Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's make some music Hollywood.

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And now to some Hollywoodness...
  • Making an early debut to the blog we have little Vida McC (yeah I'm keeping it short because spelling that last name is always confusing) in a precious family pic (however, where is big brother Levi!?!) that I sort of liked, like a lot, even though I rarely post pictures of newborns because they all look the same I thought this one was super cute.

    so darn cute.

  • Next up in the cuteness we have the oh so adorable Stefani-Rossdale boys. Seriously how precious are they with their park play date with mom??


    awwww adorable!!

  • Moving on from the precious bebes to some other Hollywoodness...Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are engaged!...Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor were caught kissing, ooh la la...Prince Harry got down and dirty on the dance floor in Barbados...the next Bourne movie won't have Matt Damon in it unfortunately because it's a prequel and I don't know how I feel about that...and all sorts of pretty young Hollywood ladies posed for this month's Vanity Fair.

  • In some Twilight news... there's a Rob Pattinson comic book now. Um say what? And umm 148 days until Eclipse, wahoo!

  • And in music news...
    The Grammy's.
    So what did I think? And yes I watched most of it and was able to DVR through some of it but basically, it goes like this.

    Taylor Swift is so dang adorable and I love how sincere she was in her acceptance speeches.

    When Simon Baker came out on stage I literally squealed, gawd he's one hot Australian.

    Heart Lady Gaga's opening performance and her crazy outfits and her all around.

    P!nk's performance brought down the house, it was all sorts of awesome.

    The Michael Jackson tribute was eh. I liked the VMA one way better. I mean singing "Nature Song" was cool and all but it wasn't amazing and it was cute his kids were there but it was also sort of weird.

    Love Lady Antebellum. Love them and their performance.

    And wow there are so many lifetime achievement awards it's sort of nuts.

  • And in TV news...
    Greek. So I'm a week behind because I can't stay up late enough to watch it on time. But it's back and I looove it already. Although it's insanely predictable (as usual) it was pretty entertaining. Loved how freaked out the girls were about the big secret and Cappie and Casey together. Basically the rest of this season just looks like a whole lotta of "grow up! don't grow up! we burned down the house! we're gay!" and I can't wait.

    Top Model. Apparently a top model winner actually got a real modeling job! Last year's Nicole just got picked up to model for Alexander McQueen. Way to go Nicole, a real job.

    Lost. No I didn't magically start watching this show as tonight is its last season's premiere, however there have been some cool promos for it, including Kayak selling tickets to the Oceanic flight.

    How I Met Your Mother. Ew ew and ew to sharing a toothbrush. So gross. Love Barney's perfect week and the fact that it's just like baseball, haha. Cuck Poo, haha oh man that is just awful, haha. And have I mentioned that 90% of the time I want Robin's wardrobe? Because I do!

  • Lastly for today's WTF news we have a very devoted, yet possibly crazy mother who would do anything for her daughter, including getting a tattoo of a radio DJ on her back to win her daughter tickets to see Justin Beiber. Um. Say what?! What is with this Justin Bieber kid???

Anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i think i'm over lady gaga - her "outfits" at the grammy's just annoyed the hell out of me.

i just wanna see the broad in a pair of jeans and a tshirt

Mrs Soup said...

Wow, Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor...interesting photo. What was up with Jim's hair? Totally crazy.

And that portrait of the McC's was totally precious.

Ali said...

Are those the McC's at the hospital? Wow, cute.

Julie Q said...

I so thought of you when Simon was on the Grammys and those gorjas glasses of his!!

Angela Noelle said...

See, I feel the exact opposite about Taylor Swift and her acceptance speeches--they just strike me as so insincere how every time she wins EVERYTHING she's all "Aw, shucks, y'all, really? Little old me??" I don't know. I'm all about being gracious, but this whole "I'm a nobody" act she's pulling is more than just a little bit done.

But, I'm loving Greek too! Last night's episode actually had kind of a surprising turn of events, so I was excited about that :)

Anonymous said...

When I saw the Matthew McC (yes, I know I'm copying you, but that shit is hard to spell) photo, I automatically thought that is def. going to be in Katelin's Hollywood post! LOL

Bayjb said...

I cannot wait to get my VF hollywood issue. It's my FAVORITE one of the year. I didn't hear about the Bourne prequel too. No Matt Damon? No thanks

.jimaie.marie. said...

I LOVE that debut picture of the family b/c it isn't photoshopped, it isn't set up in a studio somewhere, it's REAL and I feel like it really emits an emotion <3
so sweet!

Meghan said...

Great recap. I'm loving your blog!

Blicious said...

LOVE your Hollywood recaps!


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