Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What an adorable day for Hollywood.

Why hello Hollywood day.
  • Okay so there were way too many cute bebes in Hollywood let's just get to them. First of all we have the ever illusive Jolie-Pitt twins! Seriously they've only been seen like one other time and ohmygod they are so precious.

    aw so happy and precious and adorable.

    aw Vivienne is so darn cute! Such a mini Shiloh
    aka a mini Angelina.

  • This week's other cute bebes are my favorite Violet and little sister Seraphina, and ohmygosh this picture with Jen just made me all sorts of happy man they are too cute!!

    is this not the cutest picture ever??
    heart them!

  • And because there were just too many cute bebes I have to share this adorable family photo of Alyson Hannigan with her hubby Alexis and their little girl Satyana.

    aw so precious!

  • Also in Hollywood kid news, Will Ferrell's wife is pregnant again. The kids he already has Magnus and Mattias, I wonder what they'd name a girl, haha. And apparently Steve Carrell's daughter has quite the happening lemonade stand, haha. She got some major tips and was making way more than I ever did.

  • For some random Hollywood news, Jim Carrey has been putting on some pounds (and facial hair) for his role as Curly in the upcoming 3 Stooges movie and he doesn't look half bad. The Spice Girls are planning another reunion but without Posh? Oh really? Yesterday Amy Jo Johnson (aka the Pink Power Ranger) turned 39! So happy birthday to her!

  • Okay so I haven't always been Katie Holmes' biggest fan but I gotta say her new cover of Elle she looks pretty damn good and not so run down as she has in the past, haha. Oh the powers of make up and a hot outfit.

    so chic and so cute.

  • For today's Twilight news we have the newest batch of New Moon posters! Seriously I'm such a nerd and all things New Moon related make me so excited. Ah!

    oh hello Cullen clan.

    The rest of the posters can be found here. So awesome.
  • And in TV news...
    Desperate Housewives. In case you forgot I'm posting my reviews for DH over at BSC Reviews. So check it out.

    How I Met Your Mother. Okay as weird as the Robyn classes were, it totally reminded me of the Pacey, Joey, Dawson triangle on Dawson's Creek. So so cute. I especially loved when Barney would sleep "escape", haha. Too funny. And Lily's wood resin allergy? Hilarious. Seriously love this show. Oh and did you know Tim Gunn is making a cameo for the 100th episode? I can't wait to see him and Barney together, haha.

    Greek. Oh I love the Cappie and Evan hidden friendship (but clearly it's coming to the forefront next week, haha). And I totally agree with Rebecca on Ashley's hypocrisy, forgiving the boyfriend and not the girl? Lame. But at least they sort of made up at the end of the episode. And um Jordan sort of bugged the crap out of me. But I do love Rusty and his dorkiness.

    Brothers and Sisters. I heart Nora. Seriously such a great mom. Robert stop being an ass....oh wait you sort of redeemed yourself, nice job. Gah Kitty with cancer, way to tear at my heart strings, so sad. Ryan, welcome back you're still annoying and gaaaah he's selling them out and is it me or did you lose a ton of weight? And um Evan is all sorts of precious.

    Grey's Anatomy. Oh the mergers driving everyone crazy, it was a pretty hilarious opening. Sloane and Lexi are all sorts of adorable. Cristina with kids was a little ridiculous. Would Izzy even be allowed to come back to work? But Karev was actually sort of cute.

    Top Model. Hello crazy Ty Ty and goodbye BIANCA the biatch. Loved the photo shoot, pretty awesome and the girls are just hilarious. Laura and her down home nature is just too darn cute. For a full recap, go here please.

    Medium. Oh man that was one weird ass episode. Ariel possessed? Sheesh all sorts of twists and turns I love this show.

  • And lastly in WTF news, why the hell do people break into zoos?! Some guys in Canada broke into the zoo late at night and headed towards the Siberian tiger exhibit. And what do you know the tiger attacked! Idiots!

And that's what's happening in Hollywood. Anything I missed?

happy wednesday!


Angela said...

I wish Katie Holmes didn't have her hands behind her back!

AshleyD said...

I'm just going to jump in with a Brothers & Sisters comment and say that I heart Nora too! I have day dreams about joining that family just so Nora can be my mom, haha. Also, Robert is being an ass, but I'm holding out hope that he will snap out of it and start being more understanding. I love him and Kitty together.

Andrea said...

Violet always looks so happy! Pictures of her always make me smile.

Melissa said...

I'm already hooked on the new Brothers & Sisters season. Cancer!? Right after the baby?! Needless to say, there will be tears this season. & I really love how Robert redeemed himself- hopefully it stays that way.
And as for the Affleck family- do they EVER get sad? Seriously, so many smiles, I love it!

Mrs Soup said...


Mandy said...

Ahhh, cute little babies! The Jolie-Pitt twins do look exactly like Shiloh did as a tot. And the Allyson Hannigan photo melts my heart.

Julie Q said...

My uterus hurts from staring at the little kiddies in the beginning of this post. omg mini-shiloh? loves her.

Maxie said...

agreed-- the izzy storyline is a little much for me too

Anonymous said...

Why must Brad Pitt always look so damn cute!?

amanda said...

i am so not an angie and brad fan. ickkk.

katie looks LOVELY on the cover. i've always been one of her biggest fans. sighh, joey potter.

and oh i love thee.

Allison M. said...

when I see cute baby pics, I know you are going to post them! I thought that when I saw that one of Jen Garner.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

are vivienne and shiloh the same child?!?!

nicoleantoinette said...

Can we please start some sort of campaign for you and I to babysit some of these kids?


No really.

Lexilooo said...

does Vivienne have her ears pierced???

Bayjb said...

Wow Angelina's genes are crazy dominant. Those twins look like her again! Also, that cover with Katie Holmes is HOT. She doesn't look so...emaciated there