Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new year, same crazy Hollywood.

My goodness it's Tuesday already, and you know what that means....Hollywoooooood day! So why delay, here we go:
  • This week's cute bebes come from Marcia Cross's adorable twins, Eden and Savannah. Seriously they are always so adorable and happy and running around, I love it:

    so cute!

  • And yeah I really can't help it, I think Violet Affleck is just so dang cute and always so smiley it makes me smile and I can't wait for the Garner-Affleck family to add their fourth member. So yeah, this week's other cute bebe is my fave of faves, little Vi:

    so smiley and happy, gotta love her

  • Oh and speaking of the bebes Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell welcomed their twin girls on the 28th. Oh and did they welcome them alright, by giving them names that Bronx Mowgli Wentz may even be happy about... Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip. Oh goodness.

  • However, in sad celebrity kid news, in case you didn't happen to hear, John Travolta and Kelly Preston's sixteen year old son died on January 2nd due to his seizure disorder. So, so sad.

  • In other non-kid and funny news, turns out a major hacker was loose in the Twittersphere yesterday. Brittany Spears account as well as Fox News were victims to some ridiculous and pretty funny tweets. Now I'm not going to post them here because they're a bit much for my blog but check here and here to get a good laugh.

  • In Twilightness, Rob Pattinson is still hot:

    le swoon!

  • In TV news....
    The City. Oh good gracious. Why did I start watching this mess? I heart Whitney, that's why. This show is all sorts of dramas and guy tiffs and snobby girls, my goodness it's ridiculous. And is it just me or does Whit's guy sort of act/behave/look like Justin Bobby? Maybe not as much of a dbag, but sort of annoying. And Olivia, good granny that woman and the Manolo shoe event, such a snob. I can't really stand her. I hope this season doesn't overload my drama intake because I can really only handle so much. But Whit, I heart you, so make it good. Sweet, thanks.

    Daddy's Girls. So yeah I sort of got suckered into watching this because it was after the City, and because I sort of secretly love Run's House. The girls crack me up, I was laughing so hard when they saw the sign for mountain lions and Angela was on the phone with Run, haha. Oh goodness I don't need another show to watch.

    SNL. The new year of episodes is coming this weekend and who is hosting??? None other than my fave Neil Patrick Harris! Ah. Love. My DVR is already set as should yours :)

  • And in some movie recap news...
    Slumdog Millionaire. I saw it last Tuesday and after reading the book I was a little skeptical, but I did end up loving it. Although a lot of it is different than the book, the overall story of overcoming oppression and perseverance. The movie is just so heartwarming and awe inspiring and I definitely recommend checking it out.

    Bedtime Stories. Cute movie. So cute actually. I really enjoyed it and my little brother was laughing through the whole thing. Seriously, if you want some good kiddy entertainment I say you go watch this one.

  • And today's WTF news is actually sort of a happy one, sort of. A Connecticut man who bought Lotto tickets every week, died shortly after buying his week's tickets. However, when his wife later went to redeem them turns out one of the tickets was worth 10 million dollars!!! Talk about a good gift to leave your family with, haha.

And that everyone is the week's news in Hollywood, wonder what will happen next???

happy tuesday!


Maxie said...

I love Run's House, so of course I loved Daddy's girls. They're so funny-- I mean even if it's obviously staged it still makes me laugh. And I'm totally boycotting The City. I thought Whitney was different and SMART but she's an idiot just like the rest of those ridiculous girls!

Jane said...

Ha ha... Those Twitters made my morning. Tooooo funny. (Honestly, though, I'm glad I'm not important enough for my Twitter account to get hacked!)

rachel said...

i seriously want to kidnap violet affleck. SO CUTE.

Vanessa said...

Is there something in the water that just makes the babies cuter out there? ;-)

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

you an i can both cry knowing that my sister with be in the NPH SNL audience taping.

single tear.

insomniaclolita said...

you know whos the cutest bebe here?
May I say Rob Pattinson?

Phil said...

My latest TV love is Momma's Boys. It horribly, horribly, trashy, and I love it. I literally laugh my ass off for the entire hour.

The Travolta thing is really, really sad to me, especially because they're Scientologists. Scientology "doesn't believe" in medication, so I'm doubtful that they got their son treatment for a disorder that is medically treatable; and also that, if their son was autistic, Scientology doesn't recognize autism is a disorder, so they didn't get him services. It's sad on so many levels beyond the tragic circumstances they're now in.

brookem said...

you know im sucked into the city too. as much as i hate to admit it.
...actually, i dont mind admitting it?

so sad about john travolta's son.

Anonymous said...

i looove little violet :) and slumdog millionaire was great - i might have to go read the book now!

rs27 said...

the NPH is hosting SNL?

Yes and Yes.

a little bird said...

definitely swoon worthy. even if I haven't seen Twilight yet.

Mandy said...

I wanted to watch both The City and Daddy's Girls but I was watching the ill-fated OSU bowl game. Here's hoping I catch the reruns. :0)

Maris said...

OMG NO!!!! Did RP get a haircut? If I'm seeing correctly, the I devastated.

Even though he's still hot.

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Andréa said...

You are so funny, you crack me up! The city is so funny, it is like you can already tell who is who. You know like Erin is Audrina, Olivia is Heidi and Jay is Justin Bobby. So funny!

Dana said...

sooo... i feel so bad for jett and family.. is it wrong to have feelings that the family could have helped him a little more? I mean we all know that scientologists do not recognize autism and therefore cannot help with the use of medications to control the side effects... Idk.. just soo sad!!

But on a happier not I too and super excited for the new JenBen baby....

Brandy said...

Violet Affleck is so cute she makes my ovaries hurt when I see her. Seriously. Who is cuter than her? A baby panda comes in a distant second to that kid.

Also, I didn't watch "The City". I was scared I was going to get hooked, just like I did with "The Hills". It may be worth it though...

Auburn Kat said...

I'm with you on the City! I really hope that Whitney gets rid of that guy soon and don't even get me started on Olivia!

Bayjb said...

The news about Jett is so sad. What a tragic loss. But I just heard about Violet getting a little sister. That is so great!

Amanda. said...

I heart your Tuesday Hollywood
updates. I can always
count on them. Mmmhmm.
Thanks for sharing the
same love as I do with all
things related to the rich
and famous.

sarahbelledotcom said...

your hollywood recap is the main reason for my love for tuesdays. SO GOOD.

dolly.. really?! blah. and then topped the names off with flowers? hrm. celebrities these days..