Friday, June 1, 2007

Aaron, I think we need to talk.

Okay Aaron Sorkin, I think we need to have a little chit chat. Just because your show Studio 60 wasn't picked up for another season doesn't mean that you don't have to care at all what happens to the end of your show. Heck it made it an entire season, that's more than some shows can say (Andy Barker, P.I., The Black Donnely's, Raines to name a few). So, in saying that, I would like to know what possessed you to make the usually witty and pretty funny show go down the ridiculously depressing route last night.

I mean honestly, the show started out kind of funny with the announcer calling the show "Studio City" instead of "Studio 60" but after that, there wasn't much humor left. Matt's drug problem was getting worse and his assistant noticed and called him out on it, Tom's brother who's in Iraq hadn't contacted his family yet, and Jordan and Danny were arguing about the show and the war. For a show that's about a comedy show, there was very little comedy in it last night. It was like watching the Grey's Anatomy finale all over again, just in a studio and not a hospital.

Ultimately the show ended even sadder than it started. Danny confronts Matt about his drug problem (since he is a recovering addict), so that was emotional, Jordan reveals that she hasn't felt her baby kick all day (so Danny makes her go to the ER) and lastly the most depressing of all the story lines to me was with Tom's brother. The show ended with the news that Tom's brother had been captured along with two other soldiers and was being held hostage in enemy territory. Not only was he being held hostage, but it was being broadcast on the news and sent to the studio directly. So let's just say that by this time I was pretty much streaming tears, not sobbing or anything, just a steady flow of tears. I think the show just got too real for me, hence so freaking sad, and the fact that my oldest cousin is in Iraq on his second tour doesn't really help much either.

So needless to say I was pretty much left with my mouth hanging open again as Aaron's comedy show turned depressingly real. I think I was even more sad that there were no previews for what next week would be like. I think I need to mentally prepare myself to either cry again or maintain that sliver of hope that Aaron will use the last three episodes of Studio 60 to bring back the fast paced comedy that started it all. You can do it Aaron. Fingers crossed.


Kiki said...

ahhhhhh i haven't watched it yet! its on my dvr... shield my eyes! shield my eyes!!

ps. where were matt and danny on last week's epi??