Tuesday, March 31, 2009

H to the Olly to the Woooooood.

Oh it's Tuesday and do I have some celebrity news for you. Are you ready? You sure? Okay let's go then, woo:
  • Apparently tutus are the newest thing among Hollywood's cutest. And do I blame them? No! Because man I would rock a tutu too if I could, but I don't think I'd look nearly as cute as Violet and Nahla.


    so darn cute!

  • And because I'm a sucker for cute bebes I had to post this pic of little Sasha Shreiber with his dad. Seriously the matching hats are adorable.

    ohmygoodness cute!

  • Movin on from the bebes and on to Keanu. MmmmmKeanu. Even though I'm not usually a fan of his beard, it looks pretty good in this photo shoot for Vogue Hommes.


  • Know what else is dreamy? The faux poster for New Moon with Rob Pattinson. I mean really he's mmmmm.

    hello vampire six pack.

    Speaking of Twilight, I watched the special features DVD and it was awesome. A whole hour documentary about the making of the movie and behind the scenes and all that jazz, it was quite nice. And um this may be my new favorite resource for Twilight news, seriously it's amazing. Oh and while I'm talking about Rob, he addressed those rumors of his showering habits and he does shower people, he's clean! And um he's adorable. The end.

  • Also in movieness, I saw I Love You, Man last Thursday. Seriously, I laughed through the whole thing. And ohmygosh I heart Jason Segel and Paul Rudd so much.

    Seriously if you haven't seen this movie yet, you should. And be prepared to laugh the whole way through. Totes Magotes.

  • Another movie news tidbit, apparently Sasha Baron Cohen's newest production Bruno has gotten a NC-17 rating on its first run, not surprisingly. I've heard so many crazy things about this movie already I can't wait to see it, it's going to be hilarious. Probably ridiculous and crude and raunchy but man how is that not funny every now and then?

  • In favoritesish news, the one and only Bob Barker is making a return to the Price is Right. However he's not hosting, he's on the show to promote his new book. Yeah how the man had time to write a book is beyond me. But yeah he's got a book called Priceless Memories, har har har. Anyhoo, good luck Bob, hope you actually enjoy retirement now.

  • And in other TV news...
    How I Met Your Mother. Haha, I love Lethal Weapon. I love this show. And I love Barney Stinson. "Can I get a straaaaw?" Seriously the whole episode was hilarious. Marshall's coaching, the lists, Lily telling Marshall off, Barney's earring, all of it. Love it.

    Fringe. I miss you. Come back. I guess in the meantime I have to just enjoy pictures of Josh on set.

    hellooooo. come back already!

    Grey's. Ohmygoodness Grey's. First of all Cristina and Owen, heart them. But man they made me cry at the end of the episode, seriously I was such a nut. And I'm not gonna lie and say that I didn't cheer in glee when Derek and Meredith officially/ not officially got engaged. And the whole Izzy thing also made me a bit teary and it's driving me nuts that not even Katherine Heigl knows what's going to happen. Aye Aye Aye.

    John and Kate Plus 8. Ohmygoodness I always forget just how darn adorable those kids are. Their paintings were so cute, I mean really. And um why the crap is Kate wearing heels to a kid's museum? I mean really, how is that comfy at all? But um I want to visit this kid's museum, it looks amazing. And I would be okay if this show didn't come back. I feel like the family needs a break, and I'd be okay if they took it.

    Top Model. Oh man this season is good. I know I say this every week but I am highly amused this season so far. And I totally called that Kortnie was getting kicked off, it was so obvious. And umm Celia, Celia? Next time Celia keep your mouth shut. For an awesome recap, as always, check out here.

    Greek. Oh Greek, how I have missed you and your amusing ways. And umm Jesse McCartney really? I forgot he was joining the cast this season so I was sort of thrown off by it, I hope he'll sing, haha. And seriously, love the IKIs, haha. Icky Icky. And Casey and Ash, heart you two. You are besties, I miss my college besties. And aw Calvin way to threaten Evan and stand up for Rusty, heart. And um Cappie, I didn't think your crazy antics could be topped but alas it seems like they can, haha. And yay Rebecca for not being totally horrible. And um previews for the season? Casey's bf on one kneee....say whaaaaaaaaaa?

  • And lastly for today's WTFness we have a website that definitely made me laugh. And reminded me of that creepy British couple that had a bebe but didn't have a bebe because the 12 year old wasn't the dad. Whatever, moving on. The site is WTF do you have a kid?, haha.

And that my friends is this week's Hollywood news. Anything I missed? Let me know.

happy tuesday!

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Bear Necessities kind of weekend.

Oh another weekend cut too short, dangit. Anyhoo, time to get to it.

First of all, regarding my overly excited post on Friday about Craig David... don't feel bad if you didn't know who the heck I was talking about. I don't know too many people that know who he is unless I've told them about him anyways, haha. So you are definitely not alone. Anyhoodles, moving on to the weekend recap, woo:

Friday: After a lovely day at work I headed over to my cousin's 13th birthday party. Seriously my cousins are getting so old it's freakin me out! But it was fun to hang with the family for a bit and chat and laugh and drink Smirnoff Ice (not even kidding my family loves the stuff). After the party Matt and I headed home and called it an early night since I was exhausted and Matt had to work on Saturday, so nothing too exciting but perfectly lovely just the way I like it.

Saturday: While Matt was at work I sort of enjoyed having the day to myself. I slept in, made some breakfast, finally got my car washed, went to the grocery store, went to the library (heck yes I finished another book, woo me!) and watched Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Seriously have you watched that movie lately? It's amazing! Amazing I say, I seriously love it. Once Matt got home we headed over to his brother's girlfriend's parent's house for a BBQ. It was so fun to hang around with everyone and drink and play with all the little kids (seriously I'm a sucker for little kids). The best part of the night and the highlight/story of the weekend actually came though on our drive home. We were not even a minute away from leaving the house when Matt and I see this blur in the road. Once we got closer and my lights hit it we saw it wasn't a blur, it was a freakin BEAR! A BEAR PEOPLE, A BEAR!! I nearly screamed, even though it was down the street and Matt was just like "Ohmygod a freaking bear!!!" It was pretty ridiculous. Since I was driving I didn't want to go anywhere but I inched down the street slowly and flashed my brights and honked my horn and the bear darted off the side of the road. But still, a freakin BEAR! Sadly it was not as cute as Baloo but it was still adorable but man I was freaked out. I didn't want it attacking my car, haha.

So yeah that woke me up, haha. Matt and I got home, had some wine, watched some TV and laughed about the bear all night long, haha.

Sunday: Matt went off to play golf with my dad and I slept in til 12:30, it was amazing. I don't remember the last time I did that, but man it was amazing. Basically after that I lounged around then went walking with my aunts (gotta stay in shape even though the marathon's done!). Afterwards Matt and I headed over to the Ice House with my sister and some of her/my friends and our mom. The show was pretty funny, the opener was actually our local weatherman which was interesting and the main guy was a hypnotist. I'm not so much into hypnotists but it was still an entertaining show. Afterwards I spent the rest of the night hoping Monday wouldn't come and hanging out with Matt, haha.

And that my friends was my random, bear filled weekend. And how was yours? See any wildlife? haha.

happy monday!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Craig is that really you????

Oh. My. God.

That was my reaction yesterday when I saw the bulletin Craig David posted on his Myspace... "Craig Live in Los Angeles April 14th!!!" *

Take a minute and soak that in people.

Okay maybe you don't need to soak it in but after I saw that I had my credit card out and bought two tickets before I even exhaled. Tears even streamed from my eyes of pure excitement and happiness. I couldn't believe it, I still can't believe it! After a seven year hiatus from the United States I was beginning to lose hope in Craig, we were even on non speaking terms, Josh Kelley was definitely taking over his reign as my favorite musician ever.

But alas, Craig has redeemed himself and I'm seeing him in two and a half weeks!!! Ah!!

Oh and do you want to come with me? I know you do! My sister has already said yes to coming but I know there still has to be tickets left, and they're only $20 and it's at the Mint and it will be awesome. Get your tickets here and you can witness me in true fangirl frakout mode, haha.

Oh so I know some of you are like what the eff you never talk about Craig David. But alas I have, he even has his own tag. And heck he even had his own day! Tuesdays to be exact (which makes the concert even more awesome because it's on a Tuesday! ah!)

Anyhoo I seriously cannot explain how incredibly excited I am. Almost as excited as the time I won tickets to one of his concerts on KIIS fm, but that's another story for another day. Ah! Love it!

Hope you all have a most fabulous weekend!

*actually my reaction was this and this. I couldn't type in anything but CAPS, now that's saying something.

happy friday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Katelin cooks again.

Oh yes you read that one right. I don't know what it is, but the cooking bug has struck and I just can't stop (well I can, but where's the fun in that?). And last night's recipe was yet another one I saved from Real Simple.

Creamy Rigatoni with Broccoli and Brie sounded good and theory and wasn't horrible when I was done, but it wasn't my favorite. Of course the pictures on recipes always look better than what your food actually turns out to be seeing as to how this is what Real Simple said the meal should look like:

And this is what it turned out to be:

Yeaaaaaaaah. It wasn't awful, but definitely not a recipe I'd make again. The brie didn't melt too well and it was sort of dryish and ummm yeah.

In other non-cooking news, I started a new book yesterday, Frangipani, and I'm pretty sure I'm not a huge fan of books written in the third person. I'm totally all about first person and getting to know characters better that way. The book is definitely interesting so far and is about a woman in Tahiti with two kids and a wary husband. That's about all I know so far and I hope it gets good.

Anyhoo that's all I got today. Any cooking fails for you lately?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This year's birthday wishlist, woo!

It's one month until my birthday people, ONE MONTH! Ah! I'm so excited! Seriously I love birthdays so much (especially my own) and I cannot wait for mine. My plans are almost finalized and the evites will be going out soonish but in the mean time I figured with one month to go I could share my ideal birthday list with you all, because really, who doesn't love a good birthday list. Anyhoo here it is:

This amazingly awesome mug
I mean how could you not love it?
Reading is soooooo zexy.

An Iphone
Granted I've been told to wait til the Summer
when a new one comes out, but a girl can dream
can't she?

I just got this poster for my friend
and I sort of want it for myself
it's just so cute and so true.

How I Met Your Mother Season 3
Do I need a reason?
This show is amazing. And I need it.

This fabulous Elisa Peretti "K" necklace
from Tiffany's.

A belt.
Simple I know.
But the only one I own is a guy's belt,
so I should probably get a little more feminine.


Rob Pattinson to serenade me "happy birthday"

yes that would all be lovely.

And that my friends is this year's birthday wish list, wish being the key word there, haha. Anything you think I should add? Maybe grab a drink with Ryan Gosling? A guest spot in New Moon? My own personal driver?

Yeah that'd be nice.

Anyhoo, happy almost birthday to meeeee, woo!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hollywood is where the wild things are.

Why hello there Tuesday. How are you today? Well I hope. Plenty of Hollywood scoop for me? Okay well let's go then. Woo.
  • To start off this week's Hollywood post we have some uber cute bebes. Kingston and Zuma are seriously adorable rockin mom's sunglasses, I mean really, could they be any cuter???

    so cute!

  • This week's other cute bebe is a birthday girl. She's not technically a celebrity but you should be reading her dad's blog. Little Madeline Logelin has captured my heart and I hope to one day meet her and Matt, but in the meantime, happy first birthday Madeline! :)

    so precious!

  • Also cute and adorable? Ryan Reynolds. Oh yes. I went there, haha. He's been lying low lately and seriously he is just so dashing in this pic I had to post it:


  • Also looking extremely good these days and every day....one of my newer crushes, Neil Patrick Harris. Apparently I should own the newest copy of GQ because it's got Rob Pattinson on the cover and NPH on the inside, woo.

    haha, love it.
  • In more serious and sad news, unless you are living in a hole you saw the story that Natasha Richardson passed away last Wednesday. I can't say that I'd seen a ton of her work besides the new Parent Trap movie but that doesn't make her passing any less sad. She was a great actress, a mom, a wife, a sister and a daughter and it is truly sad to see her go.

  • In happier news, apparently this past weekend was the weekend for people to tie the knot and get married. Bruce Willis married his girlfriend (with Demi and Ashton at the wedding), Dave Letterman married his girlfriend of ten years (and mother of his son), Danica McKellar (aka Winnie Cooper) married her longtime boyfriend and singer Natasha Bedingfield wed her boyfriend in Malibu. Apparently getting married was the thing to do last weekend. Congrats to all the new couples!

  • It was also the weekend of injuries with both Lance Armstrong and Matt Lauer involved in some serious bicycle injuries. Matt hit a deer while riding and may or may not require surgery while Lance broke his collarbone while riding in a race in Spain. Yikes to both injuries!

  • Oh totally unrelated, remember Aretha Franklin's infamous inauguration hat? Yeah how could you forget that one. Well apparently for Aretha's birthday the hat made a comeback:


  • In movie news...
    Twilight oh Twilight! It sold three million copies on it's first day! Yeah I and I definitely contributed to that one. Where did you get your copy? I got mine from Target and it's a three disc edition, gotta love it.

    Also in movie news, the first screen shots from Where the Wild Things Are have made it to the internet. I can't say I looooved the book growing up but I definitely was a fan and this movie has me intrigued. Check out the full story here.

  • In TV news...
    Fringe. Seriously still not back yet, I can't take it! I need some Josh on TV! In the meantime I have to enjoy random shots of him around NYC:

    mmmmm. Heart him.

    Brothers and Sisters. AH! Ryan, what the eff? Get out of the Walker house. You are annoying me to no end. And seriously, Holly is so suspicious I can't buy any of it. But man I love this show and why is it on hiatus until April!? Seriously people. Not cool.

    Desperate Housewives. Okay so I knew Edie was going to die but I didn't think it would happen now! Such a good episode, so much suspense, I was seriously on edge. I was also laughing hysterically over Gaby's antics, haha love them.
    Top Model. Oh man this season is good. I wasn't too sad to see Nijah go but man Allison freaks me out. I know she can't help having big eyes but gah, it's freaky! Anyhoo the episode was pretty good and as I've said in the past, check out this blog for a hilarious recap.

  • And in today's WTF news, apparently pregnant women becoming men is the new thing. A woman in the process of becoming a man has become pregnant...with twins!! Seriously, those kids may have some issues. Just sayin.

    Oh oh also one more WTF...Lindsay Lohan's new commercial for Fornaria. It's ridiculous and hilarious and amazing all in one. Check. It. Out.

And that my friends is what's happenin in Hollywood lately. Did I miss anything? Let me know.

happy tuesday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The half marathon would have gone faster if I was with Edward.

Oh man I am so exhausted right now, thirteen miles can do that to a person, haha. Anyhoo my weekend was quite the weekend and my half marathon was quite the half marathon.

Friday: Got home from work and went to grab some sushi with Matt for dinner (seriously I love sushi, it's so delicious). Afterwards we came home to play some Wii for a bit and went to our neighbor's to watch Ocean's 11. I definitely got tired at like 11:30 and moseyed over to bed incredibly early making me feel oh so old but man I don't care, I like my sleep!

Saturday: I set my alarm nice and early so I could go to Target and get myself a copy of Twilight. Oh yes, I am crazy. 8 on a Saturday is too freakin early to be up but I had to make sure I got a copy of the movie! Luckily I wasn't the only crazy one because there was a line outside of Target, a line! So many of the women in line bee lined over to the Twilight display, it was hilarious. Even more hilarious, the woman buying six copies, six! Now I'm a fan and all but six copies is not necessary. I also felt better when I was in line and checking out with just Twilight and the woman in front of me was in her pjs too and just buying Twilight, oh I was not alone in my fandom. The funniest part of the morning though was when I got home and crawled into bed and Matt rolled over and said "shouldn't you be going to Target now?" and I told him "I just got back!", haha. Good times, good times.

After sleepin a bit more I eventually got up and ready for the day and headed over to Polkatots for the cupcake meetup. It was so much fun trying cupcakes and hanging out with Tara and other cupcake lovers. And the owner of the place was so nice too it was so much fun, a great way to spend an afternoon.

Post cupcake meetup I picked up my stuff for the half marathon and did some shopping, nothing like a new pair of jeans to make your day. After I finished my shopping Matt and I headed over to his dad's house for a nice carb filled dinner and Twilight. Funny thing is, I didn't even suggest we watch Twilight, but we did and I definitely liked it more the second time around. All in all it was a good night and I headed to bed early to prep for the big day on Sunday! '

Sunday: First of all, thank you to everyone for the awesome comments on Friday's post about the half marathon. I was definitely psyching myself out a bit beforehand but when Sunday morning came I was ready. I woke up early, showered, had some oatmeal, did some stretches and was ready to go. Unfortunately the weather gods weren't completely on our side but we made it nonetheless. There was some rain on and off throughout the day but when it stopped it was awesome. And after three hours and forty seven minutes we all finished! Wahoo! It was such a great feeling to finish it. And even better was that Matt surprised me and showed up at the finish line to cheer us on :)

I wish I had the pictures of us to share but the site hasn't posted them yet and my sister forgot her camera cord. But I do have proof, my shirt with my number and my medal! I'm pretty sure it's my first medal ever, haha.

All in all I must say I'm proud of myself and of my aunts and my mom, it was a great thing to do together and I can't wait until the next time.

After the half marathon I headed home, had a pizza and took a nice nap. Afterwards all the ladies (and my uncle) celebrated our half marathon finish at my aunt's house with tacos and Twilight (oh yes I watched it a second time). It was the best way to celebrate I could ever think of.

And that my friends was my weekend, Twilight and a half marathon. Love it.

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Walk, don't run.

So remember way back when when I was supposed to walk in a half marathon and I was super excited and really pumped and ready for it and then California had a million fires and the air quality sucked and the walk I'd be prepping for for months ended up not happening? Remember that?

Yeah well it's officially rescheduled and I've been walking like a crazy walking woman since then and it's officially happening this Sunday! This Sunday people!!

That's thirteen miles of walking! Walking all over Pasadena at six freaking thirty in the morning, on a Sunday no less. Seriously, I must be crazy.

that's the route, woo

I just have to keep telling myself I can do it. Heck it my two aunts and my mom can do it, I can most definitely do it. We can all do it! So think of me Sunday as I'm walking away in the Pasadena Marathon and cross your fingers I make it.

The best part will be after we do make it and have our celebration dinner that night with tacos, margaritas and Twilight. Oh yes I'll be finding some way to own it by Sunday even if it involved me getting up at eight tomorrow morning, oy.

Anyhoo hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Any big plans? Plan on walking anywhere? Running even? Haha.

happy friday!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guess what?

Matt and I are moving to Italy.

We won the lottery.

And I bought myself an iphone.

Matt went golfing with Tiger Woods. And Mila Kunis drove the golf cart.

Oh and Rob Pattinson told me he liked my hair.

Then he gave me a sweet car from the set of New Moon because they had too many.

And to celebrate I made lasagna better than real Italians make it.

Joshua Jackson said it was the best meal he'd ever had.

I also managed to paint my nails without getting polish all over the place.

Then I wiggled my nose and waved my hands around and the apartment cleaned itself up.

Amazing right?

Man I really have to stop telling lies. Rob actually told me he LOVED my hair :)

Anything you wish was true these days? Or am I the only one with too much time to think about ridiculous things like that?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cheese makes the world go round.

Heck yes it does. Just call me your every day cheese foodie.

Haha, who am I kidding? I'm not foodie, I've just gotten lucky the last two times I've tried to cook. It probably doesn't hurt either that both recipes had pretty similar ingredients (ham, cheese, onions, bread) and were almost impossible to mess up.

But still, I'm giving myself a pat oh the back for another meal well done. This time around it was drunken cheesy bread (another one from Real Simple, check it out here). Yeah it sort of looks like a pile of cheese (which I don't really mind) but I swear there's more in there!

Anyhoo I just had to share my amazing ability to not burn a pan or ruin a meal two times in a row! Wahoo!

And what did I do to celebrate St. Patty's Day and my cooking accomplishment you ask? Why I drank some Killians beer with Matt and watched Boondock Saints. It was rockin...shamrockin...Okay lamest joke ever. I tried to make it on Twitter yesterday and totally didn't work there either, I'm determined to make it funny one day, haha.

But yeah that was my day. Any cooking feats for you lately?

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hollywood makes me swoon sometimes...a lot of the time.

Tuesday. Hollywood post day. And go!
  • In this week's cute bebeness we have the oh so adorable Klum kids. I mean how much happier could these kids be? They are so cute!


  • In other cute bebeness making her debut on my blog is little Honor Marie Warren. Yeah I still don't know if she the cutest of all cuties out there and her mom needs to smile more, but this picture just made me laugh and smile for some reason, maybe because of that giant ball and her adorable headband:

    check out those cheeks! so cute!

  • Moving on from the bebes I'll toss something right off the bat for the guys: A MacGyver movie! Apparently the Hollywood Reporter said that MacGyver is coming to the big screen soon. Although no script is in place yet, apparently it's being worked on. I wonder if MacGruber will make a cameo?

  • Also coming to the big screen soon? NEW MOON! Ah. Okay the fan girl in me just squealed. I just can't get over Twilight. I swear I thought I was done and then BOOM! Shots from the set, Twilight coming to DVD on Saturday, Rob Pattinson in GQ, it's Twilight overload! And ummm of course I have to share it. So if you're over Twilight just skip this part.

    the sunglasses, oh the sunglasses!

    these three are always together now
    ah hiiii Taylor and your long Jacob hair! :)

    PopSugar has a ton more pictures from the set and ah it just makes me happy. But man I hope the movie isn't awful because they're rushing it so much.

    Oh and Rob Pattinson is gracing the newest issue of GQ and ummm yeah I have most definitely swooooooned.

    His full interview is here. And ummm oooooohhhh la la is all I have to say to that.

  • Also in Oooooh la la land is the one and only Joshua Jackson. Seriously he is just adorable. And he just looks so daper in a suit:

    oh oh and Diane was there too

    looking fabulous too!

  • Also looking fabulous lately, Reese Witherspoon. Seriously she's been rockin some of the cutest short dresses on the premiere route for Monsters vs. Aliens I just love them all. But that gray one may be my fave of the bunch:

  • And in today's music news...
    Have you heard this new one from Taylor Swift? "You're Not Sorry" is what it's called and it's so good. Yeah I definitely listened to it like seven times yesterday. I definitely recommend checkin it out.

    Oh and remember how I was so excited about Josh Kelley and Ryan Cabrera going on tour together??? Yeah well turns out Josh has a show today and Ryan is not performing with him!?! What is that!?! I mean really. So sadly I don't think I'll get to see them together, maybe next time.

  • And in today's TV news...
    Desperate Housewives. Can we just wrap up the crazy Dave story already!?!? Come on I need to know what happens!? And if you kill Mike I don't think I can watch this show any more. But still, come on already!

    How I Met Your Mother. Marshall's wearing a night gown, Marshall's wearing a night gown!! Little Barney says "mahalo!" Haha, seriously this show cracks me up all the time. You should really be watching it, all the time.

    Top Model. Okay not pertaining to this season, but apparently auditions for next cycle got so out of control it looked like the Twilight signing mobs going on. The video is even more insane, it's crazy! Oh and I must say even though she was a an annoying crier last week, I'm still on team Fo for the win. And I can't really do recaps justice anymore after reading this guy, so I'll just send you here for some hilarity.

    Grey's Anatomy. Cancer? 5 months? What the eff?!?! Is she or isn't she dying?! And is it just me or was that whole episode last week just all sorts of angry? I mean, gah people, gah. And Derek was hitting the ring really all that necessary? No. I didn't think so.

    Brothers and Sisters. Oh. My. Goodness. Yeah I really said that after this week's episode. I seriously laughed through the whole Spring Break shenanigans, but then Tommy! Ah Tommy! I totally called that he would be gone. And Kitty, ah! Don't break up with Robert, just don't do it! And Ryan and Rebecca, stop it and stop it now! But ah how I love those Walkers, love it!

    Hole in the Wall. I forgot how funny this show is. Seriously, people trying to fit into holes on foam walls. Hilarious. Watch it. Laugh. Repeat.

    The Tonight Show. Apparently our Prez, Mr. Obama, will be making an in studio appearance on the Tonight Show this Thursday, a first for any president. I may just have to watch that, schnazzypants.

  • And today's WTF news we actually have a hilarious prank courtesy of the people at College Humor. Basically a guy tricks his friend into believing he won a half a million dollars at a basketball game. A description can't even do it justice, so just watch it and enjoy!

And that my friends is the day's Hollywood scoop. Woo Hollywood!

And Happy St. Patty's Day! Hope you're wearing your green!

happy tuesday!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Take that Rachel Ray!

Oh another weekend already over? I mean really why the heck do they go so fast??? If only the work week went as fast as the weekend, haha. Anyhoo the weekend was loverly and I didn't injure or break anything, woo!

Friday: Like I just said, despite my fears on Friday, I made it through the day without injuring myself or breaking anything, woo. On top of it I even got to leave work a bit early which was awesome. Then headed to dinner with Matt at the rent's house. We had some cousins in town from South Dakota so it was fun to chat and catch up. After dinner me, Matt, my sister and her friends went out to the bars in Old Town. It was fun to hang out, drink up and have some good laughs.

Matt and I hangin at Jake's billiards

Kourtney and Matt didn't really want to have their pictures taken

Jess and Matt takin Irish car bombs, woo

All in all a fun night at the bars. Definitely a great way to unwind from a busy week.

Saturday: Oh the joys of Saturday. Seriously Saturdays are the best. Basically Matt and I spent the day running errands and hanging out, it was great. Our night consisted of a delicious dinner, the Wii, and some wine (okay more than some, a whole freakin lot, I drank a whole bottle by myself, whoops!). The neighbors came over towards the end of the night to play some Scene It Squabble and it was pretty fun hanging out and havin a good time.

Sunday: Slept in a little late and woke up with a headache (damn you wine!) and relaxed most of the day before going walking with my mom (the half marathon is in a week, ah! ohmygosh!). Afterwards I came home and attempted some baking/dinner making. I realized I'd only cooked twice since I made my New Year's resolutions so I picked out three recipes to try for the week and last night's dinner was Ham and Cheese turnovers via a recipe I got from Real Simple. And to my surprise it was actually delicious! Granted I substituted pizza dough and just used Pillsbury croissants, but it was still just as delicious.

So yay me! I didn't burn it or ruin it or anything and Matt and I devoured all of them, haha. Just call me Chef Boyar-Katelin! Hopefully my luck won't run out and the other two recipes I try this week will be just as tasty.

Anyhoo spent the rest of the nigh relaxing and hoping Monday wouldn't get here just quite yet.

And how was your weekend? Try any new recipes? Drink too much wine or was that just me?

happy monday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Missing: Katelin's Brain.

I am worried.

Remember how I hurt myself playing the Wii on Tuesday? Yeah that was the first thing.

Well I forgot to mention that after I finally recovered from my injury I proceeded to ram my toe into the couch. Awesome.

Then yesterday morning I'm leaving for work, lock my apartment up, get to my car only to find I left my car keys on the table. So I go back inside, grab my car keys, lock up again. Get in my car, start my car, only to realize I left my water bottle right next to where my car keys were. Oy.

And then yesterday afternoon you may have seen my tweet, but I dropped my Ipod headphones in my vanilla yogurt. How does someone even do that?! Yeah I have no idea.

Seriously? Where is my brain? I seemed to have lost it. And now I'm even more worried because today is Friday the 13th!?!

So let's all pray that I don't trip on my own feet, walk into my desk side (this has happened before), forget my purse, spill water on my computer, drop my Ipod into my soup or anything else ridiculous. Pray people, pray!

And just because it's Friday and I need something fun, enjoy this song and try your best to not dance (or just tap your feet), it's impossible I tell ya:

happy weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My comfy clothes.

Ever have one of those days when you just love what you're wearing and love what your hair is doing? Yeah well I had that yesterday. And I thought only appropriate I could post an outfit post after watching America's Top Model because I totally feel like "smiling with my eyes", haha. Actually no I'm just being girly and liked my artsy fartsy Old Navy and Target inspired get up. Oh so what was I wearing?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's the most fashionable or cutest outfit ever, but man is it comfortable. And I think I'd get some points for matching. And rockin a scarf that isn't frilly to no end. And ummm did I mention that it's comfy. Oh and I swear my hair looked cute, the pictures do no justice to my headband and loose curls, seriously I need Ashley or Kerri's cameras, they make everyone look amazing, haha. Yeah and we can blame Matt for the blurriness, haha. Oh well.

So that's my outfit and I'm stickin to it.

Any outfit you absolutely love? Have a great hair day lately?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh my Wii.

So remember when I got my Wii and blogged about it like every day and couldn't stop talking about it? Yeah well I still love it and still love playing it as often as I can. But last night, I learned that I should probably pay more attention when I do.

What am I talking about you ask? Well if you saw my tweet you would already know, but I was in the midst of playing some Wii bowling while Matt was doing an online class and somehow I had moved further back in the room than where I thought I was so when I swung my arm back to bowl I smacked my hand right into the door knob.

Oh yeah right into the door knob. I immediately curled up and fell to the ground holding on to my hand while I laughed and cried and laughed so more so that it wouldn't hurt as much. All the while Matt was trying to hold back his laughs but ultimately failed but still asked me if I was okay.

The best part, I eventually got off the ground and finished up my game, haha. I had to! Granted I am like 40 points away from losing my pro status so finishing the game didn't really help me I was just determined to finish. Moral being: I'm an idiot, haha.

Actually the real moral of the story is look where you are when you're playing the Wii. I've already knocked the lamp before so it was only a matter of time before I actually hurt myself. Now I just hope I don't do it again.

And the best part, I am so not alone in my injury. @theotheragentm actually sent me this site, Wii Have a Problem, which basically is a blog of people's Wii accidents, haha. Some people have broken windows, lamps and given each other black eyes! It's ridiculous. I guess I'm glad I only hurt my hand temporarily, haha.

oh dear Wii you are so awesome
but so dangerous

Do you have any Wii related injuries or accidents? Or heck any video game injury or accident? Please tell me I'm not alone in my ridiculousness.

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hollywood schnaziness.

Oh it's Tuesday alright and I've got plenty of Hollywood scoop for ya, so here we go:
  • Today's cute bebes come from the Affleck girls. Ah! Little Seraphina went with mom and dad to get Violet from school last week and seriously she's a precious little baby blob and Violet is just the epitome or adorable per usual:


    so smiley

  • And today's second cute bebe comes from little Matilda Ledger, seriously she is adorable. And Michelle is a pretty stellar mom and Heath was a cute dad and ah! Heart her.

    so silly, so cute
  • And while we're speaking of Michelle, let's go to my favorite Dawson's Creek alum, Josh of course! Josh has been everywhere lately and I am not complaining at all.
    For starters he's featured in the NY Times article for Big Screen stars that are on TV. Heart:

    Josh has also been in Toronto promoting his new movie One Week.

    And while talking about his movie he talked about Diane and their relationship and seriously it's just so dang cute. Pop Sugar has the whole thing here and seriously I heart him even more.

    Also in the Josh realm, Reeder's Corner posted the actual trailer and a snippet review of One Week. Apparently she got to see it already and now I just need it to come to the US because obviously I'll see anything Josh is in.

  • In other favorites news did you know yesterday was Barbie's birthday?? Yeah Barbie is a favorite. I was a Barbie addict when I was younger. I still have all of mine I just can't part with them and I seirously hope one day I have a daughter who loves Barbies as much as I did. But yeah, so Barbie is 50. She looks dang good for 50, haha. So happy belated Barbara Millicent Roberts (yeah who knew Barbie had a full name?!)!

  • And in Twilight news, apparently the cast has landed in Vancover and are getting ready for the filming of New Moon. It's also been confirmed that Dakota Fanning has joined the cast as Jane. I sort of really like her for the part. Man I'm so excited.

  • Apparently I've developed a bit of a crush on Eva Longoria's closet because seriously I sort of want this dress. I don't know how it would look on my figure but it's so classy and cute:

  • Oh and for some random celeb news. Let's go.
    Vince Vaughn is engaged.
    Kanye's girlfriend's tights are sort of blinding.
    Britney had a serious outfit and mic malfunction at her concert in Tampa.
    Mariska Hargitay is not doing so hot and will be missing SVU for a bit.
    Iron Chef's Cat Cora and her wife are both pregnant and already have a 5 year old and 22 month old. Are they trying to compete with the Octo-Mom? Haha.

  • And in TV news...
    How I Met Your Mother. "All that stuff BS...Before Stinson)", haha. Seriously this show always cracks me up. Granted I may have been laughing more than normal since I was still laughing at the fact that I smacked my hand into the door knob playing Wii bowling before the show was on. Besides that, classic episode. No pants, I was laughing, haha.

    Medium. Anyone else watching this show besides me and Jen? It's. So. Good. I love the dynamic of the family and the storylines are crazy. Last week Blythe Danner who is oh so sweet killed her daughter out of despersation and my goodness it was goooood. As creepy as that sounds, it was so goood.

    John and Kate Plus 8. Best line of the show ever perhaps..."The dogs don't like being interviewed." Haha, I about died when Joel (or Aaden?) said that.

    The Hills. Are coming back soon!! And apparently it's Lauren's last season. And they want the show to go on without her? Yeaaaaaaah MTV that won't work. Just so you know.

    Top Model. May I be so bold to say that this season will be amazing? Perhaps. But oh my gosh we have some amazing characters. And I'm pretty sure there was a record amount of criers this first episode it was hilarious. And there are so many freakin sob stories too, it's insane. However I think my faves right now are Fo and Celia and anyone but crazy eyes. But ohmygod I can't even do the recap justice, I have found my new favorite recap blog, check it out.

    the goddess of crazy is more like it, haha

  • And in this week's WTF news we have an interesting story. Apparently a man at a gas station really wanted some ice cream so he shoved it down his pants along with some Ramen and some cookies. Once he realized he was caught he offered the gas station attendant $69 to not turn him in. Haha. That's just so freakin random. If you had $69 why not have bought everything beforehand for a total of like $5? Crazy people.

And that my friends is what's happenin in Hollywood. Anything I missed? Let me know.

happy tuesday!