Friday, December 31, 2010

So Long 2010.

So last year I did a ridiculous recap of my year and it was great and I was planning on doing that again but then people, but then: LIFE. I mean clearly you can tell I didn't do a whole lot of blog writing or reading for that matter this week and I blame life.

I got to work from home and got distracted with watching movies, going on lovely white hot chocolate/tea dates with lovely people, tasty lunch breaks with friends, getting my ass kicked on the Wii Fit/EA Active again, sleeping like a champ, meeting friends in bars on Tuesday (and Wednesday nights) and going to the Holiday Bowl (but let's not discuss the results):

Husker fan for a day.

woo wee!

So yeah it's been busy over here and I'm not really complaining, rather explaining.

Nonetheless I can't have a final post of 2010 without sharing my love of this past year.

I mean there was BISC 2010. And there really are no words (well there are because I posted about it but you get what I mean), I met bloggers I'd been reading forever and hung out with the crazy fabulous ones I already knew, amazingness.


And I mean clearly the biggest and best thing to happen to me this year was that I got married to the looooove of my life (not like you forgot or anything because I still can't stop talking about/get over it, haha):

double heart.

lurve it.

And we had a fantabulous time in Italy for two weeks and that was all sorts of magical and wonderful as well:

And yeah there were other super awesome ridiculous things that happened this year like I saw some celebs, went to some theme parks, had lots and lots of family time, read like a bookworm, attempted to cook some more and just loverliness and I couldn't have asked for a better year.

So you hear that 2011? You've got a lot to live up to buddy, I've got high expectations here.

I hope you all have a loverly and safe and fabulous New Year's Eve and wish you all the best for 2011!! I mean it's our year right?

happy 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Katelin's movie marathon.

If you've seen my tweets lately you've noticed that I've sort of become a movie watching fiend courtesy of Netflix on demand. I don't really know what started it but on Sunday after Christmas I was lazy and didn't know what movie to watch and I realized that there are so many movies I had on my queue. And from there my mini movie watching marathon began. In the past five days I have watched the following: The Bounty Hunter, The Duchess, The A-Team (on DVD not on Netflix), Babies, Moonstruck, Amelie, The Importance of Being Earnest and Steel Magnolias.

I mean yeah, it's slightly ridiculous. But at the same time I feel like I'm finally catching up with the world and oh man there are so many movies to go. Anyhoo, let's break the movies down a wee bit shall we?

The Bounty Hunter. Eh. I could have passed on this one. Although I didn't mind watching Gerard Butler, I mean he's like a cleaner Johnny Depp and still suave and rugged and yes please.
The Duchess. So freaking fascinating. I can tell why Kiera was nominated for this, she was superb. Then again I love all period pieces and this one was no different and made me want to read all about the Duchess of Devonshire, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Babies. Oh the bebes! This documentary was so cute and interesting and had no words but just four bebes from four different places and yes, check it out.

Moonstruck. "Snap out of it!" For once Nic Cage didn't bother me, but rather made me laugh quite a bit and Cher, she was pretty great as well.

Amelie. Adorable and quirky and one you should have watched by now.

The Importance of Being Earnest. Oh those Brits know how to make a funny movie and seriously add Colin Firth to anything and I'm sold.
Steel Magnolias. I want Dolly Parton to be hair stylist and BFF, seriously too ridiculous. Such a cute and very 80s and adorable and girly movie. Lurve it.

Fun times all around basically and if only I had more time to watch more movies I totally would. There are so many more movies on my queue and basically Netflix is running my life!

So anything I should add to my queue? Seeing any good old movies recently?

happy thursday!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A very Married Christmas!

I mean yes that title is ridiculous and four months (how the heck is it four months already?!?!) later I'm still in awe that we're married and our first married Christmas together was just that, lots of marriedness and family and compromise and drinking and eating and present sharing and just loverly. And if you can believe it I went the whole holiday without taking a single freaking picture (what is wrong with me!?) so I'll keep this briefish since we all know a pictureless post is not nearly as fun to read.

Friday: Christmas Eve! Relaxed a bit in the morning and attempted to make some pancakes (sort of a fail) and Matt and I had our own little Christmas. And I gotta say, Matt did me good this year, he got me a sweater and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters and a gorgeous necklace and the B I wanted!

it's a laurel leaf and it is just fabulous.

YAY! Mr. & Mrs. B.

In the afternoon I went to see the Nutcracker with my future sister-in-law. If you recall, I love the Nutcracker. I love it more than I love Wicked and that is saying something. Basically I've been going almost every year since I was about 10 and seeing it just makes me all sorts of happy and Christmassy inside. After the Nutcracker I stopped by my parent's house for a bit to say hi and goodbye and before I knew it it was time to head to Matt's mom's house for presents. It was so fun opening presents with Matt and his brothers and his mom and just yay. After presents we went to dinner at this schnazzy Scottish pub and restaraunt that had carolers and Christmasness all around and it was just loverly. After dinner I came home to a glass of wine and It's A Wonderful Life. My favorite way to end the night.

Saturday: Christmas Day!!! Such a nutty and hectic and fabulous day. It went something like this. Breakfast and presents with my parents. Brunch and presents with Matt's dad and aunt and brothers. Home to relax/nap (me) and play Epic Mickey (Matt). Dessert and Secret Santa gift exchange with my cousins at my aunt and uncle's house. Dinner and Christmasness at the future sister-in-law's family's house. Drinks with some family at our dive bar. Hang out Matt and Bryan. Sleep.

Sunday: Slept in. Relaxed. Had a mini movie marathon (thank you Netflix on demand) which included The Bounty Hunter (eh) and The Duchess (very fascinating). Eventually Matt came home and we went to dinner and then came back and watched The A-Team, then Matt went to bed and I watched Babies (seriously I am a movie fiend).

Monday: I'm working from home this week so my day consisted of watching New York, I Love You, doing some work, meeting Megan for lunch and spending my Barnes and Noble money wisely (weeee books) and continuing my movie marathon, lurve it.

the bottom two were presents and
the top three were my purchases, I can't
wait to read some classics!
*also an update, I've already read
Water for Elephants
I asked for it so I can read it again and again, I LOVE it!

Anyhoo how was your holiday weekend? Getting anything fun? Relaxing a lot I hope? Let me know!

happy tuesday!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

this year's Christmas card designed by
the oh so fabulous Rachel.

It's our first Christmas as a married couple and it's not all that different from Christmases past except that we'll be together the whooole time (weeeee!) and doing the trek from one family to another and I couldn't be happier about it. Christmas is just so much fun and so special and I can't believe it's here already.

Anyhoozits, moving on from the mush (sort of)....I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas full of cider and family and friends and laughs and giggles (wait those are the same, oh well) and ridiculous sweaters and hugs and good food and some presents and lights and corny movies and silly traditions and all sorts of fabulous goodness!

happy weekend!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Itty Bitty Hollywood day.

So, a Hollywood post you say? Well since it's a busy ridiculous week it's going to be short and sweet. Here we go:
  • Ohemfreakinggee the cuteness people, the cuteness! It's been a while since we've seen Garcelle Bea.. (I'm too lazy to figure out how to actually spell her name right now) and her adorable twins Jax and Jaid. I mean yes, when Matt and I have kids I expect them to be this cute (if not cuter!):

    gah theyaresocute!

  • And because the Affleck-Garner girls melt my heart I just had to share a picture of them in their adorable rain gear, I mean..ah! The cute!

    the adorableness is too much.

  • In other news, the Kardashians know how to make a badass Christmas card, no really I sort of want to rock Khloe's dress....a female fan got to know Lady Gaga quite well over the weekend...the Spiderman musical continues down the cursed road of what the eff, I mean yikes, I hope the guy is okay!...Shania Twain is engaged and it's all sorts of weird wife swapness....and lastly Snoop would like to wish you a G like Christmas.

  • In some favoriteness....
    Can you guess who this is? I mean YES. If you don't know just click on the pic for the answer, but I gotta say if you read my blog you've seen his mug enough times to guess. I'll give you a hint even: He's not American, that should help (not! Since like half of my favorite guys are from Canada or Australia, haha).

    apparently he didn't know what
    a good hair cut was.

    Thanks to lspoon for the linky love. Seriously I love when you guys send me links of my faves, it is superb and highly amusing.

    Also, as if Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams weren't adorable enough promoting Blue Valentine (which I NEED to see) this interview is just so cute about them saying they're not dating but rather "creatively doing it", haha.

  • In some Twilightnes....
    Okay not really Twilight but more like Rob and more like THE TRAILER FOR WATER FOR ELEPHANTS!! Can you tell I'm excited? The last book I reviewed on my barely breathing review blog was WFE and holy crap I loved it, seriously LOVED it, one of my favorite books of the year. So this trailer. I still don't totally by Reese, Christoph I'm totally sold on and Rob, oh it's Rob and he looks dreamy and nonEdwardish. So yeah, my point here? Check out the trailer and then come to the movies with me on April 15th.

  • In other movie news...
    So this movie Hanna. Have you heard of it? I hadn't until yesterday. But holy what the eff is going on - was basically what I said after watching the trailer. So brace yourselves and just watch.

  • In some TV news...
    Dexter. So season 5 has ended and I've managed to not read anything about it except that Julia Stiles was in it. So um when is it coming out on DVD so I can watch it all in one weekend, because that's clearly how Dex is supposed to be watched?

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we learn that just because you are a prince doesn't you're smart.. as in you can accidentally glue your eye shut, seriously it's ridiculous.

So tell me, what'd I miss?

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Very Tacky Weekend.

Oh what a weekend, clearly it was such an exhausting weekend that there was no post about it yesterday! And seriously I had the post all ready to write in my head and then just couldn't make it happen, oy freaking vey.

Nonetheless the weekend was superb so let's recap it shall we?

Friday: After work Matt and I went to my aunt and uncles house for a night of tacos and margaritas with them and and my sister and her boyfriend my cousins who were both in town. It was so delicious and so fun hanging out and catching up, just loverly all around. After dinner we all moseyed on over to our favorite dive bar and spent the rest of the night there picking awesome songs on the juke box and drinking cheap drinks and laughing away, tre awesome.

Saturday: Despite the rain I had errands to run! And baking to do! And things to prep to get ready for our Tacky Sweater Party! So basically my morning was a bit hectic. And it was quite awesome to get a nice surprise from Nintendo in the middle of the day:

I might have actually squealed.

I mean just when I think they can't get any cooler and cuter they send me freaking cookies! And yeah there was a game in there too, haha. It was the 25th anniversary Mario All Stars game that has all the classics on there. Needless to say, for his break in the day Matt had quite a good time playing this.

Anyhoo like I said, Saturday nigh we had our third annual Tacky Sweater Party. It wasn't nearly as packed as the year before and I blame the rain and uber busy schedules but it was still a great time with everyone that came. So of course I have pictures for you:

Santa and I in our total
tackiness and the tree.

the spread, hello tastiness!

I baked! No really, I did!
White chocolate chip cookies and funfetti cake balls!

My sister in her light up sweater and Andrew
in his Disneyfied greenness, lurve it.

Natalie and Nicole enjoying some goodies.

Matt and AJ trying to take a pic
while Kourt and Tiff photo bomb it, haha.

our silly pictures always make me laugh.

I had some extra snuggies so we gave
them out as prizes, definitely a big hit, haha.

Megan and I winding down the night.

All in all it was a lovely turn out with good friends (the fabulous Ali even stopped by, somehow we didn't take a picture, pure blasphemy!), lots of cider (in my case a little too much), awesome sweaters, yummy treats, good music (I mean I was DJ so I have to take credit) and just funness all around.

Sunday: Note to self: You are not 21, so stop drinking like it. Apparently drinking cider and wine and doing peppermint patty shots was not my greatest ideas since I paid for it alllll day Sunday. I woke up long enough to move to a couch, enjoy a breakfast burrito (thank you Andrew!) and sort of watch some football before falling asleep again. In the meantime Matt was a saint and cleaned up the place and did all sorts of productive things while I barely functioned. Somehow in my sleepiness we made it to our friend's annual cookie party and it was so fun to see them, even if I was half asleep, haha. After the party we came home and I went to bed at 8:30. Seriously, what the eff is that? Then again, I really needed it and it totally paid off.

And how was your weekend? Any tacky sweaters in the mix?

happy tuesday!

*Brand About Town/Nintendo sent me the game and didn't ask me to say anything about it, but of course I would anyways because they kick ass and always know how to make my day.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's a Saturnalia Miracle.

So after another evening of writing thank yous/Christmas cards an actual blog post was just not in the works. However I thought I'd leave you with this little gem from one of my favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory. Clearly my love of this show is no secret and basically I want Sheldon to be my friend and even if you don't watch this show this clip should make you laugh (otherwise you have issues or I'm just really easily amused, either or).

And um yes, whenever I need a pick me up, this is the clip I go to and it's quite perfect for the holiday season, so enjoy.

And apparently it's not embeddable (lame! who does that??) but still check it out and just for funsies here's a still, lurve:

So have a very festive and Saturnalia like weekend full of awesome and ridiculous everyone, woo!

happy weekend!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My hand hurts.*


100+ cards later and I think my hand might fall off. But it's all for thank yous/holiday cards so it's totally worth it. But my goodness I need a ghost writer or another hand especially because there are still more to go. Oy freaking vey.

Send happy hand thoughts my way (that sounds so dirty, but I swear it's not).

*Matt's hand hurts too, we're both writing machines and it's just ridiculous and fun and oy.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hollywood: Reunions, Splits and Swoons.

So I had every intention for having a Hollywood post up yesterday but then Matt and I decided to start the thank you/holiday card writing and I was pretty sure my hand was going to fall off by the end of it and writing a blog post just wasn't in the cards. Anyhoo there was plenty of Hollywoodness to share so share it I will, and go:
  • Starting off this week's cuteness we have a Dawson's Creek reunion! Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips went on a stroll with their daughters and the cuteness is just loverly.

    all you need is little Suri and this would be DC magic!

  • Also bringing some major cuteness, little Louis Bullock. Ohmygod this kid's pout kills me. And the santa hat? Lurve it.

    just pure cuteness! cuteness!

  • In other bebe news, Paul Bettanyy and Jennifer Connely are expecting another kiddo, congrats!...and um yes I know my favoritest family was out and about and being uber cute but I had to give some limelight to the other cutie kids out there, but anyhoo, Jen and the girls: PRECIOUS...In not so baby news, this was the week for splits apparently (yikes!): Zefron and Vanessa Hudgens split, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter filed for divorce and rumor has it Ryan Reynolds and ScarJo are calling it quits too. Man, that is just rough, especially around the holidays....
    However, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden did just the opposite and got hitched last weekend in a super private ceremony (although there was an elephant?) and apparently the pictures are being shopped around, I can only imagine....
    moving on, Jillian is leaving the Biggest Loser (adios!)...despite multiple denials, turns out Bea Arthur was in the marines (crazy pants!)...and check out 14 actors acting, it's weird and bizarre but I'm also very intrigued....

  • In some favoriteness...
    Ryan Gosling was interviewing by MTV and was asked to read some of the pictures on fuckyeahryangosling and basically he's adorable and yes. Watch this video and your day will be made.
    And if that wasn't enough Ryan, check out his GQ cover and swoon away, swoooon away:


  • In some other favoriteness, Josh and Diane. Where have you been hiding you two lovebirds? And seriously, your cuteness? I lurve it.

    heart them.

  • In Twilight news...
    Apparently Taylor Lautner is a Saints fan as he was in attendance and on the field of their last game. And um. Can this boy get any more adorable? I really don't think it's possible actually.

    "oh hey, I use Crest to whiten that smile"

  • In movie news...
    Thor. The trailer. I sort of really want to see this now.

    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The trailer. I'm still torn.

    Transformers 3. The trailer. I don't get it.

    Fast Five. The trailer. Paul Walker is still zexy, that's all that really matters here, my sister would agree.

    Golden Globe nominations. Here's the full list of nominees. Clearly I have a lot of movie watching to do, yikes!

    Also, need a refresher of what movies came out this year? This clip shows snippets of them all! So awesome for the movie lover nerds like myself.

  • And in some music news...
    Monday night I had the pleasure of interviewing the band Neon Trees. Seriously they were such a fun and lively group (just as I imagined) and it was a pretty laid back and fun interview, which is always great. You can check out the whole thirty minute interview here.

  • In some TV news...
    Desperate Housewives. I mean, what the what? Sunday's episode was just nuts. *spoiler alert, spoiler* basically everyone had some ridiculous secret that was revealed, Paul got away with what he wanted until oh wait, someone shot him (no surprise) and on top of it Juanita found out about Gaby not being her real mom and then a freaking angry mob/stampede broke out and Susan was injured and Lee was hit in the head with a beer bottle or something and Mrs. McClusky was knocked over, I mean just wow, wow. What the eff was this? I can't decide if I liked the drama or if it was too overboard, the jury is still out. Nonetheless I'm curious to see where it goes from here in January.

    Top Model. It feels like the show just ended....wait. That's because it did. However, our next cycle of model wanabes is coming to our TVs just a mere two months away in February, hurrah! Let's hope they don't pick the awkward girl again, oh wait...we know they will. Damn you Tyra for sucking me into this show and it's predictable, fierce ways.

    SVU. I have to admit I was pretty bummed when JJ left Criminal Minds so I have to say how excited I was when I read that she'll be guest starring on one of my other favorite crime shows, SVU. I mean yes! The bad assery and cuteness (really do those even go together?) is just awesome.

    Glee. *spoiler, spoiler* I mean yes, there were actual tears. Matt was trying not to laugh at me as I had tears streaming from my face as Artie walked. It was so sweet and touching and so corny but I could not stop. Brittany's reaction and Artie's attitude and just...gah I'm tearing up just writing this, I am such a sap. But really, Sue as the Grinch? Priceless. "Baby it's Cold Outside" a la Kurt and Blaine, adorable. Coach Beist as Santa? Amazing and touching and more tears, ah, stop it! She GAVE ARTIE THE WALKING MACHINE and then I cried some more. Also, I need these Christmas songs in my collection stat. So um is it February yet?

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we have Bailey the beer drinking, car riding buffalo. Seriously.

Anything big I missed?

happy wednesday!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Wholidays!

First of all, before I even get into my weekendness I have to welcome all my new readers! If you didn't see my tweet, I found out Friday afternoon that I was the Blog of Note on the official Blogger Blog, pretty freaking sweet way to start to my weekend.

Anyhoo moving on, my weekend was all full of holiday and craziness so let's recap shall we:

Friday: After work I headed over to my father-in-law (still so weird to say, haha)'s house for dinner which was loverly. We all hung out for a bit before Matt and I came home for a bit before heading to our local dive bar to meet up with some family. The whole night was just fun with some drinking and hanging out and catching up and laughing and oh how I heart my family.

Saturday: Woke up earlyish to go get our Christmas tree with Matt's dad which was way too much fun. I love getting our tree every year, it's just so official and holiday and yay! After we got our trees we all went out to brunch which was nice. I mean what better way to start off a day of holiday shopping madness than with some mimosas and an omlette (none that I can think of that's for sure!). Afterwards Matt and I were shopping maniacs going on and on and on.
After shopping we came home to decorate the tree! Ah! My favoritest part, listening to Christmas music and decorating, loverly. And I am quite the fan of the final product:

our tree!

all lit up!

Eventually we needed a break and that break came in the form of a dinner date to Cheesecake Factory (seriously I don't know that I've ever had a bad meal there, it's so damn delicious) and a movie date to see the newest Narnia flick (which I loved). Basically twas one ridiculous day followed by some loverliness.

Sunday: Slept in til about eleven (I mean really, can I do that every day) before getting up and at em for another frantic filled day of Christmas shopping. I freaking finished shopping for everyone on my list (including myself, I mean it was pretty much a necessity to own these shoes right?). After shopping Matt and I decided to head on over to Universal Studios to check out Grinchmas and get into the holiday spirit (despite the fact that it was freaking eighty degrees, so so wrong!).

happy wholidays everyone!

a very whoville looking tree.

even the Simpsons are in the holiday spirit.

some whos dancing around
another whotastic tree.

and the Grinch himself even showed up.

the tree in CityWalk was pretty
sweet looking as well.

After Universal we headed on over to the Americana for dinner and just some more Christmasness, seriously I am a sucker for lights and fake snow. The rest of the night was spent starting our Christmas/thank you cards (oh man what a process this is going to be) and watching some shows and just relaxing, loverlyness.

And that was my weekend, whew. And how was yours? Anything Christmassy going on?

happy monday!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm a Christmas spaz.

Part of me is like "ohmygod I can't believe Christmas Eve is two weeks from today" while the other part of me is like "ohmygod can it be Christmas already?" Clearly I just can't make up my mind on how I feel about any of this.

Nonetheless I have been all about getting in the holiday spirit lately and it is all sorts of loverly. I've listened to the Nutcracker no less than fifteen times, I've decorated our apartment with all sorts of Christmas things, we're getting our tree tonight (and decorating it tomorrow night), I've gotten my awesome outfit together for our Tacky Sweater party next weekend, I've re accustomed myself to having a crush on all things Harry Connick, Jr. Christmas and I've diligently watched my favorite holiday movies.

Basically I am so ready for Christmas.

Until I'm not because there are about six people left for me to get presents for IN ONE WEEKEND. I mean what? I have to be insane. Why do I procrastinate these things? I know what I want to get people I just have to get the motivation together and do it already!

So um yes, I'll be one of those crazies out shopping this weekend with Matt in tow and credit card sheepishly hiding away in my wallet not wanting to be used except for on sparkly dresses for myself when really I need to focus on my Christmasness.

So please send your good shopping and Christmas vibes my way because I have a feeling I am really going to need it!

And because a post with a picture is just fun let's enjoy some humor from someecards shall we?

And what are your weekend plans? Are you all done shopping like a prepared person or are you scrambling around for gifts like me? Do tell, I'm curious.

happy weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's got GUMPTION!

The Holiday. Can we discuss how much I absolutely adore this movie? Like it's borderline obsession how much I like it. Last year I mentioned it as one of my up and coming Christmastime favorites (check out my whole list of holiday time movies) and this year, this year I just can't stop thinking about it.

And let's be real, I can't stop watching it either. Last night I put it on again. Second time in about a week or so? Yeah I'm a fan.

And why am I such a fan? Well let's break it down shall we:
  • Kate Winslet, I adore her like woah. And I love the spazzy adorable ways of her character, Iris.

  • Graham's daughters in the movie really makes me want to have kids with accents, because seriously, precious!! And Mr. Napkinhead? Can every dad be that cute? And their tent? That whole scene, I sort of melt a little inside every time.
  • Amanda and Graham. So silly and proper and spazzy and yes, they are just cute.
  • Arthur. A lovable, hilarious old man, yes please.
  • The score. I have never been more inspired and more uplifted by a freaking movie score. It's just so pleasant and fun and I need to own it stat. Don't believe me? Listen!
  • Although I don't really relate to Amanda as much, I want her job! Cutting movie trailers! And her movie collection? I nearly die every time I see that wall o movies, because I sort of need it in my life.
  • Miles and Iris. Although not so much of a spark for me, they're still so cute and fun and they make fettucini and sing silly things and swoon to them.

So basically I have a huge crush on this movie and I totally get it if you don't feel the same way or if you haven't seen it, but it's just one of those things I can't really describe (well sort of since I did just share a ton of reasons why I love it, haha).

Any other holiday movies I should add to my list or develop an obsession for, haha?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Etsy wish list.

So last year I posted my Etsy wishlist and I mean it's Christmastime so why not do it again? Because let's be honest, ETSY is all sorts of awesome and has so much fabulous stuff, why not put it on my wishlist!?
  • First Dance - a filigree floral ring. Seriously I would be okay with anything from Oh Hello Friend's store but this ring is one of my faves, besides one that was already purchased. But really. NEED.

  • Wooden letter B. Simple right? And cute? And also the first letter of my new last name. So naturally we should have it displayed in our home right? Yeah that's what I thought too. So vintagey and just cute.

  • Olive Green Sackcloth Handbag. I mean, YES. This is cute and I don't own a green purse, so naturally I should add this to my collection? Right? Seriously it's spacious and chic and businessy and cute and I adore it.

  • Designed for Each other. Although I really don't need any more mugs like AT ALL but I sort of really want this one. Or anything from this store really, I mean it's Pride and Prejudice and it's dreaaaaamy.

  • Karly Fuschia Rose and Turquoise Necklace. Now this necklace isn't really me at all, but it's so fierce and fun and I feel like I could possibly make it work, somehow, some way? But yeah it's lovely and I adore it.

Seriously I am such an Etsy fan, it's a wee bit ridiculous. But also awesome and I JUST WANT IT ALL. So stop it Etsy, my wallet needs a break. But how about not, it's Christmastime and a girl can dream right?

Anyhoo, what's on your Etsy wishlist? Anything fabulous I should add to mine?

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Whip my Hollywood.

Why yes I'm sharing some Hollywood news on a Tuesday, wahoo! So here we go:
  • Starting off this week's cuteness is my oh so favorite family of Hollywood ( (I mean I know I shared them last week but HELLO they are my favorites), the Garner ladies. Seriously Seraphina is just all sorts of cute and belated birthday girl Violet just looks adorable as always. Seriously heart them all.

    the cutest is just too much right now.

  • Also bringing some serious cuteness is Reese Witherspoon and her kids celebrating her star on the walk on fame. Seriously Ava and Deacon look just like her and Ryan, it's adorable.

    seriously they are such a cute little fam.

  • In other bebe news, are you pregnant? Why not try taking some Prenatal pole dancing...moving on from the bebes, did you know that the Bakerella and Blake Lively are buddies now? Yeah they really are and it's super adorable...also adorable? Emma Stone. Even if I'm not a fan of her new blonde do, she's still charming...another blonde making headlines, Taylor Swift and her latest guy, Jake Gylenhaal are getting coffee all over town (it's adorable becasue she's only 20, well for another week at least) other news, Josh Duhamel and Kevin Smith are not having any luck flying this week...and lastly Willow Smith will be whipping her hair New Year's Eve on Dick Clark's show. I mean what? She's only 10! How accomplished do you feel right now? Haha.

  • In some favoriteness...
    Michelle Williams, how are you smiling so coyly? I'd probably be grinning ear to ear if this were me:

    why hellooooo there.

    And because we can never have enough Ryan Gosling, swoooon:


    Also, KEANU! SHAVE PLEASE. That is all.

  • In some Twilight news...
    I am now the proud owner of Eclipse and it was just as corny and as wonderful as I remember. And now I really feel like I have it to watch it with the commentary after reading the Letters to Rob recap.

    Also, Dr. Cullen looks like he just stepped out of a Gap ad and I'm sort of digging it:

    add a scarf and this outfit
    would be set.

  • In movie news...
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. Oh. Man. This movie was amazing. So dark and twisty (Grey's reference for two points) and I actually jumped a few times.

  • In TV news...
    Top Model. Spoiler alert, spoiler alert. Okay not really, we all knew it'd be freaking Ann for the beginning. Freaking Tyra LOVES the awkward girls, no really she does. I could be a judge and just say I love the awkward girl and her crazy eyes and slouchy walk and monotone voice and I'd be right every time. Gah. Clearly you can tell, I was not a fan of this pick. I wasn't really a Chelsea fan either, I was rooting for Kayla actually and I was so bummed she didn't make it, girl was fierce (even if she had sort of an annoying voice as well, details, details). Anyways, maybe next season there will actually be a winner (heck a top two) I like. And for the giffarific recap, check out Four Four.

    Grey's Anatomy. Spoiler, spoiler. Arizona is back? Cristina is better...ish? (freaking finally). Teddy's going to marry Jennifer Garner's ex? I mean what? Okay I give it to you Shonda, you're getting creative but I miss the twisted sisters so please let's resolve that issue next year. Also, another shooting coming up!?! I mean NO. Stop it. New plot line please. Thank you. Love, a loyal fan.

    Glee. A tie? At regionals? I mean of course they did. And um Ms. Pilsbury is married? And Rachel and Finn broke up? What the what? Eh, just give me some Christmas music tonight and I should be okay. Thanks.

    How I Met Your Mother. Aw we finally see a pregnant Lily? Even if it was a look to the future and a ridiculous story with Barney. And would it be bold of me to say that Zoe could be the mother? I mean what if she was Rachel Bilson's roommate before she married the Captain? I mean, it's possible right? Maybe? I just know we NEED TO MEET THE MOTHER soon please.

    The Soup. Joel McHale has signed on for two more years to the Soup, huzzah!!

  • Lastly in today's WTF news, the Hogan ladies. Brace yourselves. It's not pretty.

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So anything I missed?

happy tuesday!