Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hiya Hollwyood.

I'm actually posting Hollywood news on Hollywood Tuesday, woo, go me! So shall we?
  • For this week's first cute Hollywood bebe we have Katherine Heigl and her oh so adorable daughter Naleigh. Seriously I just want to squeeze her cheeks she's so darn cute.


  • And for this week's second batch of adorableness we have little Birdie Leigh and her mom, Dawson's Creek alum Busy Phillips at the pumpkin patch. Seriously they are quite the cute mommy and daughter team. Love it.

    so cute.
  • Moving on from the bebes we have some randomness in the world of Hollywood. Apparently Lindsay Lohan and Balthazar Getty are hooking up? Um. Ew. And Katy Perry and Russel Brand are hooking up as well, not nearly as ew, actually sort of cute. Someone bought Elvis's hair on an auction for 15k, um say what?! Ridiculous. Matthew McConaughey has a new pet bird, yeah a bird. And Stephanie Pratt got a DUI over the weekend, it was just a matter of time anyways, haha.

  • Unrelated, can I please look like Beyonce? Well maybe not look like her but man I love some of her outfits lately and she looks amazing. So yeah I wish I had the bod to rock this.

    Sasha Fierce say what?

  • Also in some fierceness, Jen had her own Ryan Gosling encounter at a Dead Bones concert over the weekend. I gotta say, Ryan looks amazing and Jen looks fabulous too. Yay for RG sightings!

  • And in Twilight news we have a few things.
    ONE. MONTH FROM TODAY NEW MOON COMES OUT! Wait did I just yell? Oh yes I did, I'm just too excited. ONE MONTH! Squeeeeee.

    Two. Taylor Lautner did a hawt magazine spread and um how is he only 17?!!

    And three. Remember that wonderous Vanity Fair spread the Twilight kids did last year? Yeah well we have some new outtakes that look amazing and um yum love.

    heart this.

  • And in movie news...
    So I read Nicholas Sparks' book Dear John earlier this year and although I didn't love it I did like it and now it's being turned into a movie with Amanda Seyfried (who I love!) and Channing Tatum. So yes the trailer has me a wee bit intrigued, what do you think?

  • And in TV news...
    How I Met Your Mother. Seriously love this show. The whole scene of teaching Robin how to be an American scene, so hilarious. And I loved Ted calling out Marshall and Lily for being the ultimate "us." As much as I love Matt I hope that never becomes us. I love Marshall and Lily but I totally agree that as much as they are a cute couple they need to have individual time every once and a while.

    CSI. Such a sad episode and race relations and ah. But Danny from Without a Trace was on it so that was fun.

    Law and Order: SVU. Well goodbye Christine Lahti, it was fun to have you while you were sober, haha. Such a crazy mixed up episode that definitely but alcholism in the center of everything.

    Top Model. Oh I could have told you five minutes into the episode that Kara was headed out. Way too obvious this week, but oh well, glad to see her go I never liked her all that much anyways. But I did like the crazy go-sees and driving in cars with maps (and no GPS! the horror!) and Laura, oh Laura, heart her. Anyhoo a better recap as always is here.

    Grey's Anatomy. Such a crazy emotional episode. Why was everyone crying or screaming or yelling!? Yikes. The chief is so unlikeable so far this season too, it doesn't really help anything. Oh and Izzy's leaving was so lame. A note?! Come on now! And she left Karev too?! Um lame and very Burkelike. I know she's coming back in a while but I wonder how that one will work.

    Greek. Can Cappie be my friend already!? Love that he has a book club with Dale, haha. And then Rowdy Rusty, haha. Loved it.

    Desperate Housewives. As always my latest review is up at BSC Review. Also in DHness, apparently a plane from Oceanic Airlines may be making a crash landing on Wisteria Lane. Uh oh. As if this season didn't have enough going on already this season.

  • Lastly for today's WTF news we have three ridiculous driving related headlines. Nevada Man accused of DUI for 3rd time in 17 Days. New York woman arrives drunk to pick up DWI. Police stop driver for 15 violations in 11 minutes. Get off the roads everyone, there are crazy people out there!

Anything I missed, let me know as always.

happy tuesday!


Katie cat said...

I didn't realize Busy Phillips was on Dawson's Creek and is now on Cougartown! She plays the awesome young 20-something sidekick to the 40-something Courteney Cox character and she's great at it!!

Mandy said...

Little Naleigh is beyond adorable. I bought the New Moon soundtrack yesterday and am going tomorrow to get tickets for the midnight viewing. Every year my friend and I say we're too old for stuff like that, but we always go.

jamie said...

Naliegh may be my the cutest baby ever.

I can't wait for New Moon!

thatShortChick said...

Even though I am NOWHERE near a Twilight fan, I still very much appreciate the yumminess that is Taylor Lautner.

LiLu said...

Oh man... I feel so dirty for checking out an under-ager the way I just did!

Anonymous said...

The shot of Katherine Heigl and her daughter is adorable! :)

*~Dani~* said...

Busy Phillips is one of my favorite actresses. And that is the second Ryan Gosling encounter I have read about this week!

Anonymous said...

i will be buying NEW MOON tickets next weekend with my friend even though it's aimed for teens :)

Bayjb said...

Um Taylor looks SO HOT in those pictures. I cannot stop staring. And Birdie is so cute, look at those little cheeks!!

Jen said...

Awwww...you are so sweet to include my Gos-encounter in your Hollywood recap. I still feel like I'm floating on a cloud every time I think about it. Ugh! I know you understand!! :)

Can't wait for New Moon!! I'm going to the midnight showing!! I didn't do it for Twilight and I regretted it. I figured it would be more fun to see it amongst die-hard fans.

Allison M. said...

Beyonce's shoes are hot! I would like a pair that costs only $40- that's my limit.

Ali said...

Hi Busy Phillips, we're seeing you next month. Okay, cool.

AH! Hahaha.

amanda said...

i want to hang out with cappie so badly! and maybe date him....