Friday, June 15, 2007

So should be doing work instead...

But I remember I saw a preview for this movie Crazy Love a while ago when I saw Waitress and for some reason I felt like looking it up again to see what the heck it was really about, since the preview didn't give too many details.

But here goes, in a nutshell: It's a documentary about the seriously bizarre relationship between Linda and Burt Pugach. Basically Burt was a married man when he came across Linda and basically became obsessed with her. They had an affair, she broke it off, she later became engaged to another man, he became enraged and hired thugs to throw acid at her, which left her nearly blind and somewhat scarred, Burt went to jail for 14 years, when he got out he proposed to her (twice!), she eventually said yes (because her fiancee left her after seeing how scarred she was and she had no other romantic prospects) and they are still together.

Um. Wow.

So I guess the movie chronicles this and other weird aspects of this "love story", I have no idea. But Crazy Love is definitely a good title, since these people are clearly crazy.