Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dress me please!!

So remember when I said I spent a lot of money this past weekend? Yeah well part of it was due to the fact that I bought not one, not two but three potential dresses to wear to Virginia's wedding this weekend!

And this is where you all come in. Some of you already voted on me purchasing dress number three but I need help! I'm only keeping one of these dresses because I don't need all three and I could return them for some more Autumn appropriate clothes so I need your vote pretty please. And don't mind my crazy hair and slouching posture (I really need to work on that!). Anyhoozits, THANKS! And VOTE! :)

Dress number one.

I can wear my yellow shoes with it.
Super comfy.
Bright and cute and colorful.

Not so pro:
It's straplessish so I have to make sure
my bra doesn't show.

Dress number two.

Super cute.
I can wear leggings or tights.
I have a cute black coat to go with it.

Not so pro:
It's a little short, but that's what leggings are for!

Dress number three.

I can wear a regular bra.
It's super colorful and eye catching.
Another comfy one.

Not so pro:
I have a feeling I might get cold, but that's
what coats are for right?

So yeah just let me know what you think in the comments and I'll be forever grateful, I'm so indecisive! Oh and update to add. I do have a coat, don't worry. I used to live in Ohio so I know how cold it gets :)

I'll let you know which one I picked when I come back from the wedding in Ohio on Monday, hope you all have a great weekend! But do stop by tomorrow and Friday for two fabulous guest bloggers, woo.

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yes I am a Hollywood addict.

Why hello Tuesday, how's it going? Glad to see you again already. Ready for some Hollywood news? Why here we go.
  • This week's first cute bebe we have little Olive Cohen with her mom Isla. Seriously they are such a cute pair and aw, love it.

    aw so precious.

  • In other bebeness is my favorite Violet Affleck and mama Jen looking cute in their rain gear. Seriously Violet is always so smiley, it makes me smiley! Love it.

    so darn cute. as always!

  • In other baby news, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. welcomed a little girl Charlotte Grace and Ellen Pompeo welcomed her baby girl Stella Luna last week. Also adding to the growing brood of babies on the Grey's set, Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart are also expecting a baby soon. So many babies, so darn cute.

  • In news I don't really care about but I'll post it anyways: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom got hitched after a month of dating (ummm okay then) and sister Kim is apparently back with Reggie Bush (yay?). Aaron Carter thinks he's going to win Dancing with the Stars (um is it that big of a deal?) and Nicole Richie, who just had a baby a couple weeks go, looks back to normal already! What is that woman's diet!?

  • However in things I do care about. Joshua Jackson is so good looking! Even when just watching sports and wearing plaid he looks cute. Hey Josh when you're done filming Fringe in Canada come on back to LA and hang out? That would be superb :)


  • For today's Twilight tidbit we have Robert Pattinson looking might fine in the newest edition of Dazed Digital Another Man magazine.

    oh le swoon.
    More pics here.

    Also in Twilightness, I watched it again last night. Yes I have issues, why I love this movie/book/story so much I do not know, but that's okay with me.

  • In movie news...
    Good Hair. I'm so behind on this one, but have you seen the preview for Chris Rock's new documentary, Good Hair, that's coming out soon? It looks really good actually. It's a look into the world of black womens' hair and the products and the hair shows and the weaves and all of it and I gotta say I'm intrigued.

  • In TV news...
    Welcome back TV, oh how I missed you :)
    How I Met Your Mother. Loved the repeat date and stripper Lily business, too funny. Also love that there are big things coming this season and even a musical number! Yessss.

    Glee. Why is everyone knocked up or supposed to be knocked up? Please don't get all soapy on us, I don't think I could handle that, I like my musical numbers just fine. Oh yes and the "Single Ladies" football scene, although the song is getting overdone it was still amazing.

    Law and Order: SVU. Oh how I've missed the detectives of SVU. And hello Wentworth Miller. You're cute and all but you can keep your mouth shut, I wasn't too impressed with the tough guy acting. But man what an episode to open with and that ending, the crazy killer and the innocent guy in jail still!? Ah! Too much!

    Top Model. Ashley why are you being such a biznatch? I mean really, is that necessary?? And Laura, such a doll. Seriously she's just so happy it's all sorts of cute. And yeah Tyra is still crazy and do you think there will be an episode without reminding us how short these girls are? Yeah I didn't think so. For the most hilarious of recaps, go here.

    Criminal Minds. Talk about another intense episode. Man one crazy killer after another and Hodge's family going into witness protection, so sad and wow.

    CSI: Okay not as cool of an episode as I thought. They hyped it up way too much. But Sara and Grissom are married now?! Interesting. And Riley left? So bizarre, I didn't hear anything about that. Overall it was a good ep though.

    Grey's Anatomy. Oh Grey's oh Grey's. Two hours of emotionalness (is that even a word? haha). For one, why was there not a single picture of George anywhere? Usually when someone dies on a show their picture is displayed or someone looks back on it in mourning, none of that. Weird. Second, I love the honeymoon phase for Meredith and Derek, so hot and so cute! Third, can Dr. Sloane go without a shirt in every episode please? The man is HOT. And um yeah every time someone cried about George or broke down I got a wee bit teary too, just so dang sad.

    Desperate Housewives. So funny story, in case you missed my tweet yesterday, I'm officially blogging reviews of DH over at BSC Review. So head on over and check it out.

  • Lastly in this week's WTF news we have a battle of the Texas strippers. No really. One stripper got mad at the other and tasered her! Who just carries around a taser?! Seriously some people are crazy and yeah moral of the story, don't mess with strippers. Or Texas.

Anything I missed today? Let me know!

happy tuesday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Overly hot with a big chance of weekend.

A freeish weekend? I almost didn't know what to do with myself...almost. But there was plenty going on.

Friday: After work I headed home and Matt and I had a relaxing night to ourselves. It was awesome. I thought it would be a Wii and wine kind of night but instead it was Wolverine and wine, which was just fine by me. Basically it was relaxing and just us and just what we needed.

Saturday: Slept in a bit (sweetness) before heading over to a preview day at The Counter with Matt's family. If you haven't been to The Counter I highly recommend it, you get to basically create your own burgers and they're massive and delicious. Exhibit A:


Yeah I got a honey wheat bun, turkey burger, with grilled onions, homemade guacamole, sun dried tomatoes, provolone cheese and spicy sour cream sauce. Basically it was amazing! And so were their fries, mmmm.

After lunch I went on a shopping spree. Oy. Well good oy and bad oy. Good because um it was shopping and I love shopping, bad oy because it was a billion degrees out (okay not a billion but definitely in the 90s) and man I spent too much money this weekend, haha.

Post shopping I came home was actually really productive and just hung out for a bit with Matt before heading to grab some drinks with a couple of friends. So yeah I went to one of my favorite places, Yard House and just got to be girly (which was awesome) and catch up with my friends since I've been so busy and hadn't seen them in a while. My sister and her friends also showed up later (where I was made fun of for wearing my 'Born to Blog' shirt, seriously some non-bloggers just don't get it) so we hung out with them but eventually we all got tired (man we're old sometimes) and headed home. Oh what a good night it was.

Sunday: Caught up on some TV in the morning then headed over to pick up my little brother for our day together. As a birthday gift to him back in July I said I'd take him out to the movies and let him pick so that's what we did. However we did do a little shopping beforehand (hey I needed a dress for the wedding this weekend!) and thank you for all who helped via twitter, haha. But then I made up for the shopping with lunch at Island's.

ain't he a cute one? haha.

Afterwards we saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which was actually really cute and pretty funny, I liked it and so did Kurt. Basically it was a loverly afternoon of siblingness.

After walking I did a nice six mile walk with my mom, aunts, brother and uncle then came home to eat and relax with Matt and pretend that Monday wasn't coming, haha.

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello mish mash.

Oh yes, it's one of those days. And go.
  • I didn't post yesterday because I was hopped up NyQuil and passed out at a decent hour. That and I couldn't stop sneezing long enough to look at the computer screen let alone type.

  • I feel a little better (thank you Sudafed) and hope this season's allergy attacks won't last too long. Thank you for all of the well wishes.

  • Sometimes I get crabby when I'm sick and Matt becomes awesome. Not only did he clean everything he also made dinner. Seriously the boy has a bad back and still takes care of me, how did I get so lucky?

  • A year ago yesterday I met Ryan Gosling. How has it already been a year?? Oh but what a great year it has been.

  • Three months til Christmas! Oh man how did that happen?

  • I'm pretty sure I'd be amused playing with the busy ball popper....that almost sounds dirty.

  • I love my iphone.

  • It shouldn't be 100 degrees today, that is just plain wrong.

  • This weekend has so many random plans going on including wine and Wii with Matt, taking my brother to the movies, hanging out with some girlfriends, dress shopping and other goodness in between. Basically awesomeness.

Anyhoozits how are you today?

happy friday!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Useless and the Helpless.

Monday night my allergies decided to go on full attack mode, awesome. To add to that, Matt got another shot to the spine yesterday making him unable to do a whole lot. I was supposed to take care of him but it mainly turned into me sneezing and asking if he needed anything in between sniffling.

So yeah we're pretty much useless and quite helpless right now. Please send a new nose my way and a healthy back Matt's way. We'd very much appreciate it.

I'll probably need some more tissue too while you're at it since I've been going through boxes like it was part of my job. Oy.

yes that would be my work trash can,
full of freaking tissues. gah.

Hope you're having a healthier day than we are.

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Fantabulous week of Hollywood.

Oh it was a busy week in Hollywood alright, so let's get to it!
  • I usually don't post pics of such newborns but this family pic of Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel with little Walker just made my heart melt.

    oh soooo precious!

  • Another new family is Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley! They're proud new parents to baby Naleigh and all of their family photos make me say aww more than once.

    um adorable!

  • Moving on from the bebes. Apparently Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are engaged and getting married this Sunday, Michelle Williams looks divine in Vogue and talks about Heath, Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard got hitched over the weekend, Clive Owen looks sharp in Details magazine and Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks pretty good himself on the set of Inception.

  • In Twilight news...
    The official New Moon soundtrack track listing has finally been released. Yes my inner emo will be coming out again when I buy this one in a month.

    Speaking of New Moon, this mashup of all of the trailers and clips that have been released so far is sort of amazing. I'm quite ready to see this movie already.

    In other New Moonness, the LA Times got to go on set in Vancouver and just released a ton of pics from the set. This one being one of my faves.

    oh look at the tension in that pic.

  • And on to the Emmy's!
    • I heart Neil Patrick Harris. His opening was very reminiscent to Hugh's (award winning) opening to the Oscar's and very awesome.


    • I love Kristen Chenoweth's acceptance speech! She is just so cute and I can't help but think Galinda whenever I see her, haha. And I love how she offered herself to other shows since she's unemployed now, haha. So sweet.

      love how happy she was.

    • I sort of loved Patricia Arquette and Mariska Hargitay's new hair dos. So chic and cute new looks for their characters.

    • I didn't love the fact that so many people were wearing really odd fitting and thick rimmed glasses. Keifer, Simon Baker, Justin Timberlake, Dana Delaney? Yeah what was up with that.

    • The Dr. Horrible interlude was hilarious, I love NPH.

    • And on to some of the Emmy's fashion.

      I sort of like Blake Lively and Leighton Meester's dresses.
      Although a little revealing I thought
      they were fun and sexy for their age.

      I would rock different shoes,
      but I really liked this dress.

      beautiful color, beautiful dress.

      what a good lookin couple.

      oh Jason Segel you are so adorable!

    • A list of all the Emmy winners can be found here.

  • And in TV news...
    Top Model. SMIZE?! Tyra SMIZING!?! Come on now. Seriously she's a crazy woman, but I do love her and I love ANTM. And nice judging job Lauren Conrad, no really you did better than the actual model that was on last week. You almost sounded like you knew what you were talking about, haha. And um time for Bianca to go home, the end.

    How I Met Your Mother. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this show? Lily is so cute in her relationship ways, but she really is the voice of reason because Barney and Robin totally like each other! And the whip, oh I love the whip. So funny. Oh and Ted's wrong classroom debacle was pretty entertaining too. Although I feel this season is going to be very Robin and Barneycentric I can't wait!

    Fringe. Oh man what a season finale (yeah I just finally watched it) and what a premiere. Although I'm going to have to watch this show on the weekends I can't wait to see where this season goes. I love me some Joshua Jackson and ah the show overall is just good, good cast, crazy storylines and just wow.

  • And lastly in today's WTF news we have the funniest headline I've seen in a while: Naked Man, 91, holds drunken intruder at gun point. Haha, amazing. Just read it to laugh a bit.

So anything I missed today? Let me know!

happy tuesday!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Guerneville is the new hot spot.

Oh Monday why are you here already? I was enjoying my weekend in Guerneville and not quite ready to come home just yet. But I guess it's time and man what a weekend it was.

Friday: Left earlyish with Matt, his dad and brother Brad on a flight to Oakland so we could make it to Matt's family reunion in Guerneville, oh yes Guerneville. Once all of us were together in the airport (we had to wait for Matt's brother Ryan) we rented a car and were on our way. Eventully we made it up to the cabin and I got to meet 140 of Matt's family members, haha. I knew it was going to be a good weekend when I saw this in the garage:

oh what a lot of alcohol.

Basically this place was awesome. Matt's great grandfather built a lodge where the family can get together and just have a great time.

so many trees around, it was gorgeous.

Matt, his dad, Brad and Ryan all hanging out.

Friday night we stayed up late, had some drinks, had some Mexican food and I got to meet a lot of family. Saturday was when it all happened.

Saturday: Slept in quite a bit which was nice. Then basically hung around the house, went to town (oh what a town it is), ate more food than I should of and got to know a lot of family. Oh and then some pictures were taken and the crazy night began.

Brad and his cousin kayaking by the house.

Matt doing a reading at mass.

the priest forgot his book so he used an iphone instead, love it.

Our small part of the huge family!
Brad, Ryan, Matt, me, Aunt Toni and Matt's dad.
woo Team Burgundy!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of all the trees.

obviously, haha.

me, Matt and Brad having a grand ole time.

Matt and his cousin Catherine hanging out.

oh man we were dancing all night.
thank you live band and lots of alcohol!

Charlie getting down to the music, haha.

Despite his back killing him,
Matt had to show everyone
how to do
a proper keg stand, haha.

All in all it was a great night with so many random stories that I can't even post them, haha. Basically I love Matt's family and I'm so glad to be marrying into that crazy bunch. But I think I'll need to prep my liver a bit more for next time. I'm so sad it's already over and hopefully we get to hang out with some more of Matt's cousins soon!

Sunday: Slept in again (twas nice), got up to help Matt make breakfast for everyone. Then basically lounged around, watched some football, cleaned up a bit and said some goodbyes. And before I knew it (2 hours in a car, 4 hours in airports and planes) we were home again. Luckily I got to enjoy some quiet time with Matt at home and even watch the Emmy's (oh yes that's tomorrow's post).

So how was your weekend?

happy monday!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm still addicted to TV.

If you haven't guessed by now, I watch a lot of TV and I mean A LOT. I can't help it. I just love TV. And I love my DVR. Last year I did a preview to what would be showing up on my TV schedule so I figured why not do it again in honor of next week being season premiere week and all. So here goes, this year's lineup:

How I Met Your Mother

By far my favorite show currently on the air. I LOVE this show. It always makes me laugh, I want Marshall and Lily to be my neighbors and Barney to be my ridiculous suit wearing best friend. And everyone to grab drinks at the bar all the time! Okay but this season looks amazing, Barney and Robin together! The MOTHER is in Ted's class! So many big things are coming I can barely wait to watch on Monday at 8 on CBS, set your DVRs people, you don't want to miss this show.


Yeah I know this show is already back, but I'm sort of behind and have only seen one episode (or maybe two) and I love it already. Seriously this show just makes me want to go back to school even if my college experience was not nearly as ridiculous (or was it? haha). But um Cappie you are my favorite, you me and Barney can go hang out and play laser tag.


After the second half of last season my faith in this show has been slightly restored. It was a pretty bad ass ending and I can't wait to see what new heroes we meet this season and what happens with the whole Sylar is Nathan thing, yeah that has potential.

Wednesdays (yeah I don't know how there's nothing on Tuesdays either):

America's Next Top Model

Yes somehow I can take Tyra and her crazy because I keep coming back for more of this show. I'm pretty sure I've seen almost every episode of every cycle and it keeps getting more ridiculous but I love it. I love the photo shoots, I love how every model has to have some crazy back story or weird physical feature or some bizarre name, love it.


Yeah how could I not love this show. It's quirky, it's funny, it's like a musical on TV! I love musicals! But really, the plot lines are pretty funny (minus the whole fake pregnancy and very shallow wife thing) the actors are all relatively newcomers (which I love) and the music is just fun! So yeah if you're not watching this show yet, you probably should.

Criminal Minds

And on to my crime shows. Seriously I'm such a sucker for a crime show and I can watch this one all the time, even if 97% of the time it freaks me out. Yeah this show is a little intense and the cases are sometimes (okay usually) gruesome I still watch. And I love the characters! Garcia is hilarious, I love heart her, she's like a toned down Mimi. And Reed? The super genius, he's just adorable!

Law and Order: SVU

I've been watching this show so long now and I'll keep watching until it gets the axe. Another crime show that freaks me out from time to time but I still love it. I love Olivia and Eliot and their amazing partnership and the cases they get and let's be honest Eliot. Le swoon oh swoon Eliot.

Grey's Anatomy

Oh Seattle Grace how I heart you and your drama. After having one of the best season finales on TV in my opinion I can't wait to see what happens next. Even though most of the big twists have been revealed by who's signed on for the season and who hasn't and who will be on maternity leave, etc. I still can't wait to watch and see where the season goes. Oh and hello Dr. Owen, glad you're still here.


After losing some major characters last season I think the show still has some spark. And I can't wait to see what's coming this season!

The Mentalist

So I started watching this over the summer and I love it. Simon Baker? Hellooooo hawtness. Talk about a good lookin man. And his character is just so funny. I love their cases and the way their team works together.

Project Runway

I had never watched this show before and after seeing Tim Gunn at BlogHer and hearing only good things about it I figured it was worth a shot. And I haven't been let down so far. Although I do fast forward through a lot of the boring talking parts and basically just love seeing what outfits the designers create it's still a good show.


So it's going to be tricky to watch this since it's on at the same time as Grey's and CSI: but we will find a way!! I loved last season. It doesn't hurt that Joshua Jackson is in it either. And basically the whole cast is amazing, check out their EW interview if you don't believe me! So if you're into sci-fi weirdness and quirky humor with a hilarious cast, check out Fringe and you won't regret it. Although you may want to watch the first season before starting season 2, it's a little complicated.


I've been hooked on this show ever since last season (and thank you Lifetime for playing it every night!), it's so intriguing. I love that the DuBois family is so down to earth and normal and cute. However for as down to earth and middle class as they are, how does Allison have so many pajamas??? Anyhoo I'm excited to see if it's any different on CBS and how Allison is after her coma, so many questions to answer, wooooo.

Desperate Housewives

The only big twist for this season premiere is who the heck is Mike marrying!?!?! Is it Catherine or Susan?!! I vote on Catherine just because Susan sort of drives me crazy. And I hope all the drama with Gaby's new niece isn't that ridiculous. Fingers crossed it's a good season.

Brothers and Sisters

Oh those crazy Walkers. I can't wait to see what happens this season with Rebecca and Justin's upcoming wedding and Tommy still aloof in Mexico and Kitty and Robert's rocky relationship! Basically everyone in the show, I love this show and I can't wait to see where this season goes.

And that my friends is the DVR schedule. Not including the random CSI: NY, Run's House or Say Yes to the Dress episodes I can get drawn into.

What are you watching this season?

happy friday!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The perfect time(s) of the day.

As I was driving to work yesterday I was thinking how perfect the drive was. Yeah there was way too much traffic than what I prefer and there were some horrible drivers, but it was still perfect.

The 15 or 20 minutes it takes for me to get to work is my time every day. My time to myself to think about whatever I want and sing as loud as I want, it's perfect. And I love it.

And the drive home was just as nice. Although it was getting darker (ugh) and there were even more cars on the road and more bad drivers, I still sang as loud as I possibly could and enjoyed every minute of it.

When I went to bed last night I did some reading and helped Matt with his crossword puzzle (yes we're an old married couple already, haha). After a while we finally got tired and Matt instinctively put his left arm up for me to cuddle up in to. I went to my regular spot and just laid there as he rubbed my back and all was perfect.

No matter if I have a stressful day at work, something ridiculous going on in my personal life or just feel like crap I know that those three times in my day will always make me feel better. I mean what's better than pretending to be Shakira's back up singer or mentally planning your future wedding or having a fiance to soothe you to sleep? Yeah not a whole lot :)

What are your perfect times?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wedding squees.

So remember on Friday when I said there was some potentially big wedding news to share? Well here we go I'm sharing it....


which means we have a DATE!!! An actual date on the calendar that we'll be getting married! Um say what? Is this really happening? Why yes, yes I believe it is. We're really getting married!

But no really, Matt's taking over the deposit today and I'm all sorts of excited!! We both love the place, it's all outdoors and we get to bring in all of our own vendors. So it's going to be a lot of work but I know we'll be able to do it, especially since we just checked the venue, which is a major thing, off the wedding to-do list, haha.

So August 28th, 2010 I love you already, just so you know :)

almost as much as I love this guy.

And now the real wedding planning begins! Wahoo!

happy wednesday!