Friday, October 3, 2008

jealous much?

I had actually was saving this for my blog but once I talked to Katelin about guest posting, I knew it belonged here! Oh, this is Jamie, by the way. I'm filling in while the regular keeper of this blog is hanging out in Ohio.

When I was little I was a huge New Kids on the Block fan, just like Katelin. I mean, I had posters, bed sheets and even dolls. My prize possessions though were my NKOTB slippers.

Yes, they were sneaker slippers. Big puffy sneaker slippers with neon pink and green all over them. I lived in those things.

Want to see what they look like?

Of course you do!

Let's check out little Jamie with her amazing NKOTB slippers.

Okay, you got me. That's not really me. I never was a little blond girl. I had a little help doctoring* that photo because it was the ONLY photo I could find of those slippers.

They are awesome though, right?!

So I shared my slightly embarrassing, but still AMAZING, memorabilia with the internets. It's your turn.

I know you have some Menudo shirts or Spice Girls dolls hiding in the back of your closet that you are just dying to share.

Spill it!

* this guest post wouldn't have been possible without Christophr's super cool photoshopping skills.
** dude, while tagging this entry I realized Katelin already had a tag called "Jamie is awesome". This further proves that we should be BFFs. But really, I am awesome so go check out my blog.


Maxie said...

OMG Jamie! Hahahaha.

Okay... I definitely have the BSB backstage pass and a ton of spice girls pins that I used to put on my jacket. I was so cool.

Jane said...

When I first saw that picture, I thought "I didn't realize Jamie was a little person." Things made more sense once you mentioned the picture had been Photoshopped.

Sadly, my embarrassing memorabilia collection has dwindled in the zillion times that I've moved in my twenties. My last few NKOTB cassette tapes got the boot in the last move; I wanted to keep them, but I don't even have a way to play them anymore.

Deutlich said...

Jamie, you do NOT ever want to know how much Backstreet crap I really have.

Maybe if I'm feeling like embarrassing myself, I'll blog about it.


Miss Marie said...

Those ARE amazing slippers!

andrea said...

NKOTB slippers would go great with... my NKOTB fanny pack! YES.

SLynnRo said...

Those things look potentially hazardous to walking.

sarah marie p said...

those shoes ROCK my socks!

Lacey Bean said...

I had SO MUCH NKOTB stuff. I had slippers, but they were the slip on kind, definitely not as cool as those. But I was the proud owner of 2 Jordan dolls, a Jordan stuffed doll, their stage, curtains, bed spread, nightgowns, shirts, outfits, pins, I could go on and on. :)

Ashley D said...

When I first saw that pictures I was a little confused. I couldn't figure out why your head was so big and then I was like "ohhh, it's not real, I get it!" haha

Mandy said...

LMAO, I had all the NKTOB stuff too AND those slippers. I will not be posting a pic though. LOL.

Dana said...


*~Dani~* said...

Those shoes are SO big. How did you manage to walk?

Vanessa said...

Too cute!

insomniaclolita said...

oh my god, i loved nkotb, i breathed nkotb..:P Jordan knight was my hero..
thanks for the post, its really really cute..

Constructive Attitude said...

lol. i had the nkotb lunch box!

Anonymous said...

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