Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A day in Hollywoo woo wooland.

Oh let's not waste any time there is plenty to share this week in Hollywood, so here we go:
  • Starting off this week's cuteness we have the oh so adorable Harlow Madden on another mommy and me date. Seriously she is all sorts of precious and is definitely going up the list of fave bebes.

    can I get a tutu please?

  • Also in the cuteness department we have Angelina and the twins! Not the cutest picture of them but gah their little towheads and facial expressions are just too cute.

    so precious.

  • Moving on from the bebes and onto some Hollywood scoop...Ricky Martin is gay and the world is also round....Beyonce is a big sister again becuase Maury told her dad that he is the father to some lady's baby...Madonna's 13 year old daughter Lourdes is already taking after mom and is aspiring to be a designer, yeah if only I was that ambitious (or rich) at 13, haha...Apparently Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are getting up close and personal on their The Bounty promo tour, uh oh....and apparently Lilo and George Lopez are going at it on Twitter, well sort of, basically Lindsay...shut it.

  • And in some favorites...
    Hey Sandy, that drink offer? Totally still stands. While Jesse's in rehab or whatever we can just hang out and eat cupcakes. Also, Matt and I watched Speed on Sunday and I must say you are awesome and you should probably call Keanu up for some consoling if you're not going to call me.

    My movie buddy Courtney bestowed this gem on my Facebook page and how could I not share it? I mean I practically drooled...

    oh le swoon, le swoon, le swoon.

    Oh goodness, hellooooo Sam. And I must say, after watching Somersault last night you look MUCH better without the mullet, haha.

  • In Twilight news...
    Stephenie Meyer announced today that she is releasing a novella about a bit Twilight character, Bree, on June 5th (just in time for Eclipse's theatrical release at the end of the month). I feel like a bad fan because I don't even know who Bree is, haha, but since I guess I'll just have to reread Eclipse to figure it out.

    Speaking of Eclipse, the official poster was released and yeah. I love these movies too much it's slightly embarrassing.

  • In non-Twilight movie news...
    Did you know there are 75 movie remakes or reboots currently in the works? How insane is that? Apparently Hollywood's getting a bit lazy.

    Also potentially remade that's not on that list is Laverne and Shirley with my fave Jen Garner and Jessica Biel taking the leading lady spots. Um okay? Maybe? We'll see.

    However in movie adaptation news, one of my favorite series of books is being picked up for the big screen. Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series starting with One for the Money has officially made it to the screen. However, Katherine Heigl is set to play the fearless and ridiculous heroine Stephanie Plum. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I would have much rather prefered someone like Anne Hathaway or Amy Adams or Isla Fisher but I guess Katherine will have to do. Hopefully she'll do pretty well, now who's going to play Morelli and Ranger, that's what I really want to know, haha.

  • In TV news...
    Top Model. Adios Ren! I was in no way sad to see that whinerface gone. And seriously, someone please explain to me how she was hand picked? I mean really. Not that exciting, at all. Also, I love seeing Laura in the model lounge because ohmygod she was one of my favorites last cycle, too funny. Anyhoozits, for the full gif-induced recap check out Four Four per usual.

    Greek. Seriously how are we at a season finale already? That show just toys with my emotions, but at least it's coming back relatively soon I believe. But one, I heart Dale, he is so ridiculous and hilarious and aw just heart. And Cappie and what the eff? What is this break up business? I don't think so. Work it out you two! Like now! And um Ashley, can we be bffs because you are all sorts of awesome? k thanks.

    Scrubs. Don't know that anyone but me and Matt have been watching the new Scrubs but it won't be here much longer because it got canceled. Sad face.

    Grey's Anatomy. Well for more Katherine Heigl news, Izzy Stevens has officially left Seattle Grace and won't be coming back. But whatever I'll live, I just vote that we have more Dr. Sloane and more or Dr. McDreamy looking like this:

    helloooo good lookin.

    The Hills. Yes I have long given up on that show (well long as in I didn't watch the last season) and it has officially been canceled. It was a good run but ohmygod I could have done without the dreaded duo for whom I will not name because they have been banned from my blog.

    Project Runway. Come back Anthony, come back!!! He was hands down my favorite person on that show and I am so sad to see him gone. I just hope they bring him back this week, if not a designer, a commentator perhaps because my goodness that guy is hilarious.

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we have a winner. Actually we have a woman that was arrested for causing a disturbance with a cab driver and used her one phone call from jail to call the police because she was being trapped, ummmright, like I said, Winner. To top it off she has one hell of a mug shot so go check it out.

Anything I missed? Let me know.

happy wednesday!


ria said...

ok that's so cool that janet evanovich's stephanie plum book will be a movie, but um, not a fan of katherine heigl. and definitely not as stephanie plum...BOO

erin said...

I know right! Katherine Heigl as Stephanie? No way. I thought Rachel McAdams would be perfect.

Hopefully they do justice to Morelli and Ranger. I could see Adrienne's dad in The Secret Life of An American Teengager as Ranger, but I'm not sure how he'd look with his hair grown out and a ponytail...

Or Shemar Moore, although he's not Cuban. But I think he'd do a crazy good job.

flipflopsintherain said...

I am LIVID about the casting for Stephanie Plum. Grrr!!!

And I cried about Anthony on Project Runway. He is just too cute! Did you see that someone drops out in this week's episode and someone else comes back?!? I hope it's him!

Mandy said...

Holy Heck thats a lot of hollywood news that I missed this week. Thanks as always for sharing. You should totally work for PEOPLE mag.

Mrs Soup said...

Bree is the newborn vampire that surrenders to Carlisle that Jane orders killed. Don't know WHAT in the world Stephanie is going to write about. So not exciting. But whatever. I want Midnight Sun, dammit!

And Harlow is TOO CUTE!

MH said...

I just want to say thanks for the news about janet evanovich's series being made into movies!!! Oh wow, I read till I guess the 8th or 9th book and remember too many late nights when i couldn't put the book down or had to stuff my face on the pillow so i wouldn't laugh out loud and wake my roommate up! I agree with you about the choice of actress, but, hey, the books are so great and funny and they can't mess it up, can they?

Ali said...

I cannot even explain to you how obsessed I am with Harlow. It's sort of ridiculous. Nicole and Joel have THE cutest little family. I want it!

Also, Jen Garner and Jessica Biel are BFFs ever since Valentine's Day (or so Glamour tells me), so I guess that makes sense for them to be in that movie. I smell a dud!

Andhari said...

Part of me is glad that Hills is canceled, they should've stopped it when Lauren left. There's no good in Kristin being involved here lol and I heard Heidi is getting crazier and crazier!

Nora said...

I think I'm kind of okay with the Laverne & Shirley movie with those gals in it; they could be quite funny together =)

The more I hear/read/see about Jesse James & Sandra the more I want to punch him in the face. What a toolbag he is. And the women who slept with him.

We Are Not Martha said...

I think Harlow Madden is my new favorite Hollywood baby! And I'm obsessed with Greek too... When I first met my bf, he admitted he watched it every week and I think that made me fall in love; now we watch it together!! I can't believe it's already the season finale either :(


Blicious said...

OMG Harlow's little tutu is adorable!! love!


Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Love your Hollywood round-up posts because we have so many common interests!

As was already told to you, Bree is that newborn that surrenders during the big battle in Eclipse, but Jane has her killed anyway. It's neat -- apparently SMeyer wrote this novella while writing Eclipse orginally, because she wanted to have the perspective of what was going on in Seattle. Then, she passed it on to Melissa Rosenberg when Rosenberg was writing the screenplay so she'd have something to work with on the whole Victoria front. So, it's pretty awesome since it wasn't like it was just thrown together recently or anything!

I wasn't so sure about Katherine Heigl either... but I'm so in love with the Stephanie Plum series, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now. We'll see... Rachel McAdams would have been AWESOME, I love that suggestion from another commenter!

Ashley said...

Katherine Heigl is WAY too perfect and pretty to be Stephanie Plum. We need someone slightly more normal and down-to-earth. I love the Stephanie Plum series - hadn't heard about this and I'm so excited!

Also, your baby celebs pictures makes me have baby fever. AND I AM PREGNANT.

Seriously They are adorable. Oy.

nicole antoinette said...

Jamie and I just started watching season 1 of Grey's, because she's never seen it, and oh my GOD McDreamy is so crazy stupid hot at the beginning. Go, rewatch, you're welcome.

jenniferalaine said...

Dude. I was so bummed when I heard Katherine Heigl was playing Stephanie. ANY of your other choices would have been phenom. Or even some no name. Or Jessica Biel. Or Jen Garner. Or SOMEONE ELSE OMG ANYBODY ELSE PLEASE.

And I vote Bradley Cooper as Morelli. Hmm... Who for Ranger though? I need to brainstorm.

AND OMG WHO WILL PLAY LULA?! I vote Gabourey Sidibe...?

God I hope this doesn't suck. I love that series.

Allison M. said...

nothing is embarrassing about a little Twilight love

Jamie said...

Maybe the movie will be better than the books. I really didn't like the Stephanie Plum novels I read. Maybe I'll give them another go.

Also, Knox looks like Britney's boys. SO CUTE.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Oh my gosh Harlow is SO adorable in that tutu. Seriously, that's the SATC look of the next generation!

tea for tessa said...

i thought that this was hilarious! I'm from Naperville and just recently moved to another suburb a few weeks ago. How crazy. Naperville bitches never fail to make some news ha ha