Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hollywood with a side of drama.

For today's Hollywood recap I bring you some music, some sad news, some drama news, some baby pics and all around randomness. Enjoy!
  • So last night Matt and I went to the Dave Matthews Band concert with Matt at Staples Center and it was a great show. However the show was overshadowed by a very sad event, the band's amazing saxaphone player LeRoi Moore passed away earlier in the day. I honestly don't know how the band kept on playing, but playing they did, for two and a half hours and dedicated every song to LeRoi. Everyone in the band was dressed in black and they played every one of his favorites and Dave added in small anecdotes about him throughout the show and it was just so touching. I think everyone at Staples cried at some point, hell I got teary. LeRoi you were one amazing musician and you will definitely be missed:

  • In happier news, the Hills is back. Granted I haven't quite decided if that's a good thing yet since I may break my television by the end of the season. Seriously this show drives me nuts. First of all Lo, stop being a bitch. I mean really. I know Audrina has some odd friend but no need to be so mean about it. Secondly, Whitney I love you. Always and forever you are my favorite. Thirdly, Doug you are cute but really don't act dumb, you know what Lauren's been up to the past couple years, ummm she's been everywhere dumass. Fourthly, Heidi don't say you don't want your family all up in your relationship business because all they have to do is flip on the TV or open up a magazine, honestly, don't be so dumb. Fifthly, Holly your hair is not cute and you are a worse actor than Heidi and that's hard to beat. Sixthly, I love this show. For a very detailed account of the show check out Angela's recap, she covers it much better than I do.

  • Babies, Babies, Babies. They're everywhere! For starters, I think the Hanson brothers are trying to take over the world. I am not even kidding. Taylor Hanson and his wife are expecting their fourth child, fourth child people! That will bring the total amount of Hanson offspring to seven! What is going on? Seriously. I wonder if they sing "MmmmBop" to put their kids to bed....that would be awesome.

  • Another cute baby who we haven't seen in a while is little Matilda Ledger. She just looks precious riding her scooter with mama Michelle (yeah I totally wrote Jen first, oh I miss Dawson's Creek) looking on:

    Even more precious is that Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Collin Farrell have all donated their paychecks for finishing Heath's last movie to little Matilda. Gotta love good guys with good intentions.

  • And one last bebe to round out the day, little Suri was caught having some in depth conversation with her doll yesterday. Cuuuuute. Wonder what they were talking about?

  • Update to the baby department: My faves Jen and Ben have officially confirmed bebe numero dos is on the way! Not like there was any way to hide it. But still, yay! Violet will be the best big sistah ever. :)

  • Okay moving on from all the cute baby about sports, that's pretty non-girly right? So in case you've been living in a hole Michael Phelps has officially become the most decorated Olympian around. And they already have a magazine cover to prove it:

    Congrats Michael! You've made the US proud. Now no more DUI's okay?

  • And of course I have the WTF news of the day....Apparently Hasbro felt the need to catch up with the times and they updated the most amazing board game ever, Clue. Why would they do this? I don't know. I guess the mysterious people in the game of Clue needed first names, super powers and scandalous backgrounds. I don't know. I'm not buying it.

  • And one more WTF story of the day. Some freaking weirdo from Puerto Rico died recently and requested that he not be put in his coffin at the memorial, but rather standing up straight for the ceremony. And they did it! Ahhhhcreeeeepy. I'm not posting a picture of it but feel free to check out the whackness here, wow.

And that's all the news I got today folks. Anything crazy I missed out there? Leave it in the comments.

happy wednesday!


apricot tea. said...

Oh... my... god. The last thing (the fool who wanted to be standing up at his own funeral!) is CREEPY. & that one guy was kissing him on the cheek?! What the hell? CREEPY. I think I may have nightmares...

Renee said...

Yeah, regarding the upright dead guy... I think it's hysterical that he's totally in a thug pose. WTF?!

Sarah Marie said...

Um, yeah that dude standing up at his own funeral is totally creepy! Weirdo! And yeah, I totally agree that they shouldn't mess with Clue! Leave the classic alone! SO sad about LeRoi...that's crazy DMB was able to still put on a great show.

Hillary said...

I agree - I lurve the Hills but I will probably end up breaking my tv. Lo is such a cow! She used to be my fave, back in the Laguna Beach days.

Ashley D said...

I can't believe that guy was standing up. How creepy!! And the article said he was like that for 3 days! I don't know how his mom did it...

CageQueen said...

Not to be picky ut I think Heath Ledger's baby momma's name is Michelle.

I'm bummed about LeRoi, too. Wish I couldn't been at the show!

Lauren said...

1 - The kids are adorable!
2 - The new and improved Clue makes me So upset! Why mess with something good?
3 - That's adorable that they're finishing Ledger's movie with donated pay checks. To add another fact as to why Johnny Depp is fantastic, on an episode of the TV show of This American Life, they documented the life of a boy who could not speak. He suffered from many medical problems and couldn't speak or move, really, and communicated by pressing one button that wrote out words. Anyway, when asked who's voice he'd want, if he could have any, he said Johnny Depp. So for the entire episode, instead of showing what he wrote, Depp narrated it.How great is it that he agreed to do that?

Vanessa said...

I can't believe he died. He was so talented. They say these things happen in three's (cliche, I know) but after two deaths a week or so ago, I've been holding my breath. A true loss of talent.

Allie said...

Yet another of your great posts. I have a post ready to go for tomorrow with that exact same picture of Michael Phelps. Cahrazy!

Jamie Lovely said...

Suri is totally the cutest celeb baby. Matilda is close, she looks just like her daddy. So cute!

Blicious said...

great post. sad about the concert.

Suri is the cutest!

California Girl said...

I was at DMB too last night. It was so wonderful. And Dave was just so touching, the way he talked about LeRoi. I've been seeing Dave in concert for like 10 years now, and he has never been as talkative as he was last night. Just incredible.

Jamie Lovely said...

OMG I just read about Jen and Ben confirming and ran over here to see if you knew! Of course you did :)

Yay! Baby number two!

thatShortChick said...

i can't even bear to get my head all wrapped around "drama" that is The Hills. those girls drive me nuts, especially audrina & her constant blank stare.

the dead guy? uummm, not every wish should be fulfilled.

Dana said...

OMG!!! I loooooved The Hills.. I am sooo happy it is back.. I just hope it's not the last season!!!

Auburn Kat said...

I heard about LeRoi passing away! So sad! They truly were one of my favorite bands, especially in concert!

Amanda. said...

Freaking heck yeah to
baby Violet's sister or
brother on the way.

Um. Love Suri. Love her
a lot. Seriously. She's
such a pretty little cherub.

Matilda...okay. I love
her for a bunch of different
reasons. And one just happens
to be that she's the daughter
of Jen. (Yeah...I'm going to
call her Jen.) How amazing
that those guys donated their
money to her. I'm HIGHLY
impressed. Really. I am.
If I didn't already think
Jude Law was a sexy, sexy
man who sleeps with his
children's nanny...he really
just pushed the sexiness to
a whole other level!

The Clue game...what in
the world? Talk about intense.

And the Hills...yes. yes. and
more yes. And to add...
Spencer is the creepiest
looking creeper I've
ever laid eyes on. Ew.

brookem said...

oh im psyched for that new clue game! and of course, the hills! those babies are adorable, and im pumped to hear about jen and ben (love how i talk about them like they are my bff's).

that dude standing up at his funeral?! creepy!

Shelley said...

I tried the demo for the new Clue game. I was a bit confused as how to play it. They don't murder people anymore... they just steal things in the house. La-ame. If you want something closer to the original game, watch Clue the movie. Classic.

Can't wait to get my SI issue in the mail. Woot!

Tipp said...

I am SO glad I am not the only one upset about the Clue game. Leave a classic alone. Will you people never learn?????

I hope there is a huge protest and they realize that they made a huge mistake.

Bogart in P Towne said...

I think more people should attend their own wake standing up.

Its a thug life, why go out any other way?

Susie said...

I can't even believe DMB still had their show!! Wow. I've been to 8 DMB shows and though I don't follow them too much anymore, that still makes me really sad.

Also, I used to love happened to her that she turned into such a bitter biatch??

I looked at those pictures. And I'm confused. Why, oh why???

Lyla Lou said...

Is it just me or is that doll Suri is playing with seem a little and lacking clothes? I don't know that's the first thing to pop in my head but since she is a celebrity baby I just picture her with nicer baby dolls.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

I was so bummed when I heard about LeRoi. I grew up on DMB....all through HS and college. I never would have picked him to go this early, damn.

Julie said...

I heart LeRoi... and I will miss him.

and um that PR guy... SICK

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of excited about the new Clue.