Friday, July 24, 2009

It's all about LOVE Renee.

Dear Renee,

Happy Bridal Shower! Bet you didn't see this one coming huh? Well you can blame it all on Erin and her super cuteness of an idea to give you a virtual bridal shower before the big day.

Seriously I think it's just the cutest and I almost wish I was already married so I could give you some pre-married life tips, but we're pretty much in the same boat here, haha. Instead I've decided to share my own little list of what Love means to me (well sort of, just a snippet at least) because well that's all I got right now...

Love is...
  • ...sometimes letting the boy win at Wii bowling instead of kicking his butt everytime.
  • ...sharing a bottle of wine on a Saturday night and watching a horrible (yet easy oh so easy to make fun of) movie together.

  • ...watching Sports Center for an hour before asking to change the channel.

  • ...being totally silly and not getting embarrassed.

  • ...a whole lot of laughing.

  • ...a little spontaneous adventure every now and then.

  • ...kind of crazy, a little tiring, but all sorts of awesome and amazing.

  • ...eating his soggy fries while he takes your crunchy ones.

  • ...taking ridiculous pictures like this:

Renee I am so excited for you and hope you have the most lovely and wonderous wedding ever! I hope your Love is everything I wrote and more. You and the Beau seem quite fantastic together so congrats times a million and can't wait to read all about it! :)

happy friday!


Rachel said...

I love your list of what love is... :) Lucky gal, you are!

Matt said...

I'd never let my SO win at wii.

No mercy!

"We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. Here, in the streets, in competition: A man confronts you, he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy."

I thought you might like a karate kid quote as well. Happy Friday.

Mandy said...

What a fun post for Renee!

Erin said...

This is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

You're right about Wii bowling. And while my guy doesn't do sports center, he will watch history channel. I'm the same way. One show and then I respectfully ask to change the channel. (Do I get brownie points for watching Fast & Furious with him?)

Renee said...

You are ADORABLE. Thank you so much for posting in my honor!! I'm overwhelmed! Your advice is great... bottles of wine have been had while watching movies like Encino Man and Bubble Boy. Love you, Katelin!! Enjoy your engagement, make sure Real Life doesn't get in the way of this exciting time.

Court said...

How sweet of an idea!

Andhari said...

That's such a sweet list of what love is! Another one in my list : Accompanying him watching movies like Transformer while trying so hard not to bitch or fall asleep :P

Reeder said...

This is so great that you are all doing this! I love your list of love!

your wishcake. said...

This list captures the reality of love so perfectly! Makes me happy.

Also, for the record, you and Matt are seriously on my list of "greatest couples ever" - even though I've only hung out with you both a handful of times. I love you guys! I do!


Anonymous said...

How sweet...and so TRUE! When Saturday night means walking the dogs and getting ridiculous movie for the 'couch theater' with your sweetheart, life is good! :)