Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Obsessed with '08.

While I know not many people are checking blogs today and what not but I figured I'd throw in my two cents to end the year with. While I could reflect on something that happened each month this past year or give my top movie reviews of '08 or TV shows I think you should all be watching. But alas I have decided simply to share my top obsessions of '08.

Yes I said it, top obsessions. Probably not too hard to figure out but hey I might as well give credit to the obsessions that made my year a little bit more exciting, haha.

First up, we have Wicked. Yes I was obsessed with it last year, but this year I took my obsession to new lengths and flew across the country in the middle of the week to see it a second time with my best friend. I even saw it a third time this year when Matt surprised me with tickets. Now if that isn't dedication I don't know what is, haha.

My next big obsession of the year was meeting celebrities! Seriously I had two of the greatest and most amazing run ins of my life this year: Jordan Knight and Ryan Gosling. Le swoon oh le swoon. I can only hope that I'll have even more amazing and wonderful run ins in '09.

Next up, we have reading. I want to give myself a pat on the back for reading 23 books since March. My initial goal was 10, and I made it to 23, hark! I don't remember the last time I read that many books and enjoyed so many of them in the process. Seriously, reading is awesome.

While on the subject of reading the next obsession of '08 is Twilight. I mean I know this one's obvious since Twilight pretty much took over the blog for the last three months but really, can you blame me? The book just made me feel like a tween again and the movie just made me swoon over Rob Pattinson.

Speaking of Rob Pattinson, ummmmyeah he's officially numero uno on the '08 obsessions list. The guy came out of nowhere and he sings and acts and has that brooding look down and my goodness his hair! Ahhhhmazing. I hope to see more of him for sure next year and hey maybe I'll even get to meet can only hope :)

And that my friends is what I was obsessing over most in '08. Can't wait to see what new things '09 will present me with :)

And hope you all have a most fabulous and wonderously amazing New Year's Eve!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Wii wins over Hollywood.

First of all, thank you for all the good Wii vibes because yesterday Matt walked through the door with a Wii in hand, hark! So this post won't be all too long because obviously I'm too wrapped up in bowling, playing tennis and pretending to box. So here is the shortened Hollywood post, woo:
  • Today's cute bebes come from Melissa Joan Hart's fam, seriously her family is just so adorable and happy and precious and ah! Love:

  • In other cute bebe news little Olive Cohen is just so dang adorable these days and looking more and more like her mom, I love it. Seriously how happy does she look in this picture?


  • Speaking of bebes Chyler Leigh, aka Lexie on Grey's Anatomy, is pregnant with her third bebe! Third, she's only 26, crazy pants. Luckily they won't be writing her pregnancy into the show because man that could be intense, but congrats to her and her family.

  • In favorites news it's rumored that Drew Barrymore and Jason Segel have been hanging out lately and possibly canoodling, among other things. Seriously I heart Jason Segel so don't break his heart Drew, you hear me?

  • In today's movie news, Marley and Me came in numero uno at the box office this weekend. I've heard goo things about it but don't know if I'll actually be able to see it since there are so many movies out I want to see, speaking of which I'm seeing Slumdog Millionaire tonight and cannot wait. I read the book that it was based on and it was amazing, seriously so excited.

  • In other movie news, Pink is the New Blog posted new promo pics for Transformers 2 and they look pretty cool. I must say even though the first movie was ridiculous in plot it made up for it in special effects.

  • Speaking of movie news and skipping ahead to the WTF news, a man in Philly was annoyed by a father and son talking during a screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and pulled out a gun and shot the father. Not only that, but after he shot the guy he sat down and finished watching the movie....umWTF?! What a freakin psycho. Crazy pants.

  • And lastly in TV news, did anyone watch The City last night? I currently have it siting on my DVR waiting to watch and I want to know what to expect. Is it as ridiculous as the Hills or better? Granted I doubt it matters and I'll watch it anyways, haha.

Anyhoo that's all I got today kids. Feel free to comment anything I missed.

happy tuesday!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa thought I was on the good list.

I love Christmas. Have I said that before, I forget? haha. Clearly I was in the Christmas mood for a long time and I can't believe it's come and gone already. Anyhoo I didn't post on Friday because man I was just too tired, but Christmas and the weekend were amazing and I loved it all. So here's the recap in short (at least I'll try) and with plenty of pictures...woo!:

Thursday: Christmas! Matt and I woke up early to share our presents with each other and do our own Christmas. It was so fun. Our tree started out looking like this which I loved:

After we did our Christmas I headed over to my parent's house, where Matt came over later and did some gifts with my family. Eventually we headed to his dad's house afterward and then to his brother's girlfriend's parent's house, and back to my parent's house and eventually I ended my night at my cousin's house for the big family shindig.

Matt and my fam on Christmas, so cute

Aw the cousins

love this picture,
apparently something was hilarious

my sister embracing the Mary spirit, haha

Basically it was a day spent all over the place but I loved it (even if the weather was less than agreeable). And Santa even gave me some of stuff off of my list which is always nice too:

Santa got me a picture of a Wii with money to Best Buy behind it
and Matt got me the Twilight box set
and the super cute necklace from Etsy I asked for

Twas an oh so lovely Christmas.

Friday: I most definitely did not turn my alarm on and enjoyed the perks of sleeping in. Afterward I ran some errands around town, searched for a Wii to no avail, and eventually came home to a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress. Matt came home from work to me curled up on the couch enjoying a nice long nap too, so that basically sums up my whole day, haha. Eventually some friends came over and we headed out to the bar. It was a fun night seeing some old high school classmates and all around just having a good time.

Mat and the guys at the bar

All in all twas another lovely night out.

Saturday: Woke early to do some more Wii searching, Matt actually left to hit a couple stores in what I called the great Wii Quest. I stayed home and cleaned up a bit before my friend Alli from college stopped on by. Alli and I hung out a bit and my apartment until Matt showed up with a nice new Christmas present to himself/us, haha:

I must say, I'm a fan. All we have to do now is upgrade our cable to HD and we'll be set. Anyhoo we finally headed off to lunch which was great catching up and hanging out, it'd be a year since I'd seen her which in my opinion is way too long.

After Alli left Matt and I hit up a couple more stores searching for a Wii to no avail sadly. We made it home just in time for me to nap away some sickness and get ready to leave for my sister's birthday at Pirates Dinner Adventure.

So yes about 20 of my family and my sister's friends headed to Buena Park for a night of pirateness at Pirates Dinner Adventure. We went there last year for Matt's birthday and it was so much fun. Basically a lot of arrgggghing and aye ayeing and awesomeness. Matt, my dad and uncle all volunteered for some preshow fun, my sister's birthday got announced and one of my little brothers got called up during the show. So cute.

the guys all pirated out

Matt and I enjoying some pirateness

some of the show

my sister and our pirate, the purple pirate

Despite not really being able to breathe it was a great night, loved it.

Sunday: Still plagued by sickness I slept in a bit, which was nice. Matt headed off to watch football at his dad's house and some of my HS girl friends came over which was so fun. I don't think all of us had been together for a long long time, so it was great to see everyone. We went to Panera which made the day even better since it's so freaking tasty. After lunch the girls came back here to hang out and chat for a bit which was so fun and nice. After they all headed off I took a nice long nap and basically spent the rest of my night relaxing with Matt, drinking tea and trying to get better. Hopefully I'm 100% by New Year's because bringing in the New Year sick would just not be cool.

Anyhoo I've rambled long enough, and how was your Christmas and weekend?
Hope it was absolutely fabulous!

happy monday!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Today is set to be one busy, busy day and I can hardly wait. I love Christmas so much, it makes me feel like a kid again, especially since my mom still puts out Santa labels for our gifts, I mean how can that not make you smile. Anyhoo I hope you all have a most fabulous, amazing, wonderous Christmas!

And that you have smiles as big as mine:

Merry Christmas!

happy thursday!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh it's Christmas Eve.

There are several things true about today. And I thought I'd share...
  • Today is Christmas Eve! Wee!

  • I have done zero wrapping at this point ant that is what the rest of my day will look like.

  • I officially slept in until 10:30 and could have easily gone back to sleep, oh man I love sleep.

  • Last night I got to hang out with some high school friends at the same sketchy bar we went to for my sister's birthday and it was awesome.

  • It's currently raining and I am not a fan.

  • Love Actually is sitting in my DVD player ready for me to turn on once I start my wrapping bonanza.

  • I plan on staying in my pajamas for most of the day and good gracious it feels good.

  • Tonight I'm having dinner with my fam, my grandma, some aunts and my great aunt and I can't really wait for it!

  • Well let's be honest I can't believe that TOMORROW is CHRISTMAS! Ah! I'm so excited.

  • Probably so excited that I won't be able to sleep through the night, because I never really can on Christmas Eve, haha, I always feel like this kid.
And that's about all of the post I can come up with for today, haha. I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas Eve and have an even more fabulous Christmas tomorrow!

Anything true for you today?

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Hollywooooood day.

It's Christmas week here at gorgeous footsteps in the sand... but that doesn't mean there isn't any fabulous Hollywood news to share. And here we goooooo:
  • This week's cute bebe comes from little Kingston Rossdale in all of his Christmassy wonderousness. Seriously his apron is so freakin adorable and he is just so dang precious:

    so cute!

  • And today's other cute celeb baby comes from the oh so adorable Suri Cruise checkin out some books before Christmas and rockin one adorable headband:


  • Alert the media! Stop the press! Rob Pattinson chopped off his lovely locks of gorgeousness and showed a hot new do. I sort of love it. He's just so good looking, ow ow.


  • In music news I feel like I'm behind the times on this one but over the weekend I heard a rock remix version of Ginuwine's "Pony" and I freaking love it. Apparently it's by Hot Little Pony and I recommend checkin it out.

  • In TV news check out the Home for the Holidays special that's airing on CBS tonight at 8, which raises adoption awareness. Hosted by Faith Hill with appearances by some of my faves, including Kristen Chenoweth, Home for the Holidays is all about brining Christmas cheer to kids in need of homes. I love it.

  • In cool blogger/TV news, Johanna won Stylista! Now for anyone that used to read her blog knows that she was all about fashion and that she was pretty much awesome. And after watching the show I liked her so much more because she was the only person on it without major drama and back stabbing tendencies and truly loved fashion. So anyhoo, congrats to Johanna and hopefully she'll come back to the blogging world now that she's hit the big time at Elle.

  • Although most TV shows are on hiatus, we still have the Hills to keep us going...
    The Hills
    . Oh. My. God. Justin Bobby is the biggest dbag ever. Seriously I can't really decide who I detest more, him or Spencer, eck. However Chris did make the great point that having those dbags on the show, normal guys (like Matt for example) come off a million times better. And Heidi has absolutely no brains whatsoever. And her reconciliation with Lauren was the most ridiculous piece of trash TV I've ever seen. Why do I even watch this show?? Why!? Why? Ooooh but the twist of it all, Heidi and Spencer really didn't get married?!?! Especially since the told every news source that would listen that they actually tied the knot. Ah! Why do I care?!?!
    Oh well we all know I'll still watch next season and I'm getting my DVR ready for The City starting next Monday....oy.

  • Oh I guess what could be my WTF news of the day but also some TV news but also in the "OMG tie this woman's tubes" news, Michelle Duggar gave birth to her eighteenth child! Yeah you read that right, eighteen! Seriously these people don't know when to stop because apparently they're already talking about number nineteen, ack!

  • Anyhoo, today's really WTF/ sort of cute news comes from Pete the purple squirrel. Yes you read that right, little Pete really is purple.

    No one really knows how he got to be purple, guesses are that he ate something that has changed his skin, but he really is adorable.
And that my friends is the news of Hollywood. Anything I left out? Feel free to add it in the comments.

happy tuesday!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Relaxing in a winter wonderland...

Oh man what a lovely snow filled weekend. As I mentioned on Friday I headed off to Big Bear with Matt, my best friend Megan, her bf, and two other friends for a nice snowy weekend getaway. It was quite the adventure and reminded me just how much I love being in the mountains, even if I detest the whole 'getting there' part....anyhoo a recap is in order, so here we go:

Friday: Headed home after work in a frenzy to finish packing up (can't forget my boots! haha) everything and make a quick dinner (seriously grilled cheese on a cold night is superb). Megan finally headed over to pick Matt and I up where we went to her bf's place to pack up his car and get on the road. So officially we didn't actually start driving until about 9, which was okay, just dark and a bit scary. Scary why you ask? Well I may not have a problem with sky diving but when it comes to driving up curvy mountainous terrains, yeah I don't do so hot. It especially didn't help that once we were driving up the mountain and chains were on, we hit some black ice and did a 180. I'm pretty sure I didn't breathe for a good two minutes afterwards. Luckily we were all okay and all cars around us stopped. We only had one or two other swerving incidents later on that left me gasping (oooor screaming) but we were good. Thank goodness we were in a Tahoe, haha. Anyhoo, we finally got to our place around midnight but by then we were too hyped up on adrenaline to sleep so we stayed up drinking wine, laughing, enjoying a fireplace with a switch, singing Mariah Carey Christmas songs, watching movies and all around having a good time....until about 4:30, haha:

I was in love with this fireplace, switch and all, haha

Matt, JR and Megan hanging in the kitchen

the boys singing Mariah Carey, haha good times

reenacting their "natural states", haha

Saturday: Got to sleep in a bit before we headed off to Bear Mountain so Megan, JR, and our other two friends could snowboard and ski. Matt and I just hung around the resort all day since I didn't want to ski or snowboard and Matt couldn't due to previous injuries and the fact that he lost one of his contacts Friday night, which probably wouldn't have made any sport easier, haha. Anyhoo, the weather was actually really nice (a la 40s) and sunny all day, perfect for playing in the snow and hanging out:

checking out the slopes

Megan and JR taking a break from snowboarding

Matt and I all bundled up

a simply gorgeous day at the slopes

After a day at the Bear Mountain we all headed back to our place to nap, eat, watch movies, drink more wine and have another fantabulously relaxing evening.

Sunday: Slept in yet again, which was lovely and enjoyed the scenery a bit before heading out.

anyone up for some basketball? haha

Matt and I enjoying the scenery a bit

so gorgeous

Once we were finally on the road we decided to have some lunch at a sports bar then head on over for some sledding type stuff at the Alpine Pass, haha. Afterwards we finally hit the road and saw some amazing sights to lead us home...

A couple hours later we finally made it home where all Matt and I wanted to do was sleep, relax and that's exactly what we did. I gotta say, I still love the snow, even if driving in it scares me beyond anything else, haha.

And how was your weekend? Are you ready for Christmas??

happy monday!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it snow!

I love snow.

There, I said it.

Now I know I don't have much authority on the matter since I live in (the usually) bright and sunny Southern California, but I did got to college in Ohio for four years and the snow days were some of my favorites. I mean how are snow ball fights and sledding on dining hall trays not the best study break ever? And how can you say that making snow angels aren't extremely giggle worthy? And how can you deny the peacefulness of a walk on a snowy night? You just can't. To any of it. Now I know that all my East Coast readers may scoff since they have to trudge through snow to work, scrape it off their windows, drive through a wintery mess, but you can't deny the magic of snow.

And why am I talking all about snow? Because I'm hopefully heading there this weekend. I say hopefully because the roads are messy and hopefully won't block our way to the mountains. But if all goes to plan me, Matt, my best friend Megan and her boy are all heading to Megan's time share in Big Bear! Megan and her boy plan on snowboarding while Matt and I simply plan on enjoying the snow, and I absolutely cannot wait. I've been listening to Harry Connick Jr.'s version of "Let it Snow" all week song, clearly I am ready :)

However, I find it funny that in all four years that I spent in Ohio, never once did I own a pair of snow boots. Yet when my dad was at Big 5 yesterday and they were having a sale, he bought me snow boots. Seriously I look like Napoleon Dynamite.

But I secretly sort of love them. For someone who wears nothing but flip flops and flats, the coziness of boots are sort of amazing.

Anyhoo, I'll be spending my day dreaming of snow and hoping I packed enough layers, I swear two years without snow I feel like a newbie all over again.

So wish us luck and pray for a snowy weekend, woo!

Hope you all have a most fabulous weekend.

happy friday!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Santa.

Dear Santa,

First of all, I want to say thanks for giving me a few things off my list last year, I mean better late than never right? Anyhoo, while we're on the subject of Christmas lists and since it is only a week away, I figured I'd share with you my list for this year. Now I know it's a bit ridiculous, but not as much as Barney's list, so feel free to splurge okay?

this fabulous tree necklace

a Wii and a Wii Fit so I can cancel my gym membership
and get really good at yoga and tennis

I'm still waiting on those unlimited air miles
and vacation time and funds to go with it

these schnazzy Victoria's Secret socks

a dinner date with Keanu,


and Rob :)

a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother

I still want all of these ladies in one place

and lastly,
a most fabulous Christmas with my most favoritest boy :)

Now hopefully that's too much for you to handle Santa, I'm counting on you. .

Love your biggest fan,


happy thursday!