Friday, October 10, 2008


Annnnd I'm back. Back to work, back to life, back to the blog. And what better day to come back to than a Friday!? Wahoo!

Anyhoodles, so yesterday we learned that I am not in fact a Doctor and by saying so I jinxed myself and had to take a sick day to recuperate. However I can say that by staying home sick I learned a plethora of new knowledge that I just have to share of I bring you "The Amazing Findings of a Sick(ish) Person Home From Work" also known as TAFOASPHFW, haha.
  • Not being able to talk (or even sing along to shower music) is incredibly hard for someone like me to do who talks a lot.

  • Honey is magic to a sore throat. Not even kidding. I don't know if it's because I love honey or I just finished The Secret Life of Bees but I had an english muffin lathered with honey and then proceded to have at least three spoonfuls of just honey over the day to coat my throat and it felt a hundred times better. Amazing I say.

  • Ricola, Sudafed and Advil are also magic. Zicam would be magic if I didn't buy the nasal gel which is way to weird to me and makes my throat hurt more than it did before I used it, ugh.

  • Also in the magical realm of cures: chicken noodle soup and raspberry tea. Magical I say.

  • The Sex and the City movie is even better the second time around. Even if I was on a ton of meds and dosing in and out of sleep I loved it just as much. I also decided that Samantha and Edie from Desperate Housewives are the same character, older woman sexpot, rock it ladies, haha.

  • I will always love Titanic. And Kate. And Leo. And Kate and Leo together. Le swooon. (8th grade Katelin is that you I hear?)

  • Despite my previous claims of watching Titanic seven times in theaters I realized that it was in fact five times.

  • No matter how many times I watch Titanic I always cry at the exact same spot. No it's not when Jack dies (oh did I ruin it for you? but really you should know this by now, the movie is 12 years old!) but when Rose jumps off the life boat and back on the Titanic and runs to Jack. Precious.

  • Okay one more Titanic finding...I love that I own it on DVD and can fast forward through all the "present day" parts, they're not nearly as cool as the rest of the movie.

  • After being cooped up inside and sleeping/watching TV/consuming honey it's good to walk a couple blocks outside to get some fresh air...especially when the fresh air is no longer 97 degrees (thank goodness!).

  • Toasters are hot. Although you might be sick don't forget that they're realllly hot so you don' know...burn your thumb knuckle trying to get an english muffin out. Gah.

  • Only checking your work email twice throughout the day is heaven sent. A sick day is meant to be sick and relax and not focused on work.

  • Watch out for Nyquil induced dreams. I dreamt that I was babysitting Halle Berry's baby at the zoo until Spencer took over and I went off for the day with Heidi...yeaaaaah not a good dream at all, minus little Nahla, she was a doll. Heidi? Yeah I would shoot myself.

  • Get a boyfriend (just not mine, haha) that will cook you a delicious dinner even if he's sickish too...yeah he got it from you...and watch Grey's Anatomy with you. Now that's a cure for sickness. :)

  • Sleep away the sickness, sleep away. Or sleep away/watch fabulous movies and your day will be so much better.

And that my friends pretty much sums up my sick day findings.
And how do you spend your sick days?

But here's to hoping you have no sick days soon! fingers crossed.

and it's Friday!

happy weekend!


sarah marie p said...

Yay! I'm glad you're feeling better! And now you make me want to watch Titanic again! Yes, the SATC is just brilliant. LOVE IT!

EmilyPie said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! I'm jealous I couldn't take a sick day yesterday ;) But, in all honesty, I can talk, and really only have a sore throat (all though it really does hurt like CRAZY!).

Tonight.... Titanic!

Anonymous said...

Today's my sick day :) Even if I was already technically without school or work.. whatever. I pretty much agree with everything here, except I'll be catching up on Ugly Betty/ Grey's Anatomy in place of movies. Hope you're feeling fully better!

Mermanda said...

I think I usually exaggerate my movie-theater viewings of Titanic too! Five sounds about right. (Couldn't afford to that today, though. At least not on my "allowance"!)

San said...

Hey, I was wondering: did you NOT go to the NKOTB concert on Wednesday???????

Jen said...

I knew you were going to say that you cry in that part. I always cry at that exact same part too. Ugh! What a great movie! Glad you are feeling better.

dmb5_libra said...

this sounds exactly like my sick days...minus the boyfriend and dreams of heidi (yikes!). have a wicked awesome weekend!

thatShortChick said...

sounds like you had THE most perfect sick day.

hope you're feeling better!

Mandy said...

I love sick days like that. How was the book? Its on my list of ones I need to read.

Lexiloo said...

I don't think I've ever checked my work email on a day off...

feel better!

Amanda. said...

Holla to feeling better!
What great news.

I LOVE chicken noodle
soup and rasberry tea.
Loveeeee, I tell ya!

The Sex and The City
movie is amazing.
I only saw it in the
theater...but I imagine
it's just as fabulous the
second time around.
(Must get that!)

Titanic...shucks. My
heart will always adore
that flick.
"You're so stupid Rose,
you're so stupid."
"You jump, I jump, right?"

And your boyfriend
totally rocks!

Grits said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! Matt sounds like such a sweetheart cooking for you and then watching Grey's. Gotta love it!

Miss Marie said...

How was the Secret Life of Bees??? I keep hearing good things about it. I'm glad you're feeling better!
Oh, ps, I tagged you for a meme! ;)

Rachel said...

I've been going through a weird Titanic obsession lately. I think it's because when I first saw it, I was, like, 13, and didn't really get the "whole picture."

Douchegirl said...

Gosh, I lost ocunt of how many times I've seen Titanic. I love, love, love it!

I cry at the same scene and everytime I hear a string band play, I think of the band in Titanic who played till the very end.

Julie Q said...

btw i've TOTALLY burned my hand on a toaster trying to get an English Muffin out. lol brings back some painful memories just thinking about it

Alexa said...

usually my sick days are because i am hungover not sick. shhhhh don't tell my boss : )

hope you are feeling better by now!

Auburn Kat said...

I never ever check my work email when I'm at work and I don't miss it at all!

Bayjb said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Last year, I was home for three days sick and it was awful. I was going beyond stir crazy. But you're right, a walk around the block or even just outside feels so much better.

nicoleantoinette said...

Sometimes I like being sick because I feel like I can do ridiculously lazy things guilt-free. Which I think says more negative things about my normal life than positive things about how I use my sick days.

Also? I did in fact see Titanic 7 times in the theatre. Huge loser. I know.

Katie Killary said...

speaking of Titanic... here's an lolcat

Dana said...

that was sweet of Matt!! He's a keeper :)

Lauren said...

The present day parts in Titanic suck in comparison to the past parts!