Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A very Merry Unbirthday to me.

Three months from this last Sunday is my birthday. My birthday people, my 25th birthday to be more exact. I will be hitting both a golden age and a silver age all in one day. What am I talking about you ask? Well I've always heard that your golden birthday is when you turn the age of the date of your birthday. Well I'll be turning 25 on April 25th hence the goldeness of my birthday. And the silver? Well apparently 25 is silver? Who knew? I didn't.

But who cares about all this silver and gold business, what's most important is that it will be my birthday and it's on a Saturday! Which basically means it has to be awesome. And if you didn't know by now, I love birthdays! Not just mine, other people's too, but the fact that it will be my birthday is just so exciting!

And no I'm not freaking out about turning 25, in fact I'm sort of excited. Next time I rent a car it'll be cheaper (wahoo!) and ummmm I don't know what else gets better at 25 but I don't care I'm excited. 25 just sounds awesome, it sounds sophisticated, it sounds mature. Not that I am either of those last two, but still....awesome.

And ummm why am I talking about my birthday that is three months away you ask? Well, because I need your help!

I want this birthday to be awesome. It's on a Saturday, I have so many options but I just can't figure out what the heck I should do. I thought about renting out a couple lanes at Lucky Strike or doing a themed bar crawl or just having a party at my place or going to dinner with a ton of people per usual or going to the beach if weather permits. I just don't know!

So this is where you all come in, I neeeeeed ideas! Just note it should be something a lot of people can come to and they're all over 21. Other than that, help a sister out! This birthday is the birthday to end all birthdays so it has to be fantabulous!

You guys rock my socks off.


happy wednesday!


Princess Extraordinaire said...

I'll be 40 in two months and I am so with you in the fantabulous birthday to end all birthday arena....I would celebrate with a theme dinner party among your closest friends - that was truly my most meaningly b-day ever (read last post..which I believe you did!)

Jaime said...

109 days until I turn 26.

On any given day I can tell you how many days are left until my birthday. It is the best day of the year!

Anonymous said...

I always go bowling on my birthday. Never fails :)

insomniaclolita said...

Throwing dinner and drinks party, and hire a DJ or if you're into it, going to clubs and get a bottle service with a bunch of friends :)

Deutlich said...

Golden birfdays are the best!

Angela said...

Wow, I guess it's surprising how fast a year just really goes by! I remember reading about your 24th birthday I believe. Strange how you can follow the lives of random people who blog for years on end!

thatShortChick said...

i say do anything that will induce plenty of laughter.

Jen said...

You are in CA, right? What about a road trip to Vegas?

I like the idea of getting a dj--maybe Ryan is available. :)

Do you have Rock Band for the Wii. Maybe you could ask for that from your BF and have a themed 80's rock band party. Everyone dress up.

Can't wait to hear what you decide.

WeezerMonkey said...

Private karaoke party at Rosen.

Instant fun.

Vanessa said...

I had no idea about the silver and gold thing. Since my birthday is on the first, I guess I didn't realize what a significant day I was marking when I turned one!

Ideas for your birthday, what about a scavenger hunt with a big dinner party at the end?

rs27 said...

When you turn 25 you'll realize at that exct moment you are closer to 30 than 20.

I'm a downer.

molly said...

my birthday's on the 25th too..june 25th!
id always heard that when you turn the age of your birthdate, it was called a champagne birthday..but who knows!

Dana said...

I loooove birthdays too.. mine and others as well! I will be 29 in less then 2 months - it's a scrazy bday for me!! yikes!!! almost 30~

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

you can say you're a quarter of a century!!

Amanda. said...

Ohh. 25 will be awesome
for sure. I think you'll
totally rock at being a
big bad 25 year old!

Ideas? I think karaoke
would be kick butt.
Gather up all your
fab friends and hit a
post karaoke bar! Dinner
first of course.

Angela said...

1. You are exactly 6 months older than I am. (I was born October 25, 1984).

2. Dude! That means we're both having our Golden birthdays AND our 25th birthdays in the same year. :-D

Caz said...

ooh! When AB turned 25 this year we hosted a cocktail party at our house. We provided mixers and nibbles and everyone brought a bottle of alcohol (coordinate this or you'll end up with 25 bottles of vodka). We got all dressed up and spent the night making pretty, fancy cocktails. (We printed some recipes before hand for insipration). It was awesome!

Auburn Kat said...

OMG! I just realized that I turn 30 this year! I wasn't freaked out about it until just now!

Bayjb said...

Woo woo, almost birthday! Personally, I love having parties at my house. I don't have to leave, I drink heavily and still get sloppy. And then it's just as I want it.

Allison M. said...

I celebrate mine for a whole week and talk about it everyday to anyone who will listen.

julie said...

yay birthdays!

Anonymous said...

I turned 25 in November and it was a great birthday. I just had a small dinner with family and friends, but my bday was on a Tuesday so that's not too exciting... LOL

Lauren said...

I turned 25 in November and was really excited! I wanted to say "yes, i'm 25" because 25 means mature. That is, until my younger brother called to say happy birthday and wish me "a great 5 years until 30."

I hated 25 after that.

Larissa said...

You could to a Katelin's Favorites Crawl...go to your favorite bar for drinks, your favorite place for appetizers, favorite restaurant for dessert, etc.