Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hollywood news is just as cool on a Thursday.

Thursday? Already? Why thank you I'll take it! And since it's Thursday which sort of sounds like Tuesday, but not really, I thought I'd take today's post to write about what else is going on in Hollywood, besides the Golden Globes hoopla that took over this week's Hollywood spot. So are you ready? Well grab your Voss water, sit back and enjoy:
  • In this week's cute bebeness we have the ever adorable new big sister Violet who is proudly displaying her new role in the family:

    so cute!

  • In other cute bebeness we have mini-Marcias! Seriously Marcia Cross' girls are just so happy and cute, they should really have a play date with Violet soon, it'd be the happiest play date ever:


  • Know who else is precious and cute and swoon worthy and one of my favorites? Joshua Jackson! Seriously I heart him and Fringe is coming back next week and I'm excited because really, I just love seeing him so frequently now, it's awesome. Now all I have to do is meet him finally. Goal for '09: Meet Joshua Jackson. Now that would be sweet.

    Oh and check out this interview of him talking all about Fringe, so exciting, woo.

  • In other faves/ I-can't-stop-talking-Twilight news, apparently some of the big wigs at Summit weren't too pleased when Rob Pattinson cut his hair last month and he got in trouble, haha. Seriously people? Seriously? New Moon isn't even filming yet, give the guy a break and let him cut his hair. I personally think he looks good either way.


  • Speaking of my faves, because it's my blog and I can do that, apparently Kate Winslet was on Oprah and Oprah confessed to loving Kate's boobs...because they're real, haha. I don't know if this is awkward or hilarious or both, but I heart Kate no matter what. And we both have real boobs and our names are Kate, so basically we should be BFFs now. Call me Kate? :)

  • In movie news, I'm still slacking. I mean really how have I not seen The Reader, Revolutionary Road, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or Milk. I must see all of those before the Oscar's (which is February 22nd in case you were curious).

    But as for a movie I do not in any way shape or form plan on seeing unless someone pays for my ticket, is the new Karate Kid remake will Jaaden Smith and most recently rumored...Jackie Chan as Mr. Miagi. Ummmm No thank you. Why are you people messing with a classic?! I mean first Footloose and now this!? Stop it and you stop it now!

  • In TV news....
    CSI: Not that I ever talk about this show on here, but I've been a fan for years. I love it. It's awesome. I love the characters and love the show and the special effects and everything. And tonight is William Petersen's last episode, so sad. CSI: just won't be the same without the bug-loving-wise-crackin Gil Grissom. Hopefully Lawrence Fishburne will do a good job taking over and the show will continue to be awesome, woo. Oh but I do know the show will have some schnazzy guest stars, well at least one, Taylor Swift, she was spotted on set for an upcoming episode, fun times.

    Grey's Anatomy. Well speaking of cast members leaving, apparently Grey's just can't hold onto people lately. Melissa George (aka Meredith's crazy friend) is peacing out of Seattle Grace. Is it bad that I'm sort of okay with that though? Her character sort of bugged me anyways. I'm just glad Dr. Owen is staying because him and Yang are amazing right now. And Sloane and little Grey?! Ah! What is going on in this hospital?! And seriously Shonda, Denny is dead. Or did you forget that you wrote that two seasons ago? He's dead, let it go. Kthnxbai.

    Law and Order: SVU. Okay so I've been a bad fan and am just now catching up on episodes but that's not what's making news about the show. Apparently Mariska Hargitay is suffering from a collapsed lung! She will still be able to tape episodes of the show but she will also be spending a lot of time recuperating. Speedy recovery Mariska, Eliot needs you!

    How I Met Your Mother. If you aren't watching this show then you are missing out? Seriously I love it. And if you want to catch up, Lifetime is airing episodes starting from Season 1, so get to it! And this week's episode was pretty funny and cute and sort of reminded me of the beginning of the Pacey/Joey days. And Barney, oh Barney, I heart you.

    Speaking of NPH. Did you see him host SNL? I actually still have it on my DVR to catch up on, but I saw a clip of his opening and I couldn't stop laughing, seriously he's awesome.

    The City. Umm. I'll be honest and say I didn't watch this week's episode yet, so check Working Girl's blog for a pretty accurate update, seriously seems like I haven't missed much. Oh Whitney.

  • And finally in today's WTF news I have two little tidbits to make you go "huh?". One. Ryan Seacrest. On American Idol on Tuesday he tried to high five a blind contestant. Oh Ryan, Ryan, you made Paula look normal on that show. Oy.

    And the second WTF of today comes from this gem:

    I really have no words for this one...except...WTF?!
Anyhoo that's all I got today folks, any Hollywood scoop I missed?

Hope you're revving up for the weekend like I am, one day away! Woot!

happy thursday!

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Emma said...

I'm so at a loss at how to respond to the 2nd WTF? Like you I'm so confused?! The mini-Marcia's are so cute though!

Anonymous said...

Wait, what is that billboard even supposed to mean. At first when I read just the slogan I thought it was an ad for a plastic surgeon but then I saw that it's for a church! What in the world!

Anonymous said...

I think the Truth Ministry billboard is supposed to be a parody of all those ministries that claim to "cure" homosexuality.

Lauren said...

If they don't get rid of Denny on Grey's like...tonight I may punch my TV. I'm so sick of that plot line.

I saw both Milk and Benjamin Button the other week - both fantastic in complete different ways. See them!

Deutlich said...

WTF kind of billboard is that!

How do you change being asian?!

kay* said...

as you know - i love these posts :)

new moon starts filming at the end of march so the big wigs are probably upset because there is no way he can grow his hair back in 2 months...he'll probably have to do extensions or something...

PLEASE GO SEE THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON - oh gosh, so good. curious to hear your thoughts because you're like...the movie buff and i need to know.

i too am so sad that grissom's leaving csi - i have a post on that going up too.

dmb5_libra said...

i really want barney and robin to be together, but i think its would be too easy and its never going to happen on the show. boooo!

and WTF? that billboard?! some people....

Chris said...

So i checked out that truth ministry site and it's all about not being i have NO IDEA what that mess is about.

also- that may be the cutest picture of JJ i have seen in a lonnnggg time. Yum.

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

weird billboard!!

all the movies you put i want to see and haven't yet too!! thjey al seem amazing!

i met melissa george when i wroked at coach and she was doing the amityville horror movie. she came in and got free stuff to wear and was super polite and adorable. sooooo nice.

ria said...

NPH was great on SNL :) especially in fran and freba

Kat said...

That billboard is just so very, very wrong. We'll just leave it at that.

I dined with Joshua Jackson one day. It was very odd, in his post-Dawson's days - long enough, that you might not have recognized him. I sat across from him and every time I looked up, there he was. He kept giving off this obnoxious, yeah, I'm him, you know you want to stare at me, but you better leave me alone look. Totally not what I was expecting.

Oh well, he still looked good (and no, I wasn't staring).

Phil said...

First off, I think the boob incident that says more about Oprah. Just saying. And second... I'm not sure what to make of that billboard. Though I noticed the gigglesugar entry you linked to is from 2007. I'm guessing it's a Photoshop redesign? Perhaps as a slap in the face to that company for trying to tell people that changing one's sexuality as about as easy as changing one's race or ethnicity. Of course, if it IS real, then man, that's totally one effed up billboard.

CageQueen said...

I knwo this will be unpopular but...

I think Violet Affleck is the exact opposite of cute. I think she's ugly.

I know, I know, I'm going to hell.

Laurie said...

I still love Grey's - wish they could just stop with the personnel drama!!

Haven't seen any of the Oscar noms. I'm so bad about that - I never do. I have a movie to-watch list like a mile long!

stealthnerd said...

Wow...I have no words for that billboard...

Jaime said...

I don't want the weekend to come. I don't want today to end.

Anonymous said...

the billboard totally caught me off guard and has erased any comment-thoughts i previously had.


Amanda. said...

SO much to comment on.
Mmm. But I'll only
go with a few...
Ben Affleck-love him. happy Fringe
got the okay for next
season. More Pacey Witter?
Heck yes! glad Saddie is
leaving Greys. She was
driving me crazy. The Denny
situation...UGH! Seriouslyyyy?

And that billboard-what
in the world!

Blicious said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeeee Josh! MMMMMMMM

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Dude, I love hollywood news and what the hell with the billboard???

Caz said...

I'm so getting into the first season of HIMYM here in Australia! Thinking it could turn out to be a quality show. Glad to hear the rest of it is just as funny.

Bayjb said...

Josh is still looking hot, but I have to say, I was rather shocked by Jen/Ben's baby name. Seriphana? Little...unique for someone who said he would never name his kid "Apple," etc.

Maxie said...

Can I pray away anything? cause if the answer is yes sign me up.

I want this cupcake to have zero calories! zap!

I love billboards.

Brandy said...

So, I have just joined the 'how i met your mother' bandwagon. I got the first season for christmas and pretty much watched it straight through. I want to be best, best friends with Barney. Our friendship would be... wait for it...


Anonymous said...

wow!!! what the eff at your wtf!!!!

Vanessa said...

I don't even know what to say to the second WTF? Umm, how would that be changed? How about we embrace who we are and love ourselves? Sorry, but you know I'm going to from here because I have to see what in the world they think they can do to change being Asian!