Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Another Tuesday, another happening week in Hollywood.
  • Starting off this week's cuteness we have my favorite, little Violet Affleck.

    she's just so happy, I love it.

  • Also bringing some major cute points to the table is little Baylen Brees, celebrating with papa Drew after winning the Super Bowl. Seriously, he is precious.

    ohmygod that kid is precious.

  • Moving on from the bebes and into some other Hollywood scoop stories we have...Charlie Sheen has officially been charged for assaulting his wife (yikes!)...Audrina and Ryan Cabrera are apparently "an item" these days, say what?!....Speaking of couples, Brad and Angelina enjoyed the Super Bowl with Maddox and were oh so affecitionate, it was sort of cute, sort of "get a room!"....Michael Jackson's doctor has been charged and the MJ super fans are showing their support...

  • In some favorites news....
    Leo was in Italy promoting the oh so creepy looking Shutter Island and looked quite dapper if I do say so myself.

    oooh so handsome.

  • And in some Twlight news...
    Rob Pattinson wears boxer briefs in case you really wanted to know, haha. And um Kellan looks good in CK underwear.

    oh la la.

  • In movie news...
    I finally saw Avatar. Yes I know, took me long enough. Want to know what I thought about it? Check out my review.

  • In TV news...
    Top Model. Another judge has been selected and it is none other than Vogue's Andre Leon Talley. He signed on for three cycles so that means Ty Ty and all her crazy antics aren't going anywhere any time soon and I have a feeling he'll bring some crazy to the judging in place of Miss Jay. Also, Top Model is back March 10th, mark your calendars!

    Law and Order: SVU. Everyone. Brace yourself. Because what I'm about to say does not bode well for SVU fans. Next season, will be the last season for Eliot Stabler, Chris Meloni is calling it quits. Um. What?! Why will the show even continue?! Yes I know it's been on 12 years and I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode, but Eliot and Olivia make that show!! Sad times people, sad times.

    Toddlers and Tiaras. Seriously, tell me why I've been watching this show whenever it's been on??? I get so sucked in I can't help it! It's addicting and weird and yeah I need a shower.

    Glee. Do you miss it as much as I do? Well this picture of Puck (yes I know he has a real name but Puck is much better) wearing a NKOTB shirt is just all sorts of awesome.

    he's got the right stuff alright.

    Greek. Loved Casey's bargaining skills and Rusty's "nerdy chic" and yeah, just heart this show. That is all.

    Grey's Anatomy. Okay this show can get happy any time now? I'm serious, there are no freaking happy people on this show and it's driving me nuts. Everyone is in some sort of peril/dilemma/controversy and it's just exhausting to watch. And really Sloane, stop being mean to Lexi and take off your shirt already!

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we have a really smart criminal who stole a car, then reported it stolen and told cops he was held at gunpoint while trying to purchase cocaine with a credit card. Um. What?

So anything else I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Omigosh Grey's is annoying me too! Can something GOOD happen please?! Just once. I beg.

ria said...

aw that is sad news for SVU :(

Classy in Philadelphia said...

DREW BREES was sooooo cute! Love his son. Best moment of the Super Bowl!

Lexilooo said...

No more SVU?! I'm just getting into it now, but really liking it. Since I have a snow day today, I am actually watching it as I read blogs! So sad!

PS. I still have not seen Avatar!

san said...

Haha, the guy with the NKOTB shirt is awesome!

Go you!

Julie Q said...

omg i llllloved drew brees cute little son after teh super bowl!

And Andres on ANTM? Oh that is going to bring some kick back to the show. i'm stoked!

Andhari said...

MARK SAILINGGGG, OH WOWWWW I hope my future hubby is as good looking as him :P

The Modern Gal said...

Drew Brees, his wife and his baby are all so adorable and good people too.

Brad Pitt needs to do something about that beard. It's disturbing.

Mrs Soup said...

Oooo can't wait for Top Model!

And omg, Stabler is needed for SVU! I've seen every. single. episode ever. And him and Olivia are so amazing together. They are the only reason it has done as well as it has. Especially with how heartbreaking the episodes are.

I'm so sad now.

Hillary said...

SVU will not be the same without Stabler. I love that guy.

Nora said...

Mmmm. Puck. I forgot how hot he is.

Thanks for the reminder. Perfect mid-day break =)

Mandy said...

Drew Brees son is so freaking adorable!!

amanda said...

you ALWAYS give me so much to comment on. sheesh, girl.

that little brees boy is adorable. my mom and i couldn't get enough of him and decided to set him up with my niece. we decided they will look lovely together.

leo is beautiful.

i love the afflecks.

the michael jackson drama is never going to end, it's crazy.

rob patts in his underwear? sign me up!

i'm still covering my ears to the elliot stabler news. when i heard about, i'm pretty sure i fell out of my chair. gahhhh.

Bayjb said...

Oh my gosh the scenes with Drew and Baylen were SO CUTE. Especially when Drew choked up. Oh man, tears were forming.

Marq | UPrinting Coupons said...

Ah Avatar. I saw it at IMAX, but got pretty bad seats. We were seated at the front and can't see some of the 3d effects properly, which really sucks! >.<

Still, James Cameron did it again. It even beat Titanic (which is also his movie). The CG was just jaw-droppingly real.


Promotional Printing said...

I always adore Ben Affleck's daughter, she is so snappy and so cute. Oh, I think I'm the only person here who haven't watched the movie "The Avatar" :(