Monday, July 6, 2009

Every weekend should be a holiday weekend.

Don't you agree? Life would be so much more fun if there was a holiday every weekend. I guess it'd also be really tiring after a while too, but eh whatever, yay holiday weekends.

Friday: Luckily I didn't have to work Friday and got to enjoy some every day errand running, it was loverly. After my lazy lazy day Matt and I headed to my cousin's 16th birthday party (seriously how he's 16 already is beyond me, but yay birthdays!). Once the party was over Matt and I headed to a Mexican restaurant with some high school friends for margaritas and welcoming some back to town.

heart these guys

and these crazy ladies too

Definitely a great night overall, love my high school friends.

Saturday: Happy 4th of July!! Wahoo! Spent most of my morning doing a whole lotta nothing before heading to my aunt and uncle's house to swim for a bit. Aferwards Matt and I headed over to my parent's place for the big 4th of July BBQ they have every year with the neighbors and family. This year wasn't much different from past years, there were tons of people, tons of food, the fire department came and it was a great time all around.

the food line, oh there was a lot of food

everyone hangin out having a good time

my neighbor, Erica, dressed up like a firefighter

a bird's eye view
one of the firefighters went 100 ft up the ladder
and took my camera with him, so cool!

man that's so high up

oh what a gorgeous view

me and the fiance, heart

my sister and I were so patriotic
and wearing matching tops, haha

Megan and I having a good time

By the end of the night I'd had my fair share of margaritas so Matt and I just went home and watched a fireworks show on TV while we heard the real thing going on at the Rose Bowl. And then I believe I passed out sometime after that, oh man I'm such a rookie sometimes, haha. But man it was a great 4th of July.

Sunday: Slept in a bit (which was awesome) then went to brunch with Matt's dad and scoped out potential wedding location. Twas fun but then we came home and relaxed a bit (and I watched part of 10 Things I Hate About You, um love that movie). Ultimately the day didn't involve a lot except walking with my mom and having dinner with Matt while relaxing the night away. My favorite kind of day after a day like Saturday, haha.

And how was your 4th of July weekend? Any crazy stories? Good times all around I hope.

happy monday!


Angela said...

Holy cow your family's barbeque looks more like a neighborhood block party!!

Andhari said...

Lookslike a massive party!:) I love barbecues.

Chrissy said...

Dang, that's one heck of a block party!.

Auburn Kat said...

Did you say firemen?!? =)

That is a great view!

BTW, I am reading the first Stephanie Plum book and I can't put it down!

ria said...

i agree every weekend should be a holiday weekend! love the pictures, you always look like you are having an awesome time :)

Jamie said...

I didn't do anything this weekend. I comforted a scared puppy but wish I was hanging out at your party!

Since I know she will see this, Megan, I love your dress :)

Mandy said...

Dude, Firemen come to your party AND bring their truck AND climb the ladder to take pictures for you. That rocks.

Matt said...

I think I have a crush on your neighbor, Erica.


Well done.

Rachel said...

Looks like so much fun! One too many margaritas is never a bad thing ;)

SimplyValorie said...

Wow, that fireman got a great view for you. That is a huge party! Reminds me of my family's New Years' Eve parties. That's intense. :] Glad you had a good fourth!

Ali said...

Ha - I love that a firefighter took your camera up with him! Craaaazy! Looks like a fab 4th!

barbetti said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Awesome that you were able to score some great photos from that firefighter!

amanda said...

yes, yes i do agree!

you and matt are adorable-yayyy for the engaged couple.

and i totally watched 10 things i hate about you yesterday as well.


Blicious said...

cute pics! the ones at the top of the ladder are so fun! :)

Allie said...

The 4th is absolutely my favorite holiday. Beach, food, friends and family. What could be better?

Julie Q said...

Glad you had a happy 4th!! Lol I dealt with the same kind of food line at the cookout i attended :)

Bayjb said...

Holy crap that BBQ is huge! Hmm good eats :)

nicoleantoinette said...

One of these days, you're going to send me an evite to something and I'm ACTUALLY GOING TO BE ABLE TO COME. Grrr.