Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Everyone likes a contest, even Ryan Cabrera.

So remember a while back when I said I didn't like Ryan Cabrera's new look? Yeah I'm still not a huuuuge fan, but after hearing him on the radio this morning I remember why I used to love him. Yeah I said it, I was a fan, heck I was a huge fan. I played "On the Way Down" more times than I can count and probably drove my roommates crazy in the process, haha. I even went to his very first headlining concert when he performed in Columbus the night of the presidential election and it was amazing (Papa Joe was even there, haha). Anyhoo, point being, I still love Ryan and his music and his personality, he just cracks me up. So I highly recommend you check out his new single "Say" and probably his whole CD May 13, it's probably going to be awesome. Yeah I said it, awesome.

Now moving on...

So several bloggers have been posting stuff about Paying it Forward (and no not the movie, eck) and sharing stories of good things people have done for them or what they've done for other people. So I posted one of the best accounts of random kindness I have ever encountered over at Brandy's blog and I wanted to share it again here:

A couple years ago when I was on my way back to California from Ohio I had the worst plane debacle ever, where I got rerouted, detoured and deplaned several times and ultimately got stuck in Houston. I then learned that I couldn't leave until about 8 the next morning (this was about 6 at night). And I couldn't help it, I started to cry as I talked to my dad on the phone, it was awful. I think I even started crying when I talked to Matt on the phone too, I was a mess. An older couple was sitting right across from me and was having the same ordeal of trying to get back to LA and saw me and my multiple break downs. Ultimately we all rebooked our flights together, but I just couldn't stop sobbing. After I got off the phone we talked a bit and then they decided to leave and go get a hotel room. But before they left the guy came over and gave me 20$ to make sure I could get something to eat. I had money and I told him I was okay, but he insisted. It was seriously one of the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me. And if he's out there, thank you :)

And with that being shared I want to ask you all, what's the nicest thing someone has done for you or that you've done for someone else? Share your stories. I'll pick one (or two) people's stories to share and send them some schnazzy prize, woot. Contest ends Friday. Good luck and can't wait to hear your stories!

and happy wednesday!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Violet and Heidi and Batman, oh my!

So only one more birthdayish post and then I'm done, kaput, finito...that is, until next year :)

But in birthdayness to myself I decided to buy a URL that's a little easier to say to people than ", got it? Need me to repeat it?" Eh yeah. That was annoying. So I'm still keeping the title and the old URL will work too. But just for linking sake and updating and what have you, I present you with, drum roll please.........! Ta da!

I thought it was appropriate and a little bit easier to remember and gosh darnit I like it. And thanks to everyone over at 20SB who responded to my URL question since I really had no idea what I was doing, but Blogger made it a little bit easier.

Anyhoo, moving on to cuter and more Hollywood things....

First and foremost, Violet! She's back. And man is she still so cute, seriously. Precious.

Secondly, The Hills? Anyone? Don't worry I won't give any spoilers away today, but really. Gah. The show is driving me crazy. Lauren is turning into a bitch, Lo is turning into her lap dog, Stephen's entrance was only so-so compared to what I imagined and I still want to throw my remote at Spencer's freaking face, gah! And to add to that, yesterday I was listening to Ryan Seacrest and Lo and Stephen were in the studio and Spencer called in, yeah that was ridiculous. Spencer basically accused them of being so quiet and nice because Lauren hands them their pay Spencer, wake up! You're only "famous" because you're on the show that Lauren started, pshaw. And then Spencer and Heidi do shit like this in our nation's capital, I swear it's tainted now, gah. And lastly in Hills news, the four leading ladies apparently all posed together for Rolling Stone and Perez has it up, so check it out, it's not that bad actually. But I still don't know why I watch. Oh wait yes I do. I love to torture myself with ridiculous people, haha. Oy.

And lastly in today's Hollywood news, The Dark Knight. I can't wait for this movie to come out. As sad as it's going to be to see Heath, I feel like he's going to do an amazing job and this movie is going to rock. Ah. So on that note, several new promo posters have been released (however they are possibly fake) and I think they're awesome. This one is a combo of three and it's definitely my fave:

Amazzzzzzing! Ah!

Okay I'm done. Time to get some work done and what have you, but remember change my URL and we're set, woo. Have a most fabulous day!

happy tuesday!

Can it be my birthday every weekend???

I'm so serious. I really wish I could have every weekend be as amazing as the one I just had. First of all though, I want to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday either via comment or twitter or whatever, thank you, thank you, you rock :)

So you want to hear about the birthday now? Of course you do, haha. Well Friday I had a fabulous lunch with coworkers a Mexico City. The whole time I kept hoping Keanu Reeves would walk in since the place is a popular dining locale for celebs, but alas, he did not show. Then I got back to the office where we had tons of red velvet cupcakes, mmmmmmmmm they were fabulous.

After work I went over to Matt's house, picked him up and we made our way to the OG to meet my fam. It was fabulous. The food was delicious, the wine was sweet and my family definitely made it a great time.
Matt and I are so craaaazy

The fam, minus one sister

After dinner it was already sort of late so Matt and I just went back to his house, had some more wine (yes I am a serious wino these days, haha) and watched Sweeney Todd (crazy ass trippy movie, haha).

And then it was Saturday...woo! So basically I got up earlyish and went to San Clemente with my mom and her friend to meet up with more friends for my godmother's birthday. So that was fun, more Mexican food, lovely beach weather and more birthday presents for moi, woot. Then before I knew it we were heading back and home and I had to get ready for birthday party part deux at Dave and Buster's! Woo!

So basically the night was awesome, I love Matt and my friends that made it one kick ass night. So instead of giving a full run down of the night, I'll just let some pictures do the work, enjoy!

Two of my bestest friends evah

Birthday me with Blue drinks and free dessert :)

HS peeps, love these guys

Doesn't it look like we're in Vegas???

Gotta love Skee Ball...or is it skeet ball?

I had too many drinks to make any more baskets at this point, haha

but I still love my sister

Two of my favorite guys, Matt and AJ

Love these girls!

AJ and I have sweet drinks, no really, we do

Air hockey scares me, no really it does

One big happy family :)

Well that pretty much sums up Saturday night, haha. We stayed until closing and I'm pretty sure I passed out soon after my head hit a pillow, it was phenomenal. And then yesterday not much birthdayness except Matt cooked me a phenomenal breakfast which I throughly enjoyed and we got some free furniture for whenever we move out (woo wee!), so that was exciting.

So in a nutshell that was the birthday and it was fabulous. If 24 is as good as this weekend was, then I am beyond excited, haha.

happy monday all!

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to.

Yes! After a whole week of posting and building up to today, it's officially my birthday!!! Woo wee! Bust out the confetti and cake I'm so ready to celebrate, haha.

Well I can bust it out at 6:30 when I'm done working, but still you get the point. :)

Anyhoo today I turn the all powerful and mighty 24 and I couldn't be happier. To me 24 just sounds refined, like a good bottle of wine (man I'm such a wino, haha). And in no way am I freaking out about getting older and growing up (and if you had asked me this a year ago, yeah it would have been a much different answer, oh how I've changed).

Well the birthday rundown goes something like this:
Workity work, dinner with Matt and the fam and drinks woot. Tomorrow I'm heading to San Clemente to celebrate my godmother's birthday and mine. Then coming back up to party with a bunch of friends at Dave and Buster's aka the Chuck E Cheese for grown ups, haha. Basically I can't wait.

Thank you so much to everyone who's already posted birthdayness and texted and called, I heart you all. :)

happy friday!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthdays are for "wishlists"

Well since my birthday is tomorrow I think it's only appropiate that I share with you my birthday "wishlist".... also titled "things that I'm in no way getting tomorrow, but a girl can dream can't she?":

The Elsa Peretti Letter "K" pendant from Tiffany's
(yes I know, I'm not really a Tiffany's girl but this necklace is so simple and beautiful)

The winning lotto ticket
because really, that'd be awesome

No hangover Sunday morning after a weekend of celebrating :)

A tank of gas for under $30

Joshua Jackson to magically appear on tonight's new episode of Grey's

This fabulous Luella Edith bustier dress

And everything I included on my Christmas list except Grey's and a kiss under the misletoe, I already got those :)

Well even if I don't get those tomorrow I know I'll be more than happy with anything else. Man I love birthdays. :)

happy thursday!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bras over birthdays.

So I was going to use today to talk about another birthday past in celebration of my birthday week, but alas all my birthdays happened pre-Facebook and thus are not documented online. So I have no pictures with me. Meaning my stories would not be nearly as cool without pictures. So no birthday post today folks, instead I bring you a few of my latest obsessions, enjoy:

The new Angels by Victoria's Secret bra, it's fantastic

Celestial Seasonal Tea Fruit Sampler

Ultra Mentha Lip Shine

This season is soooo much better than last, love it

Tomato basil hummus from Trader Joe's, it's delicious

Ingrid Michaelson
I think I've played "The Hat" a hundred times already, haha

What are your current obsessions?

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How I've Met My Birthdays.

So first of all, anyone watch How I Met Your Mother last night? Oh man. James Van Der Beek was hilarious. He looked horrible the whole time, granted that was the point, and his Canadian accent cracked me up, love it.

And speaking of Dawson's Creek alumni, Joshua Jackson and his leading lady, Diane Kruger, stepped out to the opening of "La Fille Du Regiment" at the Met. And boy does he look suave!

swoon :)

And now to pictures of birthdays past, sweet. As I mentioned yesterday, Friday is my birthday and anyone that knows me knows that I love birthdays, and not just my own. But seriously, how can you not love a good birthday. So of course I get all that more excited when my own birthday arrives and I can spend the time with my family and friends and have an all around amazing time. Now I've gotten lucky over the years too. I don't really think I've ever had a bad birthday. And well, last year was no exception.

So today's birthday pics come to you from the year of my 23rd birthday, enjoy!

Matt surprised me with a party and a fuzzy balloon,
Oh I do love him :)

Dance party! Dance party!

The hula skirt ended up all over me and the floor
by the end of the night, oh good times

Monday, April 21, 2008

Periwinkle thoughts....(I have no idea what that means)

I feel like using bullet points today. Is that alright? Why of course it's alright, this is my blog, so here we go:
  • The weekend was fabulous. Besides the cloudiness it was relaxing and wonderous and just my kind of weekend. Friday night had dinner with Matt and watched some TV and went to bed early (my body was still jet lagged and ridiculous from my mid-week adventures).

  • Saturday ran some errands and saw the little bro kick ass in basketball, his team won was a little sad, haha. Saturday night went to dinner with some friends and had some fab Mexican food and watched Old School. Twas lovely.

  • Sunday ran some more errands and went to my house where Matt played catch with my brothers, worked on my dad's car, while I got to hang out with my mom. We ended the night playing dominoes where Matt kicked everyone's asses, but man was it fun.

  • I'm officially going to BlogHer '08 in San Francisco. Hope to see you there!

  • In other random news, Danica Patrick became the first female to win an Indy car race. Now I definitely don't follow Nascar at all, but the fact that Danica is finally kicking ass and taking names is something to talk about. So congrats Danica!

  • So I'm thinking I should tell my boss about this place and have our next company lunch overlooking the LA smog, haha.

  • If you didn't know, Sandra Bullock is one of my most favoritest actresses around. Speed is my favorite movie. Keanu is my main man. Sandra is my best leading lady. So when I heard on the news this weekend that she was in a serious accident, you better bet my heart stopped. Some freaking idiot was driving with twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system and plowed into Sandra's car. Luckily Sandra and her husband Jesse were okay, but man that is scary. Stay safe Sandra, stay safe!

  • Britney Spears is reprising her role on How I Met Your Mother. Granted that's not that surprising since the episode she was on was the highest ratings the show has ever had. And speaking of HIMYM, watch it tonight, James Van Der Beek is guest starring!!! Ah, you know I love my Dawson's kids.

  • And lastly in random bullet point news...who knew that LL Cool J had such cute daughters? I mean seriously, adorable.

Well besides all that random gibberish I feel like you should all know that my birthday is Friday and the invites are sent (via Facebook and email that is) and I'm ready to party! So don't be surprised if the rest of my posts this week mention my glorious birth or some fabulous recap of birthdays past, haha.

Anyhoo time to get back to work, hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

happy monday!

Friday, April 18, 2008

What a Wicked week! (say that three times fast)

So as I mentioned yesterday and all the days leading up to Tuesday, I just experienced the most whirlwind vacation ever, but man was it amazing. So basically the trip went something like this:
Tuesday I got in to NC at like 5ish. So we headed off to get dinner (because apparently airlines charge for food now, boo!) and got some fabulous Mexican food where there also happened to be a 2.50 margarita special (woo!) so of course we got some

After that we headed to a wine bar and had some $4 dollar wine (yes we love cheap alcohol, haha) and chatted for a bit. Then we decided to head back to Jen's place and hang for the night. Well we started off the night watching some of our favorite shows (Biggest Loser, Idol, SVU) on Jen's fantabulous TV (yes I am in love) and then decided that we should probably start drinking, haha. So drinking War it was:

I didn't want to give Jen my last Ace

Yeah Jen kicked my ass

but i still love her :)

And after playing war (or during, I don't really remember) and all our shows were done we got the crazy idea to check out HSN and QVC.
Yeah and I got the bright idea to do some bra demonstration, haha

And even better, after comparing our skills to the presenters we tried our darndest to get on the air with them. Yes we called QVC and HSN, haha. Sadly we couldn't get past the people that answered the phones, our questions weren't good enough. However I did ask why they didn't have laptops in purple and the lady on the other line was like "I know Honey, purple is my favorite color too and they never make them, it's such a shame." Haha, we rock.

Since QVC and HSN let us down we decided to do the next best thing: Karaoke. Yes, Jen's TV has a karaoke channel. It is amazing. Just ask Kiki, she got a fabulous serenade, haha.

yeah we weren't very good, haha

Other than that we did a whole lot of chit chatting and hanging out and it was fabulous. And Jen does own the one cat that I'm not deathly allergic to and is just super cute.

Jen and Ollliiiie :)

After our wild and crazy night we decided to finally hit the hay. Woke up late on Wednesday and basically lounged around all morning. Finally we decided to venture out late in the afternoon and got some ice cream and walked around a nearby park, it was lovely.

After a lovely afternoon in the park talking about dogs and life and work and our futures (we're deep like that, haha) it was time to get back to her place and get ready to make the trek to see Wicked!! Now if you haven't been reading my blog a while you should know that my obsession to Wicked goes back to last year. I saw it in LA last year and was sold, I love it, I'm obsessed, I want to be Elphaba, all of the above, haha. So when Jen offered that I come out to NC and see it again, yeah it wasn't that tough of a decision, haha. Jen had never seen it so I was just as excited for her (yes I am a weirdo, haha). So we got ready and hopped in her car for the two hour trek.

Finally we got there early and hung outside and explored the area, it was fabulous.

waiting outside for the doors to open

the map of OZ, eeeeee

Jen and I before the show, man I was so excited

So basically the show was just as good as I imagined and I had to seriously hold back from singing every song, haha. The whole production was just as good as the one I saw in LA because it was an official Broadway touring, so basically it rocked. And Jen, who does not like the Wizard of Oz, really enjoyed it! Woo! So basically my note to you, if you've never seen Wicked, get to it!

So the show didn't end til about 11 and we drove two hours back to Jen's place and then stayed up a bit watching TV and hanging out some more before heading to bed. Then before I knew it my alarm was going off and we were out to the door and I was back on a plane and back at work, haha.

So that was my trip, and now I'm just tired rereading it, haha. Anyhoo, it's Friday and there is work to be done. So hope you all have a fabulous Friday! If you're in LA, enjoy the sun! Ah it's glorious!

happy weekend!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I made it.

So I've been awake about 10 hours, only slept about 3 hours last night and I still have about 6 more to go at work, basically the moral of the story is that it's going to be a long day. But you know what? It was totally worth it.

I just had one hell of a trip and a lack of sleep is nothing compared to hanging out with my best friend and seeing one of my most favorite musicals ever. It was a great time and I highly recommend jet setting in the middle of the week to anyone if you ever get the chance, you can sleep when it's over, haha.

Well I have a ton of emails to respond to and work to get done, but I want to get a quick thanks to my fabulous guest bloggers Jamie and Jenn, you ladies rock. And I hope you all are having a fabulous day and expect lots o pics tomorrow, but for now I leave you with a teaser pic just for fun :)

happy thursday!