Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some letter writing.

Dear EA Active,

Thanks so much for kicking my ass the past two mornings. No really, my thighs may not be functioning properly but I appreciate the good workout and it's definitely helping project: loser move forward. So yeah, keep doing what you're doing and although I may yell obscenities at you I still truly heart you.

Future Katelin's slimmer body

Dear Sam Worthington,

I'm quite excited to see you present at the Oscar's this weekend! I mean really, your accent makes me swoon like wo. And um you're not too shabby looking. Like at all. And I may or may not have developed a crush on you lately (let's lean towards may). Anyhoozits, good luck and please don't wear something ridiculous or have overly corny dialogue.

One of your newest acquired fans that would love to meet you and wouldn't drool

Dear Ann Taylor Loft,

I had never heard of you until a couple of months ago and now I find myself swooning over dresses I have no reason to own. Seriously I wish I had to dress up more often because Ann's outfits are so darn cute.

So please if you read this, just give me some clothes and I'll find a reason to dress up.

An aspiring adult

Dear wedding,

I love you. But I have to admit, I'm slightly terrified of you as well. I feel like we have so much done already and stuff is getting checked off the list but at the same time there are so many details that run through my head every day I'm afraid I'm going to forget that it sometimes drives me a little nuts. But then again let's just say, more than anything I am so freaking excited to marry my best friend and have my friends and family there to celebrate that I can hardly wait to meet you no matter what I have to do to get there!

The future bride

Dear Summertime,

I'm ready for you. So please come and stay awhile. I need to work on my tan and wear some dresses on a regular basis because that's just all sorts of awesome. So hurry up and get here already!


Dear Steve and Alec,

Hugh Jackman set the bar high last year so please don't screw up the Oscar's, I'm depending on you!

a movie loving lady

Who would you write a letter to today?

happy wednesday!


Barbara said...

I really love Ann Taylor, but after spending good money on clothes that fell apart, I told myself I would never shop there again. I might give them a second try because they do have some great stuff.

Andrea said...

I think Steve and Alec can pull it off, but I love them both, so I'm biased. I'd die if they would co-host SNL together, but the set would probably implode from awesomeness.

Allison M. said...

seriously, we need to send that dear summertime letter over to the east because it's far from spring if you saw our weather.

Ali said...

The wedding letter? Definitely my fave! All sorts of cute.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

girlfriend, you know that because you put out into the interwebs that you love sam worthington you are going to meet him now.


jealous :)

Nora said...

Dear Spring:

Hurry up and really get here. This weather that is sort of spring, but not really? ANNOYING. However, please leave the pollen at home. It does not make for a pleasant party.

Nora, who seems to be allergic to the world.

Andhari said...

Avatar opened my eyes to the hottie that is Sam Worthington :)