Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving jitters.

So as excited that I am that Matt and I are moving I'm also slightly nervous. We're moving in in less than two weeks! And I have done ZERO packing (okay maybe not zero, but it feels like zero since I am a pack rat and have waaaay too much stuff to my name). And on top of that, my decorating skills have yet to be used anywhere besides my plain white walls in the bedroom I've shared with my sister since middle school and various college dorm rooms.

So basically what I'm saying is that I don't want our place to look like I'm still in college but rather that I live with a boy without it looking too girly, haha. On top of it all, we have accumulated so much free furniture and random stuff in the past few months from friends (that I am completely grateful for) that I just don't know how it's all going to work/look together. I want it to look nice but not completely hippie mismatch central and I just don't know what to do.

And even more lingering on my mind is that I will only be in my house ten more days. I've been in that house for twelve years and I have ten days left!! Now if that isn't crazy I don't know what is?! Is it the Peter Pan in me having a panic attack? Or is the grown up in me trying to come out to show me what I'm getting myself into? I'm not quite sure really. Granted I really am only moving five minutes away from my parents house, but still. I feel like I am finally taking that big step towards grownuphood.

Well I know I've asked you for tips before and you guys gave me some excellent advice, but is there anything else I should be doing in these ten days to prep for the grown up life? Any decorating advice? If you're living with a boy how do you make it cute but not too girly? Help please :)

But despite as much as I freak out and whine and fret I have a feeling that's it's all going to work out just fine. Fingers crossed. Woo.

happy wednesday!



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emily said...

I'm moving in with my Matt in a week and a half and I am definitely thinking about all of the packing and decorating there is to do! I am a little nervous as well, but I think it just comes with the territory of getting used to your boyfriend as a new roommate...Good luck with the decorating, if I find anything amazing I will pass it on to you!

Renee said...

Since I moved in with my boy a week ago today, I can actually speak from experience! Decorating hasn't been that hard, actually. There are a lot of sophisticated gender-neutral stuff out there. And if you have a K-Mart, Martha Stewart's stuff there rocks. See pictures at my blog. If the furniture you have doesn't match, you can always paint or reupholster or just throw a blanket or pillow on something.

And finally, I cried my last two nights at home and my first two nights here because I felt like I was abandoning my home and running away. I think that's normal, so don't worry. Now I'm so happy here and wouldn't change it for anything.

Good luck and if you have any jitters beyond this, email me!

San said...

You'll be fiiiiiine! I promise. You'll just figure it out along the way... haha! That's how it usually goes, I think.

The only advice I can give you is: Don't clutter your home with stuff that you don't want/like or that doesn't fit in. Get rid off it right away, even though it might be something that family or friends have given you and you feel "guilty" of not wanting it in your home, but you can only make it YOURS if you only keep what feels like YOURS.

Good luck!
P.S. I wish I would live 5 minutes away from my parents' house. Sigh.

San said...
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Kyla Bea said...

Unless everything you own is pink you shouldn't have trouble meshing your design lives = )

My suggestion is to just get your furniture in, and get out of boxes within the week and see how you guys do! When you know how you're using the apartment you'll have a much better idea of how things should be re-arranged.

And anything that seriously doesn't work can be easily pitched and replaced with something from Ikea.

My only condition with my fiance is that the star wars memorabilia not be displayed in the living room. They can live in the office, but not in the living room lol

....and don't sweat it not looking like a 'home' for a little while - focus on living together and how that works, the decorating will come in time. We moved into our first house on July 12th after 2 1/2 years of apartment living together and we still haven't had our housewarming party - our friends are living on our patio, but we're just taking it one step at a time with getting used to things.

Have fun!!

Alexa said...

now i don't have any good advice for you considering that i have never lived with a boyfriend. but i think that you have every right to be nervous!

but it'll be fine - perfect even!

see how im keeping it positive? : )

Kim Thomas said...

Packing sucks-especially if you are moving locally. The mistake I made was not packing enough whivh ended up with random crap thrown into the car. Pack, Pack, Pack!

d said...

YAY moving! WITH A BOOOOYYY! So exciting.

Painted walls really make a place look more decorated than it is. I would pick wall colors and go from there. I painted almost immediately upon moving into my place.

Jamie Lovely said...

If your newly aquired furniture is doens't look good together, all different colors and stuff, slip covers! It'll flow easier :)

Amanda. said...

I hate packing. Especially
packing up your life...ick.
But the move will be

And your house now will
always be your home. So
no frets. And
and Matt get to go make
your own home. Hollla.

Have fun!

And as for advice...
I'm a big fan of just
putting my clothes, as is,
in the car for the move.
Instead of putting them
in boxes...or taking them
off their hangers and all
that. SO much easier to just
leave them on the hangers.
That way, it's already done.
So when you get to the
new place, you just need to
take it out of the car and
stick them in the closet.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally stealing some of these tips. I'm moving in with my boyfriend early next year and have a tonnn of the same wonders/concerns as you. So, I can't help, but I am takin all this advice too! :)Good luck with everything though!

Jenn said...

I've moved 16 times. Yeah. Some things I learned while movie are:

- Whether you pack the night before or two weeks in advance, you'll never feel ready.

- Labeling comes in handy.

- Newspaper is great for packing.

- Breathing helps.

- Whatever you don't want to go wrong can and most likely will go wrong. Be flexible and keep in mind that it's not the end of the world.

- Have a plan for unpacking. Don't get overwhelmed by the clutter and army of boxes.

Does any of that actually help? I don't know. I'd pack and help you move if I could!

Anonymous said...

Go to Ikea! Even if your furniture is somewhat mismatched, you can find artwork and accessories to tie everything together, for CHEAP!

rachel elizabeth said...

so many of us are doing the same thing right now, i love it! i never really packed up my stuff to move, i just... tossed it all into the car in trips since the house i live in now is a mere mile and a half from the house i grew up in. :o)

it was strange spending my last night in my parents house. i never went away to college, i was a commuting student, so i had never lived anywhere but there. i still don't think it's quite sunk in yet... even if my baby sister did already take over my old room. (sadface)

if the furniture doesn't match? embrace it. pick paint colors to match that. replace pieces slowly... all of my major furniture was given to me too.

it's all gonna be so worth it though when you finally get into the place together. i'm having SO much fun. :o)

Binary Blonde said...

Congrats on moving in with the boyfriend! Things will never be the same - in a good way! :)

As for moving tips, the best one I can think of that saved us when we moved from California to Texas, then from the apartment to our new house....

- If you cook at home often, make sure to pack a few kitchen essentials and take them with you separately, rather than pack them in a box.

- Since you're moving so close to where you already are, I'd second the tip for taking your clothes with you in the car while still on hangers. Saves a lot of time.

- As for decorating... go SLOW! If you rush to fill your space too quickly, you'll probably end up not really enjoying the process of actually decorating. It's okay to live with a few blank walls and some open space until you find the pieces you really love. Plan on what your "big picture" will be and go from there.. little by little. :)

Above all, try not to stress too much. It's just not worth it! Not everything will go perfect, but if you can just go with the flow, moving will be easier for your (and his) sanity.

Julie said...

When Tim and I moved in together it was very hard to define our style right away.

I think that it takes time and you need to live together for a little bit to get used to it then figure it out :)

Its so much fun though!

Dana said...

You'l be fine!! You willl ove living with each other.. I love living with my BF.. Just remember - don't let him make you do all of the dishes....

Anonymous said...

I have never live with a bf!!! But I have a feeling once you do you won't want to go back!

Miss L.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

yay congratulations! i just moved in a few weeks ago and it's SO much fun! i worried that my place wouldn't look like a girl lived there, but that's not the case. i would suggest west elm for quirky touches that aren't too girly or masculine.

rs27 said...

For Matt's sake please don't buy 32 air freshners.

Lexiloo said...

Hmmm, I don't think I can be of much help, since despite nearly four years together, Steve and I still don't live together! Still though, you two are adorable and will be fine!

Alexis said...

If you have a lot of "mismatched" stuff, go peruse Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, they put really cool rooms together that are eclectic like that and you can get some great ideas!

It's a big step, so you're bound to have all sorts of feelings and emotions going on, right? That's how I'd be!

You're awesome.

Sarah Marie said...

Everything is TOTALLY going to work out fine! When I first moved out of my childhood home, I was sad too ... but then I quickly loved it cuz my parents are less than 10 mins away and there's nothing better than living with my boy -- especially cuz we're married now! Ooh... I can't wait until YOUR wedding!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it will be just fine, trust me, Im a mother, I know these things... haha!

Make sure you post some pics of the new place when you get it all set up!

Julie Q said...

good luck and you will be just fine!! You might be surprised of his good input for decorating the place :)

La Petite Chic said...

Yay, congrats on moving in together!! Jon and I have been able to compromise on decorating by using geometric patterns on things rather than girly ones like, floral or paisley. It looks modern and chic :)

glamour girly said...

I don't really have any advice because I have never lived with a man, but I do know that everything is going to be so magnificent, and you will be so excited to be living on your own with the boy of your dreams!!

Phil said...

If you have too much furniture, let me know! I have a living room with nothing but a bookshelf in it, and am on the lookout for more furniture.

Also, definitely hit IKEA up for some good decorating ideas, as their showroom always has great examples and ideas. I would totally head out to Pasadena one weekend to go to The Container Store with you; I love that place way too much; it has some seriously awesome stuff.

Jenny H. said...

ahhh good luck with moving in with him and everything!
that should be amazing :)

kay* said...

congrats on your new place! i'm searching for my first apartment now and it is so frustrating! i have tons of decor tips for ya but if i were to leave them all here it would go on forever! i regularly post design posts (as you know) on my blog so i hope they give you some ideas - plus i'll be decorating my own spot soon and will be posting about the experience so hopefully some stuff will be useful to you.

congrats! a big step but an exciting one nonetheless!

kay* said...

oh - one thing i thought of! definitely pack a small bag of bathroom stuff that can be easily set up and that you personally carry to your new place with you (so you know where it is)- you'll want things like a handtowel, soap and toilet paper within at least the first 2 hours of being in your new place! and will be happy you know where the TP is ;o)

Bayjb said...

Holy cow moving in two weeks?? Yikes. I hate packing and moving, more than anything. Anything! Have fun unpacking, invite people over and bribe them with beer/pizza. That at least can get it over with right away :)

Anonymous said...

so you've gotten tons of advice, but i'm going to reiterate what i already told you before, and add a random.

remember this quote: "always kiss me goodnight."

...and that sage green is a fabulous complimentary color that works well for boys and girls. :)

you'll be fine. i'm so excited for your both!! xo, bb