Monday, June 25, 2007

"I'm just ripples in your ocean, but you're my tidal wave"

I heart Josh Kelley. He's a great singer. I saw him a concert about a month or so ago, it was fabulous, he is fabulous. I love his music, I have all three of his CD's and they are equally wonderous. And I love that he has been debuting his new songs via his myspace. I guess he has a new CD coming out this fall and he has been previewing some of the new songs on his music player. Last week he had a song up "Masterpiece" that he played when I saw him in concert and I LOVED it, like I want to own it so I can play it on repeat like I do for most songs I become obsessed with. However, he took it down to debut another new song "Tidal Wave." This song is just as amazing. I have played it probably 14 times already today. So I highly recommend you go and check it out this instant:

I recommend all of his songs, but "Tidal Wave" is today's favorite. Josh Kelley, you rock.