Friday, September 28, 2007

Can it be?

Am I really about to post about Jen Garner and not mention Violet? Okay well that didn't last long, I mentioned Violet, but sadly I have no pictures of her to share. However I do have two amazing pics of the lovely Denison alum (holla) Miss Garner. She's been all over the place promoting the heck out of her new movie The Kingdom (which has gotten great reviews by the way and I may have to go see it) and yesterday she went to the Today Show and then last night she was at Letterman. And not only does she look amazing, but I love that both of her dresses have pockets! Pockets are seriously the coolest thing ever! I love pockets! haha. Okay and I love the color of both dresses and I would totally rock them both.

Aren't they lovely? I want them? Jen where do you shop?

Moving on. So since I don't see any Violet pics to share I'm sharing a pic of the next best celeb baby out there...Shiloh (okay she's tied with Suri and Kingston, don't throw a hissy fit, haha)


And another Hollywood lady that's finally making some positive noise is Brit Brit herself. Her song "Gimme More" is now the number song and number one ringtone on Itunes! Crazy, I know. But you gotta give it to her that she knows how to put out a poppy song that all will love, let's just not watch her perform it (ah VMA flashback, help, ah!).

Oh! And before I end this post, a brief recap/my two cents on the shows I have watched since Tuesday....
Top Model: Lisa is still my fave. Saleisha is a close second. I feel like Tyra is keeping Heather (the autistic girl) there out of sympathy (which is unfair to her) and thank goodness Mila left (she was waaaay to high on happy pills).
Criminal Minds: Well I already knew that Gideon was going to leave and they basically built it up this episode. The guilt from losing his friend in the season finale caught up with him when they were on a college campus that had a crazy killer loose. And he basically voiced over the whole episode with a letter he was writing to someone (we never find out who it's too) which could be interpreted as a suicide letter since the episode ends with him holding a gun (gah!), so we'll see. His real final episode is next week apparently and it should be goooood.
Private Practice: I actually haven't watched it yet. It's sitting on a tape in my VCR waiting for me to see it. I saw the beginning and the very end and it was ok. I have heard many reviews that it just wasn't that good (but it did get the highest ratings for a new show so far). So I'll have to wait on that one.
Grey's Anatomy: Oh Grey's. Well I must say that the premiere was much better than I expected, not nearly as depressing and sad as the finale that's for sure. They barely touched on Addison leaving, Cristina found out through Derek that Burke resigned and skipped town, Meredith's sister and George became friends, Karev misses Rebecca, Mark tries to be Derek's friend again (which is super cute and you actually like Mark for once as a character and not just McSteaminess), and Meredith and Derek "break up." So all in all I was pleased with the return of my favorite show even if it did lose out to CSI:, I think ratings are kind of crap anyways.
Without a Trace: So good. I love this show. Although I was super tired, I stayed awake for the whole episode. Basically a little boy was kidnapped from his family and they got him back (in a nutshell). And they also talked about the missing waitress from the season finale, yet didn't resolve the case (I see this is going to be an ongoing story...oy). But I liked it. Woo.
CSI: I actually haven't seen this one yet either (it's waiting to be watched on Matt's DVR). But I have heard great reviews and interesting twists. So I'm looking forward to that.

So now that I have blabbed on and on, it's time to get my ass back to work. It's Friday! Woo!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I just want to say....

Thank you! Thank you to whoever brought in kettle corn and left it in the kitchen. I love popcorn or all kinds and kettle is just fabulous. So I'm warning you now, I may eat the whole bag. It's that kind of day.

**don't really know why I picked this pic of kettle corn from google, maybe
because he looks sketchy or because he's wearing an OSU jacket.
Who cares, I love kettle corn. Case and point. haha.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Telly Time.

And when I said celeb news later, I meant later as in Wednesday (today!). Ah. I just had real motivation yesterday to post about the latest and greatest celeb news, but do not fret everyone, I am back (over using commas and all)! However I may have to do some linking and listing to catch up on what I've missed, so here goes:

Television: Ah premiere week. Gotta love it. So Monday I caught part of "Chuck", NBC's new show about a guy Chuck who accidentally comes across lots of government secrets and havoc ensues. As the star of the show described it, it's like the 40 Year Old Virgin meets The Bourne Identity, haha. Now it's kind of a stretch of description, but clever none the less. The best part to me was that Chuck works for a Buy More store in the Nerd Herd department (Best Buy? Geek Squad? Clever.). Anyhoo, it was actually kind of funny, not great, but funnyish.

But the real reason the television was on Monday night was for "Heroes." Ah "Heroes." How I love this show. It's just so good. So many story lines to follow, random sub plots, amazing superpowers and even some eye candy that you just have to love it. The premiere took place four months after the season finale and things were pretty interesting. In a nutshell, Claire (and family) moved to California and she really wants to be a cheerleader again but has to be a wallflower, Hiro finds out that his hero is a drunk Englishman, Maya and .... (his name escapes me, Alejandro?) are introduced as the newest heroes and are from Honduras (yet we still don't know what their powers are), Nathan is somehow alive and trying to "blend in" or something by having some massive hobo beard, and at the end we see that Peter is alive and handcuffed in some crate in Ireland with amnesia or something (and ya of course he's alive, he's been in all the promo pics...obviously NBC wasn't going to kill Peter). So with that said, it was a pretty good premiere, I'm just mad they never showed Nikki and her fam, I like their story and her craziness. The season looks good and complicated and confusing and random, but alas that is "Heroes."

And "The Hills", how could I forget "The Hills"??? I absolutely love this show. It is so horrible, but I can't stop watching it. Monday's episode in brief: Spencer looked like a creepy pedofile with his beard/moustache/peachy blond facial hair (gag!) and was totally uninterested in anything related to a wedding (he hasn't even told his parents, granted unless they live in a hole they already know/knew), Whitney had her first big assignment and kind of screwed it up by partying with the band the night before, Lauren met up with Jason only to find out he has a girlfriend...make that fiancee, ya that wasn't awkward at all, haha. Oh gotta love it. And in other Hills related news, Heidi finally admitted to getting a boob job (well no shit) and I love that everyone is making fun of her for it, as they should, Team Elodie!

And then there was Tuesday. Ah Tuesday television. The only show I really watch on Tuesdays is "Law and Order:SVU" (mmmmmElliot Stabler). Granted last night I went over to Megan's house to hang out and watch TV, so I caught all the shows she watches too. We watched "Bones", which I had seen before (at her house, haha) and it was pretty good. David Boreanz has not aged at all since his Buffy days I swear, haha. We also caught the tail end of "Biggest Loser" (a show I used to watch religiously with Jen in college but have since only watched sporadically), and it was great. Watching that show always motivates me to work out, haha. But moving on, main attraction, SVU. The show started off with the Sarge packing up and leaving. All the crap that happened at the end of last season basically looked bad on him and they made him leave and Munch took over (crazay!). There is also a new cop (don't know his name though), Elliot's daughter was bitchin about community service for her DUI (funny!), and Cynthia Nixon guest starred as a crazy lady with multiple personalities/was a big crazy faker scheming with her sister. It was insane, but oooooh so good. I love Elliot and Olivia and Fin and Munch and B.D., I just love this show, haha.

Ah Television, gotta love it. And tonight's line up is "Top Model", "Criminal Minds" and "Private Practice." I can't wait for "Top Model" (obviously) but my feelings are mixed on the other two. I'm excited for both, but don't know what to think about both either, so we shall see how that goes.

And to end this random TV update and unceleb gossip (because I just don't want to talk about Brit Brit's babies, Jack Bauer, Tom Brady, JLO, or Paris) I'm going to share a clip of my favorite Spice Girl showing off her dance moves (and I don't even watch the show), enjoy:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Talk About a Manic Monday...

So as you all noticed I did not post yesterday (sad, I know). I was so excited to blog about my weekend and all the celeb news/gossip that I had heard through the grapevine (aka various celeb gossip sites) however it was just not possible to blog yesterday...waaaaay too much work, chaoticness and random events. So instead of blabbing about it all, I'm taking a page from a blogger that I love to read and borrowing her idea for this post (thanks Janet!):

Love/Hate Vegas Style:
Love: All the craziness that happens in Las Vegas.
Hate: The pain you feel the day after (even days after) all the craziness in Las Vegas.

Love: "Free" drinks you get when you play slots (especially penny slots).
Hate: 14$ drinks at ritzy schmitzy bars.

Love: Winning 16$ on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine.
Hate: Not winning more than that.

Love: That the MGM Grand has a Lazy River and spent a majority of my Saturday afternoon lounging and drinking with my cousin, her friends, and Matt.
Hate: That the MGM is so freaking huge and it took 20 minutes to get to said Lazy River.

Love: Matt and I being shady and drinking mini bottles of champagne on the free bus.
Hate: That we didn't have more, haha.

Love: Free, live bands that have lots of crazy drunk people dancing with them.
Hate: I wasn't drunk enough to join the madness.

Love: Britta's 21st Birthday!

Love/Hate Life Style:

Love: I got a promotion! Once they find a replacement for me I will no longer be at the front desk (wahoo!)
Hate: Having more work than I know what to do with, haha.

Love: Everyone in my office!
Hate: Having to leave work early because dumb people can't drive and loved ones get in car accidents (don't worry though, all is well now)

Love: Matt.
Hate: He's more allergic to cats than I am and in no way can stay at the house I'm housesitting. Well I'm technically uber allergic too and we both had minor allergetic sneezing frenzies last night/today, so that's no good.

Love: Tuesdays.

Happy (Craig David) Tuesday!

***celeb news to come it's time to get back to work.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's the end....

of my social life as I know it and I feel fine...

Why is the end of my social life you ask? Because Fall TV is back! Ah! I don't really think I'm ready for it, but I have no choice. Last night kicked off my Fall viewing with the season premiere of Cycle 9 of "America's Next Top Model" (not to be confused with America's Next Top Best Friend, oh Jade). So I can't really say that I have missed watching Top Model because every time I turned on the TV either MTV or VH1 was having some sort of marathon, so I have definitely had my fill of models over the summer, but nothing makes me happier than a fresh bunch of aspiring models to entertain me for an hour every Wednesday night (not to mention I just love Tyra). So here are some thoughts on last night's premiere...
  • Cruise boat "auditioning" round (or whatever it is called), quite cool.
  • My little brother asked me again if Miss J is a boy or a girl and my other brother responded, "Miss J is a He/She", haha. I really don't know how you explain Miss J and all his craziness to 10 and 11 year old boys.
  • Why is Adrienne Curry not in the opening credits??? Every other winner is but her. Is it because she's crazy? She's suing? I don't know. But the girl was the first Top Model winner and they haven't acknowledged her in a loooong time.
  • Jaslene, I like her and all. But her Cover Girl commercial was a little hard to bear, her voice! Ah!
  • Mila, word of advice, stop taking so many happy pills! Now I am all about being happy, but she was just too damn perky, it was almost creepy.
  • Ebony. You knew she was going to make it on. She was acting high and mighty (bitchy) but Zoe and I agree that she is really pretty, so at least she's got that going for her.
  • Lisa. She's my choice to win (well for now at least). I just think she's pretty (probably because she has crazy curly hair like me and she mildly reminds me of me). However next week's preview shows her in a fight with someone, so I don't know(tisk tisk).
  • I love that Ty Ty reenacted getting a bikini wax from that girl, haha. That was ridiculous and the look on Miss J's face was pretty priceless.
Oh Top Model, how I heart thee.

In other television news, last night I watched a special on ABC all about Addison (from "Grey's Anatomy") and how her character has evolved from the first time she shows up at Seattle Grace to her now show "Private Practice." It really just made me antsy for "Grey's" and to see how they show her leaving and what's going to happen, ah! I'm excited.

So in case you were wondering what my life is going to be like next week (and many following weeks until I can talk the rents into getting a DVR) and what I will ultimately be blogging about, because that's what I do here goes:

Monday: HEROES! (I put it in caps because I can't wait to see it, haha), The Hills
Tuesday: Law and Order:SVU
Wednesday: America's Next Top Model, Criminal Minds, Private Practice
Thursday: Ugly Betty (maybe), Grey's Anatomy, CSI:, Without a Trace
Sunday: Desperate Housewives

So that's what I got going for me next week, that and dog/house sitting. Yes, me, Katelin, the girl who has never had a real pet (fish and turtles didn't really count for me) and is still pretty much indifferent to animals (probably more so now that I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to them) is watching not just any dog, but a ginormous great dane. It's kind of funny actually. Anyhoo, time to stop blogging and get back to the viral video world because I'm not here tomorrow. I'm off to Vegassssssssssssssssssss! Woot!

So have a fabulous weekend all and hope I win big on penny slots, don't get hungover and run into some celeb at some hotel, haha.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today is "Talk like a Pirate Day." I think I knew this, but I'm not really sure. I only just saw this on TMZ and my coworker told me earlier this morning. I vaguely remember people walking around Denison dressed from head to toe in pirate attire and going "argh matey" as they passed people (oh college). Maybe I should get into the spirit and answer the phones saying "Arrrrgh what be your business?" Haha. If only. Well since I can't do that, I guess I'll just share a picture of two of my(and probably everyone else's) favorite pirates Jack Sparrow and Will Turner (yum):

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Two pictures.

And two different reasons for posting them.

Picture One.
Wentworth Miller looking oh so hot and prison like, haha. A coworker of mine is a huge "Prison Break" fan so I find myself noticing him and stuff related to the show more often, so I thought I'd share this lovely pic.

Picture Two.
Tom Selleck, his wife and his 18 year old daughter. Which one is which? It kind of disturbs me a bit.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Celebs are people too.

I love it when a celebrity does something normal or charitable. It just makes me all happy inside. Two examples I just found today.

Numero 1 Will Ferrel is auctioning off a cameo role in his new movie Step Brothers for a fraternity brother of his with cancer. I think this is a pretty cool thing to do. Granted Will has enough money to just give it to his friend himself, the fact that he can get other people involved and they can even show up in his movie is a pretty cool alternate I think.

and number 2 cool celeb of the day,"Entourage"'s own Adrian Grenier. Adrian was seen helping a random guy jump start his car. Apparently Adrian even knew what he was doing, a plus.

Anyhoo, that's it. Celebs really can be cool.


So it's Monday and a busy one at that. So busy that I am again finding that work is taking over (as it should I supposed, haha). I have been going from one campaign to another, trying to make sure they are all running smoothly, going properly and everyone is happy (it's kind of crazy sometimes). So while I take a short breather to have some lunch and blog I will catch you up on the happenings of my life (and the Hollywood scene, per usual), so here goes....

My weekend was very relaxing. I did a lot of hanging out, football watching and hoping the boyfriend would stop being sick. Granted it's not like he can control his allergies, but usually I'm the non-stop sneezing and wheezing one and I just felt bad for him. Granted I did leave him on Saturday after the USC game (we won, holler) to go out for my coworkers birthday in Hollywood. I actually went to the same place where the Common CD release party was a while back. It was pretty fun, pretty busy. One of the best things I saw was on the way there while inching along Sunset Blvd. I saw a short bus, and no not just any short bus..but a party bus short bus. It was awesome. I tried to take a picture, but then I realized that was stupid and instead just found its website, so check it out here and laugh like I did. So I made it to the bar and hung out for a while, had a glass of wine and wished the birthday girl a fabulous night. She even spotted a celebrity while we were there, Bradley Cooper...aka crazy fiancee of Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers also on "Kitchen Confidential" and other movies. I saw him but didn't really recognize him (his hair was way blonder than usual) and didn't really even get a "hi" in, just an "excuse me" as I walked past/into him, haha. So that was fun, per usual. So I called it an early night (I'm old and get tired easily now) and made the drive back up Laurel Canyon (it's like a freaking roller coaster and a little freaky) and back on the 2 freeway where I saw a Deer! No joke, a huge deer just chillin right next to the freeway. I'm not in Ohio anymore, there shouldn't be deer hanging out next to freeways....crazay......

Anyhoo. Moving on from my life. Several things in Hollywood....
  • Lauren Conrad (from The Hills) released her new clothing line this weekend. Okay now I must say, I love her style, she has good taste and I was hoping her line would be the same. And don't get me wrong it is nice stuff, but it is waaaaaaaaaay too expensive. You can check it out here if you want and gawk at the prices like I did. Someone needs to tell Lauren that cheaper clothes (aka SJP's line "Bitten" and AB's line "Dear" at Steve and Barry's) are totally in.
  • The Emmy's. So out of all of the awards shows (Emmy's, Oscar's, Golden Globes) the Emmy's are the ones that I occasionally watch. It's not always a guarantee that I will even watch them. I don't really know why that is, but I just don't find them as fun as the Golden Globes or my favorite, the Oscar's. However last night's wasn't too bad. There were some funny moments that had me laughing. And you could definitely tell it was on Fox this year (there were tons of Fox plugs and making fun or other networks).
  • Anyhoo, here are some of my fave highlights of the night:
    Brian and Stewie starting off the night:
  • America Ferrera winning Best Actress in a Comedy (even though I don't really watch "Ugly Betty" I still like her):
  • John Stewart and Stephen Colbert presenting the award for Best Actor in a Comedy:
  • Some of my favorites of the night:
    Does Heidi ever go wrong??? Love it.

    Minnie rockin the yellow (so yes of course I want it)....

    Milo looking stunning....

    Eva in her party dress...

Well that's about all I got for now. I see there are some cute pics of Suri up, but I don't feel like posting them so go here if you want to see her in all her Scientolbaby cuteness. Anyhoo time to get back to work, woot. Happy Monday!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Think Blue.

So I haven't had time to post a lot lately but I just read this article on LAist and it gives me hope. Hope that my Dodgers can do it! They can make the playoffs! If they play like they have the last two games against the Padres for the rest of the season we could possibly get that Wild Card. That is if the Rockies and the Phillies lose as well (pish posh). So everyone put the Dodgers in your mind and have faith, serious faith that the boys in blue can make the playoffs. Woo!

Tomato soup is the new thing.

So I'm pretty indifferent to the Olson twins (granted I have met them three times *bragging* *just a little bit* haha) however I thought this interview of MK on Conan was pretty entertaining. Plus I don't have a whole lot of time for a full on post today so check out the interview, I love the part about tomato soup, so random.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Brit Brit just needs some Ty Ty...

Someone else who has too much time on their hands, haha. But this is kind of funny...

The Linkster.

  • This really is like a Disney movie in the making. 'Dove at first site.'
  • Christian Bale really gets into his roles. And I don't mind at all. haha.
  • Ja Rule has been out of the limelight a while and now I kind of wish he had stayed there. He made some ridiculous remarks about rap music and homosexuality. Grow up Ja.
  • Angelina has a Japanese commercial out for some mascara...mascara? You'd think they'd be all about the lip gloss or no color fade lip stick, I don't know, because she has trademark lips? Just a thought.
  • Rachel McAdams looks divine at the premiere of Married Life at the Toronto Film Festival. I don't think many ladies could pull off this dress, but I like it on her. Nice job Ally, I mean Rachel.
  • Speaking of divine, Cate Blanchett straight out rocks in her cover shoot and spread of W magazine. She is definitely becoming one of my favorite style icons (I know Kiki already loves her), but she is just so gorgeous and quirky all at the same time.
  • And apparently there are some scary movies coming this Fall season. I doubt that I'll see any of them since The Descent has pretty much scared me for the next ten years. Granted I love Johnny Depp and Sweeney Todd looks kind of cool/creepy, so perhaps.
  • And lastly, Fashion week is still going on in New York (woo!), meaning plenty of pics of celebs in fabulous outfits with fabulous people doing fabulous things at fabulous runway shows, haha. Anyhoo, my fabulous pic of the day is three of my fave ladies, Emmy Rossum, Diane Kruger (where's Josh?!?) and Rosario Dawson:
Love their outfits. Fierce. haha.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

He 'Graduated' to a "Good Life" (har har).

Even though Kanye has been a whiny, cocky beyotch lately and getting on everyone's nerves (mine included), I'm still a fan of most of his new music. I really like the latest single he's released "Good Life" feauring T-Pain (who knew he could sing about more than just strippers and bartenders?). And I must say I like the video for it too, so check it out:

So apparently the video I had up got taken down by the main server, but these people still have it up, so check it out over here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Come by me..."

Happy Birthday Harry!
The Big 4-0!

The man with the best Christmas album ever.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Some faves of the moment.

Here's what I love as of right now, this very second, and so should you....
  • Apples to Apples. One of the greatest games ever. Okay maybe not ever (I love Clue and Monopoly too) but pretty close. Basically it's a game of ridiculous word association. The first time I played this game my friend Lynn ended up falling off her chair in laugher (also read as drunkeness, haha) to some of the things that came out of that game ("Eureka's Castle!"). I also played it with the ladies while waiting for the Price Is Right. And apparently tiredness and delusion caused me to have a horrible non-pc line of thought, haha (think Angry and Helen Keller). And this past weekend, my love for this game was rekindled as I played with Matt and his brothers (and friends). Oh man. And again I was bad, haha, but in a good/entertaining way (think Furious and Ghandi). All in all it is a great game to play sober or even a couple cocktails into the night, guaranteed for a good laugh.
  • Scene It?Squabble. Yes I am on a games kick, but only because we decided to kind of play this game on Saturday night too. This is basically the latest installment of the great franchise of Scene It? games. For anyone that doesn't know, Scene It? takes movie trivia to a whole new level by asking random questions and showing clips (basically it's awesome). And the Squabble version takes it even further. It categorizes things male or female and not only covers movies but television, magazines, sports, and basically anything that can be genderized, haha. It's pretty sweet and definitely makes for a fun guy versus girl rivalry play.
  • Live Music. I love it. Saturday night I went to a performance of the California Phil Harmonic at the Arboretum. It was quite simply, divine, haha. The best part was that the CalPhil was playing music from movies like Lord of the Rings, Star War and my favorite Pirates of the Caribbean. I went with my mom, Matt, his brothers and his mom and we had a table and everything, twas lovely, I highly recommend it. Live Music is awesome (and I'm seeing DMB in less than a month at the Hollywood Bowl, woo!).
  • The Dodgers. Okay so maybe I don't love them right now because they are basically driving me crazy, but they're my team. I have to have faith. With only a handful of games left in the regular season the Dodgers are about three games behind San Diego for the Wild Card and are about five games out of first place for the league. I am totally rooting for Wild Card at this point. The Dodgers have fluctuated so much lately and they really just need to get it together and kick some ass! I'm going to the game on Wednesday against the Padres and I hope we get our act together and beat the Padres, pray people pray.
  • Armenian Food. Yum. Yesterday my neighbors had a big get together/congrats/welcome home/yay new baby party and invited my family over. Wow. There was so much food I really didn't know what to do with myself. There was lamb, humus, some sort of pita bread, some green minced meat cilantro thing that was amazing. I love it, the scale does not, haha.

Celebrity Mania!

So apparently a lot happened in the celeb zone this weekend. And I feel it is my duty to catch you up on some of the best ones....

Well I missed the VMA's last night (long story) but I heard I didn't miss much (luckily Matt DVRed them for me anyways, woo). I guess it wasn't as good as it could have been or has been the past couple years. No major drama or amazing performances (except I heard that Rihana and Chris Brown pretty much rocked it). And speaking of performances, Britney. Britney. Britney. So after I realized that I had missed the VMA's I went straight to my computer to see Brit's big comeback performance that opened it all. Well I didn't have to go far to find headlines reading "Britney Bombs", "Britney's Comeback a Bust" and "FU Britney", an open letter to Brit from Perez. So basically with all of that I still had to watch and see what went so horribly wrong. (check it out here if you happened to miss it). So I watched it and I agree, it wasn't great. It wasn't as horrible as some people said, but it definitely was not the comeback that everyone was hoping for. She just looked like she didn't even want to be there, so unenthused, scraggly weave, glittery bra and undies (and she def doesn't have the body for it anymore) and all around frazzled. Apparently even Brit knew how bad she did and was just all around embarrassed. Ce La Vie. Come on Brit! Get it together!!!

In other VMA news, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee got into a "scuffle" and had to be escorted out of there (fighting over Pam perhaps?). As much as I like Kanye West, guy needs to grow up. He went on ranting again back stage since he got snuffed for all five awards he was nominated for. So grow up Kanye, it's just MTV awards. Besides that there were lots of people looking hawt or lookin hoey, whichever. Here are some of my faves...ish:

I just looove Jen's dress

Hayden, Hayden. Love the dress (she has the bod for it), but why the hooker heels???

I usually love these girls and their style, but not so sure this time.

Common looks oh so stylish, gotta love it.

Well that's all I got on the VMA's but one of my fave bloggers, Trent at Pink is the New Blog, got to go to the VMA's and also has some fun coverage too. So feel free to check him out, woo.

And apparently there were other things happening besides the VMA's this weekend, haha. Like let's say Justin Timberlake can now add an Emmy to his list of awards. Oh yes, "Dick in a Box" won at the Creative Emmy Awards last night for best song from television. Gotta love it. And usually I don't think I would post about Cavalli opening up a new store, however my favorite couple was there, so I have to post about it, haha. Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger were looking cute and cozy at this party and I just heart them. Granted I don't know how I feel about what they were wearing, but I can get past it, I like them too much. And I can't wait for National Treasure 2 to come out, because that'll mean more promos and press conferences and openings and galas and more Josh pretty much, haha. I like you Diane, but I love Josh more.

And lastly in Hollywood news, the Cruises were out and about in Germany while Tom is filming and Suri is still lookin cute. But I think the girl needs a hair cut, it's starting to look like a bowl cut. Get on that Katie! And 3:10 to Yuma, the new Christian Bale flick with Russel Crowe, scored number one at the box office (wahoo!). I have yet to see it, but I hope I will. It looks good and Western and it has Christian Bale (does it need anything else?...Keanu Reeves maybe? haha. Maybe not).

Okay well that was a long post and I still have more I can write about, haha. But I think it's time to call it quits for now (I do have real work to get to, haha). Happy Monday!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Hey Keanu!

Thank you PopSugar, Thank You.

It's Fashion Week.

So it's Friday and I love it. For some reason this week has felt sooo incredibly long, even though there was no work on Monday (weird, I know). However, I still have tons to do today and not much to blog, so here are some of my fave pics that are up so far from Fashion Week in New York...woo.
Emmy Rossum (I heart her! And I love this dress)

Hey Mya, where ya been?

Gwen Stefani has the best 'accessories', Gavin Rossdale and little Kingston, presh.

Hilary Swank, Demi Moore and Clive Owen (yum).

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oh Kids.

So as much as my little brothers annoy the begebus out of me, I still love them and they still have those cute moments buried in them that occasionally shine to the surface. And last night one of those moments surfaced that I just have to share, because it made me laugh out loud (well after he left the room).

Me: Hey Kurt, are you excited to go back to school tomorrow?
Kurt: Ya, I can finally wear my new shoes without mom yelling at me...and I'm excited to learn. I think I forgot some Math over the summer.

Haha. Kurt's 10 and going into 5th grade, big stuff here guys. My other brother is going into 6th and had no comment about school for me. He did however have issues waking up this morning now that their school starts at 8:30 instead of 9:30, meaning they have to get up earlier than me even, haha. My dad said that Kyle told him to "just hold on 5 more minutes!" haha. Oh kids.

Link a rink a dink.

  • Heard about this guy from Perez, Eric Hutchinson and he's pretty awesome I must say. I really like the song "Rock and Roll" (heck I even made it my Myspace song, haha). And I guess out of nowhere his album jumped all the way to number nine on the Itunes chart, a day after Perez mentioned him, haha. Hey Perez, talk about my blog!
  • Johnny Depp looking all frazzley hot at some event for Tim Burton.
  • And his Pirates costar Orlando Bloom really needs to get rid of the porn stache, it's just not cute.
  • Legally Blonde:The Musical is coming to MTV! How cool is that?? I won't have to go all the way to New York to see it, just be in front of the tube for a while, gotta love it.
  • I don't own an iPhone or a fancy schmany iPod for that matter, apparently now what I have is the iPod classic (which I love). And it seems like Apple has decided to add a million more versions of everything at much "cheaper" prices.
  • Mary-Kate doesn't like to have her picture taken. Big whoop.
  • Seems like all the hype wasn't a lie and Brit Brit really is opening up the VMAs on Sunday. Granted I won't really believe it until I see it, meaning I have to watch the VMAs (or just steal Matt's DVR and watch it afterwards, haha). But I have faith in Brit and a comeback would be awesome, let's just hope her weave is on tight and she's wearing a bra. Fingers crossed.
  • As much as I love Tyra, she looks a little crazy in this promo pic for Cycle 9 of America's Next Top Model. Heck I saw the commercial for the new season last night and the theme is futuristic shiznit,'s okay. Let's hope this is a good season.
  • Despite rumors that were flying around yesterday, Lauren Conrad will not be modeling for Marc Jacobs. Rather she is helping cast models and all that jazz for fashion week. Oh well. Man I do love her style though, the dress in these pics...I want it.
  • And lastly, Brad Pitt is just all over the place and took tons of pic for Details magazine. Yum. Click here to check them out..but this one is my fave:

My middle name is "Frazzled."

Here's how today has gone so far (and it's only 10):
  • Woke up groggy and with a sore throat (gah).
  • Took me forever to actually get out of bed (too tired and groggy).
  • Got dressed, changed outfit twice.
  • Cereal, Today Show (nice segment on New Orleans)
  • Out the door.
  • Car has a flat tire (gaaaaaaaaah).
  • Dad is super nice and takes my car to the gas station to put air in the tire (yay).
  • Make it to work late (boo).
  • Have to call AAA to come look at my tire but all they can do is put more air in it (gah).
  • Two guys show up for a meeting and the person they are meeting with isn't here (ah).
Now it's time to get some work done and hope this day brightens up and slowsssss down. Whew.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hi Josh.

So PopSugar is just coming through with the winners today. As I'm on my lunch break (aka eating pita (sans mold) and humus at my desk while perusing celebrity gossip sites) I headed back on over to PopSugar to see if they had updated with anything new in the last hour or so, and alas they had Joshua Jackson pictures! Heaven. And no he's not on a set or with Diane (she's busy looking amazing at the Venice Film Festival and all that jazz) rather he is at an ATM, haha. Such a random place to take a bunch of pictures of him but I do not mind at all. He still looks amazing and as PopSugar says "so very boy-next-door." He'll always be Pacey Whitter to me (or Charlie Conway). Love it.

A Blogger's Dream.

So I was over at PopSugar roaming the headlines and pictures and I came across a link to the blog If I Blog It They Will Come. Basically the whole agenda of this blog was to talk about/praise Kevin Costner in hopes that he would one day come across their blog and even go so far as to take a picture of himself looking at their blog and send it to them. Well seven months later and their mission is accomplished! Kevin Costner sent in pictures of himself checking out their blog (a blogger's dream come true). I must say this is pretty awesome. Being the Hollywood nut that I am, I love it when a celeb shows that they really are human inside and not too up on the Hollywood high horse to do something simple for their loyal fans, it just makes me smile. And heck it even gives me a glimmer of hope that maybe one day Keanu will come across my blog and see that I'm a fan and say "Hey we're filming Speed 3 and I think you'd be a great extra." Haha, I wish. Anyhoo, props to Kevin Costner for still being cool (even though he laughed at me in sixth grade, it's all good).

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hip Hip Hooray!

Okay so usually I don't blog when I'm home, I consider it my time away from a computer, haha (but I had to turn it on and get my free songs from Itunes, love it). Anyhoo. I am blogging for one reason and one reason brag. I am usually not a bragger (especially when it comes to my personal life) so I'm not going to use brag, I am going to say celebrate. I am celebrating. I came home today and paid my bills (woo) and sorted through old junk and realized that I had still not heard from the Loan people. So I just called the hotline to get the 411 on my college loan and the word is in guys....



I don't have to pay Denison University any more money (have being the key word, because I am still a good alum and just sent in dinero to the annual fund because I want to).

Ah. Okay this is a good feeling and I just wanted to share. But now time to snap back and go balance the check book, watch "The Biggest Loser" (so I'll be uber motivated to work out tomorrow, haha) and talk to the boyfriend. Lovely, I know. Good Night.

"WTF" Videos.

I'd like to take this moment to thank "Best Week Ever" for providing me with not one, but two, "WTF" videos today.
The first one is from ABC World News Now and the the two anchors who apparently couldn't stay professional enough to talk about Owen Wilson's attempted suicide without laughing. Ya because suicide is so funny guys, apparently they apologized (two days later).

And on a funnier note, the second video is of a couple with some serious issues. They had a Hello Kitty themed wedding. That's really all the intro that video needs, so enjoy!

So much to blog, so little time....

So I have written and erased my opening sentence about five times already, so I'm just sticking with this one, haha. Basically there is a lot to blog about and not a lot of time. As much as I love a day off of work it just means more to catch up on on Tuesday and with that being said, I've got lots to do today (oy vey!).

So let's start with my life...
My weekend=Amazing. Friday, got off at 3 (holler) and I headed right for Old Town to do some celebratory shopping. However, I wore pants on Friday. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because I thought that 'heat wave' was a joke or something. But oh no, when I left work on Friday I thought I was going to die of heatstroke. I almost didn't go to Old Town, but alas I did and found a parking spot in the shade and rolled my pants up Tom Sawyer style and proceeded to Forever 21 (a cheap girl's clothing mecca) for an impromptu shopping trip with Megan where I got two cute dresses and a hot top. From there to H&M for a successful purchase of some sunglasses and a gold chain (no not a chain chain, a dressy chain, it's cute). And then the rest of my night was spent lounging, packing, relaxing, lovely. So Saturday, Matt and I were up early (with my Dad in tow) and off to San Diego. Well first we were off to Vista (to drop Dad off) then off to San Diego. After four hours of driving/traffic/dropping off, we finally made it to Matt's friends' apartment in South Park (gotta love it). And I love their place (it's so cute!). However, I didn't love the no AC business because it was just about as hot there as it was in Pasadena (gah!). Okay I am dragging this all out way too long...nutshell. We had lunch (yummy), I had a Brie Burger (fabulous), watched five hours of ANTM (Matt wasn't too happy about that), went out to a bar (walked there, just like college, loved it!), next morning up and at em to Vista again, off to the beach (uber hot, uber fun), Matt dug some holes with the kids, did some body swimming, lots of sun=sunburn=heat rash (gah!), yummy food, Happy Birthday Dad, Matt and I drove back home, traffic at 11:30 pm (wtf?). And basically spent all day yesterday lounging and hanging out watching TV and we made delicious spinach artichoke fondue and honey glazed steak for dinner (holler). And that's me in a nutshell. Haha.

Okay so that was a little longer than I had anticipated (but go figure, I'm long winded, per usual.) And apparently a lot happened in Celeb news over the weekend so here goes....

First up. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams split up. Sad. It's always sad to see these young couples end their relationships, especially when they have kids together. Oh well, tis life.

In happier news, Violet Affleck is still super cute, haha. I know, it's an addiction and I promise I will stop writing about her one day. I may give her a whole post the day her parents put her down. I mean really, Jen and Ben this is getting old. Ever since my friend Jen pointed it out to me I can't help but notice that this poor toddler still isn't walking, I really hope she is okay. At least they got her out of the crocs and in some cute Mary Jane's today.

And in news that may make you gag, Heidi was trying on wedding dresses this weekend (I just threw up a little). And she invited a few of her favorite friends (aka the paparazzi) along to document this lovely experience. I am not going to even put the picture up here, you can go check it out at PopSugar, who also put up a poll to see who thinks Spendi is just pretending and all that jazz, gotta love it.

And in Music news, if you still think Britney is music worthy, four more songs leaked. You can check them out here (thanks Perez): "Your...." "Got Me High" "Been A While" "Everybody" Woo Brit Brit.

Okay, on to my sister's favorite celebrity family (well my sister really just loves Angelina, but still). Brangelina was freaking everywhere this weekend. Well not everywhere, but there are a ton of pictures of them hitting up film festivals in Italy, boating with the family and saying that they are ready to add a fifth kid to the bunch (wowza). Anyhoo, here are two of my favorite pics of them from this weekend. I just love seeing that Angelina really does love Shiloh, and Brad is just a good lookin dad with all those kids, haha:


Nearby Brad Ocean's 11/12/13/45 castmate (my fave) Matt Damon was in France with his wife (in an amazingly summery dress that I want) still promoting The Bourne Ultimatum. Haha, must be nice to travel the world promoting your movie.

Well that's all I got for now (haha, a lot I know) and I can tell there is going to be more to come later, but now it's time to get cracking on all the work I have to do (woo!).

Oh but how could I forget! My number one celeb, Keanu Reeves celebrated his birthday this weekend (same day as my dad actually, cool. I know.) He's 43 years young mmmmm. So Happy Birthday Keanu! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

(and yes I'm kickin back to a Speed promo pic, gotta love it)