Friday, January 23, 2009

If I had live blogged the Oscar nominations....

Yes this is definitely the week o Hollywood on my blog and the Oscar nominations coming out yesterday warrant a whole other blog post from me. So if I had had my computer open this morning as I saw the announcements this is probably what you would have heard me say:

Actor in a Leading Role.
The Visitor, what the eff is that movie?
Uh huh, figured, play a president get a nom.
Yep, knew it, Sean's Oscar gold.
Okay that works, way to go Brad.
WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!? Mickey!!? No LEO!!?! NO LEO!?!? For Shame! (okay I wouldn't have said that, but still). Next time Leo, next time.

Actor in a Supporting Role.
Oh nice job Josh, first nomination.
Excuse me? Did we watch the same movie? Robert Downey Jr.? A what? Did I hear that right?
You just won an Oscar Phil, so umm yeah you don't need another.
Heath oh Heath, I hope you win it, I really do.
Yesssssssss. You were awesome in Revolutionary Road Michael, a true crazy person, haha.

Actress in a Leading Role.
Awww yay Anne, heart you!
Oh Ang, one to match Brad.
Frozen River? Ummmmwhat?
Oh the Academy does love Merryl. Fifteen nominations my goodness woman.
KAAAAAAAAAAAAATE! Yay KATE! Okay Kate, it's your year to win it. I feel it!

Actress in a Supporting Role.
Oh Giselle!!! Amy Adams I heart you.
Okay now I need to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona, haha.
Viola who? Ooooh I see you on GMA, I recognize you. Congrats.
Oh Taraji movin on up in the world, woo woo.
Aw Marisa I heart you too.

Best Picture.
Okay if I can just find three hours of my day I'll eventually see Ben Button.
If only I was into politics I think I would want to see Frost/Nixon. Oy.
Milk oh Milk. I need to see this one. Need to.
Kaaaaaaaaaate! I need to see this one, it looks creepy but I need to.
Yes, Yes and Yes! Slumdog Millionaire for the win! Come oooooooon.

Well those are the biggies, to see the full list check it out here. And squeeee for the Oscar's, a month from yesterday! I cannot wait!

Anyhoo, anything making you squeeeee today?!

happy weekend all!


Ashley said...

Okay - so totally watch Frost/Nixon even if you're not into history at all.

I saw it a few weeks ago and LOVED it. Probably it was better because I knew absolutely nothing about Watergate or Nixon. (Sad, right?)

So, don't write it off just yet, my dear!

Julie Q said...

haha love that i knew every one you were talking about during this post! Aww but come on, how can you not be on the Mickey Rourke bandwagon? He reminds me of the nice homeless man who takes good care of his dogs. lol lol

and yeah. go kate!!!!!!! except her oscar speech is going to be annoying. i can just tell

Arjewtino said...

If Slumdog Millionaire doesn't win, there is no God.

Dolce said...

I just saw Benjamin Button last night and it was incredible. Brad Pitt I swear looks better with age than any man I've ever seen. His acting was unbelievably great!

That's all I got.

have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

The Visitor is a great movie! It's about this professor who is supposed to be writing a book, but really he isn't getting any work done. He goes back to his second home in NYC, and discovers that there is a young man from Syria and his girlfriend from Senegal (who are in America illegally) living in his apartment.

It's incredibly moving and powerful... you should definitely check it out!

Julie said...

That was so much more entertaining then that actually announcement.

Love it!

WeezerMonkey said...

The Visitor is fantastic. You should rent it. I was really glad to see that guy get a nom, even though we all know Mickey's going to win.

rs27 said...

I'm voting for The Dark Knight.

We get a vote right?

Anonymous said...

you will LOVE benjamin button!!

my vote is for heath.

Tia said...

i am SO bummed that leo didn't get nominated.

i feel like he always gets the shaft.

Amanda. said...

I LOVEEE Oscar nominations.
Of course, I do. I
get really excited for red
carpet events!

And I do love Kate...and
would love her to win...
because yes, yes it is her
year...but I also wouldn't
mind seeing Anne win. Because
gosh darnit, I really like her!

Paula said...

I'd love Kate to win an Oscar . . . she's been waiting long enough!

And Heath for best supporting actor!!! I've not even seen the film, but I want him to win anyway . . .

Kyla Bea said...

I definitely echo your Amy Adams comment! Good to know I'm not the only one thinking that!

And also your thoughts on Slumdog. So good!

Auburn Kat said...

Gosh, I have barely watched any movies this year!

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Too funny.

I haven't seen any of the nominated films (I don't think). Ben Button intrigues me though.

Playful Professional said...

All I care about is that Heath wins. He was amazing, so much more than any of the other actors. And Ben Button is worth seeing. It's very well portrayed and acted. Not the most rivetingaction packed movie but still great.

Bayjb said...

That is very similar to my reactions as well. I'm super excited for Josh Brolin but was shocked about Leo and Revolutionary Road being snubbed.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I know - shame on them for snubbing Leo!!

erico said...

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