Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I didn't think she could get any cuter....

but I have been proven wrong. Violet Affleck has taken cuteness to a whole new level. Thank you to Julie Q for sending me this link because I was pretty much done with my gossip and posting for the day. But it's Halloween and my favorite celebtot is dressed up, how could I not post?! So without further adieu I present Miss Violet the little lamb *insert awwwwwwww*

Oh man she is just so darn cute.
I can't wait to see all the cute kiddies in my neighborhood dressed up tonight! Woo!

Yay Halloween! :)

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some pictures for the afternoon.

Violet and Jen at le zoo. (I kind of want Jen's scarf...mmm)

Seal and Heidi looking fabulous

Baby Spice and her new baby spice Beau

Miss Britt's new CD cover

A suspense thriller with the characters of Dawson's Creek???

What I've been watching....

So I realize I have neglected to recap or give any inclination of my feelings/reactions to some of my favorite shows on television lately, so I will try and catch up now...

The Hills. Oh The Hills. There has been so much "news" about The Hills lately like say Gavin (Lauren's model friend/date from last week) sharing his side of the show with Best Week Ever, all the editing errors (like LC's change in nail polish and hair last week), and so many other random things I don't even remember. However, besides all that fakeness I still love the show. I haven't missed an episode yet. And I must say I liked last night's episode for a few reasons. One. Heidi and Spencer were barely in it (Hallelujah!). Two. Whitney was in it a lot. Three. They actually focused on the girls' job at Teen Vogue and we got to see some fashion and party planning at its best. Three. Lauren and Brody getting all snuggly wuggly (I think they're cute together). Anyhoo...the show has kept me laughing/intrigued/and laughing some more, so of course I'll keep watching.

And then there's Heroes. Man I love this show. There is just so much going on though. I swear, if you miss one episode you will be completely lost. Luckily, I haven't missed any episodes yet so I'm all in the know of Heroes. One thing that I love (and also find extremely funny) is that this show has incorporated so many countries/states and now languages. We've always had Japanese subtitles for Hiro and Ando, and now this season there is Spanish with Maya and Alejandro. And on top of it all, last night's episode opened in the Ukraine with Russian (maybe?). Crazy pants!

Top Model. General thoughts. I think Ambreal is going home next. I'm glad Ebony left (she was annoying). I still don't like Heather. I think Ty Ty may be pushing too many "causes" this season (going green, no smoking, autism, help the children). Lisa, Chantal and Saleisha are my top 3. Love it.

Okay I don't really feel like going into all the shows I watch, since it's a lot and I feel like all of them require about a paragraph to fully explain how it's going. So just note so far I am pleased with all of my shows (including Grey's, Desperate Housewives, Without a Trace, CSI: and SVU). And I can't wait for them to take a break, haha.

And tonight I'm going to see Lars and the Real Girl. I'm quite interested to see how this movie pans out. I'll have to let you know manana. Woot.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Is this a sign?

I come home to find a plain looking envelope on my bed and get a short stint of excitement that it could be from one of my friends across the country, but no. It's not a bill....maybe I won a million dollars? Yes this is where my mind wanders. However, the contents of the envelope were very far from anything I thought....I'll just show you instead:

I pretty much laughed out loud. Is this a sign? Do I need to place my order now? Get the deal while it's hot? Haha, I freaking hope not.


This is how I feel right now....

and I don't really know why....

and I'm not complaining.

Some cuteness.

Okay so I literally just blogged, like seconds ago...okay by the time I finish it will probably be minutes, but still. I was going to wait 'til later to share these pictures. But I think everyone needs a nice dose of Monday morning (err afternoon?) cuteness. So here is the cuteness...the super duper the form of Violet Affleck (would you expect anything else?) :

Precioussssssss. :)

Monday? Again?

Several things to share this fine Monday morning in October...
One. My weekend was relaxing and I loved it. I mean really relaxing. Relaxing to the point that I slept for a lot of it, and my god it was amazing. I love sleeping. And when I wasn't sleeping I was tending to the one armed boyfriend (okay he really doesn't have one arm, don't worry, but his arm is in an immobilizing sling so he really can't do a whole lot with his right arm...good thing he's a lefty). And besides that we watched some TV and football (and when did USC forget how to win?! Gah! Honestly Trojans, really? Not cool.) where I decided that I am basically rooting for Matt's team, ASU, since they are having an amazing year that's pretty fun to watch and of course OSU (I have to).

And yesterday I went to the gym. It was amazing. I had never been on a Sunday and it was glorious, I may have to do this more often. There was virtually no one there so I could work out in peace (ie no nasty sweaty men on a bike next to me) and then try out the weight machines that I was too intimated to try before when the room was filled with a bagillion men. And with that there was success, I found some machines I like and can do on my own (holler). Love it. Now I'm just sore, gotta work on that one.

After that the day was spent relaxing, going to Target, getting Matt and watching Hocus Pocus with my brothers. The movie was as great as I remembered it. And even better, the main kid in the movie, his name is Max's fate. Haha.

Okay well that's my weekend in a nutshell? How was yours? Fantastic? Amazing? Costume filled? I'm curious.

And on that note, time to get to emailing! Woot!

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Friday alright.

So my day started off waaaay more chaotic and frantic than usual but thank the heavens I am settled and back to normal. Why was it so crazy you ask? Oh only because I'm a dumbass and didn't do something that was due yesterday to people in New York who need to go over it to send to more people, gah. So yes I was jolted awake when my cell phone blared "Ain't No Party" full blast (I forgot to turn the volume down, gah) at 7:20 in the am with Anonymous as the caller ID. So I didn't answer. Who the hell would be calling me that early anyways? So they left a voicemail and I listened and then I freaked out. Gah! So I scurried around Matt's house and bolted out the door shortly after. So yes, I have been at work since 8:25 this morning, work doesn't start until 9:30. I was definitely the only person here for a solid 55 minutes and it was a little freaky, not gonna lie. However, I got it all done. I wrote up a kick ass report and apologized to the client for my ridiculous mistake and finally stopped to breathe. And somehow I have already managed to finish my two other assignments that were due today too (go me!) and am left blogging and getting ready to partake in some more work to make all my campaigns a lovely success, woo!

So with all of that off my chest it has left me to ponder a few things for my upcoming weekend. I don't really have a whole lot planned except a return trip to Target to return some headphones, read some Wicked, maybe hit the gym, watch some football and tend to the recovering boyfriend, woot. However, today in the midst of my chaoticness I realized something missing from my life this time of year. Besides fall weather of course, I haven't seen my two favorite Halloween movies yet! Blasphemy!

Movie number one is one of my all time favorites with three wicthes, a talking cat, the kid from Eerie, Indiana, Thora Birch, a magic candle...have you guessed it yet? Hocus Pocus! I love this movie. And I'm pretty sure I've seen it around Halloween every year for a loooong time, mainly because the Disney channel knows when they've made a good movie and play it all the time around this time of year. However, thanks to my brothers I no longer have to wait to see this classic on TV, I can simply dig it out of my DVD collection and watch. So what's holding me back? I have no idea. I told Matt earlier that I have to watch it this weekend and he can't argue it, haha. Who doesn't love Better Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as witches coming back to haunt a small town in the Midwest? And the talking cat? Binx. Gotta love him.

And movie number two. It's another one with witches, I love witch movies, what can I say? However, it also has one of my favorite actresses of all time and an Oscar winning Aussie as her sister and curses and true love and a cop with one blue eye, one green...know what movie? But only Practical Magic of course. I heart this movie. Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress and the whole story line in this movie is fun, I love when they're dancing to the lime and the coconut song, amazing. Oh! I told Matt this one may have to be added to the weekend mix as well and I can hardly wait, woo!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I do some strange things.

I realized just now, just this instant, just this second...okay I really don't know where I'm going with that...but I realized that I do some of the weirdest things at work. If I was one of my coworkers, I may be slightly concerned (but only slightly). What kind of weird things you ask? Well...

For one, I listen to Showtunes at work. Who does that? I just caught myself listening to the Wicked soundtrack for the 138765 time and it was loud. Really Katelin? Really? And not only that, when I put my Ipod on shuffle there are endless possibilities of random music that can emerge from my little computer speakers. For example today I was listening to Kanye and the next song to come on was the Carebears theme song (why do I have that? I do not know, but no I'm not deleting it either) and then I skipped it (for obvious reasons) and the next song to come on, Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way"...ummm No, not really work appropriate, maybe for the convenience of my car or headphones. But honestly, my music selection is so bizarre and everyone in my office is subject to it when they walk by or if I have it up too loud and don't notice because I can't wear headphones because I am still (until a replacement is hired) sitting at the front desk and answering phones. So until then I will try to hide my sudden urges to blare "Defying Gravity" my speakers and resort to the more office appropriate sounds of Josh Kelley, O.A.R. or any other rock/indie/rap that fits the office vibe for now.

Reason two I'd think I was slightly "weird"...I drink enough water to saturate a small yard. No joke. I am constantly going to the kitchen and refilling my water bottle. I can't help it. I'm addicted to water. It's delicious and refreshing and good for me. So maybe that's not the weird part. Maybe it's the fact that I have to pee like nine times a day. Now let's say my coworkers don't see me with my handy dandy bottle o H20 and only see me head to the bathroom on a frequent basis...that could raise some suspicion don't you think? So let me get this out there, I have no eating disorder, bowel problems or anything else you may think people...I just drink waaaay too much water, simple as that, weirdness solved.

And the third reason, I'm clumsy. For some unexplainable reason I tend to trip over the most minuscule things and do a flay but somehow manage to catch myself kind of fall. I have yet to totally hit the ground, but man have I come close. I trip over the wires by my desk, I slip on the water people spill on the ground in the kitchen, I hit my head on our ridiculously large coffee maker (yes I did that today and I may even have a bump) and who knows what else I've done. I guess it doesn't help that I rarely wear real shoes and my sandals tend to catch cords and other loose things on the floor, hopefully I can just learn to walk like a normal person and my coworkers won't think I'm miss clumsy...we'll see about that.

However, as much as I think about it, my self-proclaimed weirdness is basically what makes me who I am. Who am I kidding? I'm still going to play Wicked, drink bottles upon bottles of water and ultimately pee them all out and I doubt my days of clumliness are behind me. So hopefully my coworkers are ready for it, haha. :)

Mumble Jumble.

I am just a whole mess of emotions of today. Let me list the reasons why (because I know you really want to know)...
- I've been up since 5:25 this morning, after going to bed at 1:30 (gah!). Anyone who knows me knows that I need a ridiculous amount of sleep to function, so today should be interesting.
- I've been up so early because I had to go to the hospital with Matt at 6.
- He's having surgery on his shoulder and may or may not still be there.
- I'm anxiously awaiting his call (or a call from either one of his parents) to say that all is well, he's fine, cyst gone, tear in the shoulder fixed, woo.
- Until then, I'm such a worrier and need to cut back on the hospital TV shows that give me reasons to worry. (ah but I love Grey's! who am I kidding, of course I'm watching it tonight).
- My legs are sore...I biked 18.6 miles at the gym yesterday (yowza).
- Lots of work to do today! But things are looking up, always a plus.
- In unrelated more uplifting is my half birthday! (woo 23.5!), haha.

And Update:
Just got off the phone with Matt (who sounded waaaaay out of it, as expected) and all is well, er as well as can be. So no more worrying for me, whew. Thanks for the well wishes. Hopefully his recovery will go smoothly *fingers crossed*

And with all that said, what better way to make this post a little more cheery and my day a little less worrisome than to share this oh-so-freaking-adorable picture of my favorite "mommy and me" duo in Hollywood...Violet and Jen of course.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I have this sudden urge to go hiking.

Just when I thought I'd have no celeb photos to share today, PopSugar comes in to save the day once again. First they have Keanu in all his scruffy mcscrufferson attire. Apparently he's no longer filming and is free to grow the beard and rock the hiking boots at fancy scmancy restaurants. But alas he is still my fave no matter how scruffy and mountain man he looks.

And on top of that, PopSugar even has picks of the oh so adorable Suri up as well. She is just so freaking cute, and Katie doesn't look too bad here either, precious.

And that's the celeb reel today. Woot.

Trick or Treat!

I can't believe that Halloween is only a week away! A week!? And before you know it Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years, gah! Time seriously flies by sometimes and I have no idea where it's going. Anyhoo. Instead of writing about the fires here in California (because it's just getting so sad and crazy and there was ash on my car this morning, gah!), I'm going to post something much more entertaining and cheery. I'm going to share some of the best of the best of my past Halloween costumes. As a kid I had some pretty typical costumes (a witch, Minnie Mouse, a cowgirl, a pirate, a clown) and then as middle school rolled around I'm pretty sure I was "the Enchantress" all three years, haha. And by the time high school rolled around I was kind of too lazy to really embrace the awesomeness of dressing up. Instead I think I went as an "army girl" (basically stealing my dad's fatigues) and I don't really know what else. However, once college came around, costumes took on a whole new meaning. College was the best excuse to dress up. And I loved it.

And with that said I will share some of my favorite college Halloweens (at least the ones I could find pictures of last night):

The Four Seasons

One of my faves...Spice Girls! Guess who I was? Haha.

The ladies of the game Clue

Bamm Bamm and Pebbles

Ah, good times. Now that I'm not in college I'm not quite sure if Halloween will be as much fun. Well that and it's on a Wednesday this year and Matt will still be recovering from surgery, so who knows what will happen. At least I can come home to tons of super cute trick or treaters since there about 93850984690905 kids in my neighborhood and all of them are so dang cute.

Anyhoo, time to get back to work. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Ever get that feeling where your gut is cringing? Know what I mean? Sort of? Maybe? Perhaps? Ya well I just had that feeling because I just had a moment to make it happen. I'm sitting at my desk, listening to music, diligently working on my campaigns (woo activity) when one of my coworkers comes over and is like "We have a meeting. Come on." Ah! Meeting?! What meeting? I didn't get a meeting request! Gah. So in a state of frenzy/embarrassment/panic I tried to quickly detach my Ipod, switch my internet to wireless and stealthily enter the meeting.

Well the Ipod wouldn't come off, the internet wigged out on me and as soon as I entered everyone was like "Heeey" and my boss moved out of his chair for me to sit. And in the whole process of this my face turned red and my Ipod fell in the trash can (sweet). Luckily there was nothing in the trash can and the Ipod was saved but my face was still blushing as I tried to rapidly catch up on what I had missed. However, by the time I sat down the meeting was about to end. We talked about two things and then dismissed. Gah. I apologized to my boss for being late because I didn't get the email and then in a frazzled mess made my way back to my desk.

Gah. Turns out my name had been left off the new email list, explaining the lack in meeting notification, superb. And I guess I missed about 20 minutes of the meeting, even parts where my campaigns were being talked about (gah). Oh well. It wasn't my fault, so I can't feel bad. But my stomach is still in knots and it won't go away.

Alas I will try to work it out by working on a campaign that just made a great turn for the better (yay!), listen to O.A.R. and maybe have some licorice to salvage the rest of my Happy Tuesday. Oy Vey.

I post videos.

So as you know I'm always one to share/post video clips I find online or people send to me and today's clip is brought to you by the new movie P2. Looks kind of interesting to me.

Run Violet Run.

Run free in the city... because you can! You're not being held or in a stroller, I love it. So enjoy this moment Vi and run, run, run!

Is this not the cutest family? Gah. Love them.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Okay so I was just about to post some amazing pic of Reese Witherspoon and some trashy mcnasty picture of Brit Brit, but instead I just saw the most amazing article in the whole wide world (okay that's a bit of an exaggeration, but once I get to the point you will understand my ranting and happiness). So as of lately I have been on a Dawson's Creek kick, which is pretty obvious from this post and this post, granted you could even argue I've been on a DC kick the last eight years, haha. Anyhoo. More important news. Gah! I can barely contain my excitement I'm just going to scream it from rooftops and post it right here:


Yes you read that correctly and thank you oh thank you BuzzSugar for making my day! And he won't just be on for one episode, it's a multi-episode deal! Ah! And he's a doctor too, can I call him McPacey? haha. Ah well now that I have caught my breath I need to get back to work again, ah! Love it.




Weekend rundown.

Le movie was Things We Lost in the Fire, saw it with Megan at Paseo...oh the lovely busy busy high school atmosphere of Paseo, gotta love it. Okay onto the movie, if you want to be sad yet moved at the same time, go see this movie. It was really good, but at the same time so utterly depressing. It touches on serious subjects like loss of a loved one, drug addiction, marital relationships and the attitude/reaction of children in difficult situations. In a nutshell, Halle Berry loses her husband, David Duchovny, to an unfortunate accident and in her grieving she decides to take in one of his best friends, Benicio Del Toro, who happens to be a recovering heroin addict. The movie from there follows their ups and downs of recovering and moving on with their lives. It's a really good movie and I highly recommend it...just be prepared to be sad. Oh. And be prepared to see Halle Berry's eyelashes, because seriously whoever the cinematographer is loooooves close ups (no exaggeration).

Moving on. Got back from the movie and went to Matt's house to hang out. Saw some friends I hadn't seen in a while, which is always nice. And even nicer is that Matt saw my Friday post and my desire for a Madris and he went out and got me Sky Vodka (so I wouldn't have to have Popov, granted I would have had it anyways) and pulpless orange juice, oh I love him, haha. And to answer people's question on Friday, the Madris is simply orange juice, cranberry juice and vodka. You can add some lime to it or sprite to mix it up a bit, but I love it. It's simple and delicious. However I give you warning that not all bartenders know what this drink is, some do and some don't, so I usually just order vodka, cranberry, orange juice just to be on the safe side, haha.

Saturday, my grandma turned 95! 95! That is so incredibly old, haha. But really, my grandma was surrounded by family and friends at Shogun, her fave restaraunt, and all around a great time was had. Gotta love it.

From there, Matt and I went to California Speedway to the Ford Fun Fact Weekend (I think that's the name?) and saw some drag races and cool Mustangs and cars and people and cars and more races, haha. It was pretty fun. I even got to meet some of his school friends, so that was cool.

Other than that, the rest of the weekend was spent watching TV/movies/football and washing my car and trying not to blow over in the wind and going to the Targ and meeting the new baby down the street and having Matt cook dinner for my fam and watching news about the fires that are running rampant in SoCal and relaxing and reading "Wicked" (I loooove it).

Mmmmm. Okay time to get working working working. Busy day of stuff, haha. I'll be back later to hit up the celeb world, holla.

Friday, October 19, 2007

My weekend in pictures....(and some words)

going to le movies

having my new fave drink, 'the madris'

celebrating my grandma's 95th!

car races at matt's school

hopefully not screaming at my team

shopping at tarjay

hanging out with elphaba and glinda

Happy Weekend!

Just call me Mel B.

Don't Margo and I look fabulous??? I always look this hot when I fly. Just asked Kiki who picked me up from the airport last week, I looked just like this, haha.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ryan is no Noah.

So I have always been a Ryan Gosling fan, there really is no denying this. I thought he was great on the Mickey Mouse Club (which I watched religiously...not even kidding), so dorkily funny in Remember the Titans, a little disturbing in Murder by Numbers (and even more disturbing when he started dating Sandra Bullock...okay moving past that), but obviously his performance in The Notebook takes the cake. That whole movie was just amazing and you basically had to love him and Rachel.

Okay but getting to my point: Ryan Gosling has come a ways from his day as Noah and you have to give him some major credit for it. He was so good in Half Nelson (heck he even got an Oscar nomination for it), he was a pretty kick ass lawyer in Fracture, and Lars and the Real Girl just looks all around quirky with a dash of some quality acting. I just love seeing stars start out young and actually make it as adult actors without loads of baggage and unnecessary drama, it's a nice change.

The only drama that Ryan seems to have these days is that he broke up with real life girlfriend Rachel McAdams. Sad, but true. But man, what he says in his GQ article is just precious. You gotta love the guy:
“I mean, God bless The Notebook. It introduced me to one of the great loves of my life. But people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie. Rachel and my love story is a hell of a lot more romantic than that.”

And on top of it all, the man is making scruffy look good. His new GQ spread looks amazing and classic and I love it. Props to Ryan.

Dawson's Creek 4Eva.

So remember way back when when I wrote about the Dawson's Creek kids? Well I have some more funness to add to the mix. Apparently Kerr Smith (aka Jack McPhee) has done more than star in Cruel Intentions 3, he has also landed himself a new role on CSI: New York. I was watching last night with my mom and the main girl with curly hair (her name escapes me) flashes back to some new guy she met who sent her a parachute (I guess it has to do with risk taking or something, no idea really) and who's the guy? Kerr Smith! I think I may have let out a small yelp of excitement (I know, issues. But I just love seeing the DC kids in action). Sadly that was all his role entailed on last night's episode. According to my mom he was on it last week more and from the looks of it he will be appearing in the near future as curly hair lady's love, woo!

And in other DC news, the news I wrote about last time...Mr. Dawson Leery himself (aka James Van Der Beek) has his cameo on Ugly Betty tonight. Now I have seen random tidbits of the season so far, but I'm going to be pretty compelled to watch the whole thing tonight. It's Dawson, how can I not watch??? I really have no idea what his role is on the episode, but I am quite excited to watch, woo.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Need to pass a drug test anyone?

So apparently blogger is being stupid today and not letting me upload any pictures (annoying!). So I cannot share some of my favorite celeb photos that I have come across in the past two days (sad), instead I am going to share a message that I just received on Myspace...

"Hey I was just passing by... Add me as your friend, just in case you ever need to PASS A DRUG TEST... At we offer clean urine samples starting at $19.99. Use the code MYSPACE to get 20% off at ..

Have a great day!"

Um...WTF? That's about all I could think of. Oh the wonders of the internet.

DC Fabulousness.

So I said yesterday that I was going to recap my weekend. Well obviously that didn't happen and the only thing I put up was the amazing picture of the oh-so-adorable Violet taking a stroll on her own two feet, precious! haha. (I know, I have issues, let it slide). Anyhoo, I realize that I can't really recap this weekend and even if I did it wouldn't make much sense to anyone that was there. So I will put it in one longish blurb and add some pictures once I get home and get my pics online. goes:

Friday: late flight, Kiki picks me up, HUGE hugs, traffic, meet everyone at Indian dinner (yum), hugs for the table, walk back home, Kiki comes back with Zoe, more hugs, "let's start drinking", rum and cokes (too many), goals, call Jen, miss you Jen!, more goals, more stories, laughing, love it, sleep.

Saturday: hungover?sick?gah?, up early, onto the bus, need water!, solar decathlon, smithsonian, lunch, still sick?, taxi ride home (ran two stop signs and almost went wrong way on one way street), watched The Prince and Me with Zoe and Jo (hilarious), girls come back, relax, get ready, let's play kings (we're back in college), drinks, taxi ride (we hit a racoon- don't worry, it lived, haha), dinner, more drinks, watch baseball (go tribe!) and football (yay LSU lost!), bar time, only people at bar, have our own party, more drinks, move bars, dancing, drinks, dancing, found 'hope diamond' in the bathroom, more drinks, dancing, taxi home, goodnight.

Sunday: no hangover!, no showers, bus ride, brunch (delicious!), walk around, go home, the girls leave (sad), Kiki, Al, and I take Webb to Union Station, say goodbye, off to Eastern Market, get some cheese and bread (delish), lots of clip on earrings, Kiki gets adorable owl skirt, I have no money, go home, relax, watch parts of bad movies, get ready, trivia night in Virginia (ball launcher! MacGyver's name is Angus?), found the topaz version of the hope diamond, drive thru car wash (amazing!), back home, watch some Sunday TV, sleepytime.

Monday: up early, bus ride, bye Kiki, breakfast with three generations of Al (haha), see National Cathedral (amazing), off to the airport, bye Al (see you at Christmas), wait in airport, delayed flight (do not freak out), figure it all out, get home two hours late, relax, watch TV, read "Wicked", miss the girls already.

And that's it in a nutshell. Can't wait to do it all over again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jen and Ben finally took my advice.

Okay so I really have so many crazy things to share from my oh-so-lovely trip to DC this weekend, but of course work is hindering me from writing anything substantial just yet. However, my dear friend Margo did inform me that an amazing picture was featured on yesterday and I had to search it for myself...and I found many on PopSugar. What is this picture you ask? The picture I have been waiting for for what seems like forever (or just since I started blogging).

Violet Affleck....walking! Ah! I'm so glad she doesn't have some leg disorder or anything, I was really starting to worry.

Man she is just the cutest!

Okay well I have to get back to work, but expect a much more interesting post with a weekend update and some more celeb news (and not just cute toddlers) later. Woo!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh Will.

So somehow, since the last time I wrote I managed to get everything I needed to....done. Crazy, I know. Anyhoo, moving on. I finally found something relate to movies/celebrities/movies that I would love to post. The LAist just posted the teaser for Will Ferrell's newest movie Semi-Pro and oh man. His characters are all sort of becoming the same, ridiculous guy, but I love it nonetheless. Even better is that there is even a phone number to call, it's so funny. So check out the clip here then call the number (1-800-TROPICS). Good times, good times.

"Too blessed to be stressed"

Is that a real saying? Or am I just that corny to make that up? I have no idea. My brain is mush right now. I have been up since the early hours of 7 (which never happens anymore since I don't have to be to work until 9:30) for a doctor's appointment where I finally got some prescription meds to help my ridiculous allergies (wooooo!), the minute I got to work I started doing all sorts of different things and have been moving around from one campaign to another, I'm in the process of finishing up two separate things (at the same time! I know, crazy right?) and I just realized that it's uber late and I have no lunch and have not made a trek to Trader Joe's to get anything yet (I'm tired and lazy). I had some apple sauce, does that count as lunch?

And on top of it all of my favorite celeb gossip and pop culture blogs are whoring themselves out to Britney. I mean, I'm a Britney fan myself but does it really have to be everywhere?!?! I don't really care about her custody battle anymore, girl is crazy. Granted I'll give it to her that she does know how to make a good jam (I've played "Gimme More" more times than I can count). I just want to see some Shiloh, Violet, Suri, Jen, anyone? Well I'll find it later then.

In the meantime, as stressed out and frazzled as I am today there are waaaay too many other things going on that are amazing. Let me list the ways....
  • I'm going to DC TOMORROW!!!!! Gah! I can barely contain my excitement. Despite the fact that my flight is at 6:30 in the morning I am so incredibly excited to go. I'm reuniting with six of my most favoritest college ladies and a high school friend and it's going to be amazing. I haven't seen these ladies since March and my god that seems forever ago. And I know that on my plane ride home on Monday I'll be planning the next time we can all rendezvous. I seriously adore these girls and cannot wait to see them! Yet as happy as I am to go we will be missing one of le "great eight" as we so cleverly call ourselves, haha, (Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnn get Brangelina to fly you up in a private helicopter or something, it could work? Or win the million from McDonalds *har har*).
  • Because of said trip I have two (count em), two four day work weeks. Ah. The life.
  • Last night I saw a special screening of Dan in Real Life, the new movie with Steve Carrell (yaaa Denison alum), Dane Cook and Juliette Binoche. It was so good! I loved it. It was funny, it was cute, it was funny, and overall enjoyable. Although some of it was predictable (it may just be because I watch too many movies that I called several parts of the movie, but still). In a nutshell the movie is about Steve raising three daughters on his own. They go to a family get together and he falls for his brother (Dane)'s girlfriend (Juliette). It's just cute and man I had a good time, even if I did sit next to the loudest laugher on the planet.
  • I have crossed three things off my list today. I love making lists and then doing stuff on the lists, ah glorious.
  • Matt is going to watch Grey's with me tonight. Granted he had no real choice since I am staying at his house tonight so he can take me to the airport at the crack of dawn for my eaaaaaaaaarly flight (aw I love him). And then we'll watch CSI: and Without a Trace, man I love me some TV.
Okay well that's about it. Now my stomach is really growling and it's saying "Need. Food. Now." So I must abide to the stomach and make the trek to TJ's.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So my sister has this song on her Myspace and I can't stop listening to it. But granted, anyone who knows me knows that once I find a song that I just loooooove I play it over and over and over again. I just can't help it. But that's besides the point, the video for the song is pretty schnazzy too. So check it out, Jupiter Rising's "Electropop":

And yes I am resorting to sharing videos again because this is day two of slow slow slow celeb news and no cute babies or glamorous starlets. Not even a sports update or random news! What is going on?!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ummm Hello?

It's noon on a Tuesday and there is nothing exciting to talk about. No celeb news that I find worthy of this blog. All I've seen is that J.LO is still not admitting she's preggers, LiLo is already talking to magazines about her life and rehab and blah blah blah, Britters finally saw her kids and last night she applied for a bar tending job (isn't she supposed to be sober?). Pish posh, I don't really care.

But where is Violet? or Jen? or Shiloh? or Suri? or Kingston? or some other Hollywood baby I can gush over? or some Hollywood starlet looking ravishing at some premiere I wish I went to? Honestly, where are they all hiding today??? Gah.

Well I guess I can share this pic I found on TMZ, little Johnathan Lipnicki all grown up. Remember him? Jerry Maguire? "Did you know the human head weighs pounds?" Ya that kid. He's seventeen now! No, I don't feel old at all.

In non celebrity news, the Yankees lost to Cleveland last night! (holler). I basically hate the Yankees so I'll just root for whoever they're playing against, but I also like the Cleve for two reasons. One: One of my best friends, Jen, is a Cleve girl and we share a love of baseball, so I will share the support in her team since my team (le Dodgers) let me down and didn't make the playoffs (sad, I know). And two: Major League. I don't really need much else there (Wild Thing).

Anyhoo, I have work to do. So it's off to the land of How I Met Your Mother and The Princess Bride with a hint of Macy's and a small dash of Microsoft...oh I love my job.

Two of my favorite things.

Matt and cupcakes. Mmmmmmm.

I just love this picture, don't really know why. Matt didn't even know I was taking it, haha. I'm such a good girlfriend.

Monday, October 8, 2007

What my weekend was really like...

Number 1:
It was a weekend, duh.

Number 2:
My sneezing came back with a vengeance...grrrrr.

Number 3:
One of my best friend's was home and I saw her Saturday afternoon for le baby's birthday party and my goodness he is just the cutest thing ever! And the Filipino food was delicious and seeing some high school friends was amazing as well. It was a gorgeous day at the park and I loved every minute of it...I especially loved the little birthday guy:

Number 4:
Matt and I were both sickies and sneezing and sore all weekend (woo!). I spent all of yesterday either asleep, half asleep or watching football. At least we tried to take care of each other (he brought me tea in the morning and I rubbed his head, haha). Oh allergies leave me be.

Number 5:
Trojans, Trojans, Trojans. Making me eat my words. There was a 40 point spread and USC lost to STANFORD. Last week ASU beat them 41-3 and this week USC lost to them 24-23, wtf?! How does that happen?! Gah. Well now USC is no longer number 2 rather number 10 in the polls, which isn't as bad as I anticipated, but still. Come on guys. Get it together. I can only yell at the TV so much.

And because I can't stop talking about Jen Garner....

I want this dress too! It's unfair! Here she is looking amazing at another event for The Kingdom, this time in Berlin and rockin this amazing print. I want it, I would rock it. Hey Jen, send it over here when you're done. I'll wear it, I swear. I promise I'll stop talking about her as soon as I stop wanting to steal her wardrobe...haha.