Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bloggerwood Confidential.

Last week Matt and I went to prom for the third time (I was his date to both his junior and senior prom and yet we didn't date until four years ago, precious right?). And I gotta say, third time around was definitely the swankiest and most technologically enhanced one of them all, haha.

In case you have no idea what I'm referencing here, it was LA's 2nd annual and oh so fabulous Blogger Prom. Last year I couldn't make it because I was already in Chicago for BlogHer so as soon as I heard the date of this year's prom I marked in on my calendar and started brainstorming costume ideas, haha. The theme this year was Hollywood confidential (um, PERFECT!) and it was so fun to get all Hollywooded out with Matt and some of my other favorite bloggers.

Prom was held at Yamashiro which is, if you've never been (I hadn't until then), all sorts of amazing. The whole space was just classy and fun and the VIEW oh the VIEW, amazing.

The night itself was full of delicious food (um there was a CHEESE station! enough said) and drinks (I was sort of obsessed with the Pinky specialties), great conversations with friends, meeting some new people, joking about the internet (and a whole lot of Twitter, although I had no service...thanks AT&T) and admiring all sorts of amazing outfits. And if you can believe it I actually forgot to take ANY pictures! Ah! Blasphemy! But alas there was a professional there, so thanks Heather Kincaid for sharing your pics (you can check out all the pics from prom here):

amazing view from the front, LOVE.

Matt and I rocking our best classic Hollywood.
I sort of adore his suit. oh and his shoes too:

thanks to Tara for this one, Matt went
allll out.

newlyweds! Michelle and Matt, just too cute.

Nico and Andrea so very Mad Menesque

annnd the whole group shot!
also BIG NOTE. prom was picked up in the
THE LA Times and they used OUR PICTURE.
seriously, a million schnazzy points to us!


oh such a pretty and tasty drink.

the streaming TweetDeck of the night,
we are so techy.

Thank you, thank you to the fabulous Blogger Prom committee for one hell of a night and a fabulous swag bag (I can't wait to test everything out) Can't wait until next year!

And check out Andrea, Nico, Michelle's Matt and Tara's recap of the night as well.

happy thursday!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Wedding: The Ceremony.

First of all.


Seriously, we've been married a month already?? How in the world did that happen? I mean really, time is flying by too fast, it seems like only yesterday we were finishing up last minute touches and getting your suit and wow, a month. Before I know it it'll be a year and then five and I'm stopping there, I don't want time to go that fast just yet, I'm enjoying the married now life.

Anyhoo in celebration of our monthoversary I thought I'd finally share the wedding ceremony itself (with the help of pictures stolen from my friends since our professional ones aren't in yet). Matt and I actually did have a first look and had a mini fiesta on the party bus before the wedding with our wedding party but I'm the bride (er was) and felt like skipping around a bit. So anyways, here we go with a little picture breakdown:

my younger brothers
walking my mom down the aisle.

here comes the groom!

Matt's younger brother and co-best man Brad
walking my BFF and co-moh Jen down the aisle.

Matt's older brother and co-best man, Ryan walking
my other BFF and co-moh, Megan down the aisle.

my dad and I laughed and danced the whole way
down the aisle.

a wide shot of the ceremony.

my lovely bridesmaids
(and Matt's immediate family up front).

reading our vows
(and I didn't even cry! shocking, I know).

you may kiss the bride!

the new Mr. and Mrs!

The ceremony was pretty much us in a nutshell. We used non-traditional music (the bridal party walked down to "Beautiful" by G. Love, I walked down to "All You Need is Love" by David Lynden Hall - aka the Love Actually version and after we kissed we walked together to "You and Me" by Dave Matthews Band, so not traditional at all but so perfect) picked two readings that meant something to us, we wrote our own vows and Matt's cousins officiated our ceremony. Basically it was perfect, but then again every bride says that, haha. And it didn't hurt that it wasn't hot at all, especially because of the heatwave that had happened the days leading up to it (and even after!).

Basically our ceremony was everything I hoped it would be, just a special moment that kicked off a completely special and amazing day with the ones that I loved and the man that I love the most.

happy tuesday!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Wedding: A Primping Party.

Saturday morning I was up early. Jen had spent the night and every couple hours we kept waking up squeeeing to the fact that I was getting married in a few hours. Eventually I rolled out of bed and hung out a bit before Megan came over with some breakfast burritos (am I am healthy bride or what, haha?).

For a while it was just me and my co-Mohs and it was fabulous. Eventually the other girls started coming over and I hopped in the shower to get all ready and before I knew it my fabulous hair stylist Jenievieve arrived.

we're just too excited!

this woman makes my hair look awesome every time.

The whole time we were getting ready there was nothing fun on TV to watch (besides Jerry Maguire) so informercials it was, seriously. We laughed and amused ourselves making fun of the Instyler ads and just wow, it was so ridiculous.

my sister actually HAS an Instyler! ridiculous.

not quite time to get dressed yet.

After my hair was did, my good friend Kathleen came over and graciously used her makeup skills on me. I sort of told her what I wanted and gave her some of the makeup I bought to use and she did all the rest and holy hell do I love this woman. On top of it, she had the perfect lip color for me to use all night and it was amazing.

Kathleen was a trooper and made me look all purdy even when my eyes spazzed out, haha.

Before I knew it it was time for me to get in my dress!! I wasn't really nervous all morning but as soon as the dress came out of the bag the butterflies hit. It was just so surreal and amazing and just wow. But once I had on my garters, my shoes, my jewelry and finally my dress I felt fantastic and absolutely adored the way I looked.

zipping/buttoning me into my dress!

all ready to go and posing with my mom!

Pretty much the morning was just as I hoped with my favorite ladies at my side keeping me sane and entertained and just silly perfection. And beefore I knew it we were heading to the party bus and on our way to see my future husband! Crazypants!

happy thursday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I'm Watching.

Monday marked the beginning of Fall TV which means my DVR is back in action and I love it. So I figured, why not share what'll be on my screen this Fall:

Monday: How I Met Your Mother

suit up! let's hope we actually MEET
the MOTHER this season.

Tuesday: GLEE!

oh I am such a Gleeker is almost ridiculous.

Wednesday: Top Model, Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds

Stabler and Benson will always
by my favorite cops.

Thursday: The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, CSI:, The Mentalist

it's almost ridiculous how much I LOVE
Sheldon and the gang. nerd alert, nerd alert!

Friday: Medium, CSI: NY

Allison and Joe are seriously too cute.

Sunday: Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters

hopefully Vanessa Williams brings back that
spark to Wisteria Lane.

And in my free time: Say Yes to the Dress (I watch this every morning, it's almost ridiculous), Fringe (stupid stupid conflict, thank you DVDs), Project Runway (stupid hour and a half doesn't air twice in the same night any more so now I have to miss it live, grrrr) and Dexter (on DVD so don't you dare spoil season 5 for me since I'm still on 4).

In retrospect I feel like I don't watch allll that many shows any more. A lot of my faves have gotten canceled and I can't really stand reality shows (minus Top Model and Runway) so it's not as nuts as it used to be. However it's still pretty busy and I thank my DVR every day for existing, haha.

So what are you watching this Fall? Anything I should add to my list? Have an extra TV and DVR for me since AT&T UVerse still won't come to my apartment and give me an awesome DVR?

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner.

After the rehearsal we were all off to the rehearsal dinner (duh).

We got there and the cocktail hour was just fun socializing with everyone there and chatting about the wedding and an open bar was quite a hit as well. Eventually I took my bridesmaids aside and gave them their gifts and thanked all of my ladies and it was just so special to me that they were all there. After cocktails we had a freaking delicious dinner and then there were speeches, oh were their speeches.

It was just so funny to hear our friends and family share stories, like how I love my towel time and how my friend Liz knew we were getting engaged and had to keep it secret and how Matt was a silly kid and how I'm sort of a legend in the kitchen (but not for my successes, haha) and how Matt and I were just meant to be and it was all sorts of ridiculous and cute and hilarious.

Pretty much it was just such a fun time with our families and close friends and wedding party and I looooved it.

And of course there were pictures!

me and my siblings, adore.

and the parents join the pic.

all the ladies involved with the wedding
aka my faves.

my sister and her bf getting a little silly.

we're almost mawwwwied!

love the families getting together!

me with my co-mohs!

Matt and Ryan's reaction their brother's speech,
love it.

Ted and JR celebrating the night.

After the rehearsal we all headed back to our respective hotels and rooms and what not (Matt and the boys went to one and I went back to our suite) and my friends surprised me with lots of champagne in my room and it was just so fun!!

Seriously I'm not even kidding though, so much champagne and fun music and eventually we went down to the hotel bar where we ran into a ton of my out of town family so that was just a party all around. Pretty much we closed the place down (well my friends and family did becuase I was psuedo responsible and finally went to bed around 12 or 1).

Basically it was a perfect night with lots of people I love before the big day!

happy tuesday!

Monday, September 20, 2010

In the meantime...

Apparently I'm a lazy bum that knows what I want to write and what pictures I want to share but just hasn't really done it yet. So instead of a wedding recap today you get a brief weekend recap instead. Because basically my weekend was a lot like this:

Saturday: Wake up. Watch Dexter Season 3. Clean apartment. Make room for new wedding gifts (love new wedding gifts). Eat random food that doesn't resemble blood. Watch lots and lots more Dexter. Drink some wine. Sleep.

Sunday: Wake up. Watch more Dexter because clearly I'm obsessed. Sit in my towel. Scream at Dexter and Jimmy Smits crazies.

Get a little swoony because there's a wedding and I love all things wedding. Inspire me to watch some of our wedding video. Cry a little at the cuteness.

Finish Dexter and look for Season 4. Lose a couple hours playing the Sims. Get ready. Open presents at my parents house. Belated birthday dinner for my dad with the whole fam. Indulge in a ridiculously delicious meal.

Roll ourselves home. Pie and ice cream. SVU marathon to end the night. Sleeeeep.

Exciting right? Apparently I'm a married TV addict Sims lover who's too lazy to organize pictures, haha. But I'm trying to change that I really am! So more recaps this week, woo!

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Wedding: The Day Before.

So I think I'm going to approach this wedding recap business similar to my wedding twin Michelle (hope you don't mind Michelle!) and break it down so it's not so overwhelming but still fun and weee and squeee and all sorts of woo wee!

So here goes the beginning of wedding recapalooza! The Day Before, and go!

Nothing wedding related left to do but have fun, that was just the kind of day I wanted. Pretty much I lazed around the apartment and watched Say Yes to the Dress (Matt left to go golfing with his guys) until it was time to meet some of my favorites at Panera (um YUM). I believe there were fourteen of us (most of my bridesmaids, my mom, my future sister-in-law and my college ladies) and although it was a bit toasty outside it was so fun to hang out and catch up and eat and just chat about the wedding and "ohmygodyouregettingmarriedtomorrow!!!" was exclaimed more than once, and I definitely did not mind AT ALL.

After lunch most of us made our way up to a nail salon close by and got pedis and manis and basically heaven for our hands and feet (at least for mine, haha). It was nice to just be girly and have so much fun relaxing and swoonface, adored it all.

me and my cousin Brittany letting our nails dry.

Before I knew it it was time to check into the hotel, change, get ready and head to the rehearsal. All I can say is thank goodness my Co-Mohs, Megan and Jen, and Matt were there to help me otherwise it would have been a ridiculous feat getting there on time with all of the stuff I had with me (I mean we were like 10 minutes late, but that's all good).

The rehearsal itself was entertaining as the guys kept making jokes, we all kept shielding our eyes from the sun and everyone was just enjoying the view and excited for the next day!

the guys are so attentive, haha.

our coordinator giving everyone the low down
for Saturday.

some of my most favorite ladies ever!
aka the eight great.

Basically it was just fun, which is exactly what I had hoped for!

And yeah I know not the most exciting wedding recap start but seriously people, you wanted the whole story (and who am I kidding, I wanted to share it, haha) and I had to start somewhere :)

Next up: The Rehearsal Dinner, where there were speeches and wine and pretty flowers and ridiculousness all around.

happy thursday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Okay I have to be honest, before I went to Italy I had no idea that "ciao" was "hello" AND "goodbye" (two loser points to Katelin) so of course I'm using it now as HELLO and OH HOW I MISSED YOU INTERNETS! (and yes caps is necessary, the blame is still being put on Nicole).

Anyhoozits, I had all these high hopes of starting the wedding recap process yesterday and even today but really people, I am TIRED. The past two and a half weeks have been a whirlwind and I think it's finally catching up with me. It's caught up with me so much that my email is daunting, my reader is horrifying (sorry but I'm hitting read please oh please fill me in on your lives and let me know what I missed!), my eyes are seeing double as I type and I'm having serious Italy withdrawals especially in the wine, cheese and gelato aspects.

However, that doesn't mean I don't have anything to share and because I love pictures I'll give you some more wedding teasers and a bit of Italy in the meantime before it totally takes over the blog (as if it hasn't already).

Also! Big ups and thanks to my fabulous guest bloggers that stepped in and shared the loooove while I was out, seriously you ladies are the bestest and the funniest and the cutest and I adored all of your posts so thank you. And thank you to all of you freaders for your fabulous comments on my last post about being a Mrs. It's still weird and crazy but the love you all give me makes it so much better.

So. Pictures. And GO!

the new Mr. and Mrs.
LOVE this one.

we're walking away...

the reception all set up and ready to go.

Cinque Terre oh how I adore your prettiness.

on the rooftop in a castle in Chianti, schnazzypants.

tossing our coins into the Trevi fountain.

Anyhoo hope you all don't mind the ridiculousness of Katelin and Matt that is going to be this blog for a while, but I hope you enjoy because clearly there will be pictures and stories and silliness and just woo all around!!

happy tuesday!