Monday, March 8, 2010

A red carpet weekend.

Oh what a weekend! What a fun fun weekend!

Friday: Came home and relaxed a bit before heading to El Torito for some happy hour margaritas and Mexican food with Matt and our neighbor Erica. It was even more fun than we expected because it was karaoke night so we got to hear some fabulous performances (and by fabulous I mean ridiculous). Basically the night was great and we ended it watching clips on YouTube and stuff on the DVR, aka awesomeness.

Saturday: Well the rain decided to come again so most of my plans were derailed. Instead Matt and I went and looked at some wedding invites, got some ice cream, did some grocery shopping, then pretty much spent the rest of the day/night catching up on the DVR ,drinking wine and just hanging out having a good time aka awesomeness.

Sunday: Slept in a bit, did some walking then spent the rest of my day cleaning up the apartment before getting ready for the big night! Pretty much before I knew it, the Oscar's were here and I was as giddy as a school girl (I really have no idea what that phrase means but that's how I was). I was drinking belinis, my friends were over and we were watching my favorite show of the year, the Academy Awards. One year I'll be there but for now I just enjoy watching it on TV because it's all sorts of awesome. Expect the full recap tomorrow but just know I was squealing and squeeeing and clapping and tearing up and laughing and all around enjoying myself with such a fabulous show.

And just for a teaser here's Sam and all his Aussie awesomeness:

hello hawtness.

And my favorite Sandy before her oh so big night! Squeeeeeeeee!

Oh Sandy I heart you!

And how was your weekend? Did you watch the Oscar's? What did you think???

happy monday!


Rachel said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! :) I didn't see the Oscars yet... I dvr'd it (aka past my bedtime!). I probably will just fast forward to all the good parts :)

Promotional Printing said...

Fail! I wasn't able to watch the Oscar's. :( I hope I can watch the replay somehow. :) Sandra Bullock is so beautiful as ever.

Chrissy said...

I watched it and also saw the red carpet interviews... Got to see my friend standing behind R. Downey ( he's Downey's publicist) ... Glad to see the deserving ones walk away w/oscars..

Nora said...

I watched the Oscars of course :) Sandra is so lovely. (as is her husband.) Her speech was pretty fabulous!

Jane said...

LOVED Sandra Bulluck's acceptance speech. Definitely one of my favorite speeches ever. Love her.

amanda said...

i love the oscars. i was stoked to see nph jump out for the opening act. that was an awesome surprise. i had no idea.

i LOVED rachel mcaddams dress. and i thought zac looked so adorable. sigh, i want to strut myself on the red carpet.

Ali said...

For. The. Record. I saw Sam Worthington and thought of you immediately.

I thought they were pretty damn good this year! Sorry I couldn't make it to your partay, but it sounds like it was a blast!

Bayjb said...

I thought they were great, little long as always (especially in Central time) but still fun. Um, I was thinking of going into the lottery for a bleacher seat. Are you with me?

Julie Q said...

yes, just had to make sure you called her Sandy, cos that's what her friends call her. remember when she dated your boyfriend ryan gosling??

i am awaiting your oscar recap!

Sum said...

I LOVED the Oscars! I'm so happy Sandra Bullock won. She deserves the title and the little gold man. Sam Worthington!!! Ahhh! I screamed when he came on. I just can't get enough of his Aussi accent and how good looking he is. The Oscars have made me realize I need to watch more movies and television.

Andhari said...

I'm depressed here because Avatar lost many categories, even Best Pictures. I personally think no movie this year deserves that but Avatar.


Anyhoo, don't you just love Amanda Seyfried's dress? She's adorable!