Monday, July 20, 2009

Vegasness at its best.

Another hot weekend here and man was it a whirlwind, I can't believe I survived, but somehow I did and I can barely wait for this weekend.

Thursday: After work my friend Yliana came and picked my sister and I up and we were on our way to Las Vegas! Three and a half hours later we finally made it. Eventually Lauren and her family met up with us at the bar and we did some gambling and stayed out late and it was all sorts of funness.

Friday: Slept in a bit before making our way to the pool (oh so glorious pool time). After a couple hours at the pool we moseyed on over across the street and got some morning margaritas before gambling a bit more and heading to lunch. After lunch the day required a nap before going out for the night. Eventually we were up and at em and made our way to the strip and a grand ole night was had. And of course there were pictures...

Chris, Charo and Kourtney, quite the trio

Me, the birthday girl Lauren, my sis and Yliana
at the Bellagio fountains

a free shot for the birthday girl!

gettin frisky with the Riviera ladies

I feel so naughty!

Yliana had to join it too.

and then the girls got stuck in the spinning doors, ha

Basically it was a great and ridiculous night out and it was so fun hanging out with friends I rarely get to see, especially when Sin City was our playground.

Saturday: Woke up early, went to breakfast with Lauren's fam then saw them off as they headed back to Ohio and we made our merry way back to La la land. Eventually we made it back and I was all sorts of exhausted. But I somehow managed to head to Brentwood with Matt so he could get fitted for a tux for a wedding next month. Then we made it home and I finally took a nap. Other than that the night wasn't too too exciting, saw some fam at Island's briefly then hung out at home with Matt and our friend Stef came over for a bit too. Twas a loverly recovery night.

Sunday: Woke up with a mission and first thing in the morning I finally went and bought an Iphone. I know I was debating it and finally I just had a Becky Bloomwood/Jen Lancaster moment and basically felt like I freakin deserved it. So the iphone it was! Hurrah! And in celebration I got some new shoes and a new dress, it was schnazzy. Afterwards Matt and I headed over to his mom's house to enjoy the pool and the BBQ and man it was nice. We hung out there basically the whole afternoon and some friends came over and drinks were had, company was enjoyed and the heat melted us all in the process. Basically another great night.

And a perfectly great way to end the weekend.

What'd you do this weekend? Do anything crazy?

happy monday!


Andhari said...

Oh wow take me will yaaaa, all those trips to vegas make me an envious person lmao sounds fun! Nothing is nicer than girls trip away :))

Rachel said...

Vegas!! Again?? Sounds awesome! :) Lucky gal! My weekend was so lame in comparison! Unless you count a minor league baseball game, bike rides with BF and cooking homemade soup exciting! :P

Jane said...

Geez! I just read all those wedding comments. I didn't leave one on that post, but I do remember thinking to myself, "That's what Katelin wants for her wedding. Cool." I didn't think, "Katelin is judging and hating anyone who could ever possibly want anything different than what she wants." People are nuts about weddings. It makes me sort of afraid to get married. Don't worry, though - your wedding will be awesome.

Glad you had such an awesome time in Las Vegas!

Matt said...

youre really going to love your phone!

tea for tessa said...


Vegas again!? Good for you! And Chicago the 21st?! Way to hit some major cities in such a short time.

The weather is ALWAYS changing here so you can never quiteeee go by what they are saying. Bring a variety of clothing--we've had some funky systems roll through. Good luck and have fun!

...and I didn't do anything too crazy, but I did have a GREAT champagne buzz Saturday ha ha.


peterdewolf said...

Eeep. You were touching a bum!

Allison M. said...

i have a feeling you only posted the most PC photos, didn't you?

robynxx said...

Sounds awesome! Haven't been to Las Vegas in a loooong time.

Ali said...

You got the iPhone! GO. YOU.

Auburn Kat said...

I wish I lived so close to Vegas...although that could be bad!!

Getting negative comments definitely can be unrattling!

Ali said...

Award for you on my blog! Woot.

Bayjb said...

OMFG how did we miss the Riveria ladies on our trip? That's reason enough to go back

Jen said...

We are heading to Vegas in October and I have to get a picture like that with the gold butts. Love it!! Glad you had a fun weekend!

Have a great time in Chi-town!!

SimplyValorie said...

haha those are great photos! It's seems like y'all are a really fun group.

Which iphone did you get? like black or white?

52 Faces said...

I know!!! Isn't Vegas fun with the gals?

Doniree said...

Why didn't we see those Riviera ladies when we were there?! Ah this makes me want to go back! SEE YOU TOMORROW!!! :)