Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hollywood with a cherry on top.

Oh hello there Tuesday. Got some Hollywood news for me? Of course you do!
  • Let's get to some cute bebes shall we? This week's first adorable bebe is little Nahla Aubrey. Seriously she just looks so precious in this pic as mama Halle is holding her, I had to share it and it's cuteness (and um she could totally be my kid, check out those curls!):


  • For our next cute bebes we have Shiloh and Z Jolie-Pitt! It's been a while since we've seen Angelina with any of the kids so I'm glad to see they are just as cute as ever (and dressing just like mom with the whole black business, haha). But seriously heart them.

    so cute.

  • And because I just love those kidlets and my favorite Violet is just so cute and happy with her mom and this picture made my heart happy I just had to share it.

    lav the happiness.

  • And moving on from all that bebe cuteness to some more grown upish cuteness.

    Look at those Harry Potter kids all grown up and lookin classyish at a photo call for the new movie. I haven't read the books yet but I've seen all the movies and I can't wait to see it next week. Glad these kids have kept their cuteness without going all Lindsay Lohan on us, haha.

  • For today's Twilight news we have the Twilight symposium. Yes you saw that right, there was a symposium. You could get a special tour of Forks, Forks high school, their prom. Oh goodness. I'm so glad I'm still somewhat normal when things like this get mentioned.

    Also Twilightness, dear crazies of NY. Please leave Rob alone, he's just not having it any more. Then again keep going and maybe he'll become a permanent resident of LA :)

  • In some movie news...
    I still need to see Transformers 2 (even if I've heard horrible reviews) and Public Enemies and man a whole lot more, I love Summertime movies. But um I think you can count me out of seeing this movie:

    um Audrina and Rumer Willis? Is this a comedy?
    Haha, oh no thank you.

  • In music news...
    Michael Jackson's funeral is today. I still can't totally grasp that he's gone. I also can't grasp how insane it's going to be today. Like I said, I'll always remember Michael Jackson and I hope the rest of the world does too.

  • In TV news...
    Not a whole lot going on since most TV is still on hiatus. Mad Men is on my DVD player to watch, I just need the time to watch it. Other than that there's been some TV stars moseying around town and revving up for filming to start...

    a pregnant Ellen Pompeo and T.R. Knight hangin around town
    oh how I'll miss George

    helloooo there Joshua Jackson on the set of Fringe
    how about you send me another DVR and TV
    so I can actually
    watch in the Fall, okay? Thanks!

  • And lastly in today's WTF news we actually have quite the cute video of Jenny the pug. Jenny pushes around stuffed animal dogs in a baby stroller and it's pretty weird looking but also pretty darn cute. Oh the things that dogs can do.

And that my friends is today's Hollywood news, woot. Anything I missed? Feel free to share it.

happy tuesday!


Angela said...

I forgot Halle Berry had a kid!

And that Sorority Row movie looks kinda good.... I'd go see it!

Lauren said...

Sorority Row looks HILARIOUS. I think i'll pass. But Harry Potter? SO EXCITED!!

I love seeing co-stars hanging out away from the set (like George and Meredeth). Is that weird? I just think it's nice to see that they're friends in real life I guess.

Also, I saw the pug video last night and I'm pretty sure it made my year. Best. Thing. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Is it acceptable to say that if I were to have a movie based on me, I'd like Jennifer Garner to play my character? Because it's true.

Also, if you don't have DVR, you can use hulu.com to watch Fringe. All episodes are posted about a week after the show airs, for FREE. They have so much wonderful stuff on there, it's insane.

Mandy said...

I saw the picture of the Harry Potter kids and thought "man they aren't kids anymore." It sort of made me feel old.

Jen said...

Am I the only one who thinks it is a little weird that Shiloh is in head to toe black. I guess if she wants to be like mom, that is fine but if Angie is dressing her that way it kind of annoys me a little. Let her be a little girl for pete's sake!

Maybe I'm just in a grumpy mood from watching too much MJ coverage.

But the JJ pics were definitely a sight for sore eyes. Thanks for posting.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i never noticed that angelina dresses her kids in so much black and dark colors. but it's so true!

Rachel said...

I love the Jolie-Pitts! They are the cutest little things!

brookem said...

are meredith and george friends in real life? or does this mean he might make some sneak appearances in next season? god im going to miss him!

Andhari said...

What is Sorority Row about? I'm intrigued.

ps. Yay for harry potter, why is tom felton not getting hotter?:(

Ali said...

Nahla COULD be your kid! That's so cute.

And a Twilight symposium you say? What's next - a cruise?

Oh wait...that's already happening, isn't it? Oy.

amanda said...

i love preggers meredith! and i love her and george walking around. (it's totally okay that i use their show names, right?)

and joshua-gets me every time.

Dolce said...

How is it possible that you have not read Harry Potter yet?

I don't understand.

Auburn Kat said...

I've never heard of that Sorority movie before.

I think Hermonie (I can't remember her real name) keeps getting prettier and prettier.

*~Dani~* said...

it bothers me that not only is Shiloh dressed in all black, but like a little boy. why? I want to see her all dolled up. guess it is not much choice though.

Bayjb said...

I saw Public Enemies and it was good but not amazing. The story was lacking but it had an awesome cast and it was well done. You'll still like it.

LiLu said...

You're not caught up on Mad Men???

You best be fixing that...

Hillary said...

the pug melts my heart! so cute

Maxie said...

i'm sorry, but daniel radcliff is creepy looking!!!! he makes me want to hide under a rock