Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hollywood's a little bit sad, a little bit cute and a whole lot of random.

So today's Hollywood recap is covering a little more than just Hollywood and it's a little sad, a little cute and all around random...I mean really, what else would you expect?
  • Okay so let's get to the sad news first. Hollywood lost two greats this weekend. Saturday the fabulous comedian Bernie Mac passed away due to complications of pneumonia.

    And Sunday the soul legend Isaac Hayes died of unknown causes.

    So incredibly sad. And so weird that both guys are starring in a movie together coming out later this year called Soulmen. It's sad they won't be there to celebrate it. My thoughts and prayers go out to both of their families.

  • In happier more celebratory news, the Olympics are here. Did you know that? Haha, how could you not? And somehow I have been sucked into watching them. I'm not even kidding, I can't help but watch whatever sport is on and cheer like a crazy person at my TV, it's slightly ridiculous. By far the best event so far was the men's 4x100 freestyle relay. In case you didn't know the background to it, apparently the French swimmers were cocky and basically said they were going to "smash the Americans." Yeah well that came back to bite them in the ass when Jason Lezak made a fantastic comeback in the final stretch of the race came to win it by .08 of a second! It was ridiculous. And all around amazing, let's go Team USA!

  • And will all of this American fever I thought it only perfect to share this rendition of the national anthem sung by Marvin Gaye. I hadn't heard it until yesterday when my coworker sent it over (but apparently Nike's the one that brought it back, go figure, haha) and really I don't think our anthem has ever sounded so smooth.

  • Now I know it was a little weird last week when I didn't have any Violet pictures, but oh don't you fret. She's back with mommy Jen out and about and looking cute as always, I mean how could she not? Preccccious!

  • Before I continue this next part let me say that although I was a huge NKOTB fan never once did I eat my hair or cry at the sight of them. With that I share some of the most insane Jonas Brothers fans at TRL ever...

    Seriously if I knew these girls I would probably laugh at them. But I doubt they would hear me over the screaming of the other Jonas Brothers fans, or I get mobbed. I'll just keep my thoughts to myself and let you decide, haha.

  • Lauren Conrad and her main man Kyle Howard (aka the guy from Orange County) are supposedly still together. Who knew? Wonder if it'll show up on the new season of the Hills....which comes back Monday!! Uh oh.

  • In the most absurd news I've ever heard, Lynne Spears (mother to Britney and Jamie Lynn) is still coming out with a book. Pshaw? What? It was originally some parenting crap book and now she has called it "Through the Storm." Oh man, I can only begin to imagine what this mom has to write about that Dina Lohan hasn't already shown on TV, haha.

  • And lastly in today's Hollywood news, speaking of the Spears family, the promos Britney Spears filmed for the MTV VMA's were just released yesterday and you know what, they're not too bad. I'm glad Brit Brit has finally stepped up her act and has stopped behaving like a crazy person. It's nice to have the old Brit back. You can check out the promos here and here. Woo.

And that's all I got today from the Hollywood headlines. Woot.

happy tuesday!


So@24 said...

Crying?? CRYING??

Are these considered attractive to all females or just 12 year olds?


I don't get it. I really don't get it.

brookem said...

britney does look pretty good. im glad she's getting back her a-game. so sad about bernie and isaac.

thank you for adding in some happy news with jen and her little cutie of a daughter!

Kay said...

you gotta love the us men's swim team!!!

Renee said...

Really bummed about Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. :-(

But that Olympic relay? Uh-ma-zing.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I seriously need to start watching the Olympics. Everywhere I look, someone is raving about them. I guess I should take the hint, huh?
And I cannot BELIEVE those girls are crying! I really don't get it. I don't understand the love of these brothers, like, at all. They aren't really thattt talented? Who knows. Maybe I need to be 14 to understand.

thatShortChick said...

marvin gaye's version of the national anthem is my new favorite thing. his voice just breaks my heart.

the jonas bros pics? pure hysterics!

Lauren said...

Those girls are TERRIFIC. I never understood crying when you saw a celebrity. They're just people, right?

California Girl said...

I haven't seen the Hills (thank god), but I think it's absolutely ridiculous. I heard LC on KIIS this morning, and get over yourself girl! It was so lame, I had to change the station.

Anonymous said...

Is it VMAs time again?? It seems like just yesterday we all saw Britney make a fool of herself at the 07 VMAs. Let's hope she can redeem herself!

La Petite Chic said...

That really was so amazing to watch! Definitely made the French eat their words!

Dolce said...

I'm impressed. Brit Brit is looking better these days!

I must live under a rock because I don't know ONE jonus brothers song.

Hhmm? Wait let me make sure...

Nope. Not one.

Sarah Marie said...

Seriously, I'm so glad I got to see the relay live! So exciting! GO USA! And so sad about Bernie Mac... weird that it really happened. And you're right - Britney is back!

Susie said...

a) Yes, this weekend was SOO sad :(

b)I am so incredibly obsessed with the Olympics.

c) Ummm Jonas Bros fans are INSANE. I don't get it. OK, yes I do because if I was 12 I'd probably be one too. Sad, but true.

d)Oh, Spears family. Whatever will you do next??

Auburn Kat said...

I was shocked about Bernie Mac!

Thanks for my updates!!!

Tipp said...

OMG Spears' publisher didn't rip that deal??

I know many other good writers who deserve to be published. HELLOOO?

Bayjb said...

Ugh Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes were really sad news this weekend, especially because Bernie passed in Chicago. I love the Violet pictures and yes that girl looks crazy eating/crying into her hair.

Dana said...

I was oh so sad to hear about Bernie Mac... I really really liked him... He was very funny..

And i am so happy and can't wait for the Hills... YAY..

Amanda. said...

Psh. So sad about the
deaths. Kind of can't believe

I love Lauren Conrad.
A lot...because I'm a nerd.
And I also love Britney...
the mess that she is. But
she is soooo improving!

Violet...sigh. Love.

I'm going to the NKOTB concert
in November...but I can
guarantee I won't be
crying. PAHLEESE.

Umm. And oh. I'm so over
the Olympics. Ha.

Anonymous said...

<3 vi and jen
and i was shocked about the bernie mac news, too! so sad.

also, i have a little crush on michael phelps.

Songy said...

that was very informative and entertaining. i didn't know about Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes. Very sad.
thanks for sharing the story.

Kim Thomas said...

I am completely sucked into the Olympics

Sara Jane said...

I'm with you. I am so addicted to the Olympics.

TaraMetBlog said...

those girls are crazy, remember last year there was that girl at American Idol who was crying? weird

kay* said...

(1) i had just recently heard that version of the US anthem as sung by the legendary marvin gaye and it is perhaps one of the sexiest sounding songs i've ever heard.period. definite baby making tunes! (2)i'm all about the olympics - my channel hasn't changed since it started (3)i'm so rooting for britney to kick ass on the VMAs (4)of course, rip to mr mac and hayes.