Monday, June 25, 2007

The Peril of the Pants.

So as a part of my regular morning website routine, falls in there somewhere and I check the headlines and some of the sub stories, and today's find was about some really expensive pants, haha. Well not really expensive pants, but about a man who was suing a dry cleaner over his missing pants. I read about this story awhile ago and it's just all around ridiculous. This man dropped his pants off at the dry cleaner, then he claims they lost his pants, when really the people there said they had his pants but he denied they were his, ridiculous. So this idiot sued a little mom and pop tailor for 54 million dollars! I mean honestly, 54 million! Idiot. And not only is this man an idiot in my opinion, but heartless, suing a small shop for that much money over some freaking pants, this guy needs to get a life.

And with that said, what I read this morning was that the judge threw the case out! Woo. I'm just glad the judge was smart and realized what a complete moron this guy was. The pants man gets my nod for idiot of the week, woot.


Kiki said...

that's dc for ya.