Thursday, March 10, 2011

Make the Switch!

Hey all!

Testing this out to see if this will work, but if you haven't updated your feeds, please do so!

For some reason when I went all fancy pants and switched to Wordpress my subscription feed didn't switch over.

So yeah, update please oh please!!

Hearts and kisses and bloggy blog looooove!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beer Maid? I think not.

So. Here's the deal. I detest beer. Like truly detest, cannot stand the taste/smell/after taste of any of it. It truly is just blech.

I mean yeah, back in college I played beer pong with everyone else and somehow managed to down Natty Light without convulsing (usually I was already drunk) and yeah I tried a Blue Moon here and a Pacifico there, but I would never do it again.

And as I've matured and developed a love for red wine and a tolerance to coffee I was hoping I'd adapt to beer as well. But alas, no. Not even freaking close. I've taken sips of "oh you just have to try this beer!" and "it's chocolatey, you've got to like it" and "just chug it and you'll like it" to no avail, rather just a disgusted look on my face and a bitter taste in my throat.

I just can't drink beer. I can't. It's gross.

And I just have to come to terms with the fact that I'll be the girl drinking wine (or a fruity drink of some sort) when everyone else is throwing back cold ones or sharing pitchers or enjoying a happy hour two for one of some sort.

But that's okay I suppose, I know I'm not alone out there right? Someone else has to detest beer as much as I do right?

happy thursday!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Katelin on the Red Carpet.

Dear Hollywood,

Today I would usually write about all your crazy antics and TV shows and cute babies and good looking guys, but I'm doing things a little differently today. Hollywood, your biggest day is in NINETEEN days and I think I should be there. More importantly I should be on the red carpet and at the show and yes, sign me up.

With that, I'm taking some time out of my regularly scheduled blogging to tell you why I should be on the red carpet at the Oscar's:

  • I would really like to meet Christian Bale. And I promise I wouldn't ask him to sing anything (despite my Newsies loving heart) and I would be really good at deciphering his thick accent and I would stay out of his way while at the same time totally conversing with him and it would be awesome.

  • Mila Kunis? Need I say more. Actually yes I do. If I got a picture with her I'd win wife of the year award for sure!

  • I've interviewed the cast of New Moon the American Idol top five from last season, Neon Trees and most recently Johnny Wright. So I've had practice. Also, I didn't swoon all over RPatz when I met him, now that is a feat all it's own.

  • I look good in a formal dress. I mean I did rock my wedding dress pretty well right?

  • I know the most random facts about celebrities and could easily make any interview interesting. I mean did you know that Sandra Bullock is allergic to horses or that Amy Adams was born in Italy or that Jeff Bridges is Buddhist and meditates before filming? I mean yes, I'm full of this ridiculous celebrity knowledge.

  • Hello. Have you read my blog? I love Hollywood. I live Hollywood.

  • Going to the Oscar's has always been one of my biggest dreams and is on my life list and what's better than helping a young woman's dreams come true? 

So Hollywood you see why I should be on the red carpet? I would be way better than Ryan or Joan or Mario or any of them? I'd be funny and spaztic and totally professional all at the same time!

So People, Extra, Access Hollywood, E! are you listening, I reallllllllly want to be on the red carpet at the Oscar's. Please? Pretty pretty please?

happy tuesday!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A "Super" Wild weekend.

A weekend oh a weekend. Full of wild animals and then some.

Friday: Worked from home so that I could finally retrieve my car (six freaking days later) and eventually I did. And so far, so good (fingers crossed, knock on wood, throw some salt over my shoulder). After working all day I picked up my cousin Kenji and we went to my brother's frosh/soph basketball game which was an experience in itself. Once Matt got home we all went out to dinner, had some drinks and came home to hang out some more. Twas loverly.

Saturday: Went to breakfast with Kenji while Matt prepared for Sunday. Once Matt got back we picked up my brothers and we all made our way to the zoo!! I was probably the most excited out of everyone because I adore the zoo.

some of my favorite guys!
(my most favoritest is behind the lens)

aw the black bear in the snow, precious.

checking out the giraffes with my brothers.

look at the bebe giraffe!

what a cute and sleepy lion.

and the elephants are hugging! my favorites.

the boys taking a quick break.

the cuteness, oh the cuteness.

Basically tons of cute animals and all sorts of funness with family, my kind of Saturday afternoon. After the zoo we all went to lunch and hung out for a bit before coming home and relaxing and catching up on life for a bit. Our evening plans consisted of trying a new sushi place with my sister and then heading to the Irish bar we found last weekend and played more shuffleboard, woo. All in all, another lovely evening with good times all around.

Sunday: Slept in a bit before walking the Rose Bowl with my mom (gotta prep for that half marathon in May people!). Came home to do some cleaning and Michael Jackson dancing (seriously, The Experience, have you played it yet!?!) before eventually heading over to Matt's dad's house for some Super Bowl BBQing and partying and wine drinking and cheese eating and just yes. Although I could care less about the game and the outcome, I loved hanging with Matt and our friends and all of the ridiculous things that were said were just all sorts of entertaining. Basically a wonderous way to end the weekend.

Oh also, remember that review blog I have? I actually posted something to it. A fabulous book that you should all read, so check it out.

And how was your weekend? Any wild animals or Superbowl mania?

happy monday!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Think. Thought. Thunk?

So it's been one of those days. Er weeks? Er couples of days? Whatever. Nonetheless here comes today's thoughts.

Things that are incredibly lame:
My car is still in the freaking shop. Monday turned into Wednesday which has hopefully turned into today being able to pick it up. I ended up having to get a rental on my own dime because Matt and my dad could only chauffeur me to work and back so many times. And ugh, why isn't teleportation an option yet???


Things that make me irrationally happy:
Skyping with my BFF Jen just so we could watch a bit of Toddler and Tiaras together and laugh about it.

Watching Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightley version) and swooning like crazy at the sunrise scene, I mean can you top that?

Getting Showtime for free for six months and discovering that Dexter season 5 is on demand! (goodbye free time, time to catch up with my favorite serial killer!).

Playing Just Dance 2 (or the Michael Jackson Experience) game on the Wii with Matt. I mean seriously, just imagine my husband (seriously, he's my husband! and nope, not used to saying it yet, haha) dancing to Wham's "Wake Me Up (Before you Go)" or "Rock with You" and you'll laugh too. Best part is that Matt has beat me at almost every song (except "I Want you Back", I rule at that song!), apparently he's got more rhythm than me, haha.

So anything making you irrationally happy today?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hollywood Lite.

So. Hollywood. Stuff happens. And sometimes I talk about it. Today is a lite version because I just couldn't keep up. So I bring you my favoriteishness Hollywood biz. And go.
  • Starting the cuteness we have the oh so adorable mommy and son duo of Gwen Stefani and little Kingston riding a sled in Mammoth. I mean adorable right?

    the cute.

  • In other Hollywood news...Jason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman are engaged! (and have been since Decemeber and apparently I missed that one) however they aren't planning on getting married until everyone can, gotta admire that...and Diane Kruger also isn't planning on getting married again either (but her and Josh are so damn cute!)...also cute? if UP were made in live action and in the 60s...and Vanity Fair released their Hollywood issue pictures and basically guys should wear suits all the time, don't you agree?

    hello hawtness

  • In some favoriteness....

  • In Twilightness....
    Ashley Green is next month's Teen Vogue covergirl. I mean it's sort of ridiculous how she can be cute Alice, cute Ashley girl-next-door as well as hot Maxim wha bam. Seriously Ashley, how do you do it?

  • In movie news...
    The SAG awards were over the weekend and suprisingly I didn't really watch. And the two seconds I did watch, Christian Bale was accepting his speech and he didn't look like Jesus! Hooray (Hallelujah?). Anyhoo Jess did a great fashion post and Eggy just did a great run down of the show, so check them out.

  • In TV news...
    How I Met Your Mother. Well we're not meeting the mother any time soon it looks like, but Barney is getting a dad. I won't spoil it, but click on through because his dad is a pretty big name.

  • And lastly in WTFness we have Andy Hill who, although good intentioned, tries to sell cats like used cars and it's just WEIRD.

So anything big I missed?

happy wednesday!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Shuffleboard and horse races, we're a classy bunch.

Oh weekend, I miss you already? Wait I think I say that every weekend, but still. You get my point right? Anyhoo it was another fun weekend of relaxing

Friday: After a long week at work I came home and kicked back my feet and had a ridiculous mish mash of dinner and wine. I read and Matt played the Wii and then my cousin came over with her boyfriend and we all chatted and got to know each other and then yes, twas loverly. After they left Matt and I watched the Lion King and then called it a night, man we are so married sometimes, haha.

Saturday: Woke up way too freaking early to take my car to the shop (I mean ew, sometimes my car, gah) and the bright side was that Matt met me out there to pick me up and we enjoyed ourselves a nice little breakfast before heading home. Since my day was carless I cleaned the apartment, went to the library, napped, you know the weekend usual?

Eventually my friend AJ came up to visit and my sister came over and we had dinner and hung out before actually going out. We tried this new Irish bar and ohmygosh it was so fun! There was a band and shuffleboard and Wyder's and basically it was great.

Matt and AJ either talking about something,
probably how bad Kourtney and I were, haha.

action shot! ish, haha.

Matt got crafty with the corn meal.

AJ and Kourt admiring the decoration.

the band was just awesome.

After that bar we made our way to another bar in Old Town that was known for its beer (and luckily had cider for I am still anti-beer) and served cheese fries! Eventually we were psuedo ready to call it a night, so we came home, my sister and I detoured to In-N-Out and the boys put on Ace Ventura 2. Basically we're a little ridiculous and it was awesome.

Sunday: Me, Matt and AJ woke up earlyish (by weekend standards) and trekked on over to get some breakfast (which was delicious!) and then got me some white hot chocolate (fabulous freaking yum yum!). Eventually AJ was on his way home and Matt and I were on our way to the races!

For our friend Kristin's birthday we celebrated in the Turf Club at Santa Anita race track and oh man was it fun. There was delicious food and plenty of champagne and constant entertainment and even some winning!

the boys taking notes, haha.

despite the cloudy day, it was still awesome.

me, Chrissy and the birthday girl, Kristin.

Despite the weather we had a great time all hanging out and celebrating Kristin, twas loverly.

The rest of my night was spent lounging around, girly movie watching and napping and blogging and yeah, the typical Sunday night agenda.

And how was your weekend? Any races for you?

happy monday!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Our Honeymoon: Winos in Wine Country.

So kids, I've been married for five months. FIVE FREAKING MONTHS. I mean no, how was my wedding five months ago? Yeah I don't know either.

Anyhoo, I clearly covered everything about the wedding (with the exception of professional pictures here and there) but I realized I only talked about the honeymoon in two measely posts. I mean we were there for two weeks and all I talked about was the food and the view, what is wrong with me people???

So to celebrate five fabulous months of marriedom I thought I'd share some more pictures from the honeymoon and this time I'm taking you to Chianti.

One of the main stipulations I made before we left for our honeymoon was that I wanted us to do a wine tour while we were staying in Florence. I mean hello, have you seen Under the Tuscan Sun? I needed some vineyards and wine tastings and yeah, I needed it. And alas we got it. We found a day tour that would take us to a castle in Chianti where we could tour the land and try the wines and my goodness people, it was magic. Pure Italian vino magic.

the castle. I mean really, we were at
a castle people. swoooon.

who knew a castle would be so cute.

and gorgeous!

Matt and I in the wine cellar.

I think these bottles have been there a while.

Matt trying to push some barrels,
because that's what you do right?

mmmm tasty garlic bread.


the castle's logo: the black rooster.

the view from the top.
see that wine bottle vineyard in the distance?
amazing right??

Matt carrying our final loot.

And that my friends is Chianti in a nutshell. Don't you just want to hop on a plane and go right this second? Because I do!

happy weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


A couple months ago I got into this conversation with someone (Matt? my sister? myself?) about what hell would look like. And for some reason I developed this whole elaborate version of what my personal hell would be and have only added to it since. So of course (per the suggestion of Tara, Ev'Yan and my sister) I decided "why not blog about it?" and ta da! you get a post about hell, haha:

I would work at a styrofoam factory where CSI:Miami plays on repeat on every TV and the cafeteria only serves zucchini and mushroom dishes. All office notes would be written on chalk boards and the phones would ring the ridiculous generic Nokia ring tone. Spencer Pratt would be the CEO an Carrot Top would be VP and I'd have to see them every damn day.

There's probably more to add but that's all I've got for now. Clearly I have issues, but it's sort of funny right?

Now it's your turn. Tell me what your personal hell would be like.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If I had live blogged the Oscar nominations...

It's no secret that I love all things Hollywood and that I know more than the average person about celebrities and movies and the entertainment industry in general. So it's also not a surprise that the day that Oscar nominations come out I get giddy. And then apparently I write a live blog response to the top contenders, because clearly that's what I should do. I mean I've done it the past two years so what's one more?

Shall we?

Actor in a Leading Role.
Um. Javier. in Biutiful. What?
The Dude is going for a twofer? Congrats man, I'll have a White Russian ready for you.
Nicely done Michael Cera 2.0 I always knew you'd make it uber big before he did.
Mr. Darcy, you played a king. It automatically gives you an advantage over everyone else in this category, just ask Helen Mirren or Judi Dench? Also, you're awesome.
And James, I'm still mad you're hosting. You can't be nominated and hosting, it's like against the golden rule of the Oscar's! I may just boycott your movie because of it. Clearly I am a child.

Actor in a Supporting Role.
Oh Mr. Bale, you really are the "King of New York" er Hollywood and I mean you're on my top ten list and you're Batman and please don't ever get that skinny and creepy again and get a hair cut, oh and I hope you win, like I really do.
John who? Apparently I need to see something called Winter's Bone.
Way to rep for Boston (and Affleck) Mr. Renner, nicely done.
Ruffalo just makes me want to say "Ruffioooooooooooo" and that's a good thing.
Oh Mr. Rush, another well deserved nomination.

Actress in a Leading Role.
Oh Anette? I guess I really do need to see this movie.
Nicole, not surprised. This movie looks so depressing but good and I sort of want to see it and now you're nominated so I guess I should.
Wait, Jennifer who? Winter's Bone. This movie is a mystery!
Hello again Natalie, nice to see you. Is your new home with your new fiance and your new baby ready for a new shiny gold award? Because it should be.
This makes two, Michelle! Two nominations for the girl from The Creek. The one that actually has a career, way to make me proud girl (because clearly it's all about me and my never ending Dawson's fandom, haha).

Actress in a Supporting Role.
GISELLE! Oh wait I made that joke two years ago, oh well I love it. As in you were nominated last year, as in nicely done Miss Adams, another top notch performance.
Helena I almost forgot you aren't totally crazy. This role was so unlike you and I loved it, but t hat doesn't mean I can't wait to see what you show up wearing to the Oscar's.
Miss Leo you worked that crazy blond hair and the crazy mom mode and my goodness, wow.
Hailee!! Ohmygoodness yes! You so deserved this, I mean you basically are True Grit. Just uh, please go down the Dakota route of acting and not Lilo okay? You're just so adorable.
Animal Kingdom? Like the Disney park? I doubt it, haha. Congrats Jackie, I guess I'll have to look into this one too.

Best Picture.
Black Swan you messed with my head but oh were you good.
A movie about boxing? I never thought I'd like one. And then The Fighter happened, another deserving nomination.
Am I dreaming? Inception got a nomination (haha horrible joke, horrible) and oh yes, does that mean Leo will be attending the awards this year? Yes please!
Okay I get it, I need to see The Kids are Alright. I swear I already have it on request from Netflix.
My vote to take home the big one: The King's Speech. I mean yes. Just yes.
127 Hours? Eh. Okay. Fine. Doesn't mean I'm going to watch it though.
Yes, I liked The Social Network. Don't get me wrong it's good. But I don't looooove it like everyone else and I don't want it to win.
Woody! Buzz! I mean apparently Pixar can't be happy with just one category, but that's okay I suppose, Toy Story 3 is amazing.
True Grit. Yes. Coen brothers you for once did not totally confuse me or annoy me, nicely done.
Apparently Winter's Bone is kind of a big deal, I need to get on this pronto.

You can check out the full list of nominees here.

So how did you feel about the nominees? Do you agree?

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

La la Hollywood.

So Hollywood, how goes it? Good? Sweet. Well. Let's go shall we?
  • Starting off this week's adorableness we have little Satyana Denisof and mama Alyson Hannigan. I mean seriously, her cuteness is almost too much.

    oh the cute, THE CUTE.

  • Also bringing some uber cuteness and half nekkidness is Matthew McConaguhey and his kidlets on the beach, seriously, adorable.


  • In other bebe news, the Hollywood pregnancies just won't stop: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban announced that a surrogate just delivered their new daughter (congrats!!) and Orlando Bloom took baby Flynn out for a stroll and my goodness the cuteness, lurve other Hollywoodish, Tamera Mowry is engaged, Jim Carey is dating a former Top Model contestant, Ashley and Mary Kate's younger sister Elizabeth is breaking out in the acting world and Amy Adams looked fabulous at the PGA awards over the weekend, seriously heart her:

    va va voom.

  • In some favoritenss...
    Hellooooo Keanu. I mean really, hello. Where have you been? Well apparently you finished that movie Henry's Crime and now you're interviewing about it? You know I'm a really good interviewer and a huge fan, just sayin.

    Oh Gos. You are just so cute. Not only do you wear footed hoodie pajamas with Ellen but you sing on TV too? Let's be hip and grab coffee sometime okay?

    And lastly, helloooo Joshua Jackson. I mean could you be any cuter? And really I promise to catch up on Fringe and watch it all the time and yes, I just need the summertime to do so, but I promise I will because "Ducks fly together!"

    oh hey hello there.

  • In today's Twilightish....
    Eclipse got a ton of Razzie nominations, no surprise there.

    Edward and Bella's love child has been revealed. And I can sort of see it. But seriously how weird will it be to see Kristen Stewart acting motherly? Honestly, Breaking Dawn truly worries me.

    And apparently there was a still from BD released of Edward and Bella in bed? Sure.

    In more imortantness, another trailer for WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, a movie I actually am excited about. weeee!

    Also, Taylor Lautner is an a new non-Twilight movie as well, Abduction and I really don't know what it's about besides someone being abducted but Tay does look pretty good.

    apparently you can be badass
    and not be a werewolf.

  • In other movie news....
    THE OSCAR NOMINATIONS ARE OUT TODAY! And since I write this post on Monday night I won't know anything yet. But they're out. And tomorrow will be my live blogging reaction to the nominees (come on Gos and Jack Kelly, I'm rootin for ya).

  • And in TV news....
    Medium. Let's just get it out there. It was the series finale. SERIES as in IT'S OVER. No more adorable DuBois family, no more Joe, no more trippy episodes, kaput, goodbye. And I'm sad about it. Not only that, but the finale was HORRIBLE. Yes caps are so necessary to express my utter dislike in what happened. *spoiler alert* So um Joe died. Really? Was that necessary? No, no it was not. And then a fake dream in a dream and Joe's alive but he's not and then Allison dies 41 years later all alone eating Jell-O and Joe's there and it's a super over the top romantic reunion?? No freaking thank you. Just. NO.

    Big Bang Theory. First of all, Rick Fox is one swoony man. Second, if you aren't watching this show you are missing out on some serious laughs. Because I never stop with this show, it's just too much and too funny and too nerdy and yes. Watch it.

    Greek. Oh Cap, you are just so cute. I mean you really are. But um why is Dale an Omega Chi? I do not get this show sometimes, but I do love it, I really do.

  • Lastly in today's WTF news Bristol Palin is dating....wait why am I even talking about her. Eh moving on, in more WTFness Antoine Dodson has a reality show, because of course he does. Who doesn't have a reality show or a book deal these days? Hey MTV or Harper Collins I'm totally available and totally awesome, clearly.

So anything I missed? As always let me know.

happy tuesday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthdays are fun from 27 to 1.

Ohmygosh did I really just rhyme my title? I guess yes, yes I did. Oh well. Moving on. Let's recap some weekend shall we?

Friday: After my only day of working Matt and I made our way downtown to celebrate Megan's birthday. However we got there a bit early so we went wandered a bit in downtown (sketchy to say the least, haha) before finding a place to grab some dinner. It was so delicious and fun to have some downtime with the husband. After dinner it was time to partay! Megan's boyfriend rented out some space at a pretty cool bar and it was just fun times all around hanging with friends and drinking and chatting and dancing in my seat.

me and Katrina with the birthday girl, woo.

Matt and J.R.,
doesn't their bromance just shine through?

Saturday: Oh dear goodness a day off. My body so needed this. Matt woke up early to golf and I eventually got up and did some house cleaning and DVR watching (let's not even talk about the Medium finale yet, I can't really handle it) and apartment dancing, twas loverly.

After Matt got back we did some shopping and random stuff before coming home and spending the night cooking dinner, drinking wine and watching Ocean's 11 and playing the Wii. Pretty much the whole day and night that my body needed to catch up, woo.

Sunday: Woke up earlyish and headed on over to our friend's house for their son's first birthday party (and to watch the football games, like I cared). The party was just so fun, there was a bounce house and a hot dog buffet and snacks and drinks and cute kids and just yay.

Also, the birthday boy - - I mean this picture says it all:

ajsdhkajshf too freaking cute.

Right!? Did you not just say awwwwwww? Because I did and I know the kid, haha. Even more awww inducing for me, watching my husband play with him and think "he'll be such a good dad one day", seriously my ovaries were having a field day, haha.


After getting plenty of kid time and football time in, we trekked on back home and I took a late night nap and we made breakfast for dinner and finished catching up on our shows and playing more Wii, aka wonderousness.

And how was your weekend? Any birthdays going on?

happy monday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nintendo in New York.

So I was home and then I was in Greensboro and then I was home again and then a day later I was off to New York City. Seriously how is this my life? Anyhoozits, why was I in NYC you ask? Well it's because Nintendo is just all sorts of awesome and fabulous and invited me out there to experience the launch of the Nintendo 3Ds. Ridiculous right? Basically the last couple of days were a whirlwind of awesome and a recap is definitely in order, so in my best attempts here goes:

Tuesday: Up early, picked up Jenn, said goodbye to Matt at the airport, made it on the plane (apparently Julianne Moore was on board with us), slept on the plane and before I knew it we were in NEW YORK!

We stayed at the Empire Hotel and ohmygod I loved my room, so swanky and chic and lurve. And then the lobby, the lobby people. It was like a jungle party of awesomeness.

rockin my zebra boots in the lobby, lurve it.

Eventually it was time to get ready for dinner and it was just so fun going next door to Jenn's room and doing a running hug with Doni and showing off our outfits before finally meeting up with Justine and the rest of the ambassadors. Then we strolled on over to Asiate for one hell of a dinner. I mean really, it was freaking fabulous. I had crab linguini and duck and a cheese plate, a CHEESE PLATE people! All around it was a fabulous welcome to New York City.

Doni, me and Jenn at dinner
heart these girls!

oh my. CHEESE.

Columbus Circle from the top!

There were lots of laughs and good times and wine and just fun getting to know the other ladies. The night ended with drinks at the bar and silly stories and eventually melting into the magical comforter in my bed, truly loveliness.

Wednesday: Slept in a bit before going on a coffee/hot chocolate trek with Doni and Jenn to start off our morning. New York is so damn chilly and brisk and busy and just lovely all around. Well except the birds, I cannot stand those damn pigeons, I screamed every time, haha.

Eventually everyone met up and went to a lovely place for a pizzaful lunch. No really, we got eight pizzas and some salads and ohmygod it was heavenly, HEAVENLY. After lunch we took a field trip to the Nintendo World Store, talk about Nintendo awesomeness. Not only that, but Justine surprised us all with two hundred dollars each to spend in the store, say what!?!?! It was so fun. I got a couple new Wii games and explored the store and ah, it was just great!

After our shopping spree we were all treated to getting our hair and makeup done at Blow salon. It was so swanky and fun and ohmygod there was a cheese plate and champagne and yeah. So I ended up getting the naturalish makeup look and the Foxy Brown (err Foxy Cleopatra) hairstyle (as Matt called it once I texted him a picture, haha).

me and Jenn freshly makeuped
and hair styled, ooh la la.

After we were all beautified it was time for the big event, the Nintendo 3DS launch party!! It was quite the event with lots of stations set up to try several of the new games on the new systems (and oh man are they awesome) and delicious food being passed around and plenty of bars and Samantha Ronson on the turntables and did I mention the games?

the partay.

swanky little chair and pillows, classy.

me and Doni rockin our best partywear.

our fabulous hostesses of the weekend,
Justine and Katie, woo!

Doni getting a game demo.

After playing all of the games, praising Samantha Ronson for her DJing skills and drinking plenty of wine we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel. Although the night didn't really end there and Doni, Jenn and I decided to change into some warmer clothes and venture out into the city. It was a very "whip my hair" kind of fantastic evening of strolling and laughing and eating New York pizza and taking silly pictures and trying not to get hit by cabs. Basically, one fabulous Wednesday night.

Jenn and Doni in good ole Times Square.

I had to get in on the silly action too.

Thursday: Woke up way too early, checked out, fell asleep on the car ride to the airport, got onto the plane and fell asleep for the whole five hours (whoops, no reading for me I suppose). When we got back to LAX I realized that we had yet another celebrity on our flight, Chase Crawford (who is both tall and cute). Now all I need is an awesome celebrity encounter (I know, I'm just so picky, haha). And then I was home again and the whirlwind was over, but oh so fabulous.

Anyhoo all I can say is thank you Brand About Town and Nintendo for one of the classiest and geekiest most awesome mid week adventures ever.

And how's your week been? Are you uber excited for the 3Ds? Because yeah you sort of should be, the games are amazing.

happy weekend!

*Brand About Town/Nintendo covered all of my expenses on this trip and as always didn't ask me to blog about this but I'd be all sorts of insane if I didn't!