Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Food I cannot resist

Hey everyone! It's Jessica from Everyday Adventures of Me in the City here guest posting for you today while Katelin is chillaxing with me in Chicago for BlogHer (oh yes, I saw her today).

So if you're joining me from my blog, I mentioned there that I love food but that I find some foods I absolutely cannot resist. Like, if you put it in front of me, I won't be able to resist myself.

It's not a scary sight, trust me :)

Now, let's take a look at what I can't resist.

  • Garrett's popcorn - local Chicago popcorn shop. I'm not lying, people in my office have pushed people to get to leftovers of this. The cheese/caramel corn mix is like dying and going to heaven
  • Rotisserie chicken - yeah I can't resist this. I walk by the chickens cooking at the store and I'm like a puppy for sale in the window (slightly sad)
  • M&Ms - plain or peanut, I love them. Especially when they are slightly chilled in the fridge
  • Strawberries - see, not everything I like is bad for me! I love fresh strawberries and fruit in summer. Yum
  • French fries - cheese sauce is optional but I love fries. So addictive
  • Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins - yeah a coworker used to bring these as a Friday treat and I could not resist them. I like the cake donuts best. Seriously tasty
So the question for tonight is, what foods are irresistible to you?

Oh yeah and I did use the tag "my friends kick ass" because I do :) Ask Katelin.


Stevie said...

I'm right there with you on the french fries. Any potato product, really. And I LOVE peanut M&Ms. I'm not a huge candy eater because I love the fried salty foods more, but the peanut M&Ms are irresistable. Also, mac & cheese and spaghettios. Weird.

amourissima said...

Cookies- I can't stop the cookies EVER. They are like a food group to me or SOMETHING.

Anonymous said...

I can't resist any of those either! Ah, they be heavenly.

Tee hee XD

Rachel said...

Fresh fruit and fresh veggies!! YUM!

Mandy said...

M&M's and strawberries are both a weakness of mine.

Anonymous said...

I can't resist cheese.
Or Junior Mints from the freezer
Or a good hot fudge sundae.
And before my allergies, I used to eat canteloupe like it was my job.
Oh, and peanut butter, but only sometimes.
Raisin Bran! What a weird addiction, but I do love it =)

luckygirl said...

our food list is totally similar! i with you on everything except for the rotisserie chicken haha. and i would have to add bricks of cheese and pita and hummus. those are things i could just plow through in one sitting...nice post! i love food too!

Ali said...

Cheesecake. Oh boy...

Anonymous said...

I love Strawberries, French Fries and M&Ms!!!!