Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We're a Happy Star Mac family now.

So last week was sort of shitastic, hence the no post on Friday because I wanted to leave the blog on a happy note. But the no post yesterday? Yeah well you can blame Charter and their lack of internet for that one. No fun at all. Anyhoozits, I had one hell of a weekend to make up for the lameness so shall we recap? We shall!

Friday: Well the work day wasn't too bad. Afterwards I headed to see The Wiz at the high school where my mom works. Needless to say, "ease on down the road" was stuck in my head the rest of the night. It was a pretty good production and my sister and I had a good time picking our favorite dancers and singers, haha.

After the show I went home to hang out with Matt and play with our new Mac Book Pro. Um did you hear that? We got a Mac Book Pro!!! Basically I'm super excited to play around with it some more and actually learn how to use it because so far I'm clueless (so yes this means share your tips and Mac knowledge because I would really appreciate it, haha). But it's awesome to have since both of our computers are currently on the fritz. So basically the night was spent ogling the computer, drinking wine and watching TV, aka loverly.

Saturday: Day o errand running and DVR watching. Twas loverly having some time to myself while Matt was working with my dad. It was also quite loverly to buy some new dresses at H&M, I'm pretty sure I have a dress addiction these days, and it's lovely. Eventually Megan came over and it was time to go. We were headed to the LA Kings hockey game and even got to hang out in the Carl's Jr. suite. It was quite awesome. There was delicious food, Carl's Jr. snuggies and fun people to talk to, oh yeah and a hockey game to watch (even though the Kings lost 4-1).

Tara and me with the Happy Star, rocking our
Carl's Jr. snuggies.

Megan and I enjoying the snugginess.

the Happy Star and Bailey the Kings mascot
cheering on the team!

oh yeah, there was a game going on too, haha.

Basically it was a fun star-filled night and for even more pics and awesome check out Tara's recap of the night!

Sunday: After sleeping in a bit (hello 10:30 I love you) Matt suggested we go out to breakfast/brunch and I can never say no to that. So we settled on Green Steet Restaraunt and oh man was it delicious. We both had mimosas and egg scrambles and yeah it was magical and just fun. However, once we got home I pretty much passed out on the couch for three hours (um what is wrong with me??) before getting up to go walking. After walking the night was spent relaxing, yelling at Charter (both our TV and internet were messing up) and eventually watching Speed on BluRay (oh yes it's even better and just as awesome as I remember it).

And how was your weekend? Get some sleep? Watch any hockey?

happy tuesday!


Chrissy said...

omg, that was the game my daughter went to Sat. night...she loves the Stars.... lol.... u had another fun weekend I see... don't u ever get tired? lol

Her said...

A new Mac makes any weekend awesome! Make sure you learn the equivalent of the right click...it makes life so much easier.

I hope this week is way better for you.

Angela Noelle said...

I don't know anything about the Macbook Pro, but I know I love my little Macbook, and it really wasn't hard to figure out. I didn't even read the instructions, just played around with things until I figured them out. They're pretty intuitive!

Glad you had an amazing, Speed-filled weekend :)

Nora said...

Brunch is always great and OMG, those snuggies are HILARIOUS!!! =)

thatShortChick said...

so glad you made the leap to mac! I got my macbook three weeks ago and I'm still inappropriately loving on it. and I've realized that the switch from PC to mac is not difficult at all. it's been really easy.

as for tips, try to learn all of the keyboard shortcuts and the art of the 'right-click.'

p.s. the CTRL+ALT+DEL equivalent for the Mac is OPTION+COMMAND+ESC

also? have fun with photobooth!! it's the easiest way to lose track of an hour or two.

Ali said...

So glad you crossed over to the happy side and got yourself a MAC! Wee.

Dare I say we can Skype now?!

Ali said...

OMGOMGOMG, I just realized we're missing le Hollywood today! Whatever will I do? Kinda serious.

weezermonkey said...

I am cracking up over those Carl's Jr. Snuggies. Outstanding.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Those Snuggies are pretty bad a**. For real! We need to get you up to date on this Macbook Pro stuff so we can Skype and video chat

Simply Valorie said...

Dude. I used to hate snuggies, but now that I know there are Carls Jr ones, I want one so. bad.

Good luck learning the ropes of the mac! :)