Thursday, June 7, 2007

Come on Down. Jail? Quack Quack! Trevman.

So as most of you know, yesterday was quite a big day in Hollywoodland and Sportsland. In Hollywoodland we had Bob Barker's last day on The Price Is Right and Paris Hilton release from jail after five days instead of twenty three days which was originally forty five days, gah, that ho. And in Sportsland two major milestones for California, the first and probably more recognized being that the Ducks of Anaheim won the coveted Stanley Cup (a first in franchise history! heck a first for California!). And in the baseball world, Trevor Hoffman (from the San Diego Padres) became the first relief pitcher to accumulate 500 saves, amazing. So with all that being are my two cents:
Bob Barker. You are the man.

After attending The Price Is Right two years in a row I must say that it is quite the experience and can't really be compared to anything else. So with that, Thanks Bob, you will be missed.
And on the other end of Hollywoodland.....
Paris Hilton. You are a whiny biotch and I hope you know this.

"Medical reasons"? Yeah right. You just couldn't handle jail, even after all your spiels of "I'm ready to face the consequences" blah blah blah. Granted I knew she would never serve her entire sentence, it's still annoying to see the law tossed around by yet another celebrity. As much as I love Hollywood and the people, I hate the special treatment they get when they are stupid enough to get themselves into trouble. So I'll just remember if I ever get arressted to pull the "medical reasons" and maybe I'll get house arrest too. Too bad my house isn't a bagillion dollar mansion that is probably bigger than the jail I was staying at. Gah. Paris. You suck.

Okay. On a much happier and not so bitter note, QUACK QUACK! Haha. I really don't know that much about hockey, heck I've only been to two games in my life and the whole time I was there I was comparing plays to
The Mighty Ducks . But woo eeee for a California hockey team for kicking ass and taking home the Stanley Cup. Woo! Congrats guys!

And another woo to Trevor Hoffman! Although I am a Dodger fan, I like Trevor Hoffman (mainly because he is my aunt's favorite player) and good for him to be the first relief pitcher to ever have 500 saves, that's amazing. Congrats Trev.

So with all that said, here goes Thursday. Woo.


Kiki said...

my only question is, did they do the flying v to win it??