Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm just going blog wild today.

Wow this must be my dear effort to not do a lot of work today, even though I've got tons o research and a final report to get together before the end of the day. But pshaw for two seconds. So somehow I came across this guy, Jack Myers' article on Studio 60 and how if viewers rally together like the viewers of Jericho did, we could possibly save the show.

However he also points out, that that is very unlikely. Studio 60 is a good show, but an expensive one, and in my opinion NBC has just become kind of stupid (with the exception of Heroes, brilliant, and Scrubs. So as much as I would like to rally for Studio 60 I don't really know how much good it would do. Heck I have signed a petition or two to bring it back, but it's not like we can send a million pounds of peanuts to NBC and say "come on, bring it back!" and have them listen. I love television and I love movies and I basically love Hollywood as a whole, but sometimes they are just stupid. I'm going to miss Studio 60, and Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson, basically all of it. But alas, Aaron you tried and NBC won.

Just please make the end of the season end on a good note, please. I still haven't seen last night's episode, but I really want this show to end on a better note than it's at right now. Make me laugh. You can do it, I have faith.