing nightmares every time! Like, wake up in the middle of hte night in a horrible sweat, and on the verge of screaming in hysteria kind of nightmares.

In other news I would love to go bowling with you!! :)

Hillary said...

I plan on curling up in a ball and dying of an effing cold this Friday.

Have a good weekend!

rialeilani said...

LOL i was wondering what McCain's blinking problem was all about too

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

1. this week? INCREDIBLY LONG, YES. and it was a 4 day week for me even. TGIF.

2. wishing you lots of weekend sleep.

3. bowling? yes. we can.. meet in oregon? hahah.

4. my girlfriend and i are cleaning our house this weekend. the BIG clean. i suggest you and matt do something a little more exciting ;)

Sara Jane said...

I'm with you. I'm brain dead today. As far as this weekend...I'm going to a Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser!

brookem said...

happy weekend lady! it's not just you- this week has been wicked draggy. tgif!

raych said...


Bedroom Talk said...

I love reading your post there my drive to come to work and blog all day lol. I work in a Handbag show room so you can imagine my thrill factor lol.

Have a great weekend!

Dana said...

have a super weekend!!! I know you will :)

NerdGirl said...

A big fat YES to bowling!

nicoleantoinette said...

It's not just nyquil! Anytime I take unisom, that over the counter sleep aid, I fucking dream like CRAZY!

sarah marie p said...

I wanna see your H&M hipster outfit! post it! post it!

Julie Q said...

hope all your questions were answered this weekend!!!

Auburn Kat said...

NyQuil definitely gives me weird dreams too!!! I hate it, but yet, I take it when I'm sick a lot!

Bayjb said...

Nyquil gives me odd dreams too. It's like being trapped in Alice in Wonderland but not nearly as enjoyable.