Thursday, May 31, 2007

Two. Deux. Duo.

So for anyone that knows me, knows that I love two duos in action. The first being Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. This love obviously stemmed from my love (can possibly read as obsession) with the movie SPEED. I don't know what it is, but I just love them, and I love them together! Now my second favorite on screen duo is Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. And if you can't guess where that one came from, then close the box and stop reading, haha. Yes I was (can possibly still read as currently still am) a teeny bopper and loved Titanic when it hit screens 10 years ago. And yes I saw it 5 times in theaters. Pshaw, I have no shame.

So I bring this up, because Sandra and Keanu reunited last year for The Lake House (corny, but I still liked it and definitely own it) and coming soon Leo and Kate are reuniting in the film Revolutionary Road. I don't really know the whole plot, but really, do I care? It's obvious I will be seeing it. And only gave me more reason by putting up this pic of Leo today. He is just so cute. I heart him.

So look on in awe. I did.

Happy Thursday!


I would just like to say that hitting your hand on a door knob really hurts. Somehow I managed to swing my hand into my door knob really hard last night, and it's still throbbing. Really? I don't know how I manage these things. Last summer I hit the same hand on my ceiling fan (as it was on medium speed), and it hurt just as much. I have no idea how I do these things to myself. But I definitely do not recommend it. The end.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh movies, how I love thee.

So I’ve decided that as much as I love movies and would love to ultimately be a film critic, I don’t know how good I would be at it. I am incredibly bias in my movie preferences and tend to write a lot how I talk. So for anyone that would like to know how I feel about movies and doesn’t mind that I write like I talk, keep reading. And if not, just stop now. A “review” is about to happen, so I’m giving you a head’s up.

So tonight I saw Waitress. I wanted to see this movie for several reasons. Well one, I love Kerri Russell, and have ever since her Mouseketeer days. Second, it just looked funny. Third, my best friend wanted to see it as well, so it made a nice outing for us to hang out and watch together.

The movie is about a small town waitress (Russell) who’s stuck in a no good marriage, works at the small town pie shop, unintentionally gets knocked up, falls for her married doctor, and so on. I say “and so on” so I don’t spoil the movie for anyone who plans on seeing this flick anytime soon. Basically it’s a very witty, smart and humorous way of looking at marriage and motherhood. Kerri Russell’s character, Jenna, goes through a series of changes and emotions that show both the good and the bad of pregnancy and motherhood.

Well I don’t want to dwell too much into the plot, cause it’s fun just to watch without knowing too much. Just know, I highly recommend it for a good laugh and a good insight. And if you want to know anything else, check out the movie blog on it:

And on a final more serious note, for anyone who doesn’t know, the director/writer of the film Adrienne Shelley (who also plays one of Kerri Russell’s best friends Dawn), was murdered in November before this movie came out. So in honor, support of her, check out the site/foundation her husband made in her tribute for female filmmakers:

Good movie Adrienne, good movie.


I love Lily Allen. And this dress. It's fabulously summer.


Is it just me or do other people find that they do most of their contemplating when they are in the shower or driving? I swear every morning when I'm in the shower I get the most random ideas or I think of things I have to do. I go through lists, I think of what to wear for the day, what to make for lunch, all sorts of random things. It's really quite helpful actually. Yet, by doing this, my showers are never really that relaxing. I guess I save that for the drive to work.

On my drive to work every day I don't necessarily think of what I have to do that day or get any brilliant ideas, I somehow start to drift off and reminisce back to the days when I wasn't on my way to work, haha.

For example, today I started thinking about a random snowball fight I had my freshmen year of college. I have no idea where that came from, but the whole event was right like it happened yesterday. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still paying attention while I drive, but it's like my memories take over when I'm in my car by myself. I really don't get it, but I don't mind it either. Yet, the moment I pull into my driveway at work, I'm "woken up" so to speak, and the memories are gone until 6:30 when they escort me home. I guess you could say it's my bittersweet way staying young while growing up.

And that's my "insight" for the day.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And I forgot to mention....

As many of you know from watching the news this weekend that yet another celebutante has been charged with a DUI, Miss LiLo. I just felt like sharing this, because 1. the girl has already been to rehab. 2. she's not even 21 yet. 3. she still partied the rest of the weekend.

And my word of advice to all of the retarded celebs that drive drunk and hit things, GET A FREAKING DRIVER.

We all know you can afford one, so utilize it, and save yourself a trip to the slammer, idiots.

That is all.


Ah Pirates of the Caribbean, how I love thee. I don't really want to go into a full critique only because I'm bias and I already tried to write a critique and it failed miserably. However I would like to say that I saw the latest installment in the Pirates collection , Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and I was a fan. There were some interesting plot twists, lots of piratey betrayal and Jack Sparrow going even crazier than he already is. And I was glad that it didn't seem like I was in the theater for 2 hours and 45 minutes, the movie moved along with lots of scenes and stories, and I was captivated, woo.

All in all, I recommend that any Pirates fan get out there and see this movie. It may not be as great as the first, but it's still quite entertaining. And don't forget to stay after the credits for an "extra scene."

Ah Summer movies are on their way and I can't wait! Woo!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

View from the "lobby."

So I sit at the front desk of my office answering the phone and basically holding the fort down (well not really, but I'd like to think so). And being in the front does have it's perks, I get the window view. I get to see all sorts of things happening outside. And today I thought I'd share what I've seen so far:
  • A kid skateboarding outside wearing a ski mask (weird?)
  • A really tall girl on a scooter. Ya she looked kind of awkward.
  • The same uber tan, wrinkly, shirtless man that walks by my office every day carrying a newspaper (occasionally reading it).
  • A Cadillac with LV decals all over it.
  • A group of indie hipsters talking about some band and how much "they rocked at the concert last night."
  • A high school couple that stopped and made out in front of me, until they realized I was in here. Oh kids.
Well that's about all I got time for today. Work is beckoning, woo.

Here I'll leave you with Det. Stabler, in the shower. mmmmmm. I'd love to see that out the window, haha.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday TV Roundup.

I am a TV fanatic. There I said it. Got it off my chest, now you all now.

So with that being said, I am so incredibly glad that sweeps are almost done and that my shows will go on hiatus, because I can then just go out and not have to worry about setting the VCR (yes VCR, I am not cool enough to have a DVR just yet). So here are my two cents on how my shows ended:

Monday shows:
Heroes: Okay, so I have to skip this one, because instead of watching the finale last night, I went to a Dodger game instead, then there was a mishap with the TV so it didn't record. Thank goodness NBC has Heroes online, and all my Heroes questions will be answered? Did they save the world? Who dies? ahhhhh.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Okay so another show that has actually yet to finish and sadly when it finishes, it will be done for good. NBC is just stupid and didn't know what to do with this good show. Actually NBC just has problems in general lately and doesn't know what to do with most of their shows. Luckily they are bringing Studio 60 back for a couple more episodes on Thursday and will wrap it up. Tear.

Tuesday shows:
Law and Order: SVU: Okay wow, I'm just an idiot, so far I can't have opinions on finales because my first three haven't had theirs yet. SVU's finale is on tonight, full of celeb appearances and intense drama, love it. Ludacris is guest starring, I like him, so hopefully it'll be a good episode.

Wednesday shows:
America's Next Top Model: So this ended last week. And I must say, I wasn't too thrilled with it. Heck I wasn't a huge fan of the whole season. It just wasn't that good. The girls weren't that great, there wasn't that much drama, not that much suspense, and no real stand out. Jaslene won, which was a good comeback story, but I still didn't think she was the best. Hopefully next season will have some better competitor's, photo shoots and all around challenges.

Criminal Minds: Man, I like this show more and more after I watch it. But wow, it is ridiculously twisted and mostly creepy, haha. I don't know what that says about me, but it's just so good. The finale was very good in my opinion. It had a returned serial killer who framed Giddeon and went on a rampage until he got his "love" back. When they finally caught him and he basically brainwashed his love again, he held her hand and they jumped in front of a train. Wow. Did not see that coming. But I'm glad there was no cliff hanger, sometimes I just like my shows to end.

Thursday shows:
Grey's Anatomy: Okay. I love this show. I really do. Ever since I started watching last year, I have just loved this show. And I finally watched the whole first season and I loved that too. The show just had me laughing (mostly at Cristina) and just full on interested in the bizarre medical scenarios it presented. However, the finale. Wow. There were really no words I could give to this finale. It basically left me utterly depressed. I am already said that Addison is leaving and getting her own spinoff, but the door was also left open for Burke and George to leave as well (who are rumored to be leaving in real life). Basically there was little humor (granted Cristina with no eyebrows was hilarious) in the finale and no one really had a happy ending, except Joe and his partner holding the babies they may or may not get to adopt. Come on Shonda! Give us something! Basically I am hoping that next season will give some hope and some humor to the dedicated viewers who admire drama but not total devastation.

CSI: Another classic show. I love it. I definitely admire CSI:'s tactics of drawing out the "miniature killer" all season and bringing viewers back in an attempt to counter the popularity of Grey's at the same time slot. In my opinion, it was a brilliant move. The minature killer was so bizarre, yet so intriguing at the same time. So to bring the killer back in the finale, amazing. I enjoyed seeing the killer finally revealed (a crazy woman who has serious issues) and caught, but not after she had already kidnapped CSI Sarah and placed her under a car somewhere in the desert. The show ended showing Sarah still alive, but no one knowing where she was and the crazy killer not talking, hello next season.

Sunday shows:
Desperate Housewives: Another show I have come to love over the years. I must say this may have been one of my favorite finales. The episode showed the return of a "pregnant" Bree, Gaby's marriage to a career obsessed and driven politician, a look into Lynette's tumultuous relationship with her mother, Susan and Mike's private wedding and the ultimate shocker, Edie committing suicide. I thought it was all very clever. Some sad parts, but in no way as sad as Grey's was. I loved the fact that Bree was covering her daughter's pregnancy and the romantic tension between Gaby and Carlos when they both realize they have been deceived by their lovers. And as sad as it was I thought that Edie's suicide was somewhat poignant (granted I still don't know if that's the word I'm looking for). Over the past couple episodes they have been building up her vulnerability and desire for approval when she used to be a very headstrong woman. However Carlos changed her, and obviously her dead mother's words looming over head did not help either. I think next season should revive the show that had some slow moments this season and who knows, maybe Edie will be saved, just have to wait 'til the Fall.

Without a Trace: The last show on my list. I'll be honest I missed a couple episodes this year and wasn't as in to it as I have in the past. However, I thought the finale was good. The team stopped a pedophile before he struck again, yet at the end of the episode, the pedophile's target was picked up and tossed into a van and the credits rolled. No idea where that came from, next season will just have to solve that mystery for us.

Well that's my TV roundup. Here comes summer, full of movies and more movies, woo.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Can I Have Four Beers?

Okay so I saw this video awhile ago, but oh man, I love it. Pearl is my hero. She is so darn cute. So I felt the need to share this amazing video...


The Landlord

And they just put up the outtakes to go with it. Even better. Will Ferrell, you are awesome.
Because you demanded it. The Pearl Out Takes.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I have problems.

When I like something, I really like it. Like a song, if I really like it I can play it on repeat nonstop and never get tired of it. A movie, Speed, for example, I can watch that movie for the rest of my life and never ever get tired of hearing Keanu Reeves say "There's a bomb... on the bus."

So on that note... the latest addition to my addictive obsessiveness, WICKED. It has almost been a month since I saw it, and I am still thinking about it. Well the fact that I have the soundtrack and play it almost endlessly doesn't help that much, but man it's great. I don't even know why I love it so much. But the singing, the story, the humor, the special effects, all of it. I'm in love.

So get out there and see it kids. Granted it's a bit pricey, I definitely recommend it.

Monday, May 14, 2007


So I really did intend to have more meaningful posts, but really. These two pictures were just too much to resist. I couldn't help myself.

More meaning next time.

For now.

Feel free to drool.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Step One.

Step One. I really have no idea what I mean by Step One, or what the heck the title of my blog means, but I love it anyways. The title of the blog actually comes from the Dispatch song, "Flying Horses." I haven't heard that song in forever, but that line, I love it.

So there were are. Step One. I'm branching out. Writing in my own blog. We'll see how it goes and what I actually write about. It's got some potential, I've got some potential. Woo.

Anyhoo. Time to figure this business out. Woo again.